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B DEVELOPING LITERACY Speaking =s f 0 BENGLISH w row?" = we wiiting = le af “ = Grammar Q Listening ® nA o> - f s vv Editing “Ve » = to > ’ Spelling & *. a Vocabulary q : f Reading The English workbook (Book B) Published by Prim-Ed Publishing 2013, Copyright® Diane Henderson and Rosemary Morris 2012 ISBN 978-1-84654.640.2 PR-6354 Titles available in this series: The English workbook (B00k A) Tho English workbook (Book ) The English workbook (00k C) The English workbook (Book O} The English workbook (800k E) The English workbook (300k F) The English workbook (Book G) Published by Prim-Ed Publishing yawn Copyright Notice [No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any means, electronic ‘or mechanical, including photacopying or recording, or by an information retrieval system without writen permission from the publisher, This workbook will help you to understand procedures, recounts, expositions, narratives and reports, and to learn how to plan and write them yourself. You will be: * reading * doing some comprehension * doing some vocabulary, spelling, punctuation and grammar * practising writing * checking your writing * doing atest. Remember: Good writers need to think about, plan and check their writing; it doesn’t just happen. Playing hopscotch Analysis | Text a‘ Pages 1-3. | Speaking and listening Look at the procedure . Vocabulary. Spelling. Tricky words . Question words Verbs. Adverbs Plan and write Check your work ... Evaluation | Tes! Page 13 Contents Going fishing Pages 14-25 Analysis —_| Text...... ay Pages 14-16 | Speaking and listenin: Look at the recount... Language features Page 22 Plan and write... Pages 23-24| Check your work... Evaluation | Test.. Page 25 Pronouns... Prim-Ed Publishing ~ The English workbook