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Diploma in Indian
Payroll & Statutory
(DIPSCM) 6 Months

Enrollment starts for June 2014 Batch

Diploma in Indian Payroll & Statutory Compliances Management

(DIPSCM) 6 Months

About us
PREHR is the most successful Payroll Administration & Statutory Compliances Learning Institutes
in India. We have trained numerous Payroll Administrators to be professional in their roles in
business. In completing these prestigious full qualifications, graduates achieve the following:

Enhanced status in the industry

Better accuracy in their jobs
Professional recognition
We strive for accuracy in:
Payment of the workforce
Keeping records as required by Indian Statutory law.

All of this knowledge ensures for management and company officials, that the risk of penalties and
worker unrest is reduced to a minimum.
Education in the field of Payroll Administration is essential and we at Payroll Education have the
tools to provide this.

Company Values
Have and maintain extremely high standard in all spheres of Education and Student Achievement.

Our Vision
To improve standing expertise in Payroll Administration in India and achieve a reasonable profit
and return of staff and investors.

Our Mission
PREHR has a mission to provide training and development interventions that ensures:

A learner centered focus

Practical transfer of skills to the workplace
Programs that are aligned to Industry Standards standards and qualifications
Provision for learning in a variety of learning contexts
Responsiveness to changing requirements
Alignment to client organizations business goals and objectives
The design of objective and relevant assessment tools and methodologies that enable
learners to gain credits towards qualifications

We look forward to our intake of students and we are delighted to see the number of students
undertaking the Further Education and Learning Certificate in Payroll Administration Services
The number of students enrolling this year reflects the prestige of this qualification as the growing
recognition of the professionalism of the payroll industry. The details hereunder will hopefully
persuade you to set off on a journey towards a very worthwhile and rewarding FULL qualification.
We wish you all every success for the coming year.

Course Objectives

PREHR (EIC) includes the following amongst its objectives:

To promote a high professional standard amongst those involved in payroll
To provide a nationally recognized body to represent members views and influence
To identify the training needs of those involved in payroll
To provide a professional qualification covering the full range of payroll and associated

Diploma in Payroll & Statutory Compliances Management (DIPSCM) is a full qualification to enable
students to demonstrate their learning and expertise, whilst allowing employers to make certain
their payroll administration is in professional hands. The course has been written by practicing
Payroll Managers. So it is fully proven and subject to thorough moderation and assessment.
Successful completion of the Diploma in Payroll & Statutory Compliances Management is
determined by completing all assignments, written knowledge questionnaire and a Payroll

Meeting all the requirements, written knowledge questionnaires and the examination will indicate
your ability to work accurately in a pressured environment.
On completion of the course you will receive the Diploma in Payroll & Statutory Compliances
Management (DIPSCM) issued by the PREHR (EIC)


Calculation of employees net pay; weekly and monthly

A number of written knowledge and skills questionnaires
Some of these are straight forward gross to net calculation
The other questions are designed to test knowledge and skills of statutory regulations and
carry a higher degree of difficulty
Case studies are considered to check the understanding of current legislation and
calculation processes
Year-end knowledge is also tested at the level associated with payroll administration.


The aims of the Diploma in Payroll & Statutory Compliances Management:

To improve payroll performance by combining theory, best practice and common sense to
ensure people are paid accurately and punctually
To ensure a high level of practical competence in payroll administration

How Will You Benefit By Enrolling?

The Six Months Diploma in Payroll & Statutory Compliances Management Administration is
recognized by employers and colleagues as being proof of an individuals payroll /Compliances
professionalism. By gaining the Diploma in Payroll & Statutory Compliances Management you will
benefit by:

Enhancing your career development prospects

Enhancing your Payroll / Statutory skills and learning methods of best practice within the
payroll profession
Increasing your confidence and raising your level of expertise with the help of experienced
experts in the payroll field
Your employers will also benefit by having you enroll on the (DIPSCM) . They will benefit
Gaining an improved service within their organization

The development of their staff with assured information that is both current and valid.

Reduce the potential for incurring penalties from other Government and Local Government
By being part of the driving force for a truly professional payroll-working environment

Who Is The Certificate Designed For?

(DIPSCM) is designed for:

Those who have not received formal payroll / statutory Compliances training
Those with payroll experience wishing to translate that experience to a qualification
Those qualified in an allied discipline wishing to become proficient in payroll / Statutory

How Is The Course Structured?

We recognize the commitment expected of payroll professionals by the industry today. This high
level of expectation is acknowledged in the format of this one year course.

The course is structured in consideration of people in full time employment, giving them enough
time to complete the assignments after their workshop. The (DIPSCM) qualification is gained by
passing an examination, completion of written knowledge questionnaires and assignments to test
your ability to work accurately in a pressurized environment. Examination is taken at the end of the
one year course and can be taken at a number of examination centres located throughout South
Africa. The course is divided into 4 units which are completed over a one year period. These
sections consist of:

The objectives of the Payroll Department

The functions of the Payroll Department
Deductions from pay
Other Functions of the Pay Office

Course Manuals and Additional Material

The course manuals consist of a set of specially written units. These units are divided up into
booklets which cover each topic in depth. Where appropriate, each booklet has been further
divided into separate study sessions. These study sessions will help you to manage your time
effectively. They include exercises and activities designed to help you apply the study material to
your own situation.
In addition to the course manuals, written knowledge and skills questionnaires and assignments
are also issued at intervals during your study. These allow your progress to be monitored within
your company so that any issues you have can be addressed immediately. They also provide
students with the opportunity to answer the type of questions that will be contained in the final
examinations at the end of the course. As well as the support provided by PREHR, the written
knowledge and skills questionnaires and assignments ensure that support and advice is available
within your own company.

The complete cost of Six Months study includes:

All Study material

Additional reference material (Written knowledge and skills questionnaires and
Assessment and Moderation
4 x 3 hour Workshops
Post Training Support
Career Resume Formatting / Job Support

Contact Us
Our office hours are Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 7 PM, We Endeavour to respond to email
enquiries within 48 hours.
Telephone: 9860422727 / 9860311708
PREHR (Eighth Innovative Consultants Pvt.Ltd)
Matai Chamber, 9. First Floor, Opp.DTC, Erandwane
PO Box 411004, Pune

DIPSCM Session Content as Follows:

The Payroll & Statutory Compliance

Fundamentals of Payroll Processing

( Principals of Earnings & Deduction)


Statutory Laws affecting to Payroll Process

Salary to Employees, Third Parties and

Payroll Financial Accounting

Management Information System Payroll


End to End Payroll Taxation

1) Responsibility to HR
2) Responsibility to Finance
3)Flow Chart of Payroll Processing
4)Monthly Payroll Cycle & Disbursement
5)Payroll Time Table & Payroll Data Collection
1) Introduction Payroll Process
2) New Joiner /Exit ,Absent ,Leaves
3) Pay Structure /Allowances /
4) Overtime/Variable Pay/Travels
allowances/Medical Claims
5) Reimbursement Bill & Payments
1) Provident Fund Act
2) Employee State Insurance
3) Profession Tax
4) Income Tax
5) LWF
6) Gratuity Act
7) Bonus Act.
8) Minimum Wages Act.
9) Payment of Wages Act.
1) Cost to company (CTC), Gross Salary, Gross
Deduction, Net Salary, Statutory
/Miscellaneous/Third Party Deduction.
Incentives, Insurance etc.
2) Payroll Accounting , Disbursement,
3) Termination Employee Procedure
1) Input/ Output Payroll Data, Employee Master.
2) Computerization of Payroll Processing,
Payroll on Advanced Excel, Automated Payroll
Software, ERP. Time Office
3) Calculation of Salary on EXCEL & ERP
4) Reports & Records Pay slips, Salary
Register, Employer Report, Employee Reports,
Leave Report, Bank Report, Third Party Reports.
5) In-house Payroll System , Linked with
Leave/Attendance Software,
5) Payroll Analysis Monthly /Annually.
1) Basics of Income Tax (TDS)
2) Taxable income / Non Taxable income from
Income Source (Salary & other Income)
3) Tax Exemption Under Section 10, 80C, 80D,
80G, etc.
4) Form 16, Income /Claim Declaration by

Statutory Compliances/ Government

Litigation / Audit / Full & Final Settlement

1) PF Online Submission Challan /Returns

2) ESI Online Submission IP Registration,
Challan, Returns, Claims etc,,,,
3) Form 16 ,efiling, PT Online
4) Register /Records, maintained Under Legal
5) Payroll Audit/ Exit Settlement Payroll

Extra Curricular for Payroll Professional

1) Live Payroll Assignments

2) Setup Payroll Dept.
3) Multi Choice Exam & Written Exam
4)Communication/Interview Techniques
5) Post Diploma Support
6)Payroll & Statutory Compliance Case Studies
7) Final Payroll Assignment
8) Payroll Meetings /Clients Meeting
9) Payroll Project Management