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Names of the Holy Prophet Muhammad

The 201 names of our master and Prophet, Muhammad, God's blessings and peace be upon
him! O God, bless, sanctify and grant peace to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon

the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

O God, bless, sanctify and grant peace to the one named:

- Praised One (pbuh)

- Most Praised (pbuh)
- Praiser (pbuh)
- Most Highly Praised (pbuh)
- name of the Prophet in the Torah (pbuh)
- Unique (pbuh)
- Effacer (pbuh)
- Gatherer (pbuh)
- Last in Succession (pbuh)
- Surah 20 of the Holy Quran (pbuh)
- Surah 36 of the Holy Quran (pbuh)
- Pure (pbuh)
- Purifier (pbuh)
- Good (pbuh)
- Master (pbuh)
- Messenger (pbuh)
- Prophet (pbuh)

O Allah, cause us to live according to his way. And pass away following his religion. And
make us among the people of his intercession. And resurrect us in his company and make us

to be watered from his pool. And to drink from his drinking bowl with no disgrace, no
regrets, no doubts and no temptations, amen, O Lord of the Worlds!

- Messenger of Mercy (pbuh)

- Straight One (pbuh)
- Collector (pbuh)
- Selected. The Last One (pbuh)
- Best Example (pbuh)
- Messenger of Fierce Battles (pbuh)
- Messenger of Rest (pbuh)
- Perfect (pbuh)
- Crown (pbuh)
- Covered One (pbuh)
- One Wrapped Up (pbuh)
- Servant of God (pbuh)
- Beloved of God (pbuh)
- Intimate of God (pbuh)
- Confidant of God (pbuh)

O Allah, bless our master Muhammad, the best of creation, blessings which are pleasing to
You, pleasing to him and by which You are pleased with us, O Most Merciful of the

- Speaker with God (pbuh)

- Seal of the Prophets (pbuh)
- Seal of the Messengers (pbuh)
- Reviver (pbuh)
- Rescuer (pbuh)
- Reminder (pbuh)
- Helper (pbuh)
- Victorious One (pbuh)
- Prophet of Mercy (pbuh)
- Prophet of Repentance (pbuh)
- Watchful Over You (pbuh)
- Known One (pbuh)
- Famous (pbuh)
- Witnesser (pbuh)
- Witness (pbuh)
- Attested (pbuh)
- Newsbringer (pbuh)
- Spreader of Good News (pbuh)

- Warner (pbuh)
- Admonisher (pbuh)
- Light (pbuh)

O Allah, bless our master Muhammad and the family of our master Muhammad, to the
fullness of the cosmic space, and as many times as there are stars in the sky, blessings which
outweigh the heavens and the earth, as much as You have created and as much as You will
create until the Day of Resurrection!

- Lamp (pbuh)
- Lantern (pbuh)
- Guidance (pbuh)
- Rightly Guided One (pbuh)
- Illumined One (pbuh)
- Caller (pbuh)
- Called One (pbuh)
- Responsive (pbuh)
- One Responded To (pbuh)
- Welcoming (pbuh)
- Overlooker of Sins (pbuh)
- Friend (pbuh)
- Truth (pbuh)
- Powerful (pbuh)
- Trustworthy (pbuh)
- Trusted (pbuh)
- the Noble (pbuh)
- Honoured (pbuh)
- Firm (pbuh)
- Stable (pbuh)
- Evident (pbuh)
- Hoped For (pbuh)
- Connection (pbuh)

O Allah, more than any other soul in existence, bless the soul of our master Muhammad. And
more than any other body in existence, bless the body of our master Muhammad. And more
than any other grave in existence, bless the grave of our master Muhammad. And bless and
grant abundant peace to him, his family and his companions!

- Possessor of Power (pbuh)

- Possessor of Honour (pbuh)
- Possessor of Firmness (pbuh)
- Possessor of Might (pbuh)

- Possessor of Grace (pbuh)

- One Obeyed (pbuh)
- Obedient (pbuh)
- Foot of Sincerity (pbuh)
- Mercy (pbuh)
- the Good News (pbuh)
- Redeemer (pbuh)
- Succor (pbuh)
- Help (pbuh)
- Blessing of God (pbuh)
- Gift of God (pbuh)
- Trusty Handhold (pbuh)
- Path to God (pbuh)

O Allah, bless our master Muhammad, and the family of our master Muhammad in all that
Your Knowledge encompasses, in everything that Your Pen writes, in all that Your Will
preordains, and as often as Your angels have blessed him, with eternal blessings, lasting as
long as You last, remaining by Your Grace and Generosity until the end of eternity, never
ending, with no beginning to them, and no disappearing of them, for ever and ever!

- Straight Path (pbuh)

- Remembrance of God (pbuh)
- Sword of God (pbuh)
- Party of God (pbuh)
- Piercing Star (pbuh)
- Chosen One (pbuh)
- Select (pbuh)
- Eloquent (pbuh)
- Unlettered (pbuh)
- Chosen (pbuh)
- God's Worker (pbuh)
- Compelling (pbuh)
- Father of Qasim (pbuh)
- Pure Father (pbuh)
- Good Father (pbuh)
- Father of Ibrahim (pbuh)
- One Whose Intercession is Accepted (pbuh)

O Allah, bless our master Muhammad and his family, the sea of Your Lights, the mine of
Your Secrets, the tongue of Your Proof, the bridegroom of Your Kingdom, the leader of Your
Presence and the seal of Your Prophets, with blessings which last as long as You last and

remain as long as You remain, blessings which please You, which please him and which
make You pleased with us, O Lord of the Worlds!

- Interceder (pbuh)
- Righteous (pbuh)
- Conciliator (pbuh)
- Guardian (pbuh)
- Truthful (pbuh)
- Confirmer (pbuh)
- Master of the Messengers (pbuh)
- Leader of the Godfearing (pbuh)
- Guide of the Brightly Shining Ones (pbuh)
- Friend of the Merciful (pbuh)
- Pious (pbuh)
- Venerated (pbuh)
- Eminent (pbuh)
- Adviser (pbuh)
- Counselor (pbuh)
- Advocate (pbuh)
- Reliant on God (pbuh)
- Guarantor (pbuh)
- Tender (pbuh)
- Establisher of the Way (pbuh)
- Sacred (pbuh)
- the Holy Spirit (pbuh)

O Allah, grant our master Muhammad the position of the closest access, the pre-eminence
and the noblest and greatest rank!

- the Spirit of Truth (pbuh)

- Spirit of Justice (pbuh)
- Qualified (pbuh)
- Broad-shouldered (pbuh)
- Proclaimer (pbuh)
- Informer (pbuh)
- Healing (pbuh)
- Inseparable Friend (pbuh)
- One Bound to God (pbuh)
- Foremost (pbuh)
- Driver (pbuh)

- Guide (pbuh)
- Guided (pbuh)
- Overseer (pbuh)
- Mighty (pbuh)
- the Outstanding (pbuh)
- Favored (pbuh)
- Opener (pbuh)
- Key (pbuh)
- Key to Mercy (pbuh)
- Key to the Garden (pbuh)
- Banner of the Faith (pbuh)
- Banner of Certainty (pbuh)
- Guide to Goodness (pbuh)

O Allah, bless our master Muhammad as much as all that has been and all that will be, and as
much as all that the night has enshrouded in darkness and the day has enlightened with its

- Verifier of Good Deeds (pbuh)

- Forewarner of False Steps (pbuh)
- Pardoner of Oppressions (pbuh)
- Possessor of Intercession (pbuh)
- Possessor of the Honoured Station (pbuh)
- Owner of the Footprint (pbuh)
- Distinguished with Might (pbuh)
- Distinguished with Glory (pbuh)
- Distinguished with Nobility (pbuh)
- Possessor of the Closest Access (pbuh)
- Owner of the Sword (pbuh)
- Possessor of Pre-eminence (pbuh)
- Owner of the Cloth (pbuh)

O Allah, convey to him from us peace, just as he invoked peace, and peace, mercy and the
benediction of Allah be upon the Prophet!

- Possessor of Proof (pbuh)

- Possessor of Authority (pbuh)
- Owner of the Robe (pbuh)

- Possessor of the Lofty Rank (pbuh)

- Possessor of the Crown (pbuh)

- Possessor of Forgiveness (pbuh)
- Possessor of the Flag (pbuh)
- Master of the Night Journey (pbuh)
- Possessor of the Staff (pbuh)
- Owner of Buraq (pbuh)
- Owner of the Ring (pbuh)
- Owner of the Sign (pbuh)
- Possessor of the Evidence (pbuh)
- Possessor of Evident Proofs (pbuh)
- Good Communicator (pbuh)
- Purifier of the Soul (pbuh)

O Allah, bless our master Muhammad, blessings which ennoble his place of rest, honour his
final destination. And on the Day of Resurrection bring him his heart's desire and
contentment. These great blessings are your right, O our master Muhammad!

- Kind (pbuh)
- Mercy giving (pbuh)
- Good Listener (pbuh)
- the Completer of Islam (pbuh)
- Master of the Two Universes (pbuh)
- Spring of Bliss (pbuh)
- Spring of Beauty (pbuh)
- Joy of God (pbuh)
- Joy of the Creator (pbuh)
- Preacher to Nations (pbuh)
- Teacher of Guidance (pbuh)
- Remover of Worries (pbuh)
- Raiser of Ranks (pbuh)
- Might of the Arabs (pbuh)
- Possessor of Happiness (pbuh)

O Allah, O Lord, for the honour of Your Prophet, al-Mustafa, and Your Messenger, alMurtada, purify our hearts from every characteristic which keeps us away from Your
Presence and Your Love, and have us pass away following his way and in his community,
longing to meet You, O Owner of Majesty and Nobility! And the blessings and abundant
peace of God be upon our master Muhammad, his family and his Companions and praise be
to God, Lord of the Worlds!

(blessings taken from Dala'il al-khayrat, complete arabic/english text, translated by Hassan
Rosowsky, 2nd ed, 2006, ISBN: 1-930637-26-8)