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Habib Bank Limited Regional Office


Project on HBL Tower Management




HBL established operations in Pakistan in 1947 and moved its
head office to Karachi. Our first international branch was
established in Colombo, Sri Lanka in 1951 and Habib Bank
Plaza was built in 1972 to commemorate the banks 25th
Anniversary. With a domestic market share of over 40%, HBL
was nationalized in 1974 and it continued to dominate the
commercial banking sector with a major market share in
inward foreign remittances (55%) and loans to small
industries, traders and farmers. International operations were
expanded to include the USA, Singapore, Oman, Belgium,
Seychelles and Maldives and the Netherlands.
On June 13, 2002 Pakistan's Privatization Commission
announced that the Government of Pakistan had formally
granted the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development (AKFED)
rights to 51% of the shareholding in HBL, against an
investment of PKR 22.409 billion (USD 389 million). On
February 26, 2004, management control was handed over to
AKFED. The Board of Directors was reconstituted to have four
AKFED nominees, including the Chairman and the
President/CEO and three Government of Pakistan
nominees.51% share held by the Agha khan fund for economic

development.5% shares are held by the general public.44% shares are held
by the GOP.HBL have 1400 branches all over the world.HBL have 12000
employees. 4 directors are nominated from Agha khan foundation.3 directors
are nominated from GOP.

Our brand identity is the outward expression of what we stand
for as an organization.
Enabling people to advance with confidence and success.
To make our customers prosper, our staff excel and create value for

Our values are the fundamental principles that define our
culture and are
brought to life in our attitudes and behavior. It is our values
that make us unique and unmistakable. Our values are
defined below.
This is at the core of everything we do. The markets in which
we operate are becoming increasingly competitive, giving
our customers an abundance of choice. Only through being
the very best - in terms of the service we offer, our products
and premises - can we hope to be successful and grow.


We believe in the advancement of society through the

adoption of enlightened working practices, innovative new
products and processes, and a spirit of enterprise.

Top Management

R.ZAKIR MAHMOOD (president and CEO)

1) Planning
How you make your plan?
We make plan combined by discussing our all senior authorities. And
shares our opinion with each other.

How much duration of your planning?

We make one year planning. In Head office we call meeting in February
and March. In which we decide our objective for whole year.

Your planning is flexible or not?

Yes our planning is always flexible. And we change our policy according
to the situation. If the situation is alarming we review our polices and
trim the budgets.

How would you implement your plan on your subordinates?

We divide our task among the subordinates. And ask them to achieve it.
We give them task according to their previous achievements.

Upcoming planning to make your management more

Training program is held for the employees. In this way they can remove
their weaknesses.

Are you planning for next year achievement?

Yes we plan for next year achievement, in our meetings.

How you plan to compete with your competitors?

We survey the market and collect the information from the general
public, and try to provide the services according to their requirements.

How you assigned work to your subordinates?
We give them a task and ask them to perform this task within a specific
period. And they are performed.

Is the lower management having direct access to the top


Yes in our organization the subordinates have the direct and easily access
to the top managements. We have open door policy.

If the objective of your banks not achieved what you

can do?
We call the meetings and overview the stated policies. In this way we
locate our weaknesses and remove these weaknesses.

How you motivate your subordinates to work hard?
By giving them allowances also give them medical facility and

Are you guide your employees in case of any problem?

Yes, we guide our employees friendly in case of any problem. And also
solve their problems.

How is the internal and external environment of your

Very friendly environment, in our organization all employees work like
family with each other. They are all very cooperative.

How you treat your subordinates?

I treat my subordinates very cooperatively. And understand his problem
also try to solve them.

Do you organize any event for your employees?

Yes, we organized events in Pc borbon, and in turkey. Where we
together enjoyed. And free from all kind of work.

Give any conveyance facility to the employees?

No, we are not giving any conveyance facility to our employees.

Do you arrange training programs for your subordinates?
Yes we arrange training programs for increasing the efficiency of the
employees, like arrange the workshop, and send them abroad for high

How you identify your needs of human resource?

We advertise in newspapers and from job fair in universities. Also from

the website e.g. (

If a person create bad environment like politics, fight and

indiscipline then what you can do?
First we softly have worn that person. Otherwise we transfer this person
to the northern areas. We have large networks in Pakistan.

What are your firing policies?

Softly worn employees, despite of this he create indiscipline then we fire
that person.

Do you give reward to employees against his extra

Yes we also give reward to the employees on their extra performance.e.g
bonuses, incentives.

What are your promotion policies?

If the employee consistently show his extra ordinary performance. And
he is very cooperative with others employees, then we promote him.

How you set the bench mark of your employees?
Our job is target related job. We give the employee a task and employee
should perform this task in a given period.

How you take feedback of your employees?

We take the feedback from the employees in form of his performance and
achieved goal.

Are there any rules and regulations about the dressing of the
organization employees?
Yes organization is very strict rules about the dressing. They must come
in proper dress.shalwar qameez is not allowed





How you make your policies?

We receive target from our boss and then we plan how implement it. We
make policies according to the target. Target may be stiffed then we make
policies according to the target.

How could you divide your planning?

Our planning is one year and divide among the employees, equally.

Your planning is flexible or not?

Yes off course our planning is always flexible and elastic.

How you implement your plan on your subordinates?

Target related job. And we also check and examine the working of the

How you make your plan more efficient?

Implement the plan on subordinates and then check the
weaknesses of the plan. If any weakness occurred we remove it.

If you are not achieving your selected objective, what you can
We review the plan and review our policies and strategies and locate where
weakness is.

How you treat your subordinates?

I always treat my subordinates with politely, cooperatively, and friendly.

Can your subordinates discuss their problems with you?

Yes we have very friendly environment. And I guide them if they have any

How you assigned responsibility to your subordinates?

I give them target to achieve .and them ask them to achieve within a time

In which way you motivate your subordinates?
I motivate them by reward in shape of bonuses and I try to increase their
moral and I guide them if they face any difficulty in performing their job.

Are you solved the problem of your employees?

Yes, I solved the problem of my employees in performing of there duties if
they face.

If you guide your subordinates and how?

Yes, I guide them I point out there weaknesses and tell them that how they
can remove them.

How you identify your needs of human resource to your boss?
If consistently we are not achieving our target due to fewer employees then I
tell to my boss that there is a need to hire more people in my branch.

In which way you increase the efficiency of your employees?

We give them reward on there best performance and try to increase there
moral. So they work more efficiently.

How you promote your subordinates?

If a person consistently showing a good performance I promote him.

If you can fire your subordinates?

If a person is not working in good way and consistently doing this then I can
fire him according to the firing policies of bank.

How do you set the benchmark of your subordinates?
Which target my boss gives me I divide equally this target to all
subordinates and say to achieve this target.

How you check the performance of your subordinates?

I compare there performance with there actual target.

What do you do for the better performance of your

I locate the weaknesses of my employees and then take corrective
measures to minimize these weaknesses.

How you take the feedback of your employees?

If my target is achieving properly its mean all my subordinates are
working well.

How you create the working environment?

There is a very friendly environment in our bank. I am very cooperative
with all our employees. So they work well.


MR. IMRAN AKBAR (Relationship manager)
How you plan your work?
I plan which is the better way to attract the people to make the permanent
customer of our bank.

How to create the relationship with the people?

I always try to deal with people politly.and I always try not to use negative

How you implement your plan on your assistants?

I tell them how to deal with people on my behalf. And deal with the people.

How you divide your objectives?
If I have a target of total customers of Rs30 million then I divide this in six
months and then three months how much should I achieve.

To whom you report?

I report to my vice president.

What is your responsibility?

My duty is to build relation of people with our bank. I inform them about
new facilities of bank and convince the people to deal with our bank.

Do you have easily access to the top management?

Yes I can easily access to the top management. We all work in friendly

How you increase your assistant efficiency?
I put a check on them so that they work efficiently. And I also motivate them

Are you guide your assistants?

Yes I guide them to work effectively.

Are you gave any kind of relaxation to your subordinates?

Yes I give relaxation but our target should be achieved.

How you fulfill the requirements of your
If I feel any need of a person then I identify our needs to hire authorities.

Do you have authority to fire the subordinates?

I have no, authority to fire a person but if I feel a need to fire a person then
I report to my boss.

How you train your subordinates?

We guide the new comers that how they should do their work and Locate
the weaknesses of old employees to make more efficient.

How you check the performance of your subordinates?
By comparing actual with benchmark

How you achieve the target?

SET benchmark
Put a check

How you take feedback of your employees?

I take their feedback through their relationship with outsiders.


Kamran Ghani (accountant)
How you make your plan?
There should be No pending work
i Done my work efficiently

What is your vision?

Become manager in coming five year.

What is your mission?

Provide my services efficiently to this bank.

To whom you reports?
I report to account manager.

What is your responsibility?

Recording transactions and
Preparing accounts.

Are you have direct excess to the upper

Yes, off course. I can easily excess to the upper level management any

If you not achieved your objective what you can do?

First I try to my level best.
Mostly achieved before time
Extra time.

Are you motivating your colleagues?
Yes, I motivate them and also
Appreciate them.

Are you solve the problem of your colleagues?

We work cooperatively.
If I am in position to do something for them.
I must do it.

How you fulfill the requirements of human resource?
If there is a lot of burden of work.
I asked my BOSS TO give me another colleague.

Can you give any reward?

No, I just can appreciate to my colleagues.

Are you set the standard of your work?
Yes, I set the standards and try to avoid mistakes.

How you check your performance?

If I am doing properly work and there is consistently best performance and
my boss happy with my work