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September 3, 2014



First Trimester
Learning Goals:
Phonemic Awareness skills: hears and
produces rhyming words, identifies first
sound in a word, recognizes separate
words in a sentence.
Phonics: recognizes consonant letters
and their sounds. Reads some Dolch
sight words, blends cvc words.
use beginning reading strategies i.e..
looks at the picture and says the first sound.
identify the front, back, title, and author of a
understands the jobs of both the author and
illustrator of a book
actively listen to a story and participate in
retell a familiar story

6+1 Writing Traits: Ideas (main idea, details and
support) and Word Choice (meaning, quality,
and usage)

An Integrated Kindergarten
Curriculum is.
using a cross-curricular approach in
planning lessons and units.

incorporating curriculum expectations
from various subject areas to create
engaging activities.

integrating Science and Social Studies
units into Language Arts, Mathematics, and

engaging, motivating, fun!

demonstrates directionality of print.

September 3, 2014

Writing continued
understands routines: prepared with an idea,
colors a picture outlined in black and using five
colors, writes name, and story using phonetic
representation of each word.
revise and publish several pieces of writing

Speaking and Listening

Routines Throughout the Year

Reading: instruction includes phonemic
awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and
comprehension. Assessments: DRA
(Developmental Reading Assessment), MAP
test (Measures of Academic Progress).

Speak audibly and express thoughts, feelings, and

ideas clearly.

Handwriting: Handwriting Without Tears

Follow agreed-upon rules for discussions i.e.

listening to others and taking turns speaking
about the topics and texts under discussion.

Writing Workshop: Daily practice applying


focuses on printing letters and numbers.

6+1 Traits focusing on Ideas, Organization,

Voice, Word Choice, Sentence Fluency,
Conventions, and presentation. Assessments:

Count to 100 by ones and tens

Scored Writing Samples

Count as many as 20 objects scattered, arranged

in a line, circle, or rows

Math: Daily calendar and number sense

Learn position words, such as beside, in front of,

behind, below, above, and next to

standards assessed proceeding an unit

Compare two number between 1 and 10

year of teaching! In that time, Ive taught a

routines. Assessments: MAP test and

About Me: This year is the start of my 25th

Compare two groups of objects (up to 10 objects

in each group) to determine if the number is
greater than, less than, or is equal to the other.

number of different grades, but my love is in

write numbers from 0 to 10. Represent a number

of objects with a written number.

husband, Mike, and my two children, Derek and

Social Studies & Science

Conflict, cooperation and characteristics of a good
citizen in a classroom, school, and in a family.

the primary grades. Additionally, I love to

spend time with my family. They include my
Dana - they are attending college in the
States. I enjoy spending time outdoors
participating in a variety of activities, such as
running, biking, swimming and nordic skiing.

recognize folk heroes, stories, and songs that

contributed to our culture.
recognize individual people as a group during the
first Thanksgiving
different types plants, insects, and spider inhabit
the earth
identify parts of plants, insects, and spiders