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Industrial Estates and Special Industrial Zones in

What are Industrial Estates?
These are specific areas reserved for industry only. They are established to help and
encourage entrepreneurs. The government provides infrastructure facilities such as
metalled roads, electricity, water, gas, hospitals and sanitation facilities.

Industrial Estates in Pakistan:

There are many industrial estates in Pakistan, following are some of them:
1. Sundar Industrial Estate (SIE)
2. Quaid-e-Azam Industrial Estate (QIE)
3. Multan Industrial Estate (MIE)

Sundar Indutrial Estate (SIE)

Sundar Industrial Estate comprising of 1700 acres of land was inaugurated in Feb,
2007 and is a vision turned into reality. It is the first project assigned to PIE & was
envisioned to be an island of facilitation in the sea of harassment for prospective
The objective was to develop an industrial estate where issues of industrialists are
handled and problems solved through One Window operation.
There are 255 factories in production (as of Oct, 2012) and an additional 190 are
expected to join in production by December, 2013.

SIE is ideally located at approximately 45KM from the centre of Lahore on Sundar
Raiwind Road

SIE has infrastructure comparable to any modern industrial estate globally.
After analyzing the needs of entrepreneurs, PIE has ensured availability of the following

Reinforced Concrete Road Network

Underground Sewerage System

Underground Electricity Distribution System

Walled industrial estate with limited entry/exit points.

High Pressure Gas Pipelines

Potable Water

Telecommunications System

Estate Managed Electrical Distribution System.

Fully Equipped Fire Station

Computerized Weigh Station

Information Signages

Technical Training Facilities

Estate Owned Security Arrangements.

Hospital / Emergency Medical Services (Social Security)


Petrol Stations

Environmental Compliance:

Environmental rules & regulations

Health Safety and Environmental awareness

Solid Waste Management

Combined Effluent Treatment Plant

Following industrial zones have been established at SIE:

Food Processing
Paper & Board
Auto parts
Wood products
Warehouse etc

Plot Distribution:

Small & medium entrepreneurs were focused, hence majority of plots are of sizes between acre to
2 acre. However, there are some bigger plots to accommodate large industrialists as well.
Plots were created of the following sizes:
112 Plots

1 Acre
396 Plots
2 Acres
101 Plots
3 Acres
37 Plots
4 Acres
14 Plots
5 Acres
34 Plots
Above 5 Acres 22 Plots
702 Plots

Area Distribution

Approximately 1179 acres is under industrial plots and remaining area has been dedicated for roads,
infrastructure, amenities, utilities, commercial area, green belt, etc. Overall distribution/utilization is
based on international standards and need assessment surveys.

All plots have been sold out at SIE, however, plot allotment is a continuous process, as some plots
are vacated either voluntarily by the customer or cancelled by the Management. Vacant plots are reallotted to customers as per a waiting list maintained by the Company.

What are Special Industrial Zones?

A Special Industrial Zone can be developed even in those areas where infrastructure
facilities like water supply, electricity, telephone and metalled roads are not available. Then
interested companies (local or foreign investors) would develop these facilities and provide
utilities for the zones.

Special Industrial Zones in Pakistan:

Small Indutrial Zone Quetta