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An “Interviews With Dating Gurus” Special Report…

“How To Get A Woman To
Tips From The “Zan”
Monthly Interview
David DeAngelo
©2006, All Rights Reserved.

Interviews With Dating Gurus Special Report – Zan Interview
©2006, All Rights Reserved.

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“How To Get A Woman To
This month I had the pleasure of interviewing a friend of
mine who goes by the name of Zan… and he shared some KILLER
insights on becoming the kind of man who sparks attraction in
women naturally.
Zan has been fascinated for some time now by “naturals”…
those guys we all know who seem to have a natural something
about them that attracts women.
He was fortunate to figure out what this “something” was at a
young age… but that didn’t stop him from continuing to perfect
his game, and learn more and more about what really makes a
woman want a man.
These days he’s practically UNSTOPPABLE… and in our
interview he explained what YOU need to do to reach that same
level of success… and become the type of man that women
Let’s get right into it...

1. Be Authentic, Not “Approval-Seeking”
One great idea Zan shared is that most men have lost the
notion of MASCULINITY... we’ve become conditioned to believe
that it’s not “OK” to be a guy who LOVES women… and lets them
know it.
Instead, most guys are lead to believe that they need to mask
their desires, and hide their natural inclinations… because they’re
afraid if they don’t they will come across as needy…
But Zan says you CAN be direct about being attracted to a
woman – IF you come from the right place.
Interviews With Dating Gurus Special Report – Zan Interview
©2006, All Rights Reserved.

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Zan himself is VERY DIRECT with a woman when he first
meets her. He’ll often walk right up to her and say, “Wow, you’re
dazzling. Who are you, and why aren’t you my girlfriend?”
Now, if you look at what he says on the surface it may sound
“over the top”… and you might think he’s being too
But the big point to get here is that you can pull off giving a
compliment like this – and make a HUGE impact on a woman –
IF you’re coming from a place of AUTHENTICITY rather than
Because Zan has a fun, playful attitude that REEKS of
confidence… and because he’s genuine and sincere, women are
swept away by his bold and direct approach.
Now… if he said the exact same words while coming from a
place of neediness, or trying to “impress” a woman and gain her
approval, you can bet he would get a totally different response.
Women would pick up on it and think “There’s something
wrong here… this just doesn’t feel right.”
But… when you have the attitude of “I have my act together…
and I’m not desperate… but hey… you have my attention and I’m
confident enough to let you know it,” you can say just about
ANYTHING and women will respond positively.
Approaching a woman and telling her you are attracted to her
in this way is VERY different from going up to her and telling her
how beautiful she is and how you would do anything to be with
her… and it’s also very powerful.
Next time you see a woman that you find attractive, let her
know it in a playful, confident, and non-approval seeking way. I
think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the reaction you get.

2. Take Her On An Adventure
Interviews With Dating Gurus Special Report – Zan Interview
©2006, All Rights Reserved.

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Zan shared another point that I thought was simply
He said a woman doesn’t want to BE the adventure… she
wants to be TAKEN on one.
She wants to be taken along your path… she doesn’t want to
BECOME your path.
She doesn’t want to be the SOLE PURPOSE in a man’s life,
but she wants to be with a man who HAS a purpose.
Get the point?
Women are attracted to men who have lives that are BIGGER
than the women in them... who don’t put ALL their attention on
Zan says this is one of the key traits of the natural. He has a
purpose that ISN’T her. He’s going somewhere important, a
destination that HE chose… and he’d love it if she came along, but
he’s going there with or without her.
This is a CRUCIAL mindset… and one of the biggest things
that separates the “naturals” from every other guy out there. The
more you can incorporate it and make it a part of who you are, the
more you’ll find women are COMPELLED to join you on your

3. The Greatest Aphrodisiac
Here’s another fascinating point Zan shared…
For centuries, the men who were great with women all
recognized one thing… and it’s this:
This means 2 things:
Interviews With Dating Gurus Special Report – Zan Interview
©2006, All Rights Reserved.

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Never play with a woman’s emotions. Be upfront
with your intentions… if she’s looking for a boyfriend
and you’re looking for some short term fun, let her
know. You’ll be surprised how attracted she’ll be to
your honesty… even if it’s not exactly what she wants
to hear.


Never defend yourself from having a reputation as a
player. Be comfortable with your love of women.

Women respect men who are upfront about who they are and
where they’re coming from. Try it out for yourself…

4. Real Men Are Rare
Zan also shared that every man who wants to improve his
success with women must go through a process of getting rid of
LIMITING BELIEFS. It’s these beliefs that hold us back more
than anything else.
At one of Zan’s seminars, a guy approached him and
complained “Women never like me… I’m just too short”.
Zan told him, “The only thing you’re short on is the will to
erase your self-limiting beliefs.”
Zan says that the guys in history that enjoyed incredible
success with women weren’t good looking… and they weren’t
rich… but they were willing to question their limiting beliefs and
look at things in different ways.
I spent a lot of my early life looking at attractive women and
thinking “Wow, if I could get one of THOSE… that sure would be
cool… they’re so rare and valuable…”
Well, I love looking at things from perspectives no one has
considered before… and when I looked at this from the

Interviews With Dating Gurus Special Report – Zan Interview
©2006, All Rights Reserved.

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Real men… men who have their lives together, both inside
and out… are FAR MORE RARE than attractive women.
When I saw this, I had a HUGE perspective shift… I went
from a scarcity to an abundance mindset… and things have never
been the same since.
It’s amazing how everything changes once you make a shift
on the inside…

5. Focus On What REALLY Matters
You know, one of my favorite “opening lines” is simply “Hey”.
The reason I like it so much is because if you’re just starting
out and you say “hey”, you realize that the words you use make
very little difference…
The words aren’t the most important piece… it’s the way
you’re looking at her… your body language… your tone of voice…
and your mindset.
It’s THOSE things that are creating the impact, NOT the
And when you reach the next level and you’ve mastered all
that OTHER stuff… once you have a solid foundation… that’s
when specific words make more of a difference. You may be with
a woman… and you’ll realize that at this particular moment, with
this particular woman, if I said THIS it will be absolute magic.
But until you have all that other stuff handled, “hey” is the
best opener you can use…

6. Make Fun Of Yourself – In The Right Way
Zan also said that naturals never take anything, including
women, too seriously…

Interviews With Dating Gurus Special Report – Zan Interview
©2006, All Rights Reserved.

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They make fun of everything… even themselves. He says that
the great seducers throughout time have recognized the value of
self-deprecating humor… and what he means by this is poking a
little fun at YOURSELF.
When a woman says she wants a man with a sense of humor,
she doesn’t mean she wants a guy who tells great jokes. She
means a guy who can see the humor in EVERYTHING… and has
the confidence to find it even when it means finding the humor in
Most men aren’t secure enough to do this, but great naturals
from Errol Flynn to Casanova to George Clooney make fun of
themselves all the time… in just the right way…
Obviously if an insecure guy said, “Yeah, you’d never like
me… I’m just a dumb ass” he’d miss the mark COMPLETELY.
But if you already have your inner game handled to a large
degree, a little humor directed at yourself shows a woman that
you’re an incredibly confident guy.
Zan made the point that this also helps you to avoid coming
across as “TOO SMOOTH”…
You have to show a woman a little vulnerability… that there’s
a human side to you.
Most women feel vulnerable… so if you don’t show some
vulnerability as well… she’ll feel driven to REJECT YOU to prove
the point that “Hey, you’re an imperfect person just like me”.
This is why many guys who are great with women
CONSCIOUSLY inject a hint of vulnerability into their
interactions with women. They CHOOSE to be less than perfect…
When someone asked Cary Grant how he’s so successful with
women, he said, “I’ll tell women that I can’t get it up”.

Interviews With Dating Gurus Special Report – Zan Interview
©2006, All Rights Reserved.

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Obviously you don’t have to go THAT far… but I think you get
the point.
Women need to understand that although you’re great with
women, you have a human, imperfect side to you as well.
And the combination of a confident vibe, along with a
willingness to admit your imperfections, is like STEROIDS for
Trust me on this one.

7. Make Boring Things EXCITING
Zan agreed with me on an important point…
The ability to make another person FEEL something…
whether it’s passion, or laughter, or surprise… is a POWERFUL
skill to have.
This is true of life in general… and it’s particularly true when
it comes to women.
Let’s say you’re down having a couple of drinks at happy hour
with friends… and you meet an attractive woman in a business
suit who’s obviously very successful.
After a few minutes of conversation, she mentions that she
just got a promotion… and you shoot back with, “Don’t give me
that. I bet you stand around the water cooler chatting with your
friends… I don’t know if I’d even hire you myself…”
If you do it in the right way, you not only create what I call
“sexual tension” but you also send the message that “I’ve got
pretty high self-esteem, because I’m going to mess with you, you
‘powerful woman’…”
It sounds like a normal conversation on the surface, but on
another level it’s a very SEXUAL form of communication.
Interviews With Dating Gurus Special Report – Zan Interview
©2006, All Rights Reserved.

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The ability to take normal, mundane conversation topics and
spin them into fun, flirty conversation not only lets a woman
know she’ll NEVER have a dull moment with you… but also
makes her curious to spend more time with you… so do this as
often as you can.

9. Make Her Pleasure Your Mission
Zan has another powerful belief that is VERY different from
other men out there… and women can sense it…
It’s this:
Zan truly believes that every woman is lacking passion in her
life… and it’s HIS MISSION to give it back to her.
To get a better idea of what he’s talking about when he says
this… and a better idea of the type of guy Zan is in general… check
out the movie “Don Juan DeMarco” with Johnny Depp.
And be sure to listen to Zan’s interview several times, and
begin incorporating these beliefs into your life immediately.
Don’t be surprised if women start responding to you in an
entirely new way.
I’ll talk to you again soon.
Your Friend,
David D.
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Interviews With Dating Gurus Special Report – Zan Interview
©2006, All Rights Reserved.

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Interviews With Dating Gurus Special Report – Zan Interview
©2006, All Rights Reserved.

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Interviews With Dating Gurus Special Report – Zan Interview
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