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Obliterator Virus,

Born in the Eye of terror, the daemonic disease spreads slowly through the galax
y, as more people get contaminated, whether willingly or accidentally. As the vi
rus spreads in its victim's body, the latter is allowed to merge with more warge
ar, eventually becoming a mindless living weapon.
If a character makes physical contact with an infected character, he has a 10% c
hance to catch the illness. Each attack dealt by an infected character leads to
test chance this way. Additionally, it might be possible to get a vial containin
g the virus (needless to say "very rare" is an euphemism in this case) and injec
ting it to someone, in which case the said character is immediately infected. Wh
en infected, the character must make a WP test every month, then a Toughness tes
t if the first failed. If both tests fail the infection grows one stage further.
If the character wishes to invite the infection, then the virus automatically a
dvances by one stage each month. A character may only invite the infection if he
or she is aware of it. Each stage grants the character 10 corruption points
Stage 1 : No obvious effects, although the victim is a carrier and can infect ot
hers. It is up to the GM whether the character is aware of his condition.
Stage 2 : The victim finds that weapons sit more naturally in his hands, becomin
g extensions of himself, helping him to aim and control firearms more effectivel
y. He gains the Gunslinger and Hip shooting Talents if he does not already have
Stage 3 : The victim finds himself starting to physically merge with weapons if
he holds them for long enough. More disturbingly, he starts to generate ammuniti
on. The character always counts as having reloads for las, SP, primitive firearm
s and bolt ammunition (but not for special types of ammo) and counts as having t
he Rapid reload Talent. In addition, he will now be aware that something is very
wrong with him.
Stage 4 : Any armour the victim wears can no longer be removed and seems to be a
part of him, regenerating damage, but the character is also starting to find mo
vement more difficult. The character suffers -1 to his Agi bonus to determine hi
s movement up to a minimum of 1 and gains the Regeneration Trait.
Stage 5 : The victim finds he can absorb small weapons, calling them out of his
body at will, but the disease is taking its toll on his sanity. The character wi
ll absorb any small weapon held, up to a maximum of five pistols or knives (incl
uding special knives). He cannot resist absorbing weapons if he holds them and h
as absorbed fewer than five weapons. He can always draw these in either hand and
will never drop them. He also gains the Quick Draw Trait when using these weapo
ns. Additionally, he always counts as having the appropriate weapon training tal
ent to use them. However, he gains 1d10+5 insanity points and loses the ability
to use one randomly determined psychic power (if he has any). He may no longer l
earn new psychic powers.
Stage 6 : The victim's body is now generating its own daemonic pseudo-metal-fles
h, adding to the character's armour and bulk and allowing him to absorb larger a
nd more complex weapons. However, the victim's condition is deteriorating badly.
Absorbed weapons bulge and boil beneath his metal flesh and no one could mistak
e him for human any more. Add D5 armour to all locations (roll once for all loca
tions). The character may absorb up to four basic weapons or close combat weapon
s in addition to the weapons already absorbed. The character suffers an addition
al -1 to his Agi bonus to determine his movement (to a minimum of 1) and 1D10 in
sanity points. The character may not sprint.
Stage 7 : The victim's body is adapting to its condition and adding strength and

fortitude to support the massively increasing weight. The character gains D10+2
strength and D10+2 toughness. He also gains another D5 armour on all locations
(roll once).
Stage 8 : The victim's body can now generate more complex items than just absorb
ed weapons, including bionic limbs and organs. The victim's metal and organic pa
rts are now indistinguishable. Test WP at the start of each gaming session. On a
success, the character can generate any good bionic limb or any tool the DM dee
ms appropriate. The character cannot dodge and has a fear rating of 1
Stage 9 : The character has fulfilled his transformation and has became an oblit
erator. He's removed from game.
An infected character can be detected by the psyniscience skill. The character m
ight be exorcise just as he's possessed.