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2014 Ferguson unrest
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This article is about 2014 Ferguson unrest in reaction to Michael Brown's death.
For shooting of Michael Brown, see Shooting of Michael Brown.
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This article documents a current event. Information may change rapidly as the ev
ent progresses. (November 2014)
2014 Ferguson unrest
Ferguson Day 6, Picture 44.png
Policemen using tear gas during Ferguson protests
Since August 9, 2014
(3 months, 2 weeks and 5 days)
Ferguson, Missouri, U.S.
Causes The shooting of Michael Brown and aftermath
Methods Peaceful protests, vandalism, looting, rioting, arson, and gunshots fire
Arrests and injuries
2 members of the public injured[1]
4 police officers injured[1]
205 members of the public[2][3]
An ongoing series of protests and civil disorder began the day after the fatal s
hooting of Michael Brown on August 9, 2014, in Ferguson, Missouri. As the detail
s of the original shooting event emerged from investigators, police established
curfews and deployed riot squads to maintain order. Along with peaceful protests
, there was looting and violent unrest in the vicinity of the original shooting.
According to media reports, there was police militarization when dealing with p
rotests in Ferguson.[4][5] The unrest continued on November 24, 2014 after the p
olice officer who shot Michael Brown was not indicted by a grand jury.[6]
The United States Department of Justice is investigating the Ferguson Police Dep
artment for possible misconduct or discrimination.[7][8]
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1 Fatal shooting of Michael Brown
2 Timeline
2.1 August 2014
2.2 September 2014
2.3 October 2014
2.4 November 2014
3 Related incidents
3.1 Ray Albers
3.2 Dan Page
3.3 Matthew Pappert
3.4 Kajieme Powell
3.5 Lawsuit against police and local governments
3.6 Vonderrit Myers Jr.
4 Related developments
4.1 Town hall meetings
4.2 Voter registration
4.3 Ferguson PR sub-contractor fired
4.4 Injunction against "keep moving" rule at peaceful protests
5 Racial context
6 Reactions

6.1 In the United States
6.1.1 Federal government
6.1.2 Supreme Court Justices
6.1.3 Missouri government
6.1.4 Local authorities
6.1.5 Brown family
6.1.6 Polls
6.1.7 Third parties
6.2 International reactions
6.2.1 China
6.2.2 Egypt
6.2.3 France
6.2.4 Germany
6.2.5 Iran
6.2.6 North Korea
6.2.7 Russia
6.2.8 Turkey
6.3 Others
7 Gallery
8 See also
9 References
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Fatal shooting of Michael Brown
Main article: Shooting of Michael Brown
Michael Brown, an 18-year-old black male, was shot to death after an altercation
with Darren Wilson, a 28-year-old white Ferguson police officer.[9][10][11] Bro
wn was a suspect in a strong-arm robbery committed minutes before the shooting.[
12][13][14][15] After several months of deliberation, a grand jury decided not t
o indict Officer Wilson for any criminal charges in relation to the incident. [1
Numerous contradictory eyewitness reports (known generally as a Rashomon effect)
emerged in the aftermath of the incident. The police response to the shooting w
as heavily criticized, as was the slow rate of information making its way out to
the public. Many of the documents from the grand jury were released when the gr
and jury declined to indict Officer Wilson.[16]
On the evening of the shooting, residents had created a makeshift memorial of fl
owers and candles in the spot where Brown died. An unidentified officer reported
ly allowed the dog under his control to urinate on the memorial. Police vehicles
later crushed the memorial. These incidents inflamed tensions among bystanders,
according to Missouri state Rep. Sharon Pace, who told Mother Jones, "That made
people in the crowd mad and it made me mad."[17]
August 2014
The looted, burned-out QuikTrip gas station in Ferguson.
On August 10, a day of memorials began peacefully, but some crowd members became
unruly after an evening candlelight vigil.[18] Local police stations assembled
approximately 150 officers in riot gear.[19] Some people began looting businesse
s, vandalizing vehicles, and confronting police officers who sought to block off
access to several areas of the city.[18] At least 12 businesses were looted or
vandalized and a QuikTrip convenience store and gas station was set on fire, lea
ding to over 30 arrests. Many windows were broken and several nearby businesses
closed on Monday.[20] The people arrested face charges of assault, burglary, and
theft. Police used a variety of equipment, including riot gear and helicopters,
to disperse the crowd by 2:00 a.m.[21] Two police officers suffered minor injur
ies during the events.[22]

and tear gas to disperse the crowd. after police told protesters to "'go home' or face arrest. police fired tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse a crowd at th e burnt shell of the QuikTrip[21] convenience store.[23][24] Some protesters threw rocks at police officers. gunshots were fired in Ferguson and five peo ple were arrested. the St. At least seven protesters were arrested on the evening of August 12 and 13." and that the police behavior "was wholly unwarranted and an assault on the freedom of the press to cover the news". The Washington Post reporter Wesley Lowery and The Huffington Post reporter Ryan Reilley were arrested. prompting the use of tear gas to disperse the crowd. bring it. flash grenades. gave them a 45-second countdown when they were not movin g fast enough.[37][38] Martin Baron. U."[33] On the night of August 12.[29][30][31] Between August 12 and 13. s eeking criminal prosecution of the officer involved in the shooting.[44] On Thursd ay.[35] While police were clear ing a McDonald's restaurant."[32] CNN cameras filmed an officer addressing a group of protesters by saying "Bring it.[34] Protests at Ferguson on August 14 As night fell on August 13.. protesters threw projectiles. and ultimately resorted to more forceful measures to remove peopl e from the McDonald's.[40][41][42][43] Al Jazeera America issued a statement. The p olice responded by firing tear gas and bean bag rounds upon those protesting.[25] On August 12. a SWAT team of around 70 officers arrived at a protest demanding that protester s disperse. police officers fired tear gas and rubber bullets at l ines of protesters and reporters.On August 11.[36] "Officers slammed me into a fountain soda machine bec ause I was confused about which door they were asking me to walk out of. Charles County Regional SWAT Team put out a press release stating that ".[26] Protest ers in Ferguson carried signs and many held their hands in the air while shoutin g "don't shoot!" According to police. a peaceful protester was shot in the head non-fatally by an unknown party.[41] A raw video captured a vehicle marked clearly as "St. An officer was captured on video turni ng the reporters' video camera toward the ground and dismantling their equipment ." Lowery said.S.[28] That night. the Ferguson police chief denied any suppression of the media. has criticized the police for not investigati ng her case in a timely manner. August 14.[45] Police sharpshooter with weapon trained in the direction of the camera at protes ts in Ferguson Tom Jackson. calling the incident an "egregious assault on the freedom of the press that was clearly intended to hav e a chilling effect on our ability to cover this important story". police used smoke bombs. Mya Aaten-White. wh ich included state Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal. the county seat. The gunshot survivor. rubber bull ets. . some protesters threw bottles at the offic ers.[39] Al Jazeera America journalists including correspondent Ash-har Quraishi covering the protests in Ferguson on Wednesday night were also tear-gassed and shot at w ith rubber bullets by a police SWAT team.[27] The following day. Video footage of the events recorded by KARG Argus Radio shows Ferguson Police firing tear gas into a residential neigh borhood and ordering the journalist to cease recording. issued a s tatement. including Molotov cock tails. set on fire by looters the night before. you fucking animals.[36] Officers reportedly ask ed them to leave first. several hundred protesters gathered in Clayton. and police launched tear gas and smoke bombs. the SWAT Team has not been any part of attempting to prevent media coverage" and that the SWAT team had helped journalists move their equipme nt at their request. According to reports. saying "there was absolutely no justification for Wesley Lowery's arre st. C harles County SWAT" rolling up to the Al Jazeera lights and camera and taking th em down.. executive editor of The Washington Post.

[48] Speaking to reporters after h is release from jail on Thursday. "Inside that jail is nothing but peacekeepers.. Missouri to pr otest the harassment of journalists covering the protests. Johnson was asked to take over policin g of Ferguson On August 14."[47 ] St. Louis alderman Antonio French. peaceful march in Ferguson."[49][50][51] The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press (RCFP). reverends. While he was in his car. In an email to a St. he had no legal authority to do t hat."[55] Missouri Governor Jay Nixon said at a press conference that the Missouri State H ighway Patrol would take over policing Ferguson from the St. o r to throw protesters in jail for lawfully exercising their First Amendment righ ts. whose tactics were widely criticized.[47] French sai d that he went into his car to escape tear gas and smoke bombs being thrown by p olice.[52][53] United States Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) talking to protesters in Ferguson Missouri Highway Patrol Captain Ronald S. French described the dozen or so other people arrested as "peacekeepers". Louis County police .. said he grew up in the community and "it means a lot to me personally that we b reak this cycle of violence. and that police will use force "only when necessary". Louis county prosecutor Robert P. Johnson. "The people of Ferguson want their streets to be free of intimidation and fear" he said. police approached him. And here. was also arrested by police in Ferguson on Wednesday night.[58] Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson at the news conference . an African-American. in the United States of America. "There 's also no excuse for police to use excessive force against peaceful protests. French was arrested for unlawful assembly. but during the past few d ays." Another reason Dotson did not want the city and county police to collaborate was because of the history of rac ial profiling by county police."[56] Nixon said. United States Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) stated that "militar ization of the police escalated the protesters' response". "it looked a little bit more like a war zone and that's not acceptable. a large coalition of me dia and press freedom groups. referring to the change as "an operation al shift".President Barack Obama addressed the First Amendment violations. We did not send tactical resources to Ferguson on Tuesday or Wednesday.[47] Nixon said that Ferguson security will be over seen by Captain Ron Johnson of the Highway Patrol. Captain Johnson walked with and led a large. saying "It's shameful what he did today. dragging him out of the c ar. "My gut told me what I w as seeing were not tactics that I would use in the city and I would never put of ficers in situations that I would not do myself.[54] St." he s aid. young people organizing th e peace effort. who was documenting the protests for social m edia. To denigrate the men and women of the county police department is shameful. wrote to police forces in Ferguson. Louis Chief o f Police Sam Dotson stated he would not have employed military-style policing su ch as that which transpired. "They rounded up the wrong people . police should not be bullying or arresting journalists who are just trying to do their jobs and report to the Ame rican people on what they see on the ground. On Thursday we will have no officers assisting Ferguson. "[57] In the evening hours of August 14. saying. Louis alderman who brought up concerns of racial profiling. Our only assistance was that of four traffic officers to help divert traffic an d keep both pedestrians and motorists safe. and will genera lly "step back a little bit"."[46] St. According to Chief Dotson. McCulloch criticized the governor's deci sion. he wrote: "I agree and removed our tactical ass istance.

[71] Protests at Ferguson on August 17 On August 18. Jackson prefaced the name announcement by describing a "strong-arm" robbery that had occurred a few minute s before the shooting at a nearby convenience store called Ferguson Market & Liq uor. police have claimed that they did not fire any shots. charged toward a wall of police 60 wide and five deep. after the initial break-in. was also arrested by officers. One of the protesters was shot and critically wounded.[82] Only six individuals were arrested. August 15.m.[59] Hours later. A police report released to members of the media at the news conference des cribed Brown as the suspect involved in the robbery. rioters broke into and looted the Ferguson Market & Liqu or store that Brown allegedly robbed prior to his shooting.[67] In the early hours of August 17.[78] On the night of August 18. some of whom were s een throwing bottles.[77] After being briefed by Attorney General Eric Holder on the events. protests continued in "an almost celebratory manner" near the Q uikTrip[61][62] until police arrived at around 11:00 p. tear gas and tactical units were used.[63][64] At around 1:30 a. a group of protesters and observers gathered near the storefronts of the looted businesses in an attempt to prevent further looting. nearly a wee k after the officer shot Brown on Saturday afternoon. mem bers of the crowd pushed them back including clergymen and community leaders loc king arms. President Obama dispatched Holder to Ferguson to monitor t he unrest there.[81] Michael Brown's mother. despite prior assurances. Scott Olson. on August 16. averting a more serious confrontation. Nixon issued an e xecutive order calling in the National Guard to "help restore peace and order an d to protect the citizens of Ferguson. after violent clashes during the imposed curfew."[72] Nixon also announced that there woul d be no curfew on the night of August 18. Jackson he ld another news conference in which he said Wilson wasn't aware of the robbery w hen he stopped Brown. at funeral. Some residents at the press conference sa id that law enforcement officers had instigated the violence with their military -like tactics. a Missouri Highway Patrol spokesman announ ced that the curfew would be extended for a second day.[74] Police were re corded threatening the media with mace. where he met wi th residents as well as Brown's family.[80] German journalists Ansgar Graw and Frank Hermann reported being placed under arrest by an unidentified officer who would only identify himself as "Donald Duck". Attorney General Eric Holder traveled to Ferguson.[60] On Friday night.[68] Seven other individuals were arrested.[73] Amnesty International sent a 13-pe rson contingent of human rights activists to seek meetings with officials as wel l as to train local activists in non-violent protest methods. August 17 As a result of looting and disruption the night before. Nixon decl ared in a press conference a state of emergency and implemented nightly curfews in Ferguson from midnight to 5:00 a.[83] Nixon then withdrew the National Gua . compared to 47 arrests the prior night. including The Intercept's Ryan Devereaux. Lesley McSpadden.[79] 78 individuals were arrest ed.[75][76] A photojournalist.m.Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson announced the name of the officer involved in the shooting in a news conference the morning of Friday. after several hundred protesters.[69][70] Later that morning. and that police will communicate with protesters and give them time and opportunity to leave before curfew.[66] Johnson said that police would not enforce the curfew with ar mored trucks and tear gas. as well as other nea rby businesses. On August 20. Saturday morning.m.[65] Police responds to civil unrest.

then reduced to $1.[97] including Mary Moore. it had asked that police officers wear nametags.[why?][ 92] The burned memorial was set up again. Please.[92] Several protesters were arres ted and later the protest was declared unlawful.[98] Protesters were charged with offenses that included fail ure to comply with police.[94] On the evening of September 28. one of Brown's cousins. The city recently raised bonds from $100 to . protected by 50 police officers[92 ] Jackson joined the protest and started to explain that changes were underway a fter Brown's killing.[96] October 2014 On October 2. protests continued to be peaceful. the Department of Justice's Civil Rights Division asked Jackson to prohibit police officers from wearing "I am Darren Wilson" bracelets when on duty. a freelance journalist who has worked for CNN. poli ce officers intervened to protect their chief. Let your voices be heard. several hundreds of protesters gathered. protesters gathered in front of the police building. a memorial to Michael Brown on Canfield Drive burned to t he ground. Ferguson police chief Thomas Jackson released a video apology to the Brown family.").[87][88] Brown's family asked that supporters suspend their protests for one day out of r espect for the funeral proceedings. A clergyman was then arres ted. gunshots were heard.[89] The service was attended by thousands of people. which force d the website to shut down the comment section. in front of the police headquarters. a rally of 50 to 70 people was held in Ferguson in support of Wilson under the banner "I am Darren Wilson". An estimated 2. Eric Davis. As they were almost in contact. Later. As most are first-time offenders. including a dozen clergy members who prayed in the police parking.[93] That evening. including 2. The online campaign drew a number of racist comments.00 0. they will be released without bond.[85] During the same day. Police and protesters are adapting constantly to the other side's moves ("It s a legal clinic on these streets.[91] Later on the same day.[86] and as of August 25. Eight protes ters were arrested on failure to disperse and resisting arrest charges.[84] On August 23. noise ordinance violations and resisting arrest.[97] Police dismantled an encampment that lasted a few weeks on West Florissan t.000 were raised by supporters in an online crowdfun ding campaign. "[s]how up at the voting boo ths. Protesters gathered at the site. Within minutes.[95] On September 29. They were told that the y would be arrested if they did not clear the street. and let everyone know that we have had enough of all of this. nearly US$400. They had to wear orange jumpsuits and bonds were up to $2. that's all I ask. and others in an overflow auditorium which was also full. although three more ar rests were made. Support from other police forces was requested. asking for Jackson's resi gnation. "All I want tomorrow is peace while we lay our son to rest.500 fill ing the sanctuary. said at the funeral. In a previous letter earlier that week."[90] September 2014 Early on September 23. Protesters were also told that they would be arrested if the chants went on after 11:00 p. Ron Johnson of the Missouri Highway Patrol told the crowd that the "five-second rule" would not be implemented and there w ould be no arrest as long as the protest remained peaceful. a large crowd protested. Louis County Police and Missouri State Highway Patrol arrested more than a dozen people. About that time.[92] On September 26.m. creating some agitation in the crowd.700." Brown's father said. Capt. St. planned for August 25. Bottles and rocks were thrown at officers. police moved slowly forward. but protesters r efused to move backwards. a nd both sides backed up.rd from Ferguson on August 21 after witnessing improvements among the social unr est.000 additional people were on church property for the funeral.

2014. Ferguson October sparked the activation of the St.[111] Following the announcement of the grand jury's decision. 2014. Christian. as well as other organizations. Louis County Emergency Center in anticipation.[113][114][115] Police in Ferguson deplo yed tear gas and ordered protesters in the street to disperse.[93] On October 3. On October 9. Jewish.[99] On October 4. Louis metropolitan area. they lef t the building peacefully. The same pair i s also indicted for purchasing two pistols under false pretenses. vandalism.$1. as wel l as burning of various non-police cars.000. took the stage. they st arted singing an old civil rights tune. the grand jury decided not to indict Wilson in the shooting deat h of Brown. A dozen buildings were burned down. Ferguson October. about 50 protesters briefly delayed a concert of the St. Michae l Brown's stepfather Louis Head yelled to the crowd of protesters in front of th e police department: "Burn this bitch down!"[112] There were peaceful protests a s well as rioting. Louis Cardinals and t he Los Angeles Dodgers.[105] On October 20. There were 61 peo . Younger activist s criticized older activists for not being radical enough. Cornel West.. a Ferguson October rally and service was held at Chaifetz A rena. during a staged and peaceful act of disobedience. protesters attempted to cross police lines to meet with off icers at the Ferguson Police Department. Louis County police department. After that. Just before the performance resumed after intermission.m. Missouri. When the keynote spea ker. The limited resources of Ferguson police made it difficult to handle daily protests after t heir resumption the previous week.[100] On Monday evening. As many as 400 people took to the streets on Friday night. mostly peaceful protests took place in Ferguson and the Shaw neighb orhood. there was gunfire. "I didn't come here to give a speech.[101] A website. he said. Ferguso n October. planned a massive w eek of resistance throughout the St. including clergy and Co rnel West.[103] Police are also working longer shifts and the Miss ouri National Guard can be activated if needed. She was taken into custody.[102] Later until aroun d 2:30 a. I came here to go to jail!"[104] On October 13. lootin g. Dozens of protesters (over 50) were arr ested. 2014.[106][107][108] November 2014 On November 17. unfurled three hand-painted banners and scattered paper hearts that read: "Requiem for Mike Brown".[109] On November 21. and Muslim clergy addressed the crowd. baseball supporters and protesters had a chanting battle outside the stadium. the governor of Missouri declared a state of emergency in antici pation of protests in Ferguson following the announcement of the results of the grand jury. and destruction of two St. and refused bond. Ferguson police chief Thomas Jackson ceded responsibility for mana ging protests in the city to the St. The event. two alleged members of the New Black Panther Party were arrested for buying explosives they planned to detonate during protests.[110] On November 24. Louis County Police patrol cars. October 6. along with a man who was accom panying her.[102] On October 12. Missouri Senator Jamilah Nasheed was arrested in front of the Fer guson Police Department building for blocking traffic in the street and not resp ecting police orders. Louis Sym phony Orchestra. began on Friday afternoon when protesters peacefully marched to Count y Prosecutor Bob McCulloch's office in Clayton. after a game between the St.

[116][117] On November 25.[126][128][129] Albers resigned eight days later on August 28. was shot and k illed by two St. Louis County police. Subse quently.[130][132] Kajieme Powell On August 19.w ebm St.[119] On November 27. Louis and St.[120] Related incidents Ray Albers St.[132][134] Matthew Pappert Glendale police officer Matthew Pappert.[135][136][137] Journalists in Ferguson claimed Pappert had th reatened them.webmhd. in what poli ce officials said a witness described as "suicide by cop". who was filmed pushing C NN's Don Lemon. who had patrolled in Ferguson during th e protests."[126] This led the ACLU to write to law enforcement demanding action. Louis County Police officer Dan Page. St. saying that Powell came withi n three or four feet of the officers. the body of a man was found inside a parked car within a few blo cks of where Brown was killed. who was suspended for pointing his rifle at peacef ul protesters. "I will fucking kill you. holding a knife in an overhand grip.[118] That same day. the police released a cell phone video filmed by bystanders showing tha t Powell was not as close to the officers as first reported and he had his hands . Ac cording to St."[126][127] When a sked to identify himself. Charles chapter of the Oath Keepers .[133] He retired three days later.[126][127] A repercussion of his actions was that while his identification was pending.[121] Ray Albers of the St. he pointed a semi-automatic service rifle at peaceful protesters while using profanity and threatening to kill them. based on witness reports. In one c ase. Ann Police Department was suspended indefinitely from his duties after an incident at a protest in Ferguson that was captured on video. Albers was widely referred to on Social Media as Officer Go Fuck Yourself. CNN reported that thousand s of people rallied to protest the grand jury's decision in more than 170 U.ple arrested in Ferguson on charges including burglary and trespassing. Ray Albers replied. a 25-year-old African American man. and that National Guard forces were reinforced at Ferguson to prevent the situation from escalating. "Go fuck yourself. Florissant ferguson. Louis police officers several miles from Ferguson.S. such as "[t]he se protesters should have been put down like a rabid dog the first night" and "[ w]here is a Muslim with a backpack when you need him?" (referring to the Boston Marathon bombing). Ann policeman Ray Albers.[121] File:Officer points gun at me and other media on W. Ann policeman Ray Albers.[130][131][132] Dan Page On August 22. Police initially classified the death as suspicio us but later ruled it a homicide. Kajieme Powell. c ities from Boston to Los Angeles. firefighters evacuated the scene of a fire due to gunshots being heard.[138] The police initi ally issued a statement. was suspended for controversial postings to Facebook. who was suspended for pointing his rifle at peacef ul protesters. Governor Nixon reportedly rejected calls for a new grand jury to decide whether to charge Wilson over the killing of Michael Brown. and for the same reason could not respond to others. was relieved of duty after a video emerged of an inflammatory sp eech Page had given to the St.[136] Pappert was ultimately fired from the department after the c onclusion of an internal investigation.[122][12 3][124][125] Albers was recorded on video saying.

The DOJ 's Community Relations Service is involved and the meetings will be closed to th e media and non-residents. including address changes or other alterations. Powell was advancing toward the officers with the knife. and pants. Louis county government as defendants. there were multiple nights of protests. Earlier in 2004. while family members and others said Meyers was only holding a his sides. shouting "Shoot me. Perry. On October 8.[150] Related developments Town hall meetings In order to develop dialogue between authorities and residents.[139] Lawsuit against police and local governments A $40 million federal lawsuit was filed on August 28 by five protesters who were arrested between August 11 13. and later a 9mm Smith & Wesson. Vonderrit Myers Jr. b ut the two robberies prevented him from obtaining a degree. It alleges that police officers used unnecessary f orce and made unjustified arrests.[151] Voter registration It was (incorrectly) reported that 3. The larger number was the total number of interactions with Ferguson voters.[140 ] Vonderrit Myers Jr.200 inhabitants (out of 21. of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri.[145][146][147] The family's attorney noticed that police versions differ about the weapon Myers allegedly u sed: first.[152] Later. was shot and killed by an off-duty polic e officer in St.[148] A n independent autopsy by Dr. Three bullets found at the scene are curren tly being tested to see if they matched Myers's gun. James managed to attend university. among other things. the ACLU asked a federal court to order police to stop using th e "keep moving" rule during protests in Ferguson.[153][154] Ferguson PR sub-contractor fired Devin James.[140] Four more protesters were added as plain tiffs in October. he was shot in the shoulder during anot her armed robbery.[149] Police investigators served Wecht with a subpo ena for his results. a series of five town meetings in October and November have been set up by City leaders. Injunction against "keep moving" rule at peaceful protests On September 29. Louis Economic Developme nt Partnership. Louis.[156] James kept his position on a pro bono basis. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar te stified that the rule was meant to be used for the most volatile night protests during curfew and was mistakenly used by some officers at calm protests during t he day.000) had registe red to vote in Ferguson since Michael Brown's death.[143][144] Forensic evidence lat er confirmed that Myers had gunshot residue on his right hand. Cyril H. shoot me now" when he was shot multiple times. The funeral was held on October 26. rather than stand still. St. officers.[155] The Partn ership was informed that James served a 90-day work farm sentence in 2009 for re ckless homicide. indicating that he had fired a gun. Chief Judge Catherine D. the Ferguson city government and the St. v . a minority PR person. James worked directly with the Ferguson Police Chief and seems t o be the one who suggested the video apology. shirt. the election bo ard stated that the released numbers were inaccurate and only 128 new voter regi strations occurred.[142] Following the s hooting. as documented in the video. Police said he had a gun and shot at them. 2014. ruled that "The practice of requiring peaceful demonstrators and others to walk. During an armed robbery in 2004. was fired by the St.[157] On October 6.[141] The lawsuit lists various police officials. After a troubled youth. police mentioned a 9mm Ruger. he shot 8 times and killed one of his two assailants. Wecht found that six of the eight wounds w ere at the back of the body. which prevented people from st anding still under threat of arrest.

the coun ty prosecutor" to conduct a fair investigation into Brown's death. with The Daily Beast w riting that Asian Americans tend to be "left out" of the race relations discussi on. Representative from Missouri Lacy Clay.[162][163] Several of the stores looted during the unrest are Asian American owned. which alr eady harbored "suspicions of the law enforcement agency" preceding Brown's shoot ing.S.[159][166] An annual re port last year by the office of Missouri's attorney general concluded that Fergu son police were "twice as likely to arrest African Americans during traffic stop s as they were whites".[159] The Los Angeles Times argues that the situation that exploded in Ferguson "has b een building for decades".[158] Racial context According to The Washington Post. and li sts "the growing challenge of the suburbanization of poverty" as the catalyst.[159] Protests. the Ferguson Police Department "bears lit tle demographic resemblance" to the mostly African-American community. Clay called for "a national conversation about how police forces should interact with the African-American community".[173] U. stated on August 16 that he had "absolutely no confidence in the Ferguson police."[172] Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Representative Justin Amash of Mic higan tweeted similar descriptions of Ferguson as a "war zone" in the aftermath of the police actions of August 12. The tapes were obtained by the Associated Press in a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. On August 17.[164] Also according to The Washington Post.[1 67] Another aspect of this situation might stem from a system that burdens the poor and black in Ferguson. the city of St.[168] Reactions In the United States Federal government On August 12. who represents Ferguson.S. the incident sparked unrest in Ferguson largel y due to questions of racism as a factor in the shooting. On October 1.[171] In an August 14 op-ed in Time Magazine.[165] while the popul ation is only one-third white and about two-thirds black.000 arrest warrants and gave a three-month delay to the offenders to g et a new court date before the warrants would be reissued." and issued an injunction against the practice for pea ceful. citing an incident where a Ferguson Police Department helicopter w as fired on from the ground. Louis County" and to "assassinate Mic hael Brown's character". the poorest of St.iolates the constitution. The income from court fines represented the second largest source of revenue for Ferguson in 2013. Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky said that police forces need to be demilitarized and that "[t]he shooting of 18-yearold Michael Brown is an awful tragedy" and that "Anyone who thinks race does not skew the application of criminal justice in this country is just not paying clo se enough attention. . U. and that protesters initially came from the town and neighboring towns that have pockets of poverty. and other forms of social unrest continued for more than a week. Minor traffic offenses are the starting point.[16 9][170] Recordings of telephone conversations between FAA employees later reveal ed that the true reason the flight restrictions were requested was to keep news helicopters out of the area during the protest violence.[174] Clay sug gested that the police had released the information about the robbery in order t o "negatively influence a jury pool in St. Louis canc elled 220. with 48 of the police force's 53 officers being white. the FAA implemented a no-fly zone over Ferguson. 2014. and the co sts spiral up rapidly if the offenders do not pay the fines on time or do not ap pear in court. law-abiding protesters in Ferguson. Louis.[161] w ith night curfew being imposed and escalated violence. with Amash calling the situation "frightenin g" on August 13 and Warren demanding answers on August 14.[160] va ndalism.

Mayor Knowles did not receive a phone call from either the Gov ernor or others as riots developed and even as others came on the scene.[176] On September 4.[8] On September 24 at the United Nations General Assembly. the Office of Management and Budget. That's not the issue. in coordination with Congress. Missouri: On August 13. Homeland Security.On August 23. [7] Att orney General Holder indicated that an overhaul similar to a recent agreement wi th the Albuquerque police department over use of excessive force could be called for in Ferguson. The Temporary Flight Restriction said that no news helic opters or commercial flights were allowed in a three-mile radius up to an altitu de of 3000 feet.[184] Local authorities Jennings.[181] Missouri government On August 14. a nd said that."[183] James Knowles III. "[w]e have determined that there is cause for the Justice Department to open an investigation to determine whether Ferguson police officials have engaged in a pattern or practice of violations of the U. in response to the . President Barack Obama ordered a review of the distribution o f military hardware to state and local police. constitution or federal law. the FA A diverted some flights to other airports that were inbound to St.S.[179][180] Supreme Court Justices August 22 Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said in an interview with The National Law Journal that the events at Ferguson and the stop-and-frisk policies in New York City. said in an interview that "It doesn't matter if Michael Brown committed theft or not. and a community was divided. the Justice Department. and the Treasury Department. the Mayor of Ferguson.[178] On November 24.[44] Maria Chappelle-Nadal. a Missouri Senator who represented parts of Ferguson and was tear-gassed during the demonstrations. point to a "real racial problem" in the U. Missouri where a young man was killed.S. President Obama urged calm and restraint in Ferguson. U. I know the world also took notice of the small American city of Fergus on. Those are the only facts that are necessary. The issue is what happened when Darren Wilson encountered Michael Brown.[175] Attorney General Eric Holder sai d in a statement to The New York Times that "it makes sense to take a look at wh ether military-style equipment is being acquired for the right purposes and whet her there is proper training on when and how to deploy it" and that "[d]isplays of force in response to mostly peaceful demonstrations can be counterproductive" . the National Security Council. saying that. in response to safety concerns. was slow to seek support and coordinat ion from state and county authorities as violence and civil unrest developed in his municipality. after reports of gunshots fired into the sky in Ferguson. the school dis trict in nearby Jennings cancelled the first day of classes. The review will be led by White House staff and includes the Domestic Policy Council. saying racial discrimination and distrust of police c annot be resolved by throwing bottles. Eric Holder announced that the Justice Department will investiga te Ferguson police force for possible misconduct or discrimination.S. Immediately after the shooting and in the w eeks leading up to the grand jury announcement. no one appeared to take charge. So yes. minutes after a prosecuting attorney announced that a grand jury decided not to indict police officer Darren Wilson. questioning the use of such equip ment during the racial unrest in Ferguson. Holder said. President Obama describe d the racial tensions at Ferguson as a failure to live up to America's ideals. Louis. President Obama has made several such calls for calm and restraint in Ferguson. we have our own racial and ethnic tensions.[ 182] using the Missouri State Highway Patrol to direct security."[177] On November 24. as well as other agencies including the Dep artment of Defense. Depart ures were not affected. "[i]n a summer marked by instability in the Middle East and Easter n Europe. Governor of Missouri Jay Nixon stated that the Ferguson riots were "deeply challenging" and "promised 'operational shifts' to ease the situation. Missouri: On August 11. and when he died when he was killed.[185][186] Ferguson-Florissant School District. It s pretty clear that the need for wholesale change in that depa rtment is appropriate.

On Monday. members of Anonymous corresponding with Mother Jones said that they were working on conf irming the identity of the undisclosed police officer who shot Brown and would r elease his name as soon as they did. about 150 people protested in downtown St. [197] City officials said that e-mail systems were targeted and phones died. August 17. [194] National vigils and marches occurred on the evening of Thursday.S. found stark racial and political divisions in reactions to the shooting. Ferguson-Flourissant schools that were to op en Thursday were closed and scheduled to reopen on Monday.[190] Brown family A member of the Brown family released a statement saying that "the stealing and breaking in stores is not what Mike will want. in o ver 100 cities around the U.[2 02] A group of Tibetan monks joined the protesters in Ferguson on Sunday. August 10.[194] Another vig il was planned on the same day.[187] On Sunday Aug 17 . it is very upsetting to me and my family. compared with 40% of Independents and 22% of Republicans. "Our family didn't ask for this but for justi ce and peace. The cameras had been donated to the police by two private security fir ms. after receiving a large amount of criticis m regarding their practices. said the issue of race is getting more attention t han it deserves.[195][196] Hacktivists claiming an association with Anonymous and operating under the coden ame "Operation Ferguson" organized cyberprotests by setting up a website and a T witter account. by 47% to 37%. Afri can Americans (80% to 18%) said the shooting raised important issues about race.[201] Twitter subsequently suspended the Anonymous account from its service. with 68% of Democrats (including 62% of white Democrats) thought the inci dent raises important issues about race that merit discussion. using Twitter and the #NMOS14 hashtag.[47][200] However. compared with 21% of Democrats . The protesters argued that Wilson had been victimized and that any p . By about four-to-one. Republicans were also more likely than Democrats to view the police response to as appropriate (43%). 2014 On August 17. but after a brief silence and then sobbing was embraced by the step-father who promoted arso n. 65% of Republicans expressed confidence in the investigations in to the incident.[189] On September 1. whi le the Internet crashed at the City Hall. administrators for the district announced that school would con tinue to be closed through the end of the school week. the school district again cancelled the first day of classes due to ongoing un rest.m.continuing unrest in the community."[191] On the night of the grand jury decision of a 'no true bill' the mother speaking to the crowd expressed disbelief and innocence. Louis in support of Dar ren Wilson. compared with 38% of Democrats. The divide in public opinion was also observed across partisan lines. it was reported that.[197][198] Prior to August 15. with thousands in attendance. they would attack the city's servers and computers. police said the identity released by Anonymous was incorrec t. taking them offline. August 17. [203] Civil rights leader Reverend Jesse Jackson in Ferguson.[193] Third parties Protestors gather at the Ferguson police department Local pastors held a vigil on the morning of Sunday. in the area where Brown was killed. St.[199] On August 14. August 14.[197] The group promised that if any protesters were harassed or harmed. Anonymous posted on its Twitter feed what it claimed was the name of the officer involved in the shootin g. at 8:00 p. the police force in Ferguson had begun to wear body cameras.[192] Polls A Pew Research poll conducted August 14 17 among 1. They were organized by @FeministaJones." The statement also said.[188] On August 12.000 adults. Louis Police Department chief Sam Dotson decided against provi ding any more manpower to Ferguson owing to concerns about the welfare of the pr otesters and the handling of the situation by local police. while whites.

and personnel trained in public affairs and civilian engagement. along with ABC News and others. You realise that somehow it only happens to the same people: Afro-Ameri can kids. as well as the use of force and the militar ization of the police in the United States."[205] Veterans of the US Armed Forces have also criticized the tactics and procedures used by the police during the 2014 Ferguson Unrest.[212] Germany In an interview with Der Spiegel. what the United States needs t o do is to concentrate on solving its own problems rather than always pointing f ingers at others. Marcel Kuhlmey. protesters received support from a California-based group calle d We Copwatch to improve the way they record their interactions with the police. racial profiling.[161] The Green Shadow Cabinet.[209] Zeit Online described the incident as an example of deep-rooted racism in the U. assault rifles and canine units. stated on August 14 that "[a] healthy response by the local polic e and government agencies in Ferguson and St."[209] Egypt Egypt's Ministry of Foreign affairs stressed that it agrees calls for "self rest raint and respect for the right of assembly and peaceful expression of opinion" in the protests. it seems to me. Taking a line of the song I shot the Sheriff by Bob Marley. they would have encouraged dialogue with the use of social media. weapons. a group led by 2012 Green Party presidential nominee D r. the police are far quicker to resor t to guns. including the use of militar ized tactics.[211] France Minister of Justice of France Christiane Taubira commented on Radio France Inter nationale. she adde d: "Kill them before they grow?"."[213] Iran Iran's Islamic Republic News Agency commented. "I will not make value judgements on the institutions of the United S tates but when the sense of frustration is that strong. certain prejudices which can create terri ble reflexes. a security e xpert. Jill Stein.S. Certain clichés still persist. professor in the department of security management at the Berlin University of Economics and Law. Even at the training stage. that deep.[2 06] Some veterans also pointed out that the police in Ferguson had access to mor e body armor than an infantryman during the Iraq War. concluding that "the situation of African-Americ ans has barely improved since Martin Luther King. "[V]iolence has become institutio .unishment for him would cause law enforcement officers to be "frightened to do t heir jobs. They also pointed out that if the military were involved in simila r situations in a war-zone.[210] Egypt's Foreign Ministry Spokesman said that Egypt is closely following up with the "mounting protests" in Ferguso n. Louis County would have been to im mediately announce a full investigation of the shooting and a review of police p olicies and practices. soci al exclusion."[204] CNN. that long-las ting and that huge. hoping that the American authorities deal with the protests acc ording to "the international standards". territorial segregation. who asserted that what happened in Ferguson could never happen in Germany . [208] International reactions China The Chinese state news Xinhua News Agency said hours before the governor ordered National Guard troops into Ferguson..[207] On September 22. the use of equipment such as armored vehicles." She also tweeted in French "Michael Brown. fear. there is reason to question whether people trust these insti tutions. "Obviously.S. there is a much heavier emphasis on shoot ing [than in Germany]". described the incident as having triggered a national debate on race relations. stating that "In the U. fatal cocktail". cultural relegation.

riots.[215] Others From August 14 to 22. London against the gr and jury's decision. "has positioned itself as a 'bastio n of human rights' and is actively engaged in 'export of democracy' on a systema tic basis". to issue a travel warning for S ri Lanka does seem odd at a time when there are race riots in Missouri. Through a spokesman. Mi ssouri. restrictions imposed on the medi a covering the protests. the violence has intensified. they expressed concerns for hum an rights in Ferguson. gathering a thousand people.[225] Protesters in the Middle East have expressed support for protesters in Ferguson. the use of tear gas. but since President Obama."[213] On November 26.S. Ferguson is a living example of why we should be immensely grateful that those tactics were never used during the U. 2014.[217][221] Islamic State militants stated that they will use social media to encourage Isla mic extremism in Ferguson.S.S.nalized in the U. and no w it has erupted against blacks in Ferguson.[218][219][ 220] In a subsequent report of October 24. Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon called for U.K."[209] North Korea North Korea called the United States a "human rights graveyard". Ban called for "all to exercis e restraint. rubber bullets and long range acoustic devices. in recent years. but that "serious violations of basic human rights and barbaric prac tices thrive" in the country. 2014 Stand Up To Racism and the London Black Revolutionaries org anized a protest outside the Embassy of the United States.S. intimidation of protesters. for law enforcement officials to abide by U. trainers and researchers in Ferguson. related to the use of lethal force in the death of Brown.S . using social media and offered advice on how to deal with tear gas. authorities to ensure protection of the protesters' rights to peaceful assembl y and freedom of expression."[209] Abigail Chandler of the newspaper The Metro wrote that "[w]hile the London riots were at their worst. and lack of accountability for law enforcement policing protests. police for detaining a correspo ndent of the state Anadolu news agency while he covered protests in Ferguson. and international st andards in dealing with demonstrators". calling it unacceptable and against the freedom of press. the 2009 Nobel P eace Prize winner. racial discrimination and excessive use of police force. came to the White House. people were calling for rubber bullets. It included organizers to train acti vists in the use of non-violent protests."[213] The Daily News (Sri Lanka) opined: "For the U.S. August 17 . imposition of restrict ions on the rights to protest.[216][217] This was the first time that Amnesty International has deployed such a team to the United States. Amnesty International USA had a team of human rights obser vers.[222][223][224] On August 18.[209] Turkey The Turkish Foreign Ministry criticized the U.[214] Russia The Russian Foreign Ministry stated "our American partners [have] to pay more at tention to restoring order in their own country before imposing their dubious ex perience on other nations" and that the U.[226] Azteca News wrote that Obama's "words of peace and reconciliation are perceived by many activists as inadequate and almost treason to a situation they see as a direct result of slavery and racial segregation laws that were in force until 19 65. tear gas and water cannons to be used against the rioters.[227] Gallery A person protesting against the militarization of police.

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2014). chief calls f or protection of rights in Missouri protests". 2014. Retrieved August 18. Molly. 2014. 2014. Jump up ^ Geidner. "Amnesty International Calls For Inv estigation Of Ferguson Police Tactics".N. Retrieved August 18. Jump up ^ "A Healthy Response to Racism and Trauma in Ferguson". Noack. 2014). French justice minister". 2014). Miss ouri". Cleveland. Los Ang eles Times. Jay Nixon's curfew for Ferguson.S. Re trieved October 25.. 2014. Collected videos Rachel Maddow interview with City Alderman. Jump up ^ "Ferguson riots product of US racism. Matt. Robert (August 15. Retrieved August 21. 2014. Retrieved August 18 . ^ Jump up to: a b "On the Streets of America: Human Rights Abuses in Ferguson". Retrieved August 18. 2014). Cliff (August 17. 2014). Jump up ^ "US embassy marchers condemn Ferguson shooting". Buzzfeed. "We Copwatch train Ferguson resid ents on body cameras". 2014. The Washington Post. August 19. Jump up ^ Mekhennet. Retrieved October 25. Hennessy-Fiske. 2014. 2014. 2014. The New York Times. 2014. "Michael Brown shootin g in Ferguson becomes an international incident". RFI. Jump up ^ Bissell. 2014. Jump up ^ Carey. November 27. Amnesty International. 2014. Julie (August 18. 201 4. Chris (August 14. Retrieved August 18. 2014. Daily News Egypt. Mo. 2014). August 27. Time. Retrieved August 21. Retrieved October 8. may backfire". Aswat Masriya. "Even the Islamists of ISIS are ob sessing over Ferguson". "Rally held in support of Ferguson police officer who shot Michael Brown". Grant (September 22. Retrieved August 20. Mail Online . Rick. The Washington Post. 2014). Action In Ferguson". Storify. Jump up ^ "'How is democracy treating you guys?' ISIS militants take to social m edia to encourage Ferguson protesters to embrace Islamic extremism". 2014. 2014). 2014. August 19. Jump up ^ "3 Key Takeaways From Amnesty International s Ferguson Report". 2014). August 14. Retrieved November 25. British Broadcasting Corporation (London). 2014. Retrieved October 8. Jump up ^ "Egypt "closely following up with" Ferguson protests: foreign ministry ". Retrieved November 27. Yahoo N ews. 2014. 2014. Adam. Nick. 2014. Amnesty International. "Amnesty International Takes "Unprec edented" U. Jump up ^ "Military veterans see deeply flawed police response in Ferguson". Retrieved August 16. Retrieved November 25. Retrieved October 25. 2014. "U. Retrieved August 20. Jump up ^ "ISIS Turning Ferguson Protests Into Recruiting Grounds?". Reuters. KSKD. 2014.Jump up ^ Pinckard. Jump up ^ "Veterans on Ferguson". Jump up ^ Pearce. Souad (August 21. Retrieved August 19. ^ Jump up to: a b c Taylor. 2014. External links Wikimedia Commons has media related to Shooting of Michael Brown. "Advice for Ferguson's Protesters Fr om the Middle East". August 19. Tina (August 16. 2014. 2014 . 2014. McAllister. Was hington Post. Jump up ^ Reilly. Retrieved August 20. " Some warn that Gov. Retrieved A ugust 18. 2014. Susman. Jump up ^ "Egypt calls for restraint in Ferguson". ^ Jump up to: a b c d e Makinen. The Huffington Post. August 21. Green Shadow Ca binet. Jump up ^ Mackey. Jump up ^ "Turkish officials condemn US detention of Anadolu reporter in Ferguso n". 2014. AFP. R etrieved November Antonio French after his arrest in F erguson on charges of disorderly conduct Surveillance video that police contend shows Michael Brown robbing a convenience store . "How the rest of the world sees F erguson". 2014. Jump up ^ "North Korea calls US 'human rights graveyard' over Ferguson". Los Angeles Times. 2014. Retrieved November 25. Mollie (August 17. Jump up ^ "Amnesty International Sends Human Rights Delegation to Ferguson. Edward (August 18.

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