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ZUMBEELians’ Feedback

“ZUMBEEL – A telecom platform which has been a source of substantial help & guidance to our telecom industry and which not only has served the purpose but also has have given the new comers and incumbents to look and think beyond the borders with the new ideas and discussions – My first choice communication interface with Pakistan Telecom Industry.”

Faiq Khan Regional Director Aircom - South Africa

Omar Mumtaz Senior Technologist Mobile IP Core Design Alcatel - Lucent New Zealand

“ZUMBEEL, just like the name suggests it has a lot of useful stuff for each and every person related to Telecom. Be it a fresh grad or a Telecom professional everyone finds something of interest in ZUMBEEL. Especially since the forum has transformed itself from just another online forum to a real community, I am sure of its success. I wish all the best to the ZUMBEEL Team for their long but prosperous journey ahead.”

“It is a great platform where any Telecom Engineer can take the maximum benefit out of it and can dig out/share almost everything related to Telecom World. I have been a part of this group for last 8 years and have found it very useful for all my telecom related queries.” Farhan Majid Regional RF Manager LCC - Pakistan “ZUMBEEL translates the meaning of communication, in which people from telecom industry share their experiences, discuss topics, technical issues to create a good professional culture for new starters as well as experienced without seeing each others for number of years but they have seamless connectivity among each other.”

Kashif Hussain National RF Manager Motorola - Pakistan

“The forum I found accidentally on the web in 2004 while doing my MBA in Canada, has improved every day. Out of the telecom resources available on web for Pakistani Telecom Professionals, so far ZUMBEEL is undoubtedly "the best" in terms of focus, quality of interaction and information flow.” Saleem Toor Technology Manager/ Head of Operations Mobile Weaver - Pakistan “ZUMBEEL is no doubt one of the best forums to share Telecom Industry’s wholesome experience among the colleagues and also new opportunities and the pitfalls that might befall newbie in this exciting field. The newly reformed ZUMBEEL must be utilized fully by senior members to guide the new entrants through sharing of their experiences.” Bilal Hashmi Regional RF Manager Ufone - Pakistan

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“No doubt ZUMBEEL is a only platform for experienced and fresh people related to telecom and a big step as well, taken by the founder to bring true telecom people closer round the world , at this platform I can share without any hesitation technical issues or any other issue related to telecom.” Muhammad Kamran RF Engineer Consistel - Pakistan “ZUMBEEL is a novel idea to bring people of different skills and discipline together. Naturally through this process people share their experiences and develop bonds which go a long way in one's professional development. I would like to see ZUMBEEL not only as a job hunting forum but a vehicle to encourage creativity and entrepreneurship - a trait we immensely lack as a nation.” Naokhaiz Afaqui Regional RF Manager Warid Telecom - Pakistan “ZUMBEEL is the largest online group of telecom engineering professionals that I am aware of. When it started, it was merely a group of friends and colleagues who worked together in Mobilink - Pakistan but later on it expanded from some dozen members to thousands of members. This couldn't have been achieved without sheer effort, honesty & consistency. Way to go ZUMBEEL Team and I wish you luck for your new venture.” Farhan Azimi Manager Operations Core Network Mobilink - Pakistan “ZUMBEEL! A Place to find the treasure. Here one can find the required. It’s useful for all who can make use of it and useless for all who cannot. I think this is the platform where one can pay back to his/ her country in shape of knowledge & Idea sharing , job sharing, Student’s assistance and many more ways which are yet to be explored. In simple words we can call ZUMBEEL as “A platform to meet your Future.”

Naveed Sheikh Senior RF Consultant LCC - Pakistan

“ZUMBEEL - Telecom Socrates carry my hope of making Pakistan a successful Paki3Gstan. I have deep appreciation for the initiative that was taken by ZUMBEEL Team to share & spread knowledge. As they say many times that together we can and together we will InshAllah, I pray that all ZUMBEELians will always stand together to shape best for Pakistan Ameen.” Umair Syed Senior Engineer UMTS Networks Qualcomm Inc - USA “ZUMBEEL is a good resource for Job Hunt, gaining updated info about the Telecom World, a library of Technical Documents & a forum for obtaining support on Specific Queries from the experts.” Wasif Sultan Senior NSS Engineer Motorola - Pakistan

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“ZUMBEEL is a platform, which we need, to build a bridge between Experienced and new Engineers of Pakistan. Once transformed, it will definitely create a bond between us; the future of Pakistan InshAllah, and we ZUMBEELians will make sure that it does. Let’s join hands and make it a successful and strong Platform InshAllah.” Omar Uppal Assistant Manager Access Networks Ericsson - Pakistan “ZUMBEEL is a tremendous effort towards bringing all the telecom professionals to one platform which was non-existent before. It is a great opportunity for all the professionals to share knowledge, discuss the latest trends which are emerging in the telecomm world.”

Omar Rauf Senior Manager Quality Of Service Mobilink - Pakistan

Salman Nazim 3G/HSDPA RF Consultant Ericsson - Oman

“ZUMBEEL is a very innovative & powerful knowledge sharing group that has brought together all the telecom professionals of Pakistan on one platform to share their experience related latest technology trends, career guidance & job hunting.”

“ZUMBEEL is unique because of the noble cause of its creation.”

Asif Hussain RF Manager ZAIN - Kuwait/Iraq/Sudan

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