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Katrich Williams

EDU 560 – Dr. Price


Describe the teacher’s classroom management style.
Ms. Bates’ classroom management style is hands-on. She has procedures put in place to prevent
usual disruptive behaviors. These procedures are taught on the first day of school and are
reinforced throughout the year. If students are aware of what they should be doing and what will
happen if they are out of place, then they are less likely to misbehave.


What have been his or her most difficult discipline challenges?
Ms. Bates’ most difficult discipline challenges came early in her career when she assumed that
students would automatically behave. At that point, she told her students the rules and
procedures, but they never practiced them so they didn't know them or follow them. She also
made unnecessary threats regarding discipline, ultimately damaging her own place of authority.


Describe the physical environment of the teacher’s classroom.
Physically, her classroom is clean and welcoming. She has her rules, procedures and consequences
posted on the wall as well as some posters, student work, reminders, and the objective for the day.
Students know that it is a safe learning environment.


What are the teacher’s main rules, consequences, and procedures?
Her main rule is to be respectful of others at all times. When followed, this rule prevents a variety
of undesirable behaviors. It also aids in establishing a sense of order in the classroom, making it
possible to actually teach.
Consequences are usually tailored to the offense, but in most cases breaking this or any other rule
results in a verbal warning first, followed by parental contact on the second offense, and finally a
disciplinary referral on the third offense. Major offenses result in an immediate disciplinary
She has procedures for everything from entering and exiting the room to turning in assignments.
Although it takes some time, consistently reinforcing these procedures turns them into habits for
her students and allows her classroom to run much more smoothly.


What advice would the teacher give to a new teacher regarding discipline?
Regarding discipline, she would advise any teacher to be clear, be consistent, and be fair.
Sometimes we can't fight every disciplinary battle, but choose five or six concise rules that students
must follow in your classroom. Make sure that students are fully aware of the consequences if they
break one of those rules, and follow through every time.


What is your opinion of the teacher’s management style?
I think Ms. Bates’ management style is very clear and to the point. I think her rules regarding
discipline are very fair and manageable. She seems to be very organized, which is something that
most teachers aren’t, unfortunately. She mentioned that she doesn’t have a lot of discipline
problems because she follows through with her rules.