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"The common Ogryn is large and physically powerful, but lacking in intellect or
insight. Their physique is their primary advantage, as soldiers and labourers, b
ut their dull-witted nature and simple obedience make them enthusiastic servants
of Him-on-Terra, as loyal bodyguards and willing enforcers. Indeed, their unque
stioning obedience makes them almost incorruptible, mainly because they lack the
wit to even understand corruption."
Ogryn H,
Humankind colonised a vast range of worlds during the original expansions, and a
s can be expected, many of those worlds left their mark on the generations of pe
ople raised upon them. Harsh, cold, high-gravity worlds, commonly used as prison
planets by the petty human star empires of ancient times, led to the developmen
t of human beings into Homo sapiens giganticus
better known as Ogryns.
Ogryn Evolution,
Ogryns are built to survive. Everything else is secondary. Their kind is the pro
duct of harsh, uncaring worlds with little food beyond competing predators and r
ugged herbivores.
The most obvious facet of this is their size. The average Ogryn stands between 2
.5 and 3 metres tall, and are far bulkier and more muscular than humans, having
a muscle mass to height ratio of about double that of a human being. All in all,
the Ogryn is built to be able to fight and win against fierce predators, with o
nly the most primitive and rudimentary of weaponry.
The other most notable facet of their evolution is their digestive system. The w
orlds upon which Ogryns came to exist in the first place were comparatively barr
en, lacking in many of the foodstuffs that most humans take for granted. As a re
sult, the Ogryn digestive system is rugged and efficient, able to derive nourish
ment from even the most unpalatable and inedible of organic substances. Further,
the already prodigious bulk of Ogryns is often enhanced by vast reserves of sto
red food, developed because few Ogryns know where or when the next meal will be
coming from.
All this, however, comes at a price. Ogryns are not the most intelligent of crea
tures. As a result of generations of brutal survival and nothing else, in situat
ions where higher reasoning was utterly unnecessary, the Ogryn brain is atrophie
d. In the most basic terms, Ogryns are stupid. However, their adaptations mean t
hat, on their terms
those of fighting, eating and general survival Ogryns have a
great many advantages.
Ogryn Appearance,
Ogryns would look almost farcical if not for their sheer size and aggressive tem
perament. Hugely-built, with thick, heavy bones beneath thicker, heavier slabs o
f dense muscle, often layered with thick layers of fat and thick, hairy skin, th
ey resemble crudely-made oversized humans. Their skulls
large and solidly-constr
ucted seem disproportionately big, with heavy brows and almost tusk-like teeth g
iving them an almost feral mien.
Almost all Ogryns are scarred and battered from a lifetime of fighting. Such is
the brutality and resilience of such creatures that even friendly altercations (
and Ogryns are such enthusiastic fighters that such altercations are commonplace
, even expected) lead to injuries.
The majority of Ogryns maintain a personal appearance in keeping with the crude

cultures of their homeworlds

furs, coarse cloth, animal hides and primitive chai
n armour are all commonplace, and often accompanied by ritual tattoos, body-pain
ting and scarification. Their hair varies from thick and coarse, and generally d
ark in colour, to naturally bald in some cases. Those inducted into the Imperial
Guard often adopt the styles of the military, shaving their heads or wearing th
eir hair close-cropped, wearing heavy boots (Ogryn-issue boots normally weigh in
the region of 5 kilograms each), and fatigue-style clothing. This is combined w
ith devotional tattoos regimental insignia and crude examples of the Aquila and
other symbols of the Imperium.
Ogryns are notable for their lack of hygiene. Few Ogryns wash regularly and most
are infested with some form of parasite, some of which can be quite disturbingl
y large
sometimes as large as rats! Some of these parasite colonies are even cul
tivated by their "owners? as emergency food supplies or even as pets. However, s
uch is their hardiness that few Ogryns are ever particularly bothered by the res
ults of their lack of cleanliness.
Ogryn PCs,
Ogryn Characters are those who have demonstrated more than the usual level of in
sight. They are more resilient, stronger and more intimidating than even the lar
gest, most savage Feral Worlder, and tend to be almost childlike in their obedie
nce to superiors and representatives of the Imperial Creed.
However, Ogryns are not intelligent creatures, and tend to be tactless and highl
y literal in social situations. Ogryn characters are more adept at such tasks th
an most, and may one day be given the biological and Augmetic enhancements requi
red to give them near-human intellect, but by human standards, an Ogryn is slowwitted and naive.
Ogryn Characteristics,
WS 2d10+20. BS 2d10+15. Str 2d10+30. Tgh 2d10+30. Agi 2d10+15. Int 2d10+15. Per
2d10+20. WP 2d10+20. Fel 2d10+10. Wnds 1d5+20.
Fate points,
1-6 7-10
1 2
Ogryn Careers,
Ogryns may take the following Career Paths,
Ogryns are commonly "trained" to serve alongside the Imperial Guard, making use
of their size, resilience and devotion as shock assault troops or bodyguards for
officers and Commissars. Those that go far are often augmented into "Bone'eads"
, allowing them to lead others of their kind.
Ogryn scum comprise most other Ogryn characters, be they laborers or merely shif
tless outcasts. Lacking in subtlety, charisma or ambition, they tend to act as e
nforcers and thugs for those who take them in, or simply roam around beating peo
ple up for food and money. Even then, Ogryns take quickly to the Imperial Creed,
and are intolerant of those who turn against the Imperium, meaning that they ra
rely serve anti-Imperial cults unless deceived about their employer's nature.

Ogryn Skills
Ogryns are natural survivors, able to endure in the harshest environments with l
ittle difficulty. Ogryns gain the Survival skill.
Ogryn Traits,
The size and undeveloped mind of an Ogryn makes him reluctant to enter small, da
rk spaces.
Penalty: You must pass a Willpower test to enter any darkened, confined space, s
uch as a cave, sewer, or the transport compartment of a Chimera. Failure results
in you refusing to enter, and it takes 1 minute before you can summon up the co
urage to try again. Though this is not a Fear test, effects and abilities that i
nfluence Fear tests also affect this ability (so, for example, a character with
the Iron Discipline talent could allow an Ogryn character to re-roll his Willpow
er test to enter a dark tunnel).
Ogryns are slow to learn new skills.
Penalty: You must pay twice the normal experience cost to learn Intelligence and
Fellowship-based skills, with the exception of the Survival skill (see below),
and cannot ever use or learn the Logic, Scholastic Lore or Forbidden Lore skills
. This trait is removed should you gain the Bone'ead augmentation.
Densely Built,
Ogryns originate from cold, high-gravity worlds, making them resistant to the de
leterious effects of such environments.
Benefit:You ignore the normal penalties associated with high-gravity environment
s, and gain a +10 bonus on all tests to resist the effects of exposure to the co
ld. In addition, you have the Unnatural Strength and Unnatural Toughness traits.
Natural Survivor,
Ogryns survive with a natural ease quite at odds with their otherwise dull wits.
Benefit:You may treat Survival as a Perception-based skill instead of an Intelli
gence-based skill.
Ogryns typically stand about three meters tall, and a little more than half that
wide, towering over even Space Marines. Consider Height and weight to be Double
that of a Human Feral Worlder.
Benefit:You gain the Hulking trait, meaning that your movement is based on your
Agility Bonus +1, you suffer a -10 penalty to Concealment tests, and enemies att
acking you gain a +10 bonus. Increase WS, S and T by +10 and +D10 wounds. This a

lso means that it can be difficult to use some items and weapons built for human
use, at the GMs discretion. As a guideline, treat Ogryn-sized weapons and armou
r as twice the normal cost for human-sized equivalents.
Bionic Ogryn Neural Enhancement,
BONE'ead, cost 2500, Avail Scarce,
Bionic Ogryn Neural Enhancement, also known as Biochemical Ogryn Neural Enhancem
ent, is a procedure sometimes performed on Ogryns who have demonstrated intellec
t and insight above the norm. Using a combination of Augmetic implants, biochemi
cal treatments, electro-shock therapy and surgery, the subject's brain is enhanc
ed, allowing it to operate more efficiently than a normal Ogryn's brain. An Ogry
n who has undergone this procedure is known as a BONE'ead, a title which is worn
with pride by those granted it. This procedure is performed as per the Attachin
g Bionics and Implants sidebar in the Armoury chapter of the rulebook, as well a
s requiring a six-week course of drugs to be administered.
An Ogryn BONE'ead loses, and no longer suffers from, the Uneducated trait, and c
an spend experience on Intelligence and Fellowship-based skills normally.