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Aromatic Hydrocarbons
The molecular formula of toluene is_______
a) C7H7 b) C7H8
c) C8H8 d) C8H7
In benzene sulphonic acid,the sulphonic
group is attached with benzene ring
a) Hydrogen b) Oxygen
c) Sulpher d) OH
Phenanthrene ________ benzene rings
a) Two b) Three
c) Four d) Five
Aniline is a derivative of benzene which
a) Hydroxyl group b) Amino group
c) Amido group d) Imido group
When benzene is substituted by halogens
only, which one of the following halogens is
given the number one position in the ring while
writing the name of compound?
a) Bromine b) Chlorine
c) Flourine d) Iodine
Which one of the following is not a meta
directing group?
a) CN b) OH
c) COOH d) CHO
Which pair of groups contains both ortho &
para directors?

N (CH3)2, NH2
Michael Faraday discovered benzene in the
gas which was produced by destructive
distillation of vegetable oil done in_________
The presence of Oxygen
The presence of Hydrogen
The absence of Oxygen
The presence of excessive Oxygen
How many moles of H2 are added up when
benzene is heated with hydrogen in the
presence of platinum?
a) Two b) Three
c) Four d) Six
In benzene the C-C bond length is larger than
the C-H bond length by a numerical value
a) 0.307Ao b) 0.307 nm
c) 0.337Ao d) 0.307 nm
The heat of hydrogenation of cyclohexene is
-219.5 KJ/ mole
219.5 calories/ mole
-119 KJ/ mole
-119 Cal/ mole
The resonance energy of benzene is______
150.5 KJ/ mole
250.5 KJ/ mole
150.5 KJ/ mole
250.5 KJ/ mole
Benzene does not undergo ___________
Substitution reaction
Addition reaction
Polymerization reactions
Oxidation reactions

During sulphonation of benzene, H2SO4

generates____________ electrophile
a) HSO4- b) SO2
c) NO2- d) NO2+
Nitronium ion is_____________
a) NO3 b) NO
c) NO2- d) NO2+
The hydrolysis of Benzenetriozonide will yield
three moles of ________
a) Glyoxine b) Benzaldehyde
c) Glycol d) Glyoxal
40. Which of the following will undergo nitration more easily and readily?
a) C6H6 b) C6H5CHCl2
c) C6H5CCl3 d) C6H5CH3
41. The reaction of toluene with chlorine in the presence of FeCl3 gives
Benzyl chloride
Benzal chloride
m Chloro Toluene
O/P Chloro Toluene
42. Benzene is made of
6 Pi and 6 sigma bonds
3 Pi and 3 sigma bonds
3 Pi and 12 sigma bonds
6 Pi and 3 sigma bonds
43. Common reaction of Benzene and its derivatives are
Electrophilic addition
Electrophilic substitution
Nucleophilic addition
Nucleophilic substitution
44. Benzene when treated with acetyl chloride in the presence of AlCl3 yields

a) Acetyl Benzene b) Benzyl Chloride

c) Benzophenone d) Acetophenone
45. Passing vapors of Phenol over heated Zinc gives
a) Benzene b) Acetic Acid
c) Benzoic Acid d) Benzaldehyde
46. Which of the following is not an explosive?
a) Picric Acid b) Trinitrobenzene
c) Trinitro Toluene d) Nitro benzene
47. Toluene on reaction with acidic KMnO4 produces
a) Phenol b) Benzoic acid
c) Benzyl alcohol d) Benzophenone
48. The b.p of P nitro phenol is higher than that of O nitro phenol because
Nitro group is O/P group
Nitro group is electron donating group
Bonding occurs in P nitro phenol
None of these
49. Which of the following can be easily nitrated?
a) Phenol b) Benzoic acid
c) Nitro benzene d) All of these
50. Aspirin is obtained by reaction of sulphuric acid and
a) Phenol b) Benzene
c) Acetyl chloride d) None of these
51. Sulphonation of benzoic acid gives
O benzene sulphonic acid
P benzene sulphonic acid
m benzene sulphonic acid
O/P benzene sulphonic acid
52. Benzene can be obtained by
Reaction of zinc and phenol
Hydrolysis of benzene sulphonic acid

Reduction of benzene chloride

All of these
53. o xylene on oxidation yields
a) Oxalic acid b) o Phthalic acid
c) Toluene d) m Phthalic acid
54. The resonance energy of benzene is
a) 36 j/mol b) 36 cal/mol
c) 36 Kcal/mol d) none of these
55. The catalyst used for halogenation of benzene is
a) Cu b) Ni
c) FeCl3 d) Zn
56. Which one is nitronium ion?
a) EMBED Equation.3 b) EMBED Equation.3
c) EMBED Equation.3 d) None of these
57. Which substituent group decrease the reactivity of benzene, because they
Increase the electronic density of benzene ring
Decrease the electronic density of benzene ring
Decrease the stability of phenonium ion
Both b & c
58. Benzene on ozonolysis produces
a) Benzoic acid b) Cyclohexane
c) Glyoxal (CHO2)2 d) None of these
59. Meta orienting groups decrease the reactivity of benzene because they
Increase the electronic density of benzene
Decrease the electronic density of benzene
Decrease the stability of phenonium ion
Both b & c
60. Benzene was found by _______ in 1825 in the
gas produced by the destructive distillation of
vegetable oils.

a) Hofmann b) Michael Faraday

c) Solvay d) None of these
61. Replacement of hydrogen atom by SO2OH is
called _______
a) Nitration b) Sulphonation
c) Alkylation d) Hydrogenation
62. The Kekule structures of benzene are related
in which of the following way?
a) They are eac equally correct as structure for
b) Benzene is sometimes one structures and
sometime the other.
c) The two structures are in a state of rapid
d) Neither of the two structures describes
benzene adequately
63. The conversion of toluene into benzoic acid
can be achieved by
a) Br2, heat and light
b) Cl2, FeCl3
c) KMnO4, OH-, heat (then H3O+)
d) None of the above
64. The conversion of ethyl benzene into 1
chloro 1 phenyl ethane can be achieved by
a) Cl2, light b) Cl2, FeCl3
c) SOCl2 d) None
65. Benzene reacts with chlorine to give a
substance with formula C6H6Cl6. This reaction
is brought about by
a) An acid catalyst b) Ultraviolet radiation
c) Aluminum oxide d) Iron fillin