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Starbucks Corporate Social Responsibility

Caring for Earth, Caring for You

You may be wondering, "Why is there a page on this site about Starbucks Corporate Social
Responsibility?" Fair enough. Consider this...
When people go inside a Starbucks outlet to
buy their favorite coffee, the first thing most will
look to get is a handful of tissues, maybe
something to stir their coffee with or an extra
sugar or cream. Did you ever stop to look at the
tissues supplied in their stores and wonder why
its so different from the rest?
Yes, Starbucks takes an active role in
addressing environmental concerns that little
things in their coffee shops, like tissues, are
made recyclable. In fact, Starbucks takes their
environmental responsibilities so seriously that
its stated on their Starbucks mission statement,
and theyve even made the latest Starbucks
Corporate Social Responsibility Annual Report
available for public view on their website!
Starbucks Corporate Social Responsibility / Its Present Repesents Its History
Starbucks has its foundation in solid values, and that is why this solid company is a model to look
up to and learn from. When taking a look at Starbucks history, there is no mystery as to why the
Starbucks Coffee Company continues to grow and evolve.

CSR and the Starbucks Corporate Social Responsibility Annual Report

Weve all heard of problems in society and the environment, like pollution, global warming, poor
working conditions and below-minimal-wage salaries. Many in power have taken steps to
address these problems too, and have set up laws for those in business to follow.
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the concept coined to describe how organizations now
consider the welfare of the people by being responsible for the impact of their activities on all
groups of people involved and affected by their business, e.g. their employees, customers,
stakeholders. Many businesses have taken CSR very seriously that they have gone beyond
following laws, and do more than being responsible.
The Starbucks Coffee Company is one of those corporations. The Starbucks Corporate Social
Responsibility Annual Report is basically a document where the company writes about their
global responsibility commitments and the way they approach business.
How do they treat the farmers that grow their coffee? How do they treat their employees? How
do they take part in doing their responsibilities to the environment and the society? What are the
organizations or communities that theyre involved in? Questions like these are addressed in the
report and many more.

What Can Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Do For Your Business?

There are several reasons why taking CSR as seriously as Starbucks has its advantages:

Human Resource, Teamwork and Involvement Looking for potential employees?

Encouraging involvement among your employees? CSR can help you out a bit in all of
these areas. Knowing that they also work for a good cause can be enough to encourage
motivation and better work production among your staff.

Brand Differentiation Part of the Starbucks corporate social responsibility efforts are
on the website, Starbucks Shared Planet, where they state goals of investing in the future
of coffee growers, developing ways of recycling better and reducing greenhouse gas
emissions, and contributing hours to community service. It is highly likely that these
efforts have helped Starbucks to stand out from the rest! Who wouldnt want to buy from
or work for an establishment that does so much to give back to the community?

Ethical Consumerism Lets face it. The worlds population is growing, but natural
resources are dwindling. Consumers are now more aware that what they buy can also
affect society and the environment, and have thus, become more ethical when making
decisions related to their purchases.

Social Awareness and Education Consumers are aware, and so are more and more
people. Some have even set up organizations just to focus on saving diminishing natural
resources. These groups can put pressure on your business, but being socially and
environmentally responsible can definitely get you off the hook.

Advertising Its rare to see an ad about their coffee, but with the Starbucks corporate
social responsibility efforts, its advertising needs are mostly covered. Follow this link to
find out more about Starbucks Marketing Strategy.

Starbucks efforts in being responsible for society and the environment can be major inspiration
for many small businesses. This Starbuks Cooffee Company is an example of how any business
can take a huge part in making changes for the better in the world today, as well as effectively
use this participation to benefit the business.

Starbucks Marketing Strategy

Unconventionally Effective
By studying the Starbucks Marketing Strategy you will be able to apply the principle of success
that worked for them in a big way. The history of Starbucks and its expansion give this company
the respect of being a model for other businesses to look up to. Why not take full advantage of
this icon?
From only one store more than 30 years ago in
Seattle to its still growing empire today with
thousands of outlets in the United States and in
foreign countries, the Starbucks Coffee
Company is no doubt a well-known success
story all over the world.
The fact that it started as a small business
enterprise that was able to continuously multiply
over the years can be a huge motivation for
small businesses anywhere in the world. Many
business schools have studied the Starbucks
marketing strategy and the business, itself, and

have tried to detail why such techniques have worked for this company.
Many points can be attributed to the success of this innovative company from the holistically
slanted Starbucks Mission Statement to the environmentally conscious Starbucks Corporate
Social Responsibilty statement. But one thing is certain, if Starbucks comes up with a new viral
marketing campaign - others companies should start taking notes.
Uniquely Starbucks Coffee Company
The Starbucks marketing strategy is not one commonly seen in many businesses today. Did you
ever realize that its rare (if not none) for you to find a Starbucks ad in a billboard, ad space,
newspaper or poster in places where you can expect to see advertisements for most other
establishments, even huge ones like McDonalds?
Now, Starbucks Coffee Company didnt just go for unconventional marketing strategies for the
fun of it. They thought real hard about promoting their company, and have decided that
Starbucks is more likely to benefit if it employed unconventional strategies (see viral marketing
examples to see how others do "unconventional" successfully) that may be unique and seldomtried, but most perfectly matched the concept that the company wanted to portray.
Points to Learn from the Starbucks Marketing Strategy
Every business can learn from another, especially if a particular business is one that has
displayed tremendous success over the years. The Starbucks Corporation and its successful
marketing strategies are definitely something that anyone interested in business can learn about.
What sort of techniques did the company use, and how were these able to reach out and attract
millions of people worldwide? Some of their best strategies are outlined below.

Perfect Cup of Coffee Starbucks history has shown that they place a huge
emphasis on product quality. Their coffee, even if priced slightly more expensive than
expected, is notorious for satisfying customers with its rich, delicious taste and aroma.

Third Place From the very beginning, the Starbucks marketing strategy has focused
on creating the third place for everyone to go to between home and work. Creating this
unique and relaxing experience and atmosphere for people has been very important
for the company as they have realized that this is one of the strongest concepts attached
to the company, to which customers have been strongly attracted.

Customer Satisfaction Customer satisfaction is a very important issue with

Starbucks. From entrance to the store to the very last drop of their coffees, it is a must
that customers feel the uniqueness of enjoying their Starbucks coffee
experience. Without a doubt, Starbucks Coffee Company knows the answer to the
question, "Why is customer service important."

Creating a Starbucks Community The Starbucks marketing strategy has even

expanded to create a community around their brand. On their website, individuals are
encouraged to express their experiences with Starbucks history, and the company strives
to personally join in the discussions. This technique was cleverly pointed out by
Webolutions: The Strategic Marketing Agency in their Starbucks Marketing
Observations article.

Smart Partnerships Starbucks Coffee Company has been known to create strategic
partnerships that demonstrate the fact that another way to grow your business is to
partner smart. Over the years, the Starbucks Corporation has greatly increased sales just
by using this strategy.

Innovation Through the years, the Starbucks Coffee Company has been known to
think up creative and innovative ideas to add to their products or services. Theyve added
different flavors to their coffee, more food on their menu, and even became one of the
firsts to offer internet capability in their stores.

Brand Marketing The Starbucks marketing strategy has always focused on wordof-mouth advertising and letting the high quality of their products and services speak for
themselves. For years, this has been uniquely Starbucks, and it has played a huge part
in making Starbucks Coffee Company a success. The definition of viral marketing speaks
to this new word of mouth that Starbucks has run with, and made their own.

Starbucks Coffee Company and Marketing

It is clear that the company has created greatly individualized marketing techniques to fit the
promotion of the Starbucks brand as it applies to the unique concept it was built on. But Adelino
de Almeida wrote a blog article named, Starbucks New Marketing Strategy: Advertising Like
Everyone Else, where he discusses how the Starbucks marketing strategy may try to finally
follow everyone elses marketing. Read his article and the discussion it has created to find out
what this might mean for the company.
Nevertheless, the Starbucks marketing strategy has led the company to its current success. This
fact is enough to realize that there can be much to learn from what this company has achieved to
the benefit of many small businesses. Isabel Isidro, managing editor of, has
written an excellent article that outlines what small businesses can learn from Starbucks. The
article is entitled, Learning from Starbucks: 10 Lessons for Small Businesses.
For more comprehensive and detailed information on this topic, read about the paper
entitled,Catching the Starbucks Fever (2002) written by Brent Kembell and colleagues.
Starbucks, the specialty coffee retailer, is one of the great 21st century American success stories. Considered as
one of the most successful and admired companies today, Starbucks has grown from a single store in Seattle 33
years ago to 9,405 company-operated stores and 8,661 licensed stores in 61 countries. In fiscal 2012, the
company posted revenues of $13.3 billion.

Cup by cup, Starbucks has changed the way people from different continents drink coffee. More remarkably, the
company successfully transformed a pedestrian commodity into a high-end accessory. It has created a
Starbucks lifestyle that more people continue to embrace in the United States and abroad.
From tasty beverages to proprietary whole bean coffee blends to strategic relationships, small businesses have
so much to learn from Starbucks. You may not have the resources that Starbucks has in its arsenal, but there are
a number of things you can emulate from this company and apply to your own business, albeit on a significantly
smaller scale.
More than the taste of its coffee, there are a number of factors that propelled Starbucks latte to the forefront.
Below are some of the things that you can learn from Starbucks a company that started small, dreamed big
and grew to be a gigantic global corporation:

1. Start with a good business concept.

Starbucks is a tremendous success because it capitalized on a concept that hadnt existed before the
coffeehouse as a gathering place. It is not just a place to get a cup of gourmet coffee, but it has become a center
for socializing and intellectual discussion, particularly among students and young urban professionals. Starbucks
created a unique offering that was relevant and differentiated. It turned an ordinary and humble product into an
extraordinary experience that customers are willing to embrace.

2. Think big.
Starbucks opened its first store in Seattles Pike Place Market in 1971. The company started small, but even
early on it always had big ambitions. The company was made public in 1982, almost a decade after it started.
From its humble beginnings, the company currently holds about 40 percent of the specialty coffee market, and
the anticipated growth in this category will offer the company considerable opportunities for further growth and
expansion in the future. In fact, it can be said that Starbucks is just at its early stages to colonize the globe.
Starbucks used the slow-but-sure approach to business growth. It was certainly not an overnight success. But
through perseverance, patience, management and financial smarts, the company became a formidable global

presence. If Starbucks did it, then surely other small businesses can replicate its success (who knows, it may be

3. Think outside the box.

Starbucks strength lies in its ability to spot opportunities, even if that means debunking accepted retail trends.
Starbucks ability to think outside the box is a common trait that propelled other small businesses to the big
Starbucks has well demonstrated this behavior in their approach to real estate, which in itself is legendary.
Contrary to established tenets of retailing, the company does not choose a location based solely on
demographics, traffic patterns, location of competitors, and even spacing of its own stores. Instead, it clusters its
stores in chosen areas, making Starbucks ubiquitous in many city streets. Traditional retailing mindset warns
against locating stores nearby as it can cut sales at existing outlets.
Starbucks went against the accepted norm and pursued clustering, using this strategy to increase total revenue
and market share. The risk paid off its practice of blanketing an area with stores helped achieve market
dominance quickly. The strategy also made it cheaper to deliver supplies and manage each store. The size of the
company has enabled it to absorb any losses that would result from the cannibalizing of store sales when a new
one opens up nearby.

4. Partner smart.
Starbucks has demonstrated that even a large company needs help to achieve its goals. In fact, a key reason for
Starbucks success is its strategic partnership initiatives. In 1993, the company partnered with Barnes and Noble
bookstore in the United States to make its coffee available to bookstore customers. Continuing its strategy to gain
a foothold in the bookstore segment, Starbucks formed an alliance with Canadian bookstore Chapters Inc. in
Starbucks entered into a partnership with Pepsi-Cola Company in 1996 to start the business venture called North
American Coffee Partnership, which then sold a bottled version of Starbucks Frappuccino blended beverage.
During that same year, the company also partnered with Dreyers Grand Ice Cream, Inc. and introduced
Starbucks Ice Cream and Starbucks Ice Cream bars, which quickly became the best selling coffee ice cream in
the United States. In 2001, the company entered into a partnership with Hyatt Hotels Corp.
To demonstrate and pursue its social commitment objectives, Starbucks has also partnered with a number of
organization such as Conservation International, the international relief and development organization CARE,
Earvin Magic Johnsons Johnson Development Co., JumpStart, among others.
Starbucks was able to achieve its objectives, break new markets, and increase its bottomline by entering into
strategic alliances with the right companies. For your small business to succeed, you need to realize that you
alone cannot fill the gap in serving the needs of your target market. You will need the help of another
entrepreneur or another company who is willing to work with you and share financial risks. It may not be Hyatt
Hotel or Pepsi, but your partner may help you enter new markets, and get products and services to market faster.
Strategic partnerships will be your way to enhance your competitiveness in the marketplace and keep pace with
the rapid changes of technological innovation, just like Starbucks.

5. Create a unique experience.

Starbucks has created a retail store experience that is attractive, comfortable, and even entertaining, designed to
attract customers and keep them coming back to the stores. In its stores, you will find comfortable chairs,
wireless Internet connection, even a selection of music. Starbucks began offering wireless high-speed Internet
access in its stores in 2001 to enhance the experience for students, business travelers, and web surfers who take
advantage of this service while sipping their favorite coffee.

The product innovations and store ambiance that the company created are all intended to promote an
environment that would enhance and complement the customers coffee drinking experience. The end result is a
pleasurable experience for the customer a unique Starbucks experience that is consistent from Seattle to
Washington D.C.

6. Keep customers happy.

The success of Starbucks is largely due to its steadfast commitment to the customers. The company lives by its
mission statement Develop enthusiastically satisfied customers all of the time. Every strategy pursued by the
company is intended to keep customers satisfied from the moment a customer walks into one of the retail
stores, to placing of an order, to receiving a fresh cup of coffee and finally to the choice of relaxing in the
Starbucks store or moving on with the daily routine.
Starbucks strive to make sure that no one has a bad experience in their stores. Hence, many of their strategies
from opening of clusters of stores to drive-through in some areas are all designed to speed up customer
line and avoid the spectacle of impatient customers.
Even the decision to cluster stores stemmed from the realization that people are not willing to stand in a long line
to buy a product considered to be a luxury item. Customers will not delay their day or alter their daily routines just
to buy a luxury cup o joe. To make the process of buying coffee fast, Starbucks felt they needed to be where the
customers are, even if it means that the next Starbucks is just around the corner. In the end, Starbucks
succeeded in making their deluxe coffee lifestyle as accessible as possible.

7. Dig deep into customers wallets.

With coffee as its main product, Starbucks continue to introduce new products in order to get customers to spend
more money in their stores. The company knows that customers would want something else with their coffee;
hence they introduced hot sandwiches and pastries to go along with the coffee. Later this year, they even plan to
introduce CD burners in their stores so customers can sample online music from their HearMusic subsidiary while
taking their coffee.
Even the wireless Internet access that Starbucks introduced in many of its stores is a clever but indirect way to
get customers to spend more and increase the stores revenues. Customers stay longer in the stores, and
apparently purchase more coffee, food items and other products. In fact, company officials in interviews state that
their most successful stores turn out to be the ones where customers loiter the most. They welcome people
staying awhile in their stores, as they then have greater opportunity to market to them their other products.

8. Ability to roll out new initiatives.

Starbucks ability to roll out new initiatives and products relatively quickly is a considerable competitive strength
for the company. Its disciplined innovation is one of the primary reasons behind the companys success in
generating consistent high level of same store sales. It continues to experiment and introduce new products in
the market, while making sure that it maintains the consistent strength of its core product.
Starbucks has a number of new ideas being tried and tested in its stores. The company has new plans for food
such as hot sandwiches and breakfasts, as well as new drinks such as coffee liqueurs, even a pumpkin spice
lattes for the holidays. In the past years, Starbucks have moved to expand supermarket sales of their whole
beans. Theyve introduced prepaid Starbucks cards, priced from $5 to $500, which clerks swipe through a reader
to deduct a sale. In 2002, Starbucks introduced the innovative ordering program, wherein customers can preorder and prepay for beverages and pastries via phone or on the Starbucks Express website.

9. Good management.
Starbucks has a well-seasoned management team that continues to develop winning strategies for the company.
One of its best decisions thus far is its strategy of foregoing franchisees and making sure that its stores are
company-owned. This strategy allowed the company to maintain a tight grip on its image and provide a
consistent quality of excellent service.
Starbucks management is also judicious in its use of resources. It fuels expansion with internal cash flow. Unlike
other companies of its size that spend upwards of $300 million per year in marketing, Starbucks only spend 1
percent of its revenues, or roughly about $30 million in marketing and advertising. Instead, the company relies on
word-of-mouth and mystique of its brand to market itself. Marketing expenses are poured on product launches
and introduction of new coffee flavors.
The depth of management resources is one of the main differences between Starbucks and small businesses.
Starbucks has the money to hire the best minds to work on various facets of its operations, whereas many small
businesses have less than 10 employees, if at all. Some small and home-based businesses are even run by a
single person expected to do everything for the business.
However, it should be noted that it took Starbucks several years before it had the resources to hire the team that
propelled it to success. It current chairman, and the chief architect of the many winning strategies of Starbucks,
was hired only in 1982, almost a decade after Starbucks started.

10. Diversified revenue stream.

Starbucks understands that good business does not mean putting all eggs in one basket. Hence, it strives to
reduce its reliance of certain product lines in order to keep a healthy financial position and grow its revenues.
According to DataMonitor, Starbucks retail sales mix by product type during fiscal 2003 was comprised of
approximately 78% beverages, 12% food items, 5% whole beans coffees and 5% coffee making equipment and
accessory. It is currently looking at additional opportunities in distribution channels for Starbucks products,
whether in food service, grocery, licensed stores or business alliances.

Why is Customer Service Important

Do you ever wonder, "Why is Customer Service Important?"
The answers to this question are many and multi-faceted so much that in any perspective, it gets
easier to understand why it is very important. The lifeline of any business is its customers,
because without them, the product or service remains unsold, production expenses remain
unpaid and the pockets of those who should profit from it remain empty.
Say for example, there was a restaurant
(business) that served great food. People
naturally need to eat, and will always have the
tendency to eat at a place that had great food.
So, there is the business and there is the
customer. What is then the need for customer
service? Why is customer service important?
Common Courtesy
Everyone has been a customer once in their
lifetime. When one is at that receiving end, you
always feel like you want to be given the best,
to be treated well and with respect, and to get the right value for your money. You have the
money that they need, and with that comes the power to be treated and served right. Thats
mostly what every customer feels. So when they think that an employee or a business treats
them for less than how they should be treated, they know they can easily go and find a better
Make a Difference
Why is customer service important? Simply because, sometimes, it may spell the difference
between getting that sale and losing it to the next competitor. There are times when you and your
competitor sell practically the same excellent product or service, at nearly the same price. What
can make a customer enter your door instead of theirs? Excellent customer service.
When you, as a business owner, and your employees treat your customers well, make them feel
special, and manage to convince them that you offer the best value for their money, you are most
likely to get that sale. When your business sells something similar to another competitor, but you
serve your customers better, you are most likely to get a satisfied and loyal customer. And for the
record, loyal and satisfied customers have been known to come back, and bring even more
customers with them.
Statistics and Profitability

Why is customer service important? It is, because statistics say so. An article published last
September, 2007 reported results from the US News and World Report. According to this report,
the average American business loses 82% of its customers because of matters pertaining to
customer service. The same report revealed that the Harvard Business Review found out that if a
business can avoid losing 5% of its customers, the bottom line profit can increase by 25-95%.
Customer service is important, because the amount of profit that a business earns depends
much on it.
According to a Business Case Study published on The Times 100, gaining one new client costs
the same as keeping 5 regular and existing customers happy. It is so evident that a business with
high quality customer service is more likely to keep up the profits and even increase it, than one
without. Instead of spending much on reeling in new customers, use that money to keep regular
customers happy and earn 5 times more!
Effective & Free Advertising
We all know how powerful word-of-mouth advertising is. Most people will go to places
recommended and will avoid places with bad reputation. The most effective way of gaining that
popularity and having those mouths mentioning your business is by excellent customer service.
When customers are treated right, they spread the word. That in itself is free and effective

Starbucks Mission Statement

Focusing on the Whole
Ever wonder what Starbucks Mission Statement is? If you haven't it, you might want to consider
the valuable insight that can be gained from such knowledge.
For most people, having a purpose is very important. Most of what we do has a reason a
purpose. Many businesses and organizations understand
this fact, hence, the creation of a mission statement that
informs everyone involved in the group. Moreover, a
mission statement has been found to have several benefits,
such as the opportunity for defining the group, and
spreading and increasing awareness of its purpose and
goals to members, employees and even the public.
The environmentally conscious Starbucks Corporate Social
Responsibilty statement speaks to a new breed of
businesses that care about their carbon footprint. With the
influence of this forward-thinking company, and its
consistently innovative approach to each viral marketing
campaign - others companies should start taking notes.
Sometimes, a mission statement is even used in viral
marketing for Starbucks. The Starbucks mission statement
was developed for the intentions of communicating to
employees and customers of the values and principles that
the company upholds. Starbucks Coffee
Company,Starbucks Marketing Strategy, and Starbucks
History point to the new age way of embaracing the whole - which leads to their mission

The Starbucks Mission Statement:

Today, Starbucks Coffee Company has outlined two mission statements; one for the company
and one that defines their commitment to the environment:
To inspire and nurture the human spirit one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time
Starbucks Coffee
Starbucks is committed to a role of environmental leadership in all facets of our business.
Starbucks Environmental Mission Statement

The Principles of Starbucks Toward Its Mission

Along with its inspiring mission statements, principles have also been outlined to expound further
on what Starbucks Coffee Compny is all about. These principles were divided to highlight the
entities that matter most to the company and are listed as follows, with a brief description. The
complete Starbucks Mission Statement can be found on their website.

Our Coffee High quality has always been the passion of Starbucks coffee, and hard
work has been done to maintain and improve that.

Our Partners Everyone who works for Starbucks are partners because they all share a
passion to create a place where everyone is treated to a standard that includes respect
and dignity.

Our Customers Although Starbucks holds customer satisfaction through quality-made

beverages as important, they also focus on the significance of human connection.

Our Stores The Starbucks mission statement also focuses on making their stores a
haven for people to go to whenever necessary.

Our Neighborhood Starbucks considers their stores as part of the community it is in,
and are very passionate about doing their part and being responsible about it.

Our Shareholders Starbucks believes that actions towards success rewards everyone
involved in the company. Therefore, Starbucks is fully accountable to uphold its principles
to the benefit of everyone connected with Starbucks.

Onward The Starbucks Mission Statement page leaves this without an explanation
but for good reason. The future may be unknown, but Starbucks regards it as important,
and all decisions and actions have to contribute to making a better future for Starbucks
and all its partners.

With this carefully thought-out list, Starbucks made sure not to leave anyone or anything behind.
They have wholly considered what matters most to the company, and have made sure that
everyone is aware of this and is passionately working towards the perpetuation of these
principles. Starbucks history has shown that having values, and practicing those values, will lead
to success.

The Starbucks Mission Statement: Environmental

Starbucks Coffee Company is very passionate about the environment, and shows this by taking
an active role in being responsible for it. They commit to their mission of environmental

leadership in all aspects of the business by a number of ways, including understanding and
sharing information about environmental issues, using environmentally friendly products, and
encouraging all partners to share in their mission. The complete list of the Starbucks
commitments to the environment is available on their website.

A Holistic Purpose
It might be that the company owes some part of its success to a wholly-aware and responsible
Starbucks mission statement. By being passionate about everyone and everything involved and
affected by the business, Starbucks and its partners work twice as hard to uphold their principles,
and show their customers and the public that they are honest and sincere, not only about
providing the best coffee experience around, but also in truly caring for people and the

Business Ethics and Compliance

Starbucks believes that conducting business ethically and striving to do the right thing
are vital to our success.

Business Ethics and Compliance is a programme that supports Our Starbucks Mission and helps protect
our culture and our reputation by providing resources that help partners make ethical decisions at work.
The programme develops and distributes awareness materials, including the Standards of Business
Conduct; facilitates legal compliance and ethics training; investigates sensitive issues such as potential
conflicts of interest; and provides additional channels for partners to voice concerns. Partners are
encouraged to report all types of issues or concerns to the programme through their choice of the
offered communication channels.
The majority of reports received by Business Ethics and Compliance involve employee relations issues.
This trend is consistent with other companies retail or otherwise that provide alternative reporting
mechanisms as part of a comprehensive ethics and compliance programme.

For more information about our commitment to Global Responsibility, visit Starbucks Shared

For more information about Starbucks Business Ethics and Compliance, please
Standards of Business Conduct

The Standards of Business Conduct booklet is a resource distributed to all partners to help them make
appropriate decisions at work. The standards are a brief statement of some of the company's expectations
of how we are all to conduct Starbucks business, consistent with our Mission and core values.

English (793K Adobe Acrobat file)

Chinese (3 MB Adobe Acrobat file)

Dutch (932K Adobe Acrobat file)

French (485K Adobe Acrobat file)

French Canadian (963K Adobe Acrobat file)

German (958K Adobe Acrobat file)

Brazilian Portuguese (840K Adobe Acrobat file)

Spanish (957K Adobe Acrobat file)

Thai (891K Adobe Acrobat file)

To learn more about our commitment to Global Responsibility, visit Starbucks Shared Planet.

To learn more about Starbucks Business Ethics and Compliance, please