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CISF personnel suspended for indecent behaviour

CCTV camera at a chamber in Delhi airports T3 captures their act
Jatin Anand
NEW DELHI: Two paramilitary

personnel have been suspended after they were caught

engaged in intimate physical
contact while on duty at the
Indira Gandhi International
Airports Terminal-3 (T-3)
earlier this week, according to
Intelligence sources.
The personnel, a lady constable and a male assistant
sub-inspector (ASI) of the
Central Industrial Security
Force (CISF), were allegedly
caught on CCTV indulging in
explicit behaviour in the

They were not aware that the chamber was

under CCTV surveillance and believed that the
two immigration detainees there were asleep
presence of two detainees at a
chamber meant to accommodate immigration deportees
at the T-3 late on Wednesday
night. Their names are being
withheld deliberately.
Since it was very late at
night, we have a reason to believe that the couple chose
that particular chamber
thinking that the two detai-

nees, both foreign nationals

with inadequate immigration
documentation, were asleep
and were unlikely to discover
what was happening, said an
Intelligence Bureau official.
The couple was neither
aware that the chamber was
under CCTV surveillance nor
prepared for what happened
next. One of the detainees

suddenly woke up and, concerned about the safety of his

luggage which was placed
near the spot where he had
spotted the couple, demanded
to know what they were up
to, the Intelligence official
Soon, a loud argument between the detainees and the
couple drew senior Intelligence and CISF officials to the
chamber with the same question the reason for the constable and ASIs presence in
the immigration detention
chamber instead of on their
designated patrolling route at

Bhopal tragedy survivors end

fast on Ministrys assurance

the hyper-sensitive facility

that is the T-3.
The couple were then escorted to the CISFs central
control room where CCTV
feed from the said chamber
was examined in their presence and established their
On the basis of the footage,
which establishes that the
couple indulged in behaviour
not betting CISF personnel
on duty, both of them have
been suspended and a departmental inquiry has been
launched against them, a
CISF official conrmed.

Bhopal gas tragedy victims protesting in New Delhi earlier this week.

Next phase of prison reforms soon Man crushed under train


Staff Reporter

Staff Reporter
Mohammed Iqbal
NEW DELHI: Union Home Min-

ister Rajnath Singh on Friday

said the Centre will roll out
the second phase of modernisation of prisons from March
15 in the new nancial year.
Emphasis will be laid on decongestion of jails, improving
living conditions, skill development of inmates and other
reforms. The Centre had provided Rs.1,800 crore during
the rst phase of modernisation launched in 2002-03.
Addressing the concluding
session of a two-day national
seminar on prison reforms organised by the National Human Rights Commission
(NHRC) here, Mr. Singh said
the Centre will provide adequate funds for improving the
quality of prisons despite this
being a State subject. The second phase will consolidate the
gains made during the rst
phase, which was completed
in 2009.

Union Minister Rajnath Singh at the NHRCs twoday National Seminar on Prison Reforms in New
Advisories had been issued
to States on various aspects of
prison reforms, he said.
Mr. Singh said a model Prison Manual had been prepared
recently and it required some
modications. He praised the
NHRCs decision to review
the action taken by States on
its recommendations. NHRC
Chairperson Justice K.G. Ba-

lakrishnan said there should

be uniformity in Prison
Manuals so that prisoners in
the jails of different States get
the same privileges. NHRC
Member Justice Cyriac Joseph said the prisons should
be perceived as the home for
corrective and reformative
custody and care.

eyewitnesses saw the crushed

body on the tracks, said a seNEW DELHI: An unidentied nior police officer adding that
man, presumed to be in his the victim presumably died on
mid-thirties, was crushed to the spot.
death by a speeding train at
When we searched his
East Delhis Mandawali rail- pockets and the area around,
way track on Saturday morn- we could not nd anything
initial especially a document which
investigation, the police said would help establish his ideneyewitnesses claimed that the tity, the officer said. The body
victim was listening to music was taken to Lal Bahadur
through headphones connect- Shastri Hospital where he was
ed to his mobile phone at the declared dead and the body
time of the accident and this was retained for a post-morcould be the probable reason tem examination.
behind his failure to spot the
A senior police officer added
train while crossing the rail- that a message was ashed on
way tracks.
the wireless and others police
However, the police were units have been informed
not able to recover either his about the incident. We have
mobile phone or the said head- sought information about any
phones from the accident spot. missing complaints regarding
According to the police, the a man of the deceaseds age. A
call about the incident was re- similar request will be sent to
ceived around 10-30 a.m. when the Uttar Pradesh police as
the victim was crossing the well. Meanwhile, a case has
railway track.
been registered at the Anand
Sounds of a man screaming Vihar railway police station
drew passersby to the spot. Af- and further investigations are
ter the train crossed the spot, under way.

NEW DELHI: A group of survivors of the

Bhopal gas tragedy said on Saturday that
the assurance given to them by the Ministry
of Chemicals and Fertilizers on Friday was
the rst step in the right direction.
The survivors ended their four-day
water-less fast at Jantar Mantar here on
Friday after Joint Secretary A.J.V Prasad
visited them at the protest site.
On both our demands, the Minister has
agreed to the determination of
compensation on the basis of data from
medical research and hospital records
instead of the faulty medical categorisation
that we were agitating against, said
Rashida Bee, the president of the Bhopal
Gas Peedit Mahila Stationery Karmchari
The president of the Bhopal Gas Peedit
Mahila Purush Sangharsh Morcha, Nawab
Khan, said the group was protesting against
the denial of an additional Rs.1 lakh in
compensation to 93 per cent of the
survivors by labelling their injuries as
We see this as the rst major official
initiative to correct the historical wrongs in
Bhopal, said Rachna Dhingra of the Bhopal
Group for Information and Action.

PTI adds: The Central Government has

agreed to increase the compensation for
Bhopal gas tragedy victims, Amnesty
International said on Thursday and
welcomed the move.
The government has also promised to
revise the numbers of deaths and injuries,
according to an Amnesty International
The government decision came following
hunger strike by ve women, who began
their action this past Monday here.
On Thursday the women, who were on
hunger strike and were supported by
another 200 survivors and activists, were
called to a meeting with Union Minister for
Chemicals and Fertilizers Ananth Kumar.
The minister agreed, in writing, to revise
gures the government was using in the
compensation claim, and promised to do so
before the thirtieth anniversary of the
Bhopal disaster on December 2, the
statement said.
We welcome this important move by the
government. Now Prime Minister
(Narendra) Modi must ensure his
governments pledge is honoured, said
Audrey Gaughran, Amnesty Internationals
Director for Global Issues. That would be a
historic step towards justice for Bhopal, he
added in the statement.

Two get life term for killing boy

after being refused service at dhaba
Akanksha Jain

could cause his death.

The court also slapped a ne of
NEW DELHI: Two men who murdered a
Rs.20,000 each and an additional
Rs.10,000 on Raj Kumar for being
boy near a roadside eatery in South
Delhi after he expressed his inability to armed with a weapon. ASJ Yadav
directed that the ne of Rs.45,000 be
serve them food past the closing time
given to Rohits family and dependents.
have been sentenced to life
imprisonment by a Delhi court. A third He also referred the case to the District
accused involved in the crime that was Legal Services Authority for adequately
committed in January last year is being compensating the bereaved family
tried separately by the Juvenile Justice considering their socio-economic
Public Prosecutor Devender told the
Additional Sessions Judge Sandeep
court that on January 14, 2013, the two
Yadav sent Raj Kumar, 32, and Rahul,
men and a juvenile reached the dhabha
23, behind bars after nding them
being run by victims brother Himanshu
guilty of murdering Rohit by stabbing
and asked to be served. The trio was
him repeatedly intentionally and
known to Himanshu.
knowing fully well that the injuries


Brahma Kumaris: Mega event on
Receiving Gods Power for Great
Transformation & Restoring
Honour of Women, Chhatrasal

A correction
In the story titled Eightyear-old woos cyber experts
that appeared on Page 3 in
our edition dated November
15, the strap read cyber bulling instead of cyber bullying.
The error is regretted.

Since, they were wrapping up their

work, Rohit told them that no food
could be served. At this, the trio began
to argue and misbehave with Rohit.
Himanshu came to Rohits rescue.
Later, when the brothers were walking
back home and had reached near
Ambedkar Nagar bus station, Himanshu
was walking ahead of Rohit. He heard
Rohit cry and turned to nd that he was
being assaulted by Raj Kumar, Rahul
and the juvenile accomplice.
As Himanshu rushed towards Rohit,
the trio ed the scene. He found that
Rohit had been stabbed multiple times.
He was rushed to AIIMS Trauma
Centre where he was declared brought

Stadium, 4-30 p.m.

National Press Day: Inauguration
by Press Council of India,
Conferring of national awards for
excellence in journalism,
Conference Hall, SCOPE
Convention Centre, Lodhi Road,
11 a.m.

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