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Solution Brief

IBM Resilient Services

for Telecommunication
Identifying and using the right architecture for
delivering resilient services

Communicate the relationship of
enterprise assets

View the dependency of an IT service

on other IT services

Identify the components that make up

composite application services

Gain visibility into the infrastructure

services that enable composite
application services
Understand where composite application
services are located
Measure how each business unit will
be affected during the transformation of
business services

Faced with the challenges of fierce competition and demanding

customers, telecommunications providers must find cost-effective ways to
deliver new innovative services and superior customer experience. Service
providers are taking a hard look at their current enterprise architecture
to make sure they have the right infrastructure and applications to meet
those business objectives. Enterprise architects are expected to capture
the current state and identify the appropriate future state for the
infrastructure on which resilient services can be deployed.
The IBM Resilient Services for Telecommunication solution is designed
to enable EA practitioners to identify and use the right reference
architecture for developing resilient services. This IBM software suite
enables EA practitioners to connect business capabilities with service,
data, applications and infrastructure. It also promotes reuse by providing
reference architecture from TM Forum. With this solution, EA practitioners can design, deliver and maintain services that are resilient while
potentially reducing operational costs.

Current state
Telecommunications companies need EAs that provide superior customer
experiences and meet the demand for mobile and other platform services
in a distributed environment, all while reducing costs. Yet many current
EAs are expensive to maintain, do not meet service level agreements

IBM Software

Solution Brief

An integrated solution

(SLAs) and include redundant services. Therefore, EA practitioners must develop scalable and resilient infrastructure that
can support new services that yield greater ROI, enable business
transformation and save costs. And, because of the impact
outages have on service providers and their customers, resilient
services that can either avoid outages or speed recovery are
of utmost importance.

The IBM Resilient Services for Telecommunication solution

(Figure 1) is a set of capabilities designed to help you use IT
reference patterns to develop resilient architecture services.
Built on the open, flexible IBM Jazz platform, this integrated IBM Rational software suite provides EA practitioners
with best practices, proven principles and enterprise architecture patterns for developing resilient services.

Currently, many EA practitioners work with eTom business

framework models, shared information/data (SID) models and
application framework (TAM) models as reference collateral.
These practitioners need a way to manage these models and to
link Frameworx reference architecture components to runtime
components. With the ability to manage models and create
these links, they can provide an EA with resilient services
that can help address todays telecommunications challenges.
An integrated solution from IBM can help.

The architecture patterns and principles in this solution help

you show the types of detailed data attributes and relationships
and then establish and manage content. Solution design is facilitated by the availability of content for UML-based software
design, collaboration tools and the ability to modify existing
assets. The solution provides a single view of all assets and their
links for traceability, along with governance workflow for
adding an asset to the repository. In addition, the solution
enables you to manage cost and finance requirements and
to demonstrate the costs of making a pattern change.

Enterprise Pattern

Reduce Outages

Cost Analysis of

Solution & App

Patterns for Design
and Development
Patterns/Principles in

Pattern Collaboration
Enterprise, Solution
and Application

Quality Test

Agile Planning and

Change Management
for Patterns

Rational Asset Manager

Pattern Repository

Ensuring Best Practices and Principles for Patterns

Open Lifecycle Integration Platform

Figure 1. Resilience Services for Telecommunication solution from IBM

IBM Software

Solution Brief

Using the impact analysis and change management capability,

you analyze the DR pattern and its related linked assets. You
then collaborate with a solution architect to discuss potential
changes to existing patterns. This collaboration is visible to
others on the team. After a discussion and a review of how to
link components, you and the solution architect change the
solution pattern and submit it to an asset management tool.
After the submission, the asset management tool can support
the review process for the pattern. This process includes
recording feedback from IT. You can also study the costs
of the change with the project management capability.

With these IBM best practices and capabilities, you can use
architectural intelligence and discovery capabilities to drive target state. Rather than capturing the entire current state, which
is common in telecommunications, you can record only the
portion of the architecture that is needed to meet the requirements of projects. Most importantly, you gain traceability for
requirements, projects, business owners, project resources and
deployment. In addition, the solution enables you to:

Communicate the relationship of enterprise assets.

View the dependency of an IT service on other IT services.
Identify the components that make up composite application
Gain visibility into the infrastructure services that enable
composite application services.
Understand where composite application services are located.
Measure how each business unit will be affected during the
transformation of business services.

Benefits of the solution

The IBM Resilient Services for Telecommunication solution is
designed to guide you through solution projects that are based
on resilient IT reference patterns. These reusable patterns can
help you manage initiatives and solution designs. The solution
helps improve sharing, consistency and coordination that spans
planning and execution. The benefits include:

How the integrated solution works

To understand how the solution works, imagine an outage, or
transaction failure, has occurred on the ecommerce site of your
telecommunications company. The disaster recovery (DR) plan
did not execute within the recovery time objectives (RTO). So,
using this solution, you search your enterprise architecture for
the failed transaction and its relationship to other applications.
You then determine the DR tier for the application and its relationship to a DR pattern. With a pattern governance capability,
you begin the search for the appropriate DR pattern and its link
to any related assets that are not patterns. When the pattern
is found, you identify its owner and related assets that need
to be investigated and put together a review team.

More resilient services

The potential to reduce the cost of services
The ability to reuse services
A clear line of sight from business capabilities, services,
data, applications and infrastructure

In addition, the solution can integrate with other IBM Rational

software products to help you:

Harvest existing EA assets.

Analyze and communicate EA information to consumers
and other external stakeholders.
Connect EA information to drive more successful overall
solutions and technologies.

Telecommunications companies can experience prolonged and
persistent operational outages. Because business services and
operational components are usually not linked, operations is
unable to determine what business services are affected.
Most EA practitioners have a role in capturing the current
state for validating how business and IT think the architecture
is deployed. Most often, what practitioners think the current
state architecture looks like is very different from the deployed
production environment. The IBM Resilient Services for
Telecommunication solution can help you identify reference
architecture used for developing resilient services. This solution
is designed to connect business capabilities to service, data,
applications and infrastructure and to enable you to take
advantage of TM Forum reusable reference architecture.
As a result, you can design and maintain services that can
meet SLAs and RTOs.

Why IBM?
IBM provides the telecommunications industry with business
solutions, proven methods, skilled global resources and
industry-leading platforms and processes. And, world-class
IBM tools help telecommunications companies create an
integrated environment that drives business flexibility and
growth. In addition, IBM offers specific support for
communications industry standards such as Frameworx.

For more information

To learn more about the IBM Resilient Services for
Telecommunication solution, please contact your
IBM representative or IBM Business Partner, or
visit the following website:

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