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North South University

School of Business
Promotional Management
Faculty: Sherina Idrish | Section: 04


September 2nd, 2013


2nd September, 2013

Sherina Idrish
School of Business
North South University
Subject: Report submission of IMC campaign for Canon EOS 60D

Dear Miss,
In accordance to your advice we have prepared a report on IMC campaign for Canon EOS
60D. In preparing this report, we have followed your guidelines. As per your direction, we have
added a lot of information regarding the campaign to market Canon EOS 60D. From this report
we have achieved a lot of basic knowledge about advertising and promotion; we think that it will
help us a lot in our future career.
We sincerely hope this report will fulfill the requirements suggested by you. We truly
appreciated this report. If you have any question after reading this report, let us know.

Sincerely yours,
Zarif Hassan 112-0110-030
Rajvia Hossain 112-0065-030
Saima Siddiqui 111-0974-030
Samsur Rahman 103-0887-030
Nabila Adon 112-0899-030
Sifat Gazi Sitak 112-0004-030

We would like to thank our course instructor Ms. Sherina Idrish, who gave us such a wonderful
opportunity to work on advertising and promotion. An IMC campaign of a product like Canon
EOS 60D gave us the opportunity to show our creativity and taught us more about promotional
management. Without her help, it would have been impossible. Her endless enthusiasm has
encouraged us to work really hard behind the report and finish it within due date. It was a
pleasure doing these works under her instructions. It was a great learning process for all of us.

Page No.



Company overview


Target Market


IMC objectives


Contact points


IMC tools


Execution of the Ad


Media Strategy Planning


Evaluation and Conclusion


TVC execution



Company Overview
Canon is one of the most trusted names among all the brands of camera. Canon Inc. was founded
on August 10, 1937. The headquarters is situated at Tokyo, Japan.
Canon manufactures consumer imaging products including printers, scanners, binoculars,
compact digital cameras, film SLR and digital SLR cameras, lenses and video camcorders.
The Business Solutions division offers print and document solutions for small and medium
businesses, large corporations and governments. These include multi-functional printers, black
and white and color office printers, large format printers, scanners, black and white and color
production printers, as well as software to support these products. Lesser known Canon products
include medical, optical and broadcast products, including ophthalmic and x-ray devices,
broadcast lenses, semiconductors, digital microfilm scanners, and handy terminals.
Among all its products Canons cameras are accepted worldwide for its quality and reliability.
Our advertising campaign is for the Canon EOS DSLR cameras. For every photographer- a
beginner or a professional- Canon EOS DSLR camera is the source of getting excellent quality


Target Market
Geographic: Canon DSLR cameras for the people who love to capture memories. The vibrant
picture quality will attract the people to buy Canon DSLR. We want people of different major
cities of Bangladesh to know about our advertising campaign. The geographic units include:



Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet



Demographic: Canon DSLR cameras are for young adults who want pictures to be perfect in
terms of quality, exposure, lighting and liveliness. Also for people who wants to take
photography as a profession. Our target market has to have the capability to pay a better amount
of disposable income for this.


(The time when people are most
Male and Female
(Both gender love to capture memories)

Family life cycle

Young, Single, Married no children,

Married with children, Unmarried


60,000 BDT and above {per month}

(They have the affordability)


Students, Professional Photographers,

Service holders, Businessperson


Psychological: This segment includesSocial class

Upper middles, lower uppers, upper



Achievers, Strivers


Gregarious, Authoritarian, Ambitious

Behavioral: We will target the market all year and specially on various occasions, those who
want product benefits, loyal customers and user rate. This segment includes:

Regular & Eid, Puja,

Christmas(During the special
occasions when people buy costly


Quality, convenience

User status

First-time user, regular user

Loyalty status


User rates

Heavy user

Attitude towards Product

Enthusiastic; Positive


IMC Objectives
Advertising: To achieve a 25% growth in sales by March 2014

Specific - says what the IMC tool will do (achieve sales growth)

Measurable - states the minimum growth rate (at least 25%)

Achievable this growth rate is achievable by advertising

Relevant this relates to the goal of the IMC campaign

Timely - to be started from 1st September 2013 & will be achieved by 1st March 2014.

Sales Promotion: To gain 40% of the market for DSLR cameras by March 2014

Specific - says what the IMC tool will do (achieve market share)

Measurable - states the minimum percentage (at least 40%)

Achievable this growth in market share is achievable by sales promotion

Relevant this relates to the goal of the IMC campaign

Timely - to be started from 1st September 2013 & will be achieved by 1st March 2014.

Publicity: To increase awareness of the advantage of using Canon 60D from 35% by March

Specific - says what the IMC tool will do (increase awareness)

Measurable - states the minimum growth rate of awareness (at least 35%)

Achievable this growth rate is achievable by publicity

Relevant this relates to the goal of the IMC campaign

Timely - to be started from 1st September 2013 & will be achieved by 1st March 2014.


Interactive Marketing: To increase awareness and preference about Canon 60D by 25% by
March 2014

Specific - says what the IMC tool will do (increase awareness and preference)

Measurable - states the minimum increase rate (at least 25%)

Achievable this growth rate is achievable by interactive marketing

Relevant this relates to the goal of the IMC campaign

Timely - to be started from 1st September 2013 & will be achieved by 1st March 2014.

Personal Selling: To make Canon 60D DSLR camera the preferred brand (60% preference) of
18-40 year old people by March 2014

Specific - says what the IMC tool will do (achieve preference)

Measurable - states the minimum preference rate (at least 60%)

Achievable this growth rate is achievable by personal selling

Relevant this relates to the goal of the IMC campaign

Timely - to be started from 1st September 2013 & will be achieved by 1st March 2014.

Direct Marketing: To achieve a 15% return on capital employed by March 2014

Specific - says what the IMC tool will do (achieve sales growth)

Measurable - states the minimum growth rate (at least 15%)

Achievable this growth rate is achievable by direct marketing

Relevant this relates to the goal of the IMC campaign

Timely - to be started from 1st September 2013 & will be achieved by 1st March 2014.


Contact points
In-Person Customers seek in-person assistance for their needs by visiting retail stores
and other outlets, and also through discussion with company salespeople who visit
customers at their place of business or in their home. It is the most important contact
point for us. Our sales people and staff in the stores will be well equipped with
communication skills and information to provide better services to the customers.
Telephone Customers seeking to make purchases or have a problem solved may find it
more convenient to do so through phone contact. Customers can contact through our
hotline 24/7 for any kind of information or support. Our hotline number is 096CANONCAM.
Internet The fastest growing contact point is through the Internet. The use of the
Internet for purchasing (called electronic commerce) has exploded and is now the leading
method for purchasing certain types of products. The Internet is also a key area where
customers look for help with their purchases. We have website to provide any kind of
information customers need. The website also provides customer reviews from which
customers can get references.
In-Person Product Support Some in-person assistance is not principally intended to
assist with selling but is designed to offer support once a purchase is made. Such services
are handled by delivery people and service/repair technicians. We give 1 year parts
replacement & 5 years service warranty and through this period many customers come
back for support. We always keep our staff ready to provide customers with best
Personal Reference Personal reference is the assistance and reviews people search
from friends, family and other known sources. Personal reference is a contact point we
cannot manipulate or control much. Although we can create a brand recognition and
brand preference through advertising. It is a very important contact point as our product
is a high involvement product and people value opinions of intimate people in these


IMC Tools
TVC: TVC are known as television commercials. It is the most highly used marketing
strategy of different companies. It is possible to reach a huge amount of audiences
through television ads. Today almost every household of our Dhaka city has at least one
television. Moreover with the huge availability of electricity and technological support
television channels are seen across the country. The greatest opportunity of television is
its creativity and impact, coverage and cost effectiveness, captivity and attention,
selectivity and flexibility. We will try to reach a huge amount of audiences through
television commercials. We are planning of making a 30-45 seconds TVC which would
be aired in different television channels to achieve our marketing goal during the
launching of Canon EOS 60D.


Radio: Radio is another important advertising media. It has now evolved into primarily
local advertising medium. Due to quick flourish of radio broadcasting channels, now a
day radio has become an important source of advertising. Radio Today, Radio Foorty,
Radio ABC, Radio Amar will be the main radio endorsement media for Canon EOS
60D. We will be placing advertisements during different prime shows of these radios.
Print media advertisements: Print media advertisements include both the magazine and
newspaper ads. The role of magazine and newspaper ads differ from that of the broadcast
media because they allow the presentation of detailed information that can be processed
at the readers own pace. This media are not intrusive like radio or television and they
generally require some effort on the part of the reader for the advertising message to have
an impact. For these reasons newspaper and magazines are referred to as High
Involvement Media. We include both the magazine and newspaper ads for our
advertising campaign. Thus people will be easily updated about our product.
1. Magazine Ads: Our campaign will provide their promotional advertisements in
different magazines. We are planning to get our ads in C News, Ice Today, The
Star, Mirror, ICT Bangladesh, e Biz etc.
2. Newspaper Ads: There are different newspapers available in our country- The
Daily Star, DainikPrathamAlo, KaalerKonthhoetc. Newspaper is the largest of
all advertising media in terms of total volume so we will publish advertises in
those daily newspapers.



Billboards: Our main objective of billboard advertising would be to catch the attention of
upper class potential people whom we take as our customer. So we will try to get
billboards in eminent areas like Baily road; Mohakhali, Banani, Dhanmondi,
Gulshan, Uttara, Airport Road etc.
We will be placing 10-15 billboards in our prime locations. The billboards will be sized
from 10x10 to 20x20.

10 | P a g e

And through advertising- tvc, print media and radio ads; we will promote our personal selling
process. If anyone wants a demonstration of the Canon 60D in their home, they will just need to
call. And the number can be found in all our advertisements.
The advertisements will also contain information about our Facebook page and website from
where people can download apps. This will link the ads to interactive marketing process.

11 | P a g e

Sales Promotion:

We will launch a sales promotion campaign to promote our product. The campaign will be called
Happiness Is Installments . Everyone can take part in it. People can take pictures with their
desired product and try to express its necessity in his life . They will post the picture in our
Facebook page and the pictures that win the contest will will win a convenient installment
package for his desired SINGER product . device they like and post it to our website or
Facebook page and the pictures that win the contest will win a prize. It will be linked with
interactive marketing because we will use Facebook and website to run our sales promotion
We will also give away discount coupons to those who will call for a demonstration of SINGER
products in their home. This way sales promotion is also linked with our personal selling

12 | P a g e

We will have a campaign for publicity. We will have a van filled with major SINGER home
appliances. Inside the van people will have a complete home feel . The van will be decorated
with all the singer products starting from a fan to a refrigerator. People will get a chance of using
those products for once and our volunteers & officials will make them realize how singer
products can make their life convenient and try to convince them that now everyone can afford
this convenience due to the suitable installment plans of SINGER Bangladesh Limited .. These
van will move around the major areas of the city.

13 | P a g e

Interactive Marketing:
Interactive marketing refers to mostly the internet marketing. Marketing through social networks
like Facebook, Twitter etc are interactive marketing. As in our country the Facebook users are
immense we will greatly target branding of Singer Home Appliance through Facebook. Another
form of marketing that we are planning is internet media marketing. Here we will try to post our
advertisements in different sites or blogs so that it can catch the attention of people and arouse
interest regarding our products & its installment benefits
We will have our own website designed where customers can know about the product,
explain them our installment plans to show that how easier we made it for the customers
We will show the key features of our products
We will have a Facebook Page through which our customers will stay connected to us.
They will be able to share their reviews on that Facebook page.
We will also be in Twitter. By this we will be able to capture many customers.
We will upload our ads on YouTube so that customer can share their reviews.
We will have a mobile phone app designed called the SINGER Installments . With this
app people can look for the installment packages for their desired singer products .They
can also call for our personal selling agent with the app for a free demonstration of the

14 | P a g e

15 | P a g e

Personal Selling:
Personal Selling is the oral presentations made by the individual salesperson. In this case a
conversation with one or more prospective buyers who intended to create sales.
For a high involvement product like Singer Home appliances personal selling can be very
helpful. We will use this tool of IMC in a unique way. Our initiative will be unique in a sense
that we will have a hotline where people will call for ordering demonstration. After getting call
our sales person will go to that persons house and demonstrate the product and also give him/her
a special discount offer for actual purchase.
The personal selling effort will help us to make our target market to be more familiarized with
our product which enhance our loyalty and help us build strong relationship with our customers.

16 | P a g e

Support Media:
Support media is an off stream media for mid to large companies to ensure better reach,
reinforcements and it supports main stream media.
We will be using support media to better interact with our target market and increase their
interest on SINGER home appliances product
Aerial Advertising: Aerial billboards will be used in the prime areas of Dhaka city
which will attract people. This initiative will increase the brand value and people will be
more interested in our product.

17 | P a g e

Mobile Billboards: In the prime locations of Dhaka city we will arrange mobile
billboards. It will be small carts where people can take their own pictures and see how
spectacular the features of Singer products

18 | P a g e

Execution of the Ad
Television Commercial:
One of the main promotional tools for our marketing campaign is Television Commercial (TVC).
Our TVC will be broadcasted in different channels. It will have the following points:
Source: The term Source is used to mean the person involved in communicating a marketing
message. This communication can be either directly or indirectly.
A direct source is where a spokesperson directly delivers the message and/or endorses the
product or service.
On the other hand, in indirect source is where the model does not actually directly talk about the
product or service rather, draws attention to the subject and enhances its attraction through
various ways.
For the Television Commercial (TVC) of Canon EOS 60D, we will be using indirect source.
We want to increase the credibility of our TVC by using indirect source. In our TVC we will
take common faces with which our target market can easily relate them. This will be more
credible and thus people will be more inspired to buy our product. As marketers, we know that
people like those messages which are more similar to them. So, applying similarity with the lives
of our target audience will enhance favorable response for Canon EOS 60D.

Message: Message is the main information, meaning, and idea the sources of a promotional
activity wants to convey. It can be verbal or non-verbal but must be appropriate for the channel
of communication.
For the advertisement of Canon EOS 60D our main emphasize will be on visual or non-verbal
message. Since our product is a DSLR camera, people will be looking for visually attractive
messages. The vibrant colors, scenarios, and ambience will make our ad visually soothing to our
target audience. We will also use verbal messages. We will exclusively highlight the features of
Canon EOS 60D. It will be like icing on the cake.

19 | P a g e

Semiotics: Semiotics is words, gesture, myths, signs, models, look and feel etc. that are needed
to be allied with the message. In our ad we will use them as follows:
Words Describing the features of Canon EOS 60D
Models Our models will be faces with which our target audience can relate their lives
Look The look of our TVC will be vibrant and live. This will give our audience an
exciting and inspiring feeling to buy our product.
Feel We want the target market to feel their lives through our ad. They will be delighted
to see the similarity.

Advertising Appeal: Advertising appeal refers to the approach used to attract the attention of
consumer and/or to influence their feelings towards the product/service/cause. Different types of
appeals are there to attract the consumers Informational, Emotional, Combination of
Informational and Emotional and Others (Seasonal, Festival, Teaser, and reminder).
For the TVC of Canon EOS 60D we will be using the Combination of Informational and
Emotional appeal. Advertising appeal is described below:
For emotional appeal we will use both individuals self-related feelings and individuals
group-related feelings. Love, affection, happiness, joy, excitement etc. will be used for
exhibiting individuals self-related feelings. Stimulation, affiliation, enjoyment etc. will
be used for exhibiting group-related feelings.
We will combine the scenario with the features of our product. Here informational appeal
will be used to focus products beneficiary traits.

Theme: Theme refers to the total ambience of the ad which will be executed in the TVC. The
theme for TVC of Canon EOS 60D will be based on family, friendship, love, and celebration.
We will portray whatever people all do in their day-to-day lives. Our theme will kindle peoples
feelings regarding their own lives and thus motivate to buy Canon EOS 60D.

20 | P a g e

Slogan: Slogan is the basic sentence which will explain the whole of a product. For Canon EOS
60D the slogan isChoose Your Own Angle

Major Selling Ideas: Major selling ideas are key benefits of a product or service that will attract
the target market. We have used unique selling proposition. We plan to show the major selling
ideas of Canon EOS 60D in a very attractive way so that people can easily catch our message
and understand how owning a canon EOS 60D will benefit them. Major selling ideas or features
of Canon EOS 60D are
Capture shots continuously at 5.3 frames per second
Shoot at unusual angles on the vari-angle LCD
Capture exquisite detail with 18 mega pixels
Great in low light with DIGIC4 processing
Easily take creative control with basic+

Execution Style: The success of an advertisement highly depends on the execution style. By the
name we can understand it refers to the idea that how the ad will be portrayed in front of the
target audience.
For the execution of the TVC of Canon EOS 60D we will be using a combination of the
following styles
Factual Message Factual Message is showing features and other onformation of the
product or service. As Canon EOS 60D is a high involvement product, we will show the
target audience what are the specialties of the camera through our TVC.
Demonstration Showing key benefits. Each moment of the TVC will demonstrate a key
advantage of buying Canon EOS 60D.
Dramatization - Dramatization focuses on telling a short story with the product or service.
The purpose of using drama is to draw the viewer in to the action it portrays. The good
side of dramatization is when it is successful; audience becomes lost in the story and
experiences, the concerns and feelings of the character. We are trying to portray drama

21 | P a g e

into our execution style to make it more acceptable by the viewers. This way, viewers
will be concerned about their feelings and will be influenced in buying our product.
We will be using radio ads to promote the features of our product. The radio advertisement will
be a reminder ad so that people do not forget about our product and its specialty.

Print Advertisements:
Creative Tactics: The following creative tactics will be used for print ads Headlines
Visual Elements Colors, styles, models etc.
Appeals: The appeal for print ads will be a combination of the following
Factual Message We will promote the features through print ad. Our ads will be
enriched with differentiated point of values.
Imagery Special images will be used to demonstrate the key advantages of our product.
By this people will be able to easily grasp the specialty of our Cano EOS 60D.
Dramatization We will portray the simple, day-to-day life stories in a very colorful and
vibrant manner to crate drama that will attract people.

This is how we are planning on executing our whole promotional campaign for Canon EOS 60D.

22 | P a g e

Media Strategy Planning

Market Analysis:
Target market: We will mainly target 2 age groups and they are the age groups of 18-30 and
The age group of 18-30 will mainly include our young target customers.
They will consist of students from colleges, universities and people who have just entered into
their new professional careers. The trend of photography and the popularity of the canon 60D
can mainly be observed within this group. It is because of the fact that this group consists of the
youth who like to hang out, travel and spend a lot of time with their friends and in the process
they do click a lot of high quality photos to share it through their respective social networks. This
group also consists of a lot of enthusiastic photographers.
The age group of 30-50 will mainly include our middle aged customers. They will consists of
business persons, corporate officials and financially well to do individuals with families. This
group will also include not only enthusiastic photographers but also professional level
photographers. And the camera that they buy will be bought through their own money.

23 | P a g e

Location of media:
Brand Development Index: Since we will be starting our business of marketing the canon 60D
first in Dhaka, we will be trying to identify the canons strength as a brand compared to its
competitors in Dhaka.
Percentage of Dhaka population to the Bangladesh population is 47% and the percentage of
Dhaka sales of Canon to the sales of entire Bangladesh is 65%.
Hence the BDI of Canon for Dhaka = (65%/47%)*100 = 138.3.
The index number is quite high which shows that there is a good potential for the brand in the

Category Development Index: Since there is good potential for the sales of canon in the
market, we will then try to find out the potential sales of the Canon 60D cameras in the market of
Percentage of Dhaka population to the Bangladesh population is 47% and the percentage of
Dhaka sales of Canon 60D to the sales of entire Bangladesh is 70%.
Hence the CDI of Canon 60D for Dhaka= (70%/47%)*100 = 149.
The index number is higher than the BDI which shows that the sale of potential of the Canon
60D in the market is even better than that of the brand potential.

So our BDI and CDI matrix for the sales potential of Canon 60D in Dhaka will include both high
CDI and high BDI.

Media Objective (SMART): To achieve a 25% growth in sales by March 2014

24 | P a g e

Media strategy development and implementation:

a) Media Mix: since it is a product that requires demonstration, we will use TVC, radio.
We will also use various forms of print media.
The budget will be unlimited but will be used in the most efficient way possible to
avoid excessive costs and expenditures but the quality of the promotions will be
maintained to the highest of levels and also to ensure that we are able to properly
communicate with the target market and make our expected sales.
b) Target market coverage: Since the budget is unlimited, initially in the beginning we
will do coverage that exceeds our target market. In this way we will not only be able
to communicate with our target customers but also draw the attention of the other
potential markets. This will confirm coverage done to the target market and as well as
coverage done to other potential markets and increase the possibility of converting the
potential markets into one of our major target markets and increase the percentage of
sales and profitability.
c) Geographic Coverage: Since this is quite a high involvement product for the general
people of Bangladesh and since it is a technological product and involves financially
well to do customers, it would not be wise enough to do the coverage of the Canon
60D in rural areas and small towns. Instead, other than its coverage in Dhaka, the
product will also be promoted in some other major cities such as Chittagong, Sylhet
and Rajshahi because these areas also consists of our potential target customers and
the coverage done would draw their attention.
d) Scheduling: We will use the method of continuity to provide maximum exposure to
our target market. Advertisements will be shown on the selected respective channels
everyday during the peak time (majority of the people watching the TV) in a regular
continuous pattern. In this way the ads will act as a constant reminder of the product,
about the product features and its seasonal offers. Continuous communications will
also help to maintain and hold onto the loyal customers which otherwise would result
them getting drawn towards the major competitors due to the gaps created. So no
such opportunities will be provided to the competitors.
25 | P a g e

Reach vs. Frequency

Canon 60D is a latest product. So we require a very high level of reach. We are planning to
introduce a specific ad for Canon 60D. And we are going to expose as much as possible. We will
place the ad in different media vehicle and aim to get the full attention of the audience. We
believe that we are going to obtain Duplicated Reach & Unduplicated Reach. We will place
the same ad in different media vehicle in same time so that we can capture all of our targeting
We are setting up to launch a creative ad so that we can grab the attention of the consumers. The
creativity of the communication always captures the attention. We will comprise some ingredient
such as love, joy, excitement, surprise to build the ad memorable. We will make use of the best
media vehicle to grab the potential consumers. We consider that we are attaining high number of
exposed in the specific period of time.

26 | P a g e

Measures of the potential reach:

Program rating:

We have intended to choose those media vehicle which program rating is high. If we desire to
reach our potential customers we have to consider best media vehicle. We are hitting to all the
best channels in BD & would like to catch best programs as a media vehicle. We would like to
target this channels & media vehicle:
Btv [ Magazine program, Ittadi ]
Ntv [ Music Jamz ]
ATN Bangla [ ATN News ]
Channel i [ Hridoye Mati O Manush ]
Rtv [ Rtv News ]
Independent [ Bangladeh Protidin ]
Ekattor Tv [ Music Buzz ]
Gazi Tv [ News ]
Ekushey Tv [ Music Lab ]
Channel 24 [ News ]
Channel 9 [ Power Voice ]
Somoy Tv [ Somoy news ]
Desh tv [ World Music ]
SA Tv [ Bangladesh Idol ]

27 | P a g e

Through the market research we assume that the number of households with TV sets is 10
million & combining all the program rating is 70%, then the potential reach is 0.70*10 = 7
We are setting up to do Radio Commercials. We are targeting following FM Radio Channels:
Radio Today
Radio Foorty
ABC Radio
Radio Amar
Peoples Radio
We will catch the better time schedule for showing our ad.
Gross Ratin Point (GRP)
Now we have planned to advertise to 70% of our target audience & we will give them at least 8
exposures, so we would have 560 GRPs. We are predicting that the average GRP goal for this
Product is 5000 in a year.
Target Rating Point (TRP)
We identify that we have 560 GRPs for a television spot & our targeted audience is 70%.
TRP = 560*0.70 = 392

Creativity & Mood:

We chose media vehicles according to our product so that the creativity is increased by creating a
We are following certain condition to give a require flexibility of our product.
28 | P a g e

Market opportunities:
As we have said that Canon 60D is an innovative product. Company is trying to improve its
quality day by day. And company is planning to add new ingredients in following upgrade. So
Canon 60D can maintain its sustainability in competitive market.
Market Threats:
Undoubtedly, Nikon is the major competitor for the Canon. Canon is trying to be unique in the
competitive market. Canon 60D is a unique product in nature and it will be updated in next
edition. So its flexible enough to respond competitors strategy.
Availability of media:
It is really hard to get the desire media vehicle. So we are heading to consults with the agency. If
we face any certain problem for getting desire media vehicle we will contact with them. And
they will be acting like Backup.
Changes in Media vehicle:
Throughout the campaign if we get any problem regarding media vehicle we will come up with
PR events & we will be more focused on social media. And we can provide some viral video
through the internet.

29 | P a g e

Evaluation and Conclusion

We will evaluate on the basis of:
Target market reach
Achievement of objectives
We will have back up plans. And we will also have plans to boost the sales more in the future.

The IMC campaign for Canon EOS 60D will cover 360 degree of a marketing plan. Hopefully
this plan will fulfill all of its objectives and help Canon EOS 60D to capture the market in

30 | P a g e

TVC Execution
The tvc will show a boys life and how Canon 60D plays a huge role in his life since he unfolds
it. How he uses his favorite camera to capture each moment of his life.
Canon EOS 60D allows him to click the dear moments of his family life with his siblings. He
loves to admire those moments and his camera provided him with the scope of preserving those
moments. With the vari-angle LCD he could shoot himself with the camera and at the same time
looked at the monitor to see if the picture was being taken perfectly.
The enjoyable and funny moments of his life are also always with him through Canon EOS 60D.
This scene reflects the nature of the fun-loving people. How they enjoy with their friends and
how Canon can enable them to capture those precious moments. As Canon EOS 60D captures
shots continuously at 5.3 frames per second he could take clear pictures of his friends even when
they were continuously moving. At the same time he could capture exquisite details with 18
mega pixels Canon EOS 60D.
The romance is also not missed by Canon EOS 60D. When the boy kneels down to the love of
his life Canon is there to preserve the sparkles of this timeless moment. His friend could capture
this precious moment for him as anyone can easily take creative control of Canon EOS 60D with
Canon helps users to relieve the celebrations of their lives. In this scene we will show how the
boy captures each moment of celebration for ever. It is great in low light with DIGIC 4

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Retrieved from
Retrieved from

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