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Gospel doctrine Lesson One  

That Ye Might
Believe that Jesus is
the Christ  



To encourage
class members to
strengthen their
testimonies of
Jesus Christ by
studying the New


Read  the  following  scriptures.  As  you  read  them  determine  which  aspects  of  the  
Savior’s  ministry  are  being  prophesied  and  reflect  upon  how  you  have  seen  these  
manifest  in  both  the  scriptures  and  in  your  own  life.    
Isaiah 61:1
Isaiah 61:1
Isaiah 61:1
Isaiah 61:2
Luke 3:5 JST
Luke 3:5 JST
Luke 3:5 JST
Luke 3:7 JST
Luke 3:7 JST
Luke 3:9 JST

Prophecy of
the Savior

How have you seen this prophecy be
fulfilled in the scriptures? In your own life?

How do you feel as you think of
everything the Savior has done for us?

“We  solemnly  tes?fy  that  

His  life,  which  is  central  
to  all  human  history,  
neither  began  in  
Bethlehem  nor  
concluded  on  Calvary.  He  
was  the  firstborn  of  the  
the  Father,  the  Only  
BegoGen  Son  in  the  flesh,  
the  Redeemer  of  the  
The  Living  Christ  

John 1:1-3  

According  to  Alma      ,  what  six  
things  did  the  Savior  want  to  
experience  while  in  mortality?    

“In the beginning…” The words used to
open the Gospel of John are the same
two words used to open the Old
Testament. That is not an accident. It
is a testimony of one of the most
important characteristics of our
Savior, Jesus Christ, his eternal nature.
Before there was any created matter,
there was the Son of God. And
before there was man on the earth,
there was a plan to redeem him.
“Who hath saved us, and called us with
an holy calling, not according to our
works, but according to his own
purpose and grace, which was given us
in Christ Jesus before the world
2 Timothy 1:9

Read John 1:1 and John 1:14. Fill in the blanks
In the beginning was
and the Word

, and the Word was with
God. And the Word was made

dwelt among us, (and we beheld his

, the glory of the only

of the only Begotten of the

), full of grace and

“The Word” is a title of Jesus
Christ found in several places in
the scriptures (Revelation 19:13; D&C
93:8-10; Moses 1:32). Elder M. Russell
Nelson taught, “In the Greek
language of the New Testament,
that Word was Logos, or
‘expression’. That terminology
may seem strange, but it is
appropriate. We use our words to
convey our expression to others.
So Jesus was the Word, or the
expression, of His Father to the
world”. (Jesus Christ: Our Master
and More,” Ensign, April 2000,4).
In the Old Testament, God
regularly acts by means of his
word. What he says, happens—in
Genesis itself, and regularly
thereafter. In the creation story,
God’s word goes out of his
mouth and brings forth life. In
the New Testament, God’s word
becomes flesh, and again brings
life; this time life eternal through
the gift of His son Jesus Christ

, and

Learning  through  Music  


Read  through  Hymn  #274  ‘The  Iron  Rod”.  
How  can  you  ?e  the  doctrine  taught  in  this  
hymn  to  the  doctrine  found  in  John  1?  

When people want to know what God
is like, they can look at Jesus, God’s
expression. If they want to know what
Jesus is like, they should be able to look
at his followers. Can people see Christ
in your life and in your actions?

What  was  John’s  purpose  in  
wri?ng  his  tes?mony?  
John 20:31
But these are
written, that ye
might believe that
Jesus is the Christ,
the Son of God; and
that believing ye
might have life
through his name.

What  can  we  do  as  individuals  to  
strengthen  our  tes?monies  of  
Christ  as  we  study  the  New  
Testament  this  year?  

Just For You

Want to know the best part about the
Son of God becoming mortal? It’s not
that he chose to trade His throne of
stars for a crib filled with hay. It’s not
that he rho created time, now had to
wear a wristwatch. It’’s not that he who
was blameless came to be suffer for our
sins. The best part is, that he did it just
for you.
The scriptures are not simply a
bunch of stories designed to
teach us about what God did.
The scriptures exist to teach us
what God does. The same hope,
the same gifts, and the same
salvation recorded in the
scriptures are available to you.
The scriptures are a dynamic,
hopeful representation of God’s
plans for your future. How can
you personalize the messages
found in the scriptures as you
study the New Testament this