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For us, students in Slovenia it was really hard to find some famous women journalists that worked
in the same time as Annie Laurie in USA. But after a hard work we found some women journalists
in Europe. One of them was Gertrud David (1872 - 1936) who was a German journalist, film
producer, director, and screenwriter. In 1917 she wrote a screenplay for a film ''The Outlaw'' which
was about the fate of illegitimate children, who were the victims of society. Another woman
journalist was Madeleine Riffaud (1924 - ). She was a french poet, journalist, war correspondent
and previously a member of the French Resistance. In 1945 when the war ended, she became a
journalist, and reported on the Algerian War for the French communist newspaper L'Humanite. We
also found an old science magazine in Slovenia (Teorija in praksa) Theory and Practise (in 1968),
where she was mentioned as a journalist who said: ''The extermination of children was as it was a
part of the projected plan''. Another woman was Genevive Tabouis (1892 1985), who was a
french historian and journalist. In 1924, she began writing articles about the League of Nations for
the Petit Marseillais and Petite Gironde, two large provincial newspapers. In 1932 she began
writing a daily column for the Paris newspaper L'uvre. She became the Foreign Editor of L'uvre
in 1936. In New York, she wrote for New York's Daily Mirror and for London's Sunday Dispatch
and edited the French-language Pour la victoire. Another woman was spanish writer, journalist,
feminist, and suffragist Rosa Maria Arquimbau (1910 1991). Writing on topics such as
secularism, the death penalty, fashion, women's prisons, politics, morality, and Mussolini
antifeminism, her articles often caused controversy with more conservative newspapers. Another
one was Louise Weiss (1893 1983), a French author, journalist, feminist and European politician.
From 1918 to 1934, she was the publisher of the magazine, L'Europe Nouvelle. She was a member
of the Patriam Recuperare network, and she was chief editor of the secret magazine, "Nouvelle
Rpublique''. During WW1 she published her first press reports under a pseudonym. Karin
Michalis (1872 1950) was a Danish journalist and author. Among the articles she wrote for
American magazines were a two-part series for Munsey's Magazine in 1913, entitled "Why Are
Women Less Truthful Than Men" (available at:
and an interview with Woodrow Wilson for Living Age Magazine in 1925, "On President Wilson's
Trail" (available at: