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v joining date extension request

House no 7 ,PradhanNagar
siliguri,West Bengal
11 june 2014
The HR manager
Bank of India
Subject: joining date extension request
Dear Sir,
I got selected through campus placement for Bank of India for the post of technical
Support . I received my offer letter just about two days ago and my joining date is
26th june .
I would request you to change the joining date to 3rd july 2014 from the current date
because in between my marriage got fixed. Hoping these simple request would come
to your attention as early as possible. Hoping for your kind feedback with regards to
my concern.
Thanks You
Yours sincerely,
Preeta Sinha

v Bank Account Error Correction Letter

These kinds of letters should be written in a formal tone and the data given in the letters should represent the
actual facts and figures. This letter is written by a bank account holder since he has noticed some errors while
updating his Pass-Book. He addresses the Manager of the bank to rectify the error as soon as possible to avoid
future complications in transactions.
2182 New York Avenue
Troy, TX 76579
20th August 2011
Dear Sir,
I, the undersigned have a savings account in your bank having account number XXXXX. Two days earlier I updated
my pass book in this branch. I found that two transaction entries are wrongly recorded. The cheque which I had
deposited in the bank should had been cleared till date and also the withdrawal of a certain amount from the
ATM is not been shown into my pass book
Since I have to make an urgent payment, I need to know the exact balance in my account. Being a worthy client
of the bank I request to rectify the error at earliest.
Thanking you,
Fred P. Sanders

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v Change in Address Application Letter

Everyone writes formal application letters to the concerned authorities for various reasons such as employment
application, college admission application, request or may be registration. The letter can be written for any
reason but the format of letter does not change as per its reason it will the same for all type of letters.
Mr. Michael B. Vela
Chairman-Municipal Corporation
2921 Caldwell Road
Fairport, NY 14450
18 September 2010
Dear, Mr. Michael
I am Mrs. Ana H. Dickman resides at 1805 Hannifin Lane, Roswell, GA 30076 hereby inform you that I am shifting
to our new house on or before 20th October, 2010. Address for the same is 1306 Lake View Street, Roswell, GA
30078. With regards to this I want to make an application to you that kindly change our address form 1805
Hanifan Lane, Roswell, GA 30076 to 1306 Lake View Street, Roswell, GA 30078 in your municipality records.
Because if you do so then we can change our address for other documents such as electricity bill, telephone bill,
internet bill and gas connection bill. As I am the only elder person in my family living with my two kids therefore
its my humble request to you that please do the needful as soon as possible. Kindly issue the change of address
certificate mentioning my new address. I can be contacted on my phone number 456123789 or on above
mentioned email address.
Thanking You
Yours Sincerely,
Mrs. Ana H. Dickman
1805 Hanifan Lane
Roswell, GA 30076

v Change of Address Request Letter

This letter is informing the bank about address change so that any communication from the bank reaches you
Uma Thruman,
13, Garden Side Apartment,
East Cross Street.
Mr. Astor Moneypenny,
Royal Bank of London,
29th September 10
Dear Mr. Moneypenny
This letter is regarding change of my address.
This is to bring to your notice that we have changed our residence recently and would request you to modify our
address in your records. We recently shift to new house and want to receive our all documents to new address
The address that is mentioned in the letter is our new address. All communication henceforth may kindly be
addressed in that address only. Please try to change it soon so that we will not miss any important documents.
Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,
(Uma Thruman)

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v Letter to Notify Employees of Change in Policy

Dear XXXX,
This is the notification from the transport department to all the employees of _____________.
As per the company policy all of you are entitled to avail cabs from morning and all the employees are provided
with cabs at any shift timing but going forward there is slight change in the policy. Employees who are logging in
at 6.30 am to 7.30 am and logout after 8.30 pm bill be provided with cabs and with a home pickup and drop. But
the employees of remaining shifts will have to take a bus from there pick up points. We have ended the bus
routes to all your respective mangers and you can check the bus numbers and the pick-up points. Employees are
requested to be at the point on time; the buses will not wait for anyone beyond the time.
Employees are also requested to take the buses only if they are getting dropped at the office, there will be no
drop in between the routes. Also the cabs will pickup from home to office and office to home.
Cabs will not be provided for any personal drops .all the employees are requested to be alert to inform any
malpractices about the driver specially female employees are requested to inform about any misbehavior of the
driver. If the first pickup in cab is a female employee please check if a security is provided or else do not board
the cab.
If there is anything you would like to clarify please contact at _
Your name
Transport department

v Sample Application Letter

Application letter is written for various reasons say application for job requisition, business application letter, and
scholarship letter and so on. The application letters should be drafted in such a manner that it is self explanatory
giving out all the details that the application letter should reveal in it. Application letters are so much important
in our daily life that without application letter one cannot place his request, or one cannot express his feelings
etc and many more things. Without application letters our life is very much incomplete.
Patrick V. Witt
35746 Haley St
Newark, CA 94560-1161
11th October 2010.
Subject: Sample application.
Dear Patrick,
I am writing to explore the possibility of employment as Document Controller in your reputable firm. I
am a Computer Science graduate of the University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City. I bring with me
several years of experience as information systems analyst of leading companies that include Nissan Motor
Philippines, Inc.
My strong computer skills, knowledge of modern word processing software, and project management tools are
but some of the things that make me an asset to your company.
Attached is my resume for your perusal. Should you require any further information, then contact me.
Yours Truly,
George M. Nelson.

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v Sample College Application Letter

Writing college application letter is a media of setting your impression in front of the reader which can be
positive or negative. College application letter are written up to the specific point which the writer wants the
reader to come across. In college lives many applications has to be written say for approval or grant for
forgiveness. The habit of writing application in the college helps the students to grow discipline in their lives from
the early age. College application is written very short and sweet.
Arthur J. Barrera
7541 Clementine Dr
Corona, CA 92880-9019.

19 October 2010.
Subject: Sample college application letter.
Dear Arthur,
This is with reference to the MBA course being offered in your college. I have qualified in the 10+2 Exam
in the year 2009 as student of your College in First Division with Roll No. 224132. I request you to kindly send me
the application material for the college entrance exam. I have given the copies of Mark Sheet and Domicile
Certificate as the requisite Application Form. I am sure that I will do my best in exam. So please give me
admission to MBA in your college.
Yours Faithfully,
Jacqueline J. Bush.

v Job Application Letter Format

Job application letter should be drafted in such a way that it reflects exactly all the qualities that are in the
candidate should be the perfect requirement of the vacant post. While writing job application letter the attitude
should be positive and no harsh words of enmity should be used. One should be very careful when writing a
application letter.
Juliette Mitchell,
9 Silber Ct
Hampton, VA 23669-1139
24th October 2010.
Subject: Job Application letter format.
Dear Juliette,
I am writing to apply for the position of manufacturing engineer with the reference to your above
advertisement. As you will note from my enclosed resume, I have experience with a wide range of programming
languages through academic projects and part-time employment.
I have demonstrated excellent people skills in addition to strong writing and analytical skills. I believe my
education, skills and experiences fit your requirements, and I am confident my skills would be an asset to your
company (or to your client if you are applying to a recruiter)
I am available to meet with you at a time thats convenient to you. Please contact me to set up a time. I look
forward to hear from you soon.
I am enclosing my detailed Resume/CV for consideration.
Yours Truly,
Joanne Prince.

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v Job Application Letter Template

Job seekers always require writing a job application letter when ever there is a job vacancy. Job application
letters are always written clearly and up to the point. While writing the job application letter to whom and for
what post the letter is written should be strictly kept in mind. All the job requirements should be jotted down in
the rough book and then as per its requirement all the qualities as well as the qualification should be mentioned
in detail. The letter should prove that you are the perfect candidate for the post vacant.
James L. Spine
235 E Garvey Ave
Monterey Park, CA 91755-1811.
14 October 2010.
Subject: Job application letter template.
Dear James,
I have seen your advertise and I would like to apply for this. As per details given in succeeding paragraphs I have
submitted my candidature for consideration of the same.
In the year I have completed a MBA Degree in Marketing from .. University (Name) My age is .
Then after doing this I had worked at .. (Place) in . (Name of Company) as Marketing Executive
from to . (Dates) dealing in . (Name of Product).
The owner said that I have good communication skills and power to motivate a team as Leader to achieve the
targets laid down by the Management.
My Detailed Resume/CV have been given here for consideration.
Yours Faithfully,
Anne C. Staley.

v Sample Loan Application Letter

Loan application letter is written to ask for monetary credit service on some kind of secured mortgage basis. As it
is our requirement the words should be so humble and sincere that the banker or the lender acquires total trust
on the applicant. Loan application letter helps the loan applier to appeal for the various types of loans which ever
he wishes to depend upon certain conditions.
Cora Norberto Sharpe,
612 Timber Ridge Rd
Mount Solon, VA 22843-2318
15th October 2010.
Subject: Sample loan application letter.
Dear Cora,
I have sent this letter to you in order to explain my reasons behind requesting a loan modification on my
mortgage. I wish to purchase a Mercedes Benz 300 Limousine costing Rs 56 lakhs. I am requesting an interest
reduction down to 6.25% from my current 8.80%. I feel it is a fair percentage for you, and it is just within my
Without a reduction on the interest, I will not be able to afford the monthly payments. I have to choose between
a loan modification and a foreclosure. I would far prefer the former, and you probably would as well. 6.25% is the
most I will be able to manage, even if I cut all of my expenses out of the picture. Please consider my application
seriously and I hope to hear more from you on the matter.
Yours Faithfully,
Jimmie Verna Melendez.

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v Application Development Manager Cover Letter

Sample Cover letter for Application Development Manager
Common mistake done by job seekers while applying for Application Development Manager are that they pay
more attention on reviving resume rather than cover letter. Resume plays vital role but cover letter is not far
behind as it will assist you in becoming eligible for interview.
(Write your name and address)
Linda Sabbagh
4026 Kildeer Drive
Phone: 757-246-8646
(Write Employers name and address)
Andy Nelms
Longs Drug Stores Corporation
2527 Adonais Way
Date: 09-11-2010
Dear Ms.Nelms,
(In first paragraph, include the information like why you are writing, position you are applying for and source of
the job listing)
Experience teaches you lot and so far I have learned not to leave opportunities as they dont come always. When
heard about the placements for Application Development Manager in Longs Drug Stores Corporation via I was glad as I was waiting for this opportunity since long. Norfolk the location of job is also quiet
convenient for me.
(In second paragraph, include the summary of your work experience.)
My work experience includes:
Responsible for managing change in a dynamic programme to ensure stable development of the engineering
data centre .
Led delivery of new environments to the 1000+ user work streams
Matrix managed data centre delivery teams (40 engineers) to deliver ITIL standard and normal change safely
across physical hardware,
networking, virtual infrastructure and storage arrays
Created engineering service desk and associated processes to ITIL principles
(In third paragraph, thanks the employer and include the information about how you follow up)
According to my educational background this post perfectly matched with it. I will be waiting for your reply.
Kindly consider my resume and cover letter for this job.
Yours Sincerely
(Linda Sabbagh)

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v Sample Loan Request Letter

Summary: This sample functions to present a request for a bank loan from a long time patron of the bank. The
loan amount is specified with relevant personal information given and the necessary loan forms filled and
attached to favor this loan request. The reason for this loan request is also stated for due consideration.
Dominic M. Stone
Loans Manager
Benson Bank
3404 Burdett Avenue
Lakelse Lake, BC V8G 2V2
June 28 2010
Re: Loan Request of $80,000 by A/c No: J8234543
Dear Mr. Stone
I have been a faithful patron of your bank, Benson Bank with a savings account for the last 7 years. There has
never been any overdraft against my account. My salary is also banked into my account at your bank at every
month end and there is always a good balance in my savings account.
As such, I am writing to request a loan of $80,000 for my recent purchase of a new home. I have attached the
necessary loan documents and forms as per your bank regulations.
Please contact me if you need further information to assist you in making the approval to my request. Your
prompt approval response would be appreciated.
Thanking you in advance
Manny Moses
Account Holder
Savings A/c No.: J8234543

v Application Letter for the Post of Lecturer

Everyone Is Required To Write Formal Applications To The Concerned Authorities To Request For Some Action,
Approval, Issue Of License Or Registration Etc. Application Letters Must Be Polite, Brief And To The Point. They
Must Clearly Specify The Subject Matter With Previous References, If Any, And The Precise Action Required On Or
Before A Particular Date.
Mr. Jonathon D. Jernigan
Principal-John Mathews College Of Commerce
3834 Raver Croft Drive
Kingsport, Tn 37663
19 September 2010
Subject: Application Letter For The Post Of Lecturer
Dear, Mr. Jonathon
I Am Ms. Lisa E. Whitlow Applying For The Post Of Lecturer In Your John Mathews College Of Commerce For
Accounts Teacher. I Came Across About This Through A News Paper Named As Sunday Times There You Have
Posted A Vacancy Requirement For The Same Post. By Profession I Am A Chartered Account And Also Worked
With St. Martins College Of Commerce And Arts As An Accounts Lecturer For The Period Of Six Years. I Had Done
My B.Ed After Completion Of My B.Com. Along With This Letter I Have Attached All Necessary Documents And
Certification As Well As Work Experience Letters. Kindly Verify Those Attachments And Inform Me If My Profile
Will Be Suitable To You. If You Find Me Suitable For This Post Then I Can Be Contacted On The Same Email
Address Or Else On My Number 75315925. I Look Forward To Hear The Needful From You As Soon As Possible.
Thanking You
Yours Sincerely,
Ms. Lisa E. Whitlow
2151 Tator Patch Road
Chicago, Il 60605

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v Bank Branch Manager Cover Letter

Sample Cover letter for Bank Branch Manager
If you are new to cooperate world and aiming to enter it then start with preparing exclusive cover letters that
supports your resume. Any time you can get a call for job so be ready with your letters and see to it that they
showcase professionalism which is required in Bank Branch Manager.
(Write your name and address)
Amelia Shockey
3549 Frum Street
Phone: 615-312-3307
(Write Employers name and address)
Earl Correa
Southwest Airlines Co
3147 John Avenue
Date: 09-11-2010
Dear Ms.Correa,
(In first paragraph, include the information like why you are writing, position you are applying for and source of
the job listing)
It was simply great to hear about the vacancy for the Bank Branch Manager job in Southwest Airlines Co at
Nashville, as working for your company is just like dream coming true. Job profile is quiet interesting and I think
my eligibility is quiet near to your requirements as mention in YAHOO! HotJobs .
(In second paragraph, include the summary of your work experience.)
My work experience includes:
Passed the NatWest Future Leaders Assessment as part of my continued career development.
Consistently providing excellent services to customers through the use of service processes and procedures (e.g.
complaint handling standards, telephony process and service dialogue) and implementing clear Service
Improvement Plans.
Make certain the key processes are followed to book diaries in advance ensuring maximum appointment levels.
Maintaining a business plan for my branch (including linked branches) focusing on achieving customer
acquisition, retention, cross sales and embedding our core sales and service processes.
Observing, coaching and providing constructive feedback to the team ensuring they are proactively filling
diaries with quality appointments so that they can deliver objectives and maximise cross sales.
Managing risks by ensuring the banks key regulatory, operational, credit and control processes are followed
consistently by the team.
(In third paragraph, thanks the employer and include the information about how you follow up)
Aiming to have a positive reply from your side. Experience and qualification here matters a lot I can perfectly
match with this two criterias. You can examine my talent in the upcoming interview which would be scheduled
by you.
Yours Sincerely
(Amelia Shockey)

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v Bank Complaint Letter

Dear Sir,
I have an account in your bank from past four months and the account number is ___________.I had applied for
the debit card at the time of opening the account but till now I have not received the debit card nor the pin
number. Its very difficult for me to come to bank every now and then to withdraw money .I stay alone with my
six year old son and my husband keeps travelling for business .I have to take care of all the household work and
other responsibilities.
I was informed by the staff that I will be getting the debit card kit within 15 days but I didnt receive any thing
.Finally I gave a call to your customer care department and there again I faced problems giving all the details and
finally the person informed me that it will take another twenty five days. So I waited again but I didnt receive
anything. I finally decided to meet the supervisor and he told me to fill in a fresh form as there had been a
confusion .I had been a customer of same bank from past 10 years in another city and I opened an new account
here as the transfer procedure were very long, but now I feel I should have done the same. It is really
disappointing that the banks take so long to give a debit card .I request you to look into the matter and have
debit card issued soon
Thanks and regards
Your name.

v Complaint Letter to Bank

A complaint letter should be precise, mentioning the nature of the grievance. When you are writing a complaint
letter give a clear account of your problem and ask politely to take an action for it.
Here is a sample complaint letter to bank:
Robert Stevenson
Mayfield Appt #20,
Mr. Mark Rich,
The Urban Cooperative Society Bank,
Elms Street,
21st May, 2010
Ref: Complaint letter
Dear Sir,
I would like to bring it to your notice that I have opened an account of mine on the 5th of this month in your bank.
Your staff has informed me that I shall get my bank ID, my passbook and cheque book within 2 days. Besides I
was promised that I shall also get my ATM card along with them. But with regret I would like to inform you that I
have, till date received none of the above.
Since I have shifted here from Chicago a few weeks back, I am finding it difficult to survive without my cheque
book and ATM card. I hope you can understand without the bank account how difficult it is for someone to
maintain the things in a new city. I need to pay my bills and have to purchase a lot of things for my house but
unless I do not have a cheque book here, I cant do anything.
Thus I request you to kindly look into the matter and issue me all the above mentioned documents and card. My
account number is 160925.
I hope you will entertain my problem on prior basis.
Thanking you,
Robert Stevenson

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v Request Letter for a Bank Statement

If you bank statement from your respective bank then write them a request letter for bank statement and ask
them to provide you and need for this. The sample of the letter below can be used forth request of statement
from the bank. Sometimes just a call to the bank is not enough and it is always better to give written instructions
with all the details.
August 6, 2010.
Bank of London
Veronika Building
London branch
Dear sir/madam,
I am Mary Baker, the general manager of the Technological solutions LTD and the holder of the account
numbered 258963852. The type of my account is current. I would like ask you to send me the statement of the
account for the past 3 months. I need to present this statement to the tax authorities next week. The matter is
urgent. Therefore, kindly ask you to handle this request as soon as you can.
In reference to the above, I would like to point out that I need the statement from 01.05.10 until 01.08.10. Kindly
ask you to forward it as soon as possible via fax or e-mail.
I will appreciate your prompt reply.
Thanking in advance,
Mary Baker
(General Manager)
Technological solutions LTD

v Request Letter Cheque Book Request Letter

Almost all of us have bank accounts and there can be a need to request your cheque book. There is a chance to
learn how to write this kind of request. The example below can be used for that purpose.
12th April, 2010
Mr. Jett Watson
Branch Manager,
Bank of London
London, United Kingdom
Dear Mr. Watson,
I would like to inform you that I am happy to work with your bank during so many years. And I can assure you
that I am totally satisfied with the service of your bank. I find it very friendly and customer oriented.
Recently I have opened a new bank account within you bank. The account number is 45896. However, I would
like to notice that until now I havent received the cheque book from your branch. I was calling to the branch
many times, but except promises I didnt get anything. I would be very glad if you can consider this matter. If it is
necessary I can contact the branch again in order to confirm when the cheque book will be ready for the
Thanking in advance,
Yours truly,
John Mayson
Dear Jeff Watson

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v Application Letter to Bank Manager

Any Point Of Time Of Your Life You Have To Write One Application Letter For Whatever Purpose. Application
Letters Are Itself Formal Letters There Is No Informal Or Personal Type Of Letters In This Category. The Letter
Should Have To Be Written In Professional Language And Reason Behind Writing Application Is To Be Briefly
Explained By The Applicant.
Mr. Jaime F. Williams
Branch Manager
National Bank Of Philadelphia Pvt. Ltd
2717 Garrett Street
Philadelphia, Pa 19108
18 September 2010
Subject: Application Letter To Bank Manager
Dear, Mr. Jaime
I Am Ms. Georgia L. Ball Having A Savings Account With National Bank Of Philadelphia And My Account Number
For The Same Is Sa-753159. Since Past Six Years I Have Maintained My Account With Your Bank. My All
Transaction Is Good And Right Now I Have $20,000 Balance Amount In My Accounts. It Is Clearly Mentioned On
My Pass Book Which I Recently Updated On 1st September, 2010 By Visiting Your Branch. But On 15th September,
2010 When I Visited To Your Branch So As To Make Withdrawal Of $12,000 At That Time The Accounts Officer
Informed Me That My Accounts Balance Is $5000. I Got A Shocked To Hear That. Thus I Am Making An
Application To You That Please Enquire About This Matter And Kingly Inform Me About The Transaction Through
Which I Am Facing This Problem. I Can Be Contacted On Same Email Id Or On This Phone Number 456123789.
Thanking You
Yours Truly,
Ms. Georgia L. Ball
4767 Sardis Station
Minneapolis, Mn 55415

v Sample Bank Authorization Letter for Travel

March 14, 2013
Susan Finch
100 Main Street
Flint, MI 49761
Frank Thomas
Downtown Bank
200 Financial Court
Flint, MI 49761
Re: Account number #38986716
Dear Mr. Thomas,
Please accept this letter as my authorization for my brother Joseph Finch to act on my behalf regarding this
account from April 1, 2013 until September 1, 2013. I will be out of the country traveling through Central America
and will be unable to tend to my affairs. During these dates, Joseph Finch is authorized to withdraw and deposit
funds, write checks, and initiate wire transfers from my account.
If you have any questions, please contact me prior to my departure.
Susan Finch

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v Letter to Apologize For a Billing Error

Your name
Office Address
Your City state, zip
Your Phone number,
Your Email
Office address,
City, State, Zip.
Dear Sir,
Thank you for informing us that there is misprint in the bill .We are extremely sorry for the error the typist made
by mistake she added an extra zero in the amount for the ________ item. We understand how it would have
affected you. As you had to travel all the way from your place to the showroom to inform us about this error. We
assure you such mistake will not be repeated in future. We know that you have been a valuable customer of our
shop and this is the first time such a mistake happened and I understand it would have been very annoying.
We appreciate you informing about the error and allowing us to rectify the error.
We have made the adjustment and I am sending the remaining amount along with an employee please collect
and we again apologize for the inconvenience caused and would like to serve you better in future.
Hope this will not affect our business relation
Your Name

v Request Letter Salary Request Letter

Your name
Your Address
Your City state, zip
Your Phone number,
Your Email
Office address,
City, State, Zip.
This is to bring to your notice that this month also my salary has not been credited in my account. I have been
facing this problem from past three months and would like to tell you that I am staying alone and I have to pay
the rent by the 5 of every month and i also have expenditures. This is very annoying and I did inform about this
last month also, I checked with the bank and they in turn told me that there is some problem from the finance
department of our company and It has to be rectified by them.
As per your instruction I wrote a mail to the finance manager and explained my problem and he ascertained that
going forward this would not happen. Its already tenth of the month and very disturbing for me as I cannot
concentrate on my work as I have all my bills piled up and the landlord is getting annoyed. I request you to please
look into the matter and solve it. Please credit my salary for this month as soon as possible.
Looking forward to your reply.
Your name

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v Early Retirement Letter

Your name
Your Address
Your City state, zip
Your Phone number,
Your Email
Office address,
City, State, Zip.
Dear Name,
This is to inform you that dated __________ I would be retiring from my services as the general manager after 15
years of service I understand its an early retirement but I am taking this decision because I want to be with my
family. I have spent most of my like alone and would like to join my family and start a small business of my own. I
had a wonderful experience in ___________ company and will always cherish the me ravel moments spent with
you and other staff members, I had a peaceful and exciting carrier in the past and I am sure I can put all the
experiences I gained in my new business.
I thank one and all for you support and cooperation during my tenure. It was a hard decision to take as I still have
some years of my tenure remaining but I realized that I also need to be with my family and kids. I am excited to
join them but I will me missing you all.
If you need any assistance or information please feel free to contact me at ____________.
Wish you all and ___________ Company a success in future.
Your Name.

v Cheque Book Request Letter

Almost all of us have bank accounts and there can be a need to request your cheque book. There is a chance to
learn how to write this kind of request. The example below can be used for that purpose.
12th April, 2010
Mr. Jett Watson
Branch Manager,
Bank of London
London, United Kingdom
Dear Mr. Watson,
I would like to inform you that I am happy to work with your bank during so many years. And I can assure you
that I am totally satisfied with the service of your bank. I find it very friendly and customer oriented.
Recently I have opened a new bank account within you bank. The account number is 45896. However, I would
like to notice that until now I havent received the cheque book from your branch. I was calling to the branch
many times, but except promises I didnt get anything. I would be very glad if you can consider this matter. If it is
necessary I can contact the branch again in order to confirm when the cheque book will be ready for the
Thanking in advance,
Yours truly,
John Mayson

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v Cancel or Withdraw Customers Account

Your name
Your Address
Your City state, zip
Your Phone number,
Your Email
Office address,
City, State, Zip.
Dear Name,
This is to notify that your account has been temporarily cancelled because of the delay in payments. You
payments for the month of April ,may and June has been consistently late and from last two months you have
not paid the amount, we reviewed your file for last year and found that you were very irregular in payments .We
constantly tried contacting you but you have never responded to our calls. As per the contract we are canceling
your account and we assume that you are going through financial crisis and would like to sort things with us.
We request you to call our customer service center and we can discuss different ways of payment so that you can
be back on track, but for now you account is cancelled. Your business is very important to us and we hope that
you are out from this difficult time soon. We appreciate the association with you and look forward that the crisis
is solved and continue the relationship.
Your Name

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