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NAMA: Rahmat Ridho N.

KLS : XI MIA Jerman 7

Assalamu Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh,

Greetings Peace to us all,
Om Swastiastu,
Namo Buddhaya
Brothers fellow countrymen, Election Commission
of the Republic of Indonesia has set us both,
Joko Widodo and Jusuf Kalla as President and
Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia was
elected 2014-2019. First of all, I would like to
thank and high appreciation to Mr. Prabowo and
Mr. Hatta Rajasa, who has become a friend of the
political competition to get people's mandate to
lead the country the next five years. Brothers
fellow countrymen, This victory is a victory for
all the people of Indonesia. I hope, this
people's victory would pave the way to achieve
and realize Indonesia politically sovereign,
self-sufficient economically and culturally
personality. However, in recent months,
differences in political choice as an excuse to
separate us. And we understand, not only
diversity and difference are things that must be
in a democracy, but also that the relationships
at the community level is still the foundation
of Indonesia that one. With our humility, Joko
Widodo and Jusuf Kalla, calling the brothers
fellow countrymen to return to its historical
destiny as a united nation; one nation, the
nation of Indonesia. Revert back family

relationships with family, neighbors with

neighbors and friends with a friend who had
drifted apart. We are together responsible for
the re-prove to ourselves, to other nations, and
especially to our children and grandchildren,
that politics is full of merriment; The politics
in which there is excitement; that politics is
no virtue; it is a liberation politics. Brothers
fellow countrymen, Presidential Election this
time led to a new optimism for us, for this
nation. Independent soul and political
responsibility blooming in a new generation of
soul. Volunteerism has long seemed dormant now
comes back with renewed vigor. Presidential
election has brought politics into a new phase
is no longer as a purely political event, but
cultural events. What the volunteers, ranging
from cultural workers and artists, to paddle
rickshaw, give hope that there is the spirit of
cooperativeness, which never dies. Spirit of
mutual cooperation that will make the Indonesian
people will not only be able to survive in the
face of challenges, but also can develop into
shaft maritime world, the locus of the great
civilizations of the political future. I hakkul
sure that the Indonesian struggle for a
sovereign, independent and Indonesia Indonesia's
personality, will only be achieved and realized
if we move along. It's time to move together!
From now on, the farmer returned to the field.
Fishermen back to sea Children return to school.
Traders returned to the market. Workers returned
to the factory. Employees returning to work at
the office. Forget number 1 and number 2 forget,
let's go back to Indonesia Raya. We are strong

because united, we are united by strong!

Greetings 3 fingers, the unity of Indonesia!
Wassalamu'alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Om
Shanti Shanti Shanti Om, Namo Buddhaya Freedom
!!! Freedom !!! Freedom !!!