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December 2014

Northeast Wisconsin

you to your
best self
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this holiday season
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Complimentary towels and amenities
Radiant floor heating in pool area
4 lane lap pool and 10 person
Cardiovascular training center with
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Extensive variety of strength

training equipment

Mens and womens soothing steam

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Outdoor tennis
Relaxing cafe to enjoy FREE coffee
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730 LAKE PARK RD, MENASHA | 920-882-8900


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Balanced hormones
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Natural Options - Healthy Lives

Stay Sane, Slim and Sexy!

Join hormone expert Randi Mann, NP at this
educational and entertaining seminar.
Women only! Join us for an informative look at how hormone
changes affect us at every age. This seminar is designed to help
women make informed choices about bioidentical hormone
therapy, PMS, perimenopause, menopause, hypothyroidism,
adrenal dysfunction and sexual health treatments to feel happy,
energetic and sensual no matter how old you are!

As Wise Woman Wellness enters our

sixth year of business and service to our
community, Id like to take the opportunity to
say thank you. I feel privileged to have met
and to work with many incredible women.
I look forward to the future and
many more years with you.

Friday, December 5 8:30-11 a.m.

Tuesday, December 9 5:30-8 p.m.
Tuesday, December 30 5:30-8 p.m.

May your holidays be joyful!

$25 each or $20 each with a friend.

Owner, Wise Woman Wellness, LLC

Wise Woman Wellness is the areas first innovative

hormone and wellness center, specializing in holistic,
integrative and functional medicine, integrated care and
use of customized, low-dose bioidentical hormones.

Randi Mann, NP

1480 Swan Road, De Pere | (920) 339-5252
New patients welcome. No referral needed.




Coaching you to your best self: Achieve your

health goals with Foxxie Fitness & Wellness

DULCIE BOSI-SCHMIDT, owner of Foxxie Fitness & Wellness
Photos by Melissa Alderton Photography.


Great green gifts!


Watch out for these 4 holiday hazards


Could caffeine be making you feel tired but wired?

10 Your neck is worth remembering

An aerial education

12 A Christmas countdown to good health


16 Holiday hassle or holiday happiness?

A practice that fosters all
learning styles

22 Lasting gifts


24 Healthy in spirit: A holiday to remember

Give yourself the gift of saving


Gluten-Free Cajun Pasta


Jane finds a caring and experienced
advocate for her natural birth plan


St. Johns wort



Natures Pathways | December 2014



be Healthy!

December 2014 | Natures Pathways

26 New year, new you!
28 The historical journey of massage therapy
30 The best defense for deadly viruses
34 A celebration in honor of her royal highness, Princess Zoey
36 From counselor to life coach
38 What on earth is Rolfing SI?


40 A drug-free alternative for treating depression and anxiety

42 A holiday gift to your trash can
44 Body mass index (BMI) and health
46 Color light ray frequencies
51 Homemade sugar scrub cubes
52 How to prevent and heal disease as we enter cold and flu season
54 Stained finishes, naturally
56 You can heal your life
58 Whats on your table for family gatherings?
60 Peace in preparedness
62 Trying to lose weight? Dont be fooled by food labels!


65 The science behind fear and how to keep it under control

66 Alpaca apparel
68 Throw snow without throwing out your back
71 The psychologists role in nursing homes and hospice
72 Living life through ayurveda
74 How do you know when it is time to consider a hearing aid?
77 Should diabetics and pre-diabetics go fat free?

To provide relevant information on personal wellness by connecting
healthy living experts with the communities they serve.




Great green gifts!

The holiday season is a wonderful time filled with friends, family and fun. But there
can be a downside: waste and we dont mean used wrapping paper. Unfortunately
for our environment, most of the mass-produced gadgets and knick-knacks currently
for sale in the big-box stores will all too soon find their way into landfills.
So this year, why not give a gift to the Earth, as well as your loved ones? Try out
these ideas:

Instead of buying new garland, centerpieces, ornaments and other items that cant
be used for purposes outside of the holidays, why not create some decorations out
of materials that can be recycled or reused? Check out our #sustainableholidays pins
on Pinterest for some inspiration.

Offering advice and resources to someone in need can be a most powerful gift. If
youre not sure what info to pass on, you can always hand loved ones a copy of
Natures Pathways once youre finished reading! As youll see in the following pages,
our expert authors have plenty of great knowledge and tips to share.

Used bookstores offer a variety of interesting items not found anywhere else. Consignment and thrift stores can be great resources for vintage furniture and decorative items,
perfect gifts for that person who loves to stand out from the crowd.
You can even shop your own home. Scour your drawers for loose buttons and
unsalvageable clothing to create new accessories like ribbon bracelets, button necklaces or bag embellishments.

A home-cooked meal can warm stomachs and hearts during the colder months.
Remember: leftovers are often the best part of the holidays, so feel free to pack them
up as to-go meals for guests.
Natural beauty products, like homemade sugar scrub cubes or lip balm are easy
and fun to make.
Spa or massage therapy gift certificates can help your loved ones ease their holiday
Even something as simple as lending an ear to a friend or family member can
make a world of difference. And doing so doesnt cost a thing.
Try some of these ideas and finish 2014 out on a green note. As you can see, you
can save on the waste you create and still give a truly personalized gift one that
will be remembered far longer than any popular gadget or toy.

Connect with us!


Kim Bartelt
Rebecca Bentz
Grace Olson
Rebecca Martin
Kimberly Byrne
Rachael Wolter
Sarah Van Abel
Aaron Foster
Taylor Greenwood Photography
Melissa Alderton Photography

To advertise with Natures Pathways, LLC
or request additional information,
please contact us at 877-479-7209
Deadline for advertising is the first
of the month prior to publication.
Natures Pathways is a medium for experts to
share relevant information on wellness-related
topics, including sometimes-controversial
issues. This magazine offers multiple
viewpoints so that readers are exposed to
all sides of such issues and able to make
informed decisions decisions that are right
for them and the lifestyles they wish to lead.
The opinions presented in this magazine are
not necessarily shared by Natures Pathways.

Could caffeine
be making
you feel tired

By Randi Mann, NP

f you are like many of the women I see in my medical hormone

practice, you may be confused about whether caffeine is a
good or harmful substance to consume. Its commonly found
in coffee, nonherbal teas, many sodas, chocolate, energy drinks
(such as Red Bull), and ma huang or ephedra used in weight loss
supplements, and has been used by humans for thousands of
years. But is it good for your body and mind?
For most, caffeine may increase feelings of energy temporarily. The good news is that caffeine promotes mental clarity,
focus, wakefulness and, at times, social interaction. It triggers an
increase in dopamine, a feel-good chemical in the brain, but also
causes cortisol and other stress hormones to rise as well.
A little bit of caffeine may be useful for some but if you dont
metabolize it well, it may be causing you problems. I frequently see
midlife women progressively increasing their caffeine consumption over time to help cope with their very hectic lifestyles and
then it can become a problem. A one cup of coffee a day habit
becomes two or three and then the dependency and problems
can start. Caffeine can worsen chronic anxiety and irritability
as women approach menopause. Large amounts of caffeine can
make symptoms of insomnia, inflammation, fatigue, PMS, heartburn and breast tenderness worse.
As women enter their 40s, many begin to have fluctuating
female hormone levels or develop hypothyroidism and may feel
more fatigued. They may develop sleep issues and report difficulty
both falling and staying asleep, or they may report poor quality of
sleep and awaken feeling tired and as if they did not sleep at all.
They feel tired but wired. The caffeine may have contributed to
their sleep issues so they wake up exhausted and then have more
caffeine to help their fatigue. Certainly there are many reasons one
may not sleep well, but caffeine can certainly play a major role.

Natures Pathways | December 2014

I believe that caffeine tolerance relates in large part to how well

a woman is able to detoxify her caffeine. In my experience, even
moderate caffeine intake can cause problems for three types of
1. Women who are experiencing adrenal dysfunction (for
more information on this, please refer to my recent article in
the November 2014 Northeast Wisconsin edition of Natures
2. Women who are insulin resistant and do not get adequate
energy from their food
3. Women who are slow detoxifiers
So could you be addicted? Answer yes or no to the following
Do you have to have caffeine soon after getting up in the
morning daily?
Do you use caffeine to stimulate a physical activity such
as concentrating, exercising, having a bowel movement or
staying awake?
Do you crash and have caffeine or sugar cravings later in the
Do you develop a headache if you miss your usual dose?
Do you become irritable if you miss your usual dose?
Are you having trouble sleeping both falling and staying
asleep and wake feeling tired?
Do you use caffeine to increase the effects of other substances

such as nicotine, sugar or alcohol?

Do you feel your social life would suffer or change without
caffeine use?
Does the idea of not having caffeine seem impossible to you?
If you answered yes to two or more of these questions it is a good
idea to consider going off caffeine and see how you feel.
Try to limit or avoid all caffeine if you are having insomnia or
have any withdrawal symptoms such as headaches if you miss your
usual dose. If you do have caffeine, savor it and enjoy it in small
amounts slowly as a treat and not in large quantities. Cut back
slowly; decrease your usual amount of caffeine by every three to
four days, and increase your water consumption at the same time.
Go to bed earlier and try to get at least eight hours of sleep per
night. Eat a high protein breakfast (with 20-25 grams of protein)
and increase your optimal nutrition levels with food plus a high
quality multivitamin and mineral supplement.
The bottom line is you never know the power caffeine has over
you until you try to eliminate it for a period of time and see you
might just begin to feel better!
Randi Mann, WHNP-BC, NCMP, is the owner of Wise Woman
Wellness, LLC, an innovative, holistic wellness center in De Pere.
Mann is a board-certified womens health nurse practitioner,
NAMS-certified menopause practitioner and offers the best of
conventional and functional medicine to treat womens female,
thyroid and adrenal imbalances. Join her at an upcoming educational seminar
on hormones called End Hormone Havoc How to Stay Slim, Sane and Sexy.
Call 920-339-5252 to register. Visit for details.






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297 W. Northland Ave.,
Appleton 920-364-9283

December 2014 | Natures Pathways

Your neck
is worth

By John Hartenberger, PT, CMTPT

n the October edition of Natures Pathways, one of my partners, Nick Talaryczk, made reference to the importance of core strengthening. He went on to
describe the anatomy and musculature of
the trunk core and did a great job explaining the importance of keeping the core
strong, fit, under control and toned. But
what about the neck? Is core strengthening

for the neck as important as the trunk?

And if so, what should you focus on?
Lets see if these questions can be
answered. First of all, is neck core strengthening important? Absolutely! Consider
a few points. The neck curvature is very
similar to the low back curvature, namely,
a lordosis, an inward curving from front
to back. Therefore, strengthening and

Are your hands tied when you think of

your healthcare choices?
Do you feel frustrated or not sure what
the right choice is for your health?


16 locations in WI

Orthopedic & Spine Therapy (OST) was founded on the principles of doing
what is right for our patients, individualized private care and outstanding
hands-on physical therapy. We are patient advocates to help YOU get your
body back in motion. We will work with you and your doctor to meet your
goals quickly and cost effectively.

Natures Pathways | December 2014

dynamically stabilizing that curve is going

to be fairly beneficial. Granted, the cervical spine is a dynamic and unique structure
made up of two mechanically diverse areas:
the upper cervical spine between the skull
and second cervical vertebrae and the lower
cervical spine comprised of the second
cervical through the seventh cervical vertebra. So whatever the region that needs
primary attention, that region is still in need
of core strengthening. So yes, the neck, like
the trunk, is in need of core strengthening.
But what may that core strengthening
emphasis be? Theres the golden question!
Lets figure it out. Posturally, a common
problem exists, a problem we call forward
head. Forward head is simply what it says!
The head is too far forward to the upper
part of the body, in fact the rest of the
entire body, causing all kinds of muscular overuses and abnormal mechanical
stresses and strains. More specifically with
a forward head, the posterior neck muscles
tend to get tight, strong and shortened,
while the deep, small, anterior muscles
especially become elongated and weak.
So as you can see, a muscle imbalance
becomes inevitable, creating a poor core
strength reality.
So, whats the remedy?
Many modes of treatment can be very
beneficial, including joint mobilization,

Deep neck flexor strengthening exercise

1. Starting position

2. Chin tuck

soft-tissue mobilization, strengthening and

posture correction. Ergonomic assessment
and correction also is imperative, as well as
self-directed neck exercise including neck
core strengthening. But once again, what
might be a critical neck core strengthening
exercise? What may be the most beneficial
in developing neck core strength?
Well, as a physical therapist of 35 years,
and given the muscle imbalance situation
that arises with forward head, I would
propose possibly the most critical core
strengthening focus needs to be that of
the deep neck flexors. They chronically
become weakened and elongated. These are

primarily smaller muscles that attach into

the front of the neck structures and bones.
These are often forgotten muscles regarding
strengthening, but need to be strengthened.
So, how do you strengthen them? Heres
how: lie on your back, keep your head on
the bed/table, tuck your chin, keep your
chin tucked, and slowly lift or roll the back
of your head off the bed/table 1 inch and
hold it. Keep your chin tucked!
You may notice that this is not easy!
Thats because of deep neck flexor weakness at least in part. Improving strength
in these muscles is critical to increase
strength in your neck core.

3. Maintaining chin tuck, lift head 1 inch

from surface and hold

Now there may be contraindications to

this exercise, such as an active disc herniation in the neck among others, so it may
be beneficial to get your neck checked out
and possibly treated before you begin this
So when it comes to core strengthening,
dont forget your neck, especially the small
but important deep neck flexors.
John Hartenberger, PT, CMTPT, is
a physical therapist at Orthopedic &
Spine Therapy Menasha, 920-7279878, 730 Midway Road, Menasha,
and OST Oshkosh, 920-232-4040,
2100 D Omro Road, Oshkosh.

Better dermatology
care in every way
Family oriented. Patient centric.
Personalized dermatology care.
The only dermatologist in Wisconsin with
triple ACGME training in dermatology,
dermatopathology and Mohs micrographic surgery.
Mayo-Clinic-trained, providing
world-class medical care and even
better service.
All major insurances accepted.

For an appointment call


Kevan G. Lewis, MD
American Board of Dermatology Certied

UNDERGRADUATE Stanford University

Brown University School of Medicine
Mohs Micrographic Surgery and Cutaneous
Oncology, Mayo Clinic Rochester
Dermatopathology, University of
Colorado School of Medicine
American Board of Dermatology
American Board of Pathology
American College of Mohs Surgery
American Academy of Dermatology

Visit our new office location at:

Encircle Health in Appleton 2500 E. Capitol Drive

Offices also in Green Bay:

1747 Shawano Ave. (Across from St. Marys Hospital)

2021 S. Webster Ave. 3263 Eaton Rd. (Located in Bellevue at Bellin FMC)
December 2014 | Natures Pathways


A Christmas
countdown to

By Kris Stedl

s the holiday season kicks into

high gear, many of us suffer from
added stress from long to-do lists,
financial concerns from gift giving, and
time demands from the added parties
and activities. If you would like to keep
healthy during this fun and busy time of
year, perhaps youd like to participate in a
Christmas countdown to good health!
DEC. 1: Reduce your sugar intake! This

will not only help you fit into that beautiful

Christmas outfit, but will help you keep

your immune system strong! Avoid high
fructose corn syrup like the plague. Sugar
excess is a key contributor to cancer,
inflammation, obesity and many more
outcomes you want to avoid.
DEC. 2: Take your vitamin D3. If youre

not aware of how crucial this vitamin is

for your body and your immune system,
take time to read this article or watch the
interview on, one of the

make a




best health websites on the web: http://bit.

DEC. 3: Listen to some Christmas music!

Its time to get in the mood (if you havent

already) and music will surely help. Listen
to some of your favorite tunes while
dancing around your home and singing
with the family.
DEC. 4: Go shopping! Burn calories with

the walking, beat the weekend crowds and

chaos, and try to finish Christmas shopping as soon as possible to reduce the lastminute stress of impulse buying.
DEC. 5: Try a fermented dish! Raw,

fermented foods help your gut flora (your

gut is responsible for about 80 percent of
your immune system!). A quick search of
the internet found this Fermented Cranberry Chutney recipe that is easy to make
and holiday appropriate: http://ohlardy.
DEC. 6: Take a walk, especially if it is a sunny

day! Bundle up and take Fido too, and get

some healthy sunshine for added D3.
DEC. 7: Start (or continue) a family tradi-


Natures Pathways | December 2014

tion. Whether it is driving around to look

at light displays, getting your fresh Christmas tree, or something else, participating
in annual traditions is a soul-satisfying

A thankful heart really makes the

difference in our attitude in life.
DEC. 8: Hydrate! Colder weather doesnt

mean you should let drinking fresh water

go by the wayside. Continue drinking up
for good health.

DEC. 9: Go to bed early. Getting proper

rest is another key to maintaining good

health, especially while under added stress.

DEC. 10: Grow some sprouts! Quick and

easy, cancer preventing and delicious to

boot, fresh greens are amazing this time of
year when its past gardening season.

DEC. 11: Drink some immune-system-

boosting warm tea. Forgo the sugary

drinks and try one of the many tea blends
that are good for your immune system
delicious! Add a little raw honey for
a sweetener if needed and a teaspoon of

make lighter work. Of course, certain gifts

may need to wait until after the kiddos are
sleeping! What a stress releaser knowing
that all your gifts are wrapped a full week
and a half prior to Christmas!

unrefined coconut oil, another immuneboosting powerhouse.

DEC. 12: Watch a Christmas comedy

movie! Laughter surely is the best medicine for whatever ails us, so get your funny
bone tickled with some great comedies.
DEC. 13: Build a snowman! If we have

snow, building snowmen (or women,

rabbits or whatever snow creature you
would like) is great exercise. And you have
to admit, it just gives you that happy feeling
inside every time you arrive home from
a long day and see that happy snowman
waving at you in your yard!

DEC. 14: Wrap your gifts! Wrap those gifts

with the help of the family while cheering on the Packers. Many hands truly do

1994 Oakridge Rd. | Neenah, WI 54956

(920) 606-9380
WINTER HOURS: Friday 12-6
M-F 3-7, Sat. 10-4, Sun. closed

Bar & Grill
West Ridge GC

DEC. 15-23: In the last week before Christ-

mas, continue doing the above to keep your

immune system strong, while focusing on all
the positive things in your life that you are
grateful for. A thankful heart really makes
the difference in our attitude in life. Try to
make time to give back to your community
by ringing the Salvation Army bells, delivering a hot meal to a needy family, visiting a
lonely widow, or taking action with another
need in the community that you see.
Happy healthy blessings to you!
Kris Stedl is owner of The Veggie Shed & Supply
Depot along with her husband, Brian. Located at
1994 Oakridge Road in Neenah, The Veggie Shed
provides naturally and organically grown seasonal
fruits and vegetables, raw honey, smoked salmon
and trout, artisan cheeses, Amish goods, local
artisan crafts, antiques and collectables, and so
much more. Visit the country store today and visit
us at

Cty. Rd. II
Larsen Rd.


ge Rd

Main St.


December 2014 | Natures Pathways



Watch out
for these
4 holiday
Keep your pets
safe this season

By Becca Lange, CVT

ith the holiday season fast approaching, there are a few

things to keep in mind if you share your home with
a four-legged friend. Many things that are commonplace during the holiday season can be dangerous and even deadly
to dogs and cats. Here are some of the common problems that can
earn an unwanted visit to the vet:

local irritation to the mouth if ingested and ingestion of mistletoe and holly can be fatal. Tree water can contain pesticides and
bacteria, making your pet sick if they drink it.
Make sure to keep these plants out of reach from your furry

1. Decorations

Many foods cooked and eaten over the holidays contain ingredients that can be toxic to dogs and cats. Dark chocolate used in
baking has a higher concentration of theobromine, which is the
component in chocolate that is toxic to dogs and cats. The highest
concentrations are found in dry cocoa powder and bakers chocolate. Theobromine is similar to caffeine and can cause vomiting,
diarrhea, a fast heartbeat or abnormal heartbeat rhythm, seizures
and possibly death. If your pet has ingested chocolate, be sure to
contact your veterinarian immediately.
Other foods that can be toxic to pets include raisins, macadamia nuts and artificial sweeteners, especially xylitol. Leftover
foods that are high in fat can cause a serious condition called
pancreatitis. Inflammation of the pancreas can be very painful
and if left untreated can lead to death.
Alcohol can be abundant during the holidays. It is no surprise,
however, that alcohol should not be given to our furry friends.
Make certain that guests know not to share any of their beverages
with your pet.

Decorations used during the holidays can pose a threat to your

pet if ingested. A lot of these items are shiny and may be especially interesting to your pet. If eaten, decorations like tinsel and
garland can cause stomach or intestinal blockages requiring surgical intervention. Ribbon used to decorate packages can be tempting especially for cats to chew and possibly ingest.
Pets can also get into holiday lights, which can cause electrical
burns or electrocution if chewed on. Even if your holiday lights
are battery operated, they can cause severe burns to the mouth or
can be lethal if swallowed.
Also keep an eye out for tree ornaments that can break if
chewed or cause a blockage if swallowed.

2. Holiday plants

Dangerous plants found around the home during the holidays

include mistletoe, holly, poinsettias and pine needles. Most of
these plants can cause vomiting and diarrhea, depression and

Natures Pathways | December 2014

3. Holiday food

4. Other seasonal concerns

Although not directly related to the holidays, other dangers occur

as it gets colder outside. Antifreeze is toxic to all animals if ingested,
so be sure to watch for leaks or antifreeze accessible to pets.
Ice melt can cause irritation to the gastrointestinal system,
resulting in vomiting and diarrhea, and skin irritation if there is
prolonged contact. Contact your veterinarian for safe or alternative options to ice melt.
Rat and mouse poison is found more commonly in the home
during winter as rodents are more likely to move indoors. All
rodenticides pose a toxic risk and should be kept out of your
pets reach. If you think your pet may have ingested rodenticide,
contact your veterinarian.
Make sure to also keep all human medications out of reach
from your pets and ensure that any house guests do the same.
If at any time you think your pet may have ingested something
poisonous, contact your veterinarian immediately or call the Pet
Poison Hotline, 1-800-213-6680.
Becca Lange has been a certified veterinary technician practicing in the Fox
Valley for over 15 years. She is the program director of the Veterinary Technology program at Globe University-Appleton and at times does relief work at local
clinics. Becca previously worked in private veterinary practices as well as emergency and referral. She has a true passion for veterinary technology and loves
being able to pass that on to future technicians.
References: Holiday Safety Tips. ASPCA.
Winter Holiday Pet Poison Tips. Pet Poison Hotline. www.petpoisonhelpline.

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December 2014 | Natures Pathways


Holiday hassle
or holiday

By Meridith Starling

s I wrote this, I was 30,000 feet up in the air, traveling with

less than 17 days to go until Christmas, according to our
Countdown to Santa clock last year.
As I observe people rushing around the airports, cramming
wrapped gifts into overhead bins, looking stressed, buying overpriced airport gift shop items, juggling schedules, and trying to
add more to their 24-hour days, I think about what all of this
really means.
When did holidays get so stressful? Has it always been this way?
I think about Mary and Joseph on the eve Jesus was born. No
matter your religious background, most have heard this story. I
have a feeling they were stressed that they didnt make a reservation at the inn and hedge their bet a room would be free. Then to
have to sleep the night in a barn and give birth there wow! Now
I think that would be stressful.
However, 2013 years later we are worried that we have the right
food for the family meal, or that we cannot afford to buy our kids
the latest, greatest gadget that most likely after a few weeks will go
missing or be boring.
What does a holiday really mean? For me, it is about being with
family and friends, and just enjoying the company and time we have
with folks we care about. We all have the crazy cousin who can
drive a Buddhist monk nuts, but no family is normal. Thats right;
I hate to burst your bubble, but no family is completely normal.
So since we have a few weeks until the big day, lets think of
some ways to make it more fun and less stressful. Can you think
of ways to make what seems to be a hassle a happier experience for
you? Here are a few tips:


Humor is a great coping technique! I can find something funny

about almost every nonserious event. For instance, when I was
about 15, my familys tradition was to have lunch following church
the Sunday before Christmas at my Aunt Bettys house. She is an

Natures Pathways | December 2014

What does a holiday really

mean? For me, it is about
being with family and
friends, and just enjoying the
company and time we have
with folks we care about.
amazing cook; I mean, she makes food from Paula Dean seem like
boxed mac and cheese.
Well on this particular occasion, her holiday ham was not in the
spread of dishes. To know Aunt Betty and my family is to know
that if things are not just so, there can be some upset folks. As
my family started asking where the ham was and why in its place
there was a beef casserole, Aunt Betty stated that it was stolen! Yes,
her home-baked, famous ham was stolen from the store where
she took it to be perfectly carved. Really? Who steals a ham? We
all burst into laughter.
Since that Christmas, every time I see a holiday ham advertisement I cannot help but chuckle.

Acceptance that no ones family is perfect

Society and holiday movies pressure us to have that perfectly

decorated tree, piled packages under the tree, and a festive house,
and that we should all be singing Christmas carols by the fire as if
we were the von Trapp family.
Well the movie that I most identify with is National Lampoons
Christmas Vacation. There is such truth to this movie, and
although it is totally fictional and supposed to be a comedy, I take

away this: If your house doesnt have a flying squirrel running

around, an aunts cat doesnt catch fire due to eating the Christmas
lights, and you dont have to pretend to like your crazy aunts Jell-o
mold with cat food in it, then you are doing well!

Remember: You cannot pick your family.

For better or worse, we are born into our respected families. We

may share genetics, but that doesnt mean you are all lovey-dovey
or even get along.
We all have that cousin who can do no wrong. And we all know
this particular saint is most likely the biggest family mooch there
is. I admit it, I have a few of them. I mean no disrespect, and good
for them that they are able to avoid the criticism from the family
elders. That is great for them. Be OK with who you are and what
you have accomplished or are in the process of doing. Life is not a
competition, but families can be the worst competitors. Be proud
of what you have done, and dont worry about anyone else. If you
can go to sleep at night with a clean conscience, then amen!
This is why God created friends!
Meridith Starling has a Master of Science in social work (MSSW)
from the University of Tennessee, attended Samford University,
and received a B.A. in human development and family studies.
She is a social worker certified in the states of Wisconsin, Michigan, Tennessee and Ohio. Meridith has recently been admitted to
the Ed.S program in play therapy through the University of Mississippis Child
Advocacy and Play Therapy Institute. She is excited to continue her learning to
better benefit her clients and the community. Her practice is Valley Wellness and
Referral, LLC. It is located in the Marketplace in Neenah.

Hope and Healing

Closer Than You Think.
providing counseling
and support For
children and adults.

Meridith's Focus:
Loss & Grief
with Illness
Behavioral Issues

Navigating Life Changes

Work/Life Balance
Identity Issues
Job Loss
Employee Assistance
Resources & Referrals

Valley Wellness
and Referral

Meridith N.
Starling, MSSW

124 W Wisconsin Ave., Suite 90B, Neenah

(920) 725-3505

December 2014 | Natures Pathways



An aerial

By Jaime Schmitt

erial yoga is gaining popularity in the fitness

world as people learn the benefits of the
aerial arts. The anti-gravity stretching is
attractive to many; however, there is a great deal of
strength training involved in aerial fitness.
As a pole instructor, I am continuously seeking out cross training and various exercises that will help me become stronger.
When I signed up for an aerial yoga instructor certification course
I was thrilled at the four-day extensive training involved in certification. A 40-hour course would be a great additional education
in the aerial arts!
I and several other instructors from the studio where I work
attended the training in Oshkosh. It covered not only aerial yoga
but strength and Pilates exercises that we could incorporate into
any fitness regime. During the training, we also went through
numerous classes as if we were students so that we could remember what the classes we teach feel like to a student. In addition
to taking the aerial classes, we did tricks and strength exercises
repeatedly in order to learn how to execute these moves efficiently,
effectively and safely.
Aerial classes contain cardio, strength and stretching and are
designed to give you a full-body workout. There are numerous variations and modifications of moves that allow people to
gradually (and safely!) build strength while still getting a cardio
workout. Since the classes are aerial classes, there is also the trick
element to the training, which is my favorite part since Im building strength while playing! The tricks you do in an aerial class are
fun, safe and effective. Many of the tricks are low to the ground
and have limited to zero impact on your joints so youre able to
increase your strength without lifting heavy weights.
Our certification training was led by a veteran yoga instructor as well as a seasoned aerial artist who has trained in aerial
yoga, pole exercise and Pilates. We were pushed to exceed what
we thought were our fitness levels. We did more push ups and
pull ups than what we thought we were capable of and we learned
tricks and stunts that we never would have thought possible. I
learned about the aerial arts and about myself.

Natures Pathways | December 2014

While the certification was

physically exhausting, and at
times mentally draining, I am
excited about the new tricks and
exercises I acquired and what
that means for my students. As a
fitness instructor, it is critical to
keep learning! Especially when
the sports you teach are new
to the fitness arena, as the aerial
arts are. The variety of exercises
and tricks that are incorporated
into aerial classes are evolving and ensure that you wont get bored
with your workouts. Also, given how much fun it is to hang out in
a hammock, you wont know youre exercising!
Since I already had a background in aerial and hammock, my
education was another instruction certification. If youre new to
the aerial arts, start yours by taking a class! Aerial classes are a
great and fun way to work out and can be adapted to any fitness
level. For those who have been intimidated by the idea of inverting or the strength training involved in these classes, I recommend trying a class before you make a judgment; the beauty of
the hammock apparatus is it is fully adaptable to your fitness level.
As with any fitness class, make sure you are taking classes with a
trained and certified instructor who can help you learn and exercise safely.
Aerial classes are challenging, fun and different from any
workout youve ever tried before. Besides, who doesnt want to
learn how to fly?
Jaime Schmitt holds her MBA and is a corporate recruiter for an international
company. She is also an instructor at Aerial Dance in Appleton. For more information about hammock classes, call 920-750-1441 or go to the website: www.

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December 2014 | Natures Pathways


A practice
that fosters
all learning
Yoga doesnt just
teach children it
empowers them

By Jill Gault

oga is an ancient practice from India, dating

back 4,000 years. It has become increasingly
more mainstream in the United States and
around the world, as studies continue to reveal its
benefits. Yoga is also gaining popularity with childrens programs across the country as a way to meet
the many and diverse needs of kids.
Yoga not only creates more mindful students in
the classroom, it helps develop childrens emotional
and physical well-beings. The American Academy
of Pediatrics and The National Association of the
Education for Young Children recommend that
children participate in activities that support the
development of the whole child. This is precisely what yoga does.
Just how does childrens yoga differ from adult practices?
Although the postures and asanas taught to children provide the
same benefits in terms of reducing stress, increasing flexibility,
managing pain, deepening concentration, and improving overall
emotional and physical well-being, the approach is different.
Children are raw materials, eager for new experiences and interactions to help foster their growth. The earlier we expose them to
new learning and positive activities, the more well-rounded they
will become.
One of the earliest founding programs of childrens yoga is
YogaKids out of New Buffalo, Michigan. It is an international

Natures Pathways | December 2014

program developed by Marcia Wenig, and its mission is to

promote peace, health, empowerment and education. The curriculum is based on Howard Gardners Multiple Intelligences, which
teaches language, literacy, the arts, music and other content areas
through movement. To that end, teachers better meet the needs of
all learning styles. As they perform the Tree pose, children might
learn not only about the ecology of a tree, but also about bebop
jazz, as they walk around the room on their tip toes, flexing their
feet to Charley Parkers Birdwalk.
By creating a multisensory class that is fun, children are
provided with a number of ways to learn by doing. Above all else,
the classes incorporate breathing and visualization techniques,

Yoga not only creates more

mindful students in the
classroom, it helps develop
childrens emotional and
physical well-beings.
along with theme-based character education. The themes can
vary, but the central tenet is respect: respect for your body, the
environment and those around you.
In a nourishing environment such as this, kids can learn to
express themselves creatively and thoughtfully. Through yoga and
mindfulness practice children maximize their potential for social,
emotional and physical competence.
Jill Gault teaches Spanish and yoga at The Cooperative School
in Appleton. The Cooperative School is a community of children,
teachers and parents who prize learning as a lifelong process,
helping children reach their full potential as unique, confident and
resourceful learners. Core competencies in math, science, reading,
writing and social studies are complemented with instruction in both Mandarin
Chinese and Spanish languages.
Jill is also co-owner of Empower Yoga and creator and instructor of Empower
Kids Yoga,; 103 W. College Avenue, Appleton; 920-378-2019.

The Cooperative School a progressive, non-sectarian,

independent primary school in Appleton is grounded
on the principle that there are two conditions necessary for
a school to be great: excellent teachers and small classes.
The Cooperative Schools mixed-aged classes are capped
at 12. Core subjects math and science, reading and
writing, and social studies are emphasized, in addition
to instruction in Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. The
Cooperative Schools small class size allows instruction
that is developmentally sensitive and appropriate for each
childs learning style.

Increase your health to a level
youve only dreamed of! We
have just what youre looking for
results! We will INsPIre you to make the change in your
life to become the absolute healthiest version of yourself.

Sign up for our newsletter at
and receive a


900 Mason St., Appleton (920) 202-3325
The Cooperative School does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, sexual orientation, disability, color, national or ethnic origin in its educational policies or opportunities, admissions policies, employment, or any other program offered by the school.


3001 Ramada Way, Suite C Gre

en Bay
920-339-6195 bbfbootcamp

December 2014 | Natures Pathways



By Lisa Jermain

lack Friday has come and gone and the shopping season is in
full swing. In the quest to find the perfect present for everyone on your list, are you considering giving health? What
about giving your family a gift by investing in your own health?
How many people you love would benefit more from better health
than from having another piece of jewelry or pair of slippers? Or,
in having a healthier, happier and more confident version of you?
This holiday season, you have the ability to make choices. You
can go along with many Wisconsinites and gain the average 5-8
pounds from holiday parties and indulgences. Then, you can
make a resolution a month from now to get healthier in 2015. Or,
you can decide now not to keep putting off action. A goal without
action is merely a wish. How would your life be different if, this
New Year, you can make a completely different resolution? Really
think about that. What if you can reach for a different goal or a
dream because you no longer need to focus on getting healthy
you are already there or well on your way?
How exciting would it be to look back after the holidays with
no regrets and to look forward with enthusiasm? It absolutely is
possible, but it is a decision. I hope you view that as completely
liberating. For a long time, I thought age and genetics would
determine my health, but the journey I am on has convinced me
that we have significant power to affect our circumstances. It is
freeing to own my choices and know I can make a difference, both
in my own life and as a role model for my kids.
So, what can you give, and what will you gain? You can give gifts
of optimal nutrition, gym memberships, personal training, health
coaching, massage, active vacations, spa days or yoga. The pages
of this magazine are filled with great ideas to fuel and cleanse our
bodies, get them moving, and then help them relax and recover!
In terms of what you will gain, the list of possibilities is endless.
The answers I hear from clients are why I am in this profession.
Often, what starts as physical changes in losing weight or gaining
muscle goes much further than the bodys shape and composition.
I love getting texts from clients that tell me they sleep better, feel

Natures Pathways | December 2014

We give gifts at the holidays

as an expression of love.
Would we not love the people
close to us to feel energetic,
optimistic and hopeful?
less stressed, have more energy, have hope for the future, have more
confidence and are, in general, more optimistic. If our bodies are
toxic, our minds tend to be too. If we are sluggish and unhealthy, it
affects every other part of our lives, including our attitude. It affects
how we view ourselves, and, in turn, how others view us.
It is especially rewarding to see transformations that go so far
beyond a smaller pair of jeans. The end result is an appreciation of
the journey and an entire new outlook: a transformation that is both
physical and mental, and that opens up a new world of possibilities.
We give gifts at the holidays as an expression of love. Would
we not love the people close to us to feel energetic, optimistic and
hopeful? These are gifts that wont be returned and will last longer
than this seasons new technology, toy or handbag. Cheers to your
health this holiday season!
Lisa Jermain spent 12 years in financial services before becoming a full-time mom. After battling degenerative disc disease, Lisa
reclaimed health through spinal fusion surgery and weight loss.
Now Lisa has combined her professional background and passions
to become a Crystal Executive with Isagenix. She loves coaching
people to better health and wealth and can be reached at 920-470-6791.

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December 2014 | Natures Pathways


in spirit:
A holiday to

By Rev. April Kain-Breese

o you have a favorite holiday memory? I have one its

the year my family went to a friends cabin in the Northwoods and got snowed in on the Sunday of Thanksgiving
weekend! It was the perfect storm, literally, and we werent plowed
out for an entire day! We played board games, kept the fireplace
stoked and watched the snow come down outside. When it let up,
our daughter and I made a wreath for the cabin door.
Other favorite holiday memories also revolve around Thanksgiving. For many years, my family shared Thanksgiving with my
mother and a special family friend. We took turns hosting and
the menu varied, but every year included Bettys amazing homemade rolls, moms creamed corn and lots of fun. Sometimes we
welcomed special guests, such as the new minister and his wife
or our daughters college friends who were place-bound for the
holiday. One year, Bettys car broke down and my husband made
a long drive to bring her to us. Another year, the weather was
bitterly cold and the heater went out in our minivan as we drove
to her house; we were very grateful for the old army blanket that

we carried with us.

These stories were retold often, of course! Now years have
passed, both my mom and my husband have died, Betty has
married into a loving family, and my daughter lives far away.
These days, I seem to do something different each year, and this
year, I traveled to be with my daughter.
What makes a memorable holiday? It might be the activities,
the weather, the food, the gifts or the location, and most probably, those with whom you experience it. What would make the
next holiday in your life memorable for you in positive ways? I
invite you to take some time to consider this as your next holiday
approaches. Who do you want to see? Where to you want to
be? What activities would you enjoy? Do you have some fresh
thoughts, or do your traditions work beautifully for you? Maybe
its time to have this conversation with your partner, children and
friends. You may find that they too would enjoy a change of pace
if not this year, then perhaps the next. Or, maybe you will reminisce about those past years and your love for the traditions you

A community for
spiritual growth
Positive perspectives for daily living
Join us for Sunday services, youth ministry, study groups and more. 920.739.4823 1800 S. Lawe St., Suite 400, Appleton


Natures Pathways | December 2014

What makes a memorable

holiday? It might be the
activities, the weather, the
food, the gifts or the location,
and most probably, those with
whom you experience it.






have established will be rekindled.

Leave some room for the unexpected too. When the turkey is
overdone and falls off the bone in little clumps, when the heat goes
out and you need to huddle in front of the fire or the space heater,
when somebody needs a family to spend the holiday with (maybe
you are that somebody), when circumstances mean that you must
do things differently from the usual, welcome that development.
Allow it to become part of your holiday lore!
I wish you wonderful holidays, this year and always.
Rev. April Kain-Breese is with Unity of Appleton, a community
for spiritual growth, which focuses on spiritual well-being through
affirmative prayer, positive thinking and daily application of five
basic principles. Sunday services and youth ministry occur at 10
a.m. Newcomers are welcome. Try us out! For more information,
including Sunday talks, newsletters and upcoming events, visit or call 920-739-4823.



November 1- May 30, 2015

Gather [verb]: To come/bring together,

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December 2014 | Natures Pathways


New year,
new you!
Tips for setting the right
health or weight loss goal

By Heather LaFond

oliday gatherings are often centered on food. We enjoy the

festivities with family and friends we havent seen in awhile.
We find pleasure in what we consume. Its not unusual for us
to over-indulge in this type of setting. Studies have shown the average
American gains 5-8 pounds over the holiday season.
Holidays will come and go, adding to your waistline if you dont
know how to practice self-control. Next year, will you have the
drive and the willpower to enjoy in moderation? What do you do
to get off that weight and prevent future slip-ups?
Being a certified personal trainer, I interact with individuals on
a daily basis, helping them to overcome obstacles to weight loss
and health, and to keep them on the path to developing healthy
lifestyles. Through my career Ive seen that the first step to any
successful lifestyle change is to set a goal. If you have no endpoint
in mind, and no road map to get there, youll go absolutely
nowhere! With that in mind, here are a few tips for setting a goal:


Be Strong.
Be Healthy.


Be Defiant.

A Prana Groove and

Defiant Fitness Challenge

Start the
New Year off
right with
Defiant Fitness &
Prana Grooves


Space is limited, reserve your spot today! Pre-registration begins Dec. 1st!

Natures Pathways | December 2014



General goals such

as, I want to lose
weight, arent going
to give you a clearcut path from point
A to point B. How much weight do you want to lose? How are you
going to measure it? A better-stated goal would be: I want to lose
10 pounds so I can fit into my skinny jeans.
BE REALISTIC. Often we make goals and dont allow proper
time to complete them, which sets us up for failure and disappointment. Telling yourself that youre going to shed those 5
pounds you gained over the holidays in one week is unrealistic.
Typically, healthy weight loss is going to be anywhere from 1-2
pounds a week. A more realistic goal would be to lose 5 pounds
in one month. Those 5 pounds might take longer to get off of your
body than it took to put them on. Makes you think twice about
overindulging next time!
BE ACCOUNTABLE. Everyone needs someone to be accountable to, and that needs to start with yourself. Once you have a
realistic goal, share it with those around you! Youll be more likely
to stick to it if you know people are going to be watching your
REWARD YOURSELF. When you reach your goal, you deserve
to celebrate! Never focus this reward around food. Buy yourself
those new workout pants you had your eye on, or get a new pair of
workout shoes to encourage this new healthy behavior.
STOP MAKING EXCUSES! There are hundreds of reasons
why someone doesnt exercise; I know, I hear them daily. Ask any
one of my clients and they will tell you that I have a rebuttal for
each and every one of those excuses. We are all busy, we work, we

have families to take care of and hobbies we enjoy. But the bottom
line is if you dont take care of yourself, who will? If you dont
have 30 minutes a day to dedicate to a little self-love, something is
imbalanced. If exercise is important, you will make time and you
will make it a priority. If not, bring on the excuses.
The next time youre faced with temptation, ask yourself: Is it
worth it? There will always be holidays, and we will always have
temptations during those times. Its OK to enjoy the company and
the food, but dont undo all your hard work leading up to this
time of year. Over-indulging, because it was the holidays is just
another excuse.
We all have slip-ups; were human. Its what you do after that
moment of weakness that determines your character. Do you
wallow in self-pity? Do you say, Ill start over tomorrow? Guess
what, yesterday you said tomorrow and like the saying goes,
tomorrow never comes! If not now, when?
There is not a more opportune time to have that fresh start! Its
the New Year, time for a new you!
Heather LaFond is the sole owner and operator of Prana Groove
& Defiant Fitness. She is an ACSM-certified personal trainer with
a strong track record for helping clients successfully achieve their
health and wellness goals. Heather has a B.S. in human biology with
an emphasis in exercise science and more than five years of experience in personal and group fitness training. Her passion for health and fitness is
driven by her motivation to help others achieve what they once thought impossible.
For more information, contact Prana Groove & Defiant Fitness, 1402 Clark St.,
Suite 201 in Manitowoc, at 855-462-5487 or at You
can also visit and

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Chris Haase, certified clinical thermographer

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(920) 380-1365call for appointments

December 2014 | Natures Pathways


journey of
An ancient form
of healing with
very real benefits

By Katie Presutti, RYT

ore and more people are making

the choice to add massage
therapy to their repertoire for
healing and prevention of injuries, stress
reduction, and overall wellness. This
sacred method of natural healing has been
around for thousands of years. While
it laid dormant for quite some time, it
continues to gain popularity in Western
culture as a trusted and safe practice for
our well-being. Many civilizations from
East to West can be credited with utilizing
massage as a form of natural healing, pain
management and relief from illness.
The word massage comes to us from the
Arabic root massh, which means to touch,
knead or squeeze. According to, the origins of massage can be
traced back to India. It appears therapeutic
practices were passed down from generation to generation verbally. Massage and
ayurveda were closely linked and used in
disease prevention.

Natures Pathways | December 2014

In Egypt, the first written records were

discovered in tomb paintings illustrating
people kneading each other. We can also
thank the Egyptians for creating the very
popular technique known as reflexology that is still used today. In reflexology,
pressure points are activated in the feet
and hands by trained therapists to relieve
tension and stress throughout all areas of
the body.
China recognized the importance of
massage therapy and began documenting
the medical benefits in written transcripts.
The healing methods of traditional Chinese
medicine included massage therapy.
Monks can be credited for sharing massage
with Japan and it is there where the famous
Shiatsu technique was developed.
Shiatsu massage is meant to raise the
persons energy level by stimulating pressure points on the body. When the energy
level has been raised, the body begins to
heal and the organs naturally come into

balance and resist illness and discomfort.

Shiatsu has always been performed with
thumbs, fingers, and palms, and not with
the use of instruments.
We have seen the concept of massage
infiltrate its way to our athletes of today.
Massage therapy is a daily part of physical routines for most professional athletes.
Our Wisconsin-based teams, such as
the Green Bay Packers and Milwaukee
Brewers, have massage therapists on staff
at all times.
But the healing benefits of massage were
not just for athletes; the doctors of ancient
Greece were using massage along with oils
and herbs in their medical treatments, and
the women of Greece discovered using the
aromatic oils for beauty treatments. We
can credit the Romans for the origins of
the spa.
As we credit countries for their early
massage practices, we can give recognition to a couple key individuals for their

Many civilizations from East to West

can be credited with utilizing massage
as a form of natural healing, pain
management and relief from illness.
work in healing modalities. Hippocrates
(460 to 380 B.C.) has been accepted as the
father of medicine by many. He created
a standard for restoring and maintaining
health that is based on exercise, healthy
diet, plenty of sleep and massage. Galen
(130 to 201 A.D.) wrote extensive medical
journals, was a notable physician to many
Roman emperors, developed a complete
regimen of massage techniques for disease
and physical injuries, and is the innovator of what we call sports or orthopedic massage today. We are grateful for
Pehr Heinrick Ling, as he brought us the
popular Swedish massage. He worked with
athletes, particularly gymnasts, and was
able to develop a specific massage technique that focused on the soft tissues of the

body. According to Integrative Touch and

Bodywork, Ling is known as the father of
modern massage.
Massage began as a healing practice,
and then for an extensive amount of time
it went through a cultural shift, making
it a luxury and indulgence reserved only
for the wealthy. There was then a dark era
for the healing practice we know today,
and it was given a bad reputation when
it became affiliated with massage parlors
and associated with sex trade. It is here the
term masseuse came about and is not
used today when referring to those trained
in professional massage therapy; instead
we know them as massage therapists.
Endurance through those times has led
to a highly respected method of holistic

healing practiced worldwide.

It is an instinctive and natural thought,
rubbing something that hurts, and it has
evolved and expanded into a science of
health and wellness. Many believe massage
was the inception to all other forms of
hands-on therapy, such as chiropractic
care and physical therapy. Todays massage
therapists are equipped with many different techniques and styles that have deep
roots in this ancient form of healing.
Katie Presutti, RYT, is the director
of creative development at Balance
on Buffalo, which exists as an oasis:
providing a safe and nurturing space
in which to manifest and empower
your own innate capacity to heal. Massage therapy
and bodywork, sound massage, and Reiki, coupled
with our ongoing yoga classes, kirtan and special
workshops are all intended to spark an unfolding
of the beauty and human potential that each of us
carry within. We are here to guide and nurture a
greater awareness and unification of mind, body,
heart and spirit by exploring the space that divides
them. For more information, please visit www.
References: Integrative Touch and Bodywork.

924 Buffalo Street,

Manitowoc, WI

Therapeutic Singing Bowls,

Chimes, Zen Bowls, Gongs,
Bindi Oil, Yoga Supplies


December 2014 | Natures Pathways


The best
defense for

By Kelly Felmer

ough, cough! Achoo! Sniff, sniff. Are

those the sounds in your house? If
you said yes, perk your ears up for
this newsflash: You can prevent these viruses
from taking over your body and every
other body that lives in your house too.
The cold and flu season is here! There is
no question about that; just look around and
everywhere you turn you will see a push for
a flu vaccine. Yep, tis the season. But there is
a better way. You do have a choice. You can
protect yourself without drugs.
I want you to know that there are much
better ways to protect yourself against the
flu, the common cold and other viruses,
including the big, bad scary Ebola virus. You
do not need to wait for a vaccine (especially
since there are many chemicals, metals
and allergens that cause harm in vaccines)
against these things to start protecting
yourself and your family today. What is this
magical defense you might ask? Simply, it is
your God-given immune system.
To successfully ward off viruses you must
first have a strong immune system. So where
is this immune system and how do you
work out to strengthen it? Approximately
70-80 percent of your immune system is
in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Yes; in
your intestines, your bowels, your guts. So
having a healthy gut is super important to
being healthy. If you suffer with heartburn,
bloating, indigestion, gassiness, diarrhea or
constipation, you may not be as healthy as
you think. Overgrowth of bacteria, yeast
and parasites are common conditions in an
unhealthy gut, as well as having numerous

Natures Pathways | December 2014

food allergies. The biggest culprits in

immune suppression are sugar (especially
refined), alcohol, dairy, corn, soy, wheat
(gluten), hydrogenated foods, excess stress
and low vitamin D levels, just to name a few.
The easiest steps to take are to avoid foods
that lower your immune system, get your
food allergies checked, start taking a probiotic and if there is any question of infection
in the gut, get it checked out and treated.
Beyond the gut, there are many natural
products that can also help to boost your
immune system to be a super defender
against colds and viruses. Common examples
that you may have already heard of include
virus fighters like cats claw, pau darco, astragalus, elderberry, lemon balm, licorice root,
olive leaf and oregano oil. Dont forget about
other immune boosters like the medicinal
mushrooms reishi, chaga and coriolus.
Of course, these supplements plus many
others can be taken in an effort to fight off
colds. But one that I would like to spend a
little more time discussing is vitamin C.
According to Dr. Thomas E. Levy, to date,
not a single virus has been tested that is not
inactivated (i.e. killed) by a large enough
dose of vitamin C (ascorbic acid). Wow!
That is a powerful statement; read it again:
to date, not a single virus has been tested
that is not killed by a large enough dose of
vitamin C. Vitamin C has been studied and
proven to kill viruses. The key, however, is
to take enough, and to take it frequently and
long enough to fight the virus off. Extremely
high doses of vitamin C have been found to
be safe for most people, with the exception of

individuals with kidney disease (they should

have lower doses).
Believe it or not, in the 1940s, Dr. Fredrick Klenner used vitamin C to cure 60 out
of 60 cases of polio and that was back in
the days when the polio vaccine didnt even
exist. To find out more about his groundbreaking research and proof of vitamin
C curing disease, search the internet for
Fredrick Klenner and vitamin C.
Vitamin C is the worlds best natural
antibiotic, antiviral, antitoxin and antihistamine. Andrew Saul, Ph.D.
Can you agree with me that our best
defense against viruses and disease is our
offense? Protect yourself with a healthy
immune system.
Kelly Felmer is a nurse practitioner with 20 years of
experience and a passion to help others prevent and
reverse disease. She is a certified functional medicine
provider at The Wellness Way Clinic in Green Bay,
and specializes in taking care of people with thyroid,
hormone, autoimmune, GI and allergy issues. The
Wellness Way offers a unique approach to health
care where practices are based on the principle of
biochemical individuality, centered on the concept
that we dont guess, we test. Visit
References: Observations of the Dose and Administration of Ascorbic Acid when Employed Beyond
the Range of a Vitamin in Human Pathology.
Journal of Applied Nutrition. F. Klenner. 1971.
Treating Influenza with Vitamin C: Results
and Mechanisms. Thomas E. Levy, M.D., J.D.
Townsend Letter. December 2012.
The Best Way to Help Your Body Protect Itself
Against Ebola (or Any Virus or Bacteria). Derek
Henry. Natural News.
Vitamin C Proven to Cure Over 30 Major
Diseases. Jonathan Landsman. Natural News.

December 2014 | Natures Pathways



the gift of

By Alan M. Zierler

aving money is something you know you should do, but

probably dont do as often as you should. And with the holidays rapidly approaching, saving may seem to be a largerthan-life task. But saving money doesnt have to be a strain or
limit your fun. You just need a plan that will work for you.

Save early and often

The sooner you put a savings plan in place, the more time youll
have to watch your savings grow and accumulate interest. How
frequently you save can also make a difference. Identifying how
often you will put money into savings (once per month, each
paycheck, etc.) helps keep you focused and on track. Trying
to save money without a plan of action can lead to not saving
anything at all.


Pay yourself first

Review your monthly budget to determine how much you can

take from your income and put directly toward savings. Start with
an amount you feel comfortable with that will allow some discretionary spending after you pay your regular expenses. Generally
speaking, 10 percent of your monthly income is a good starting point, but you will need to calculate that amount into your
budget to see if it is feasible. If not, lower it. You dont have to
put big chunks of money away each month. Even contributing a
small amount when done regularly will add up over time.
You can always increase the amount you save when you feel its
The key is to put money in your savings first instead of waiting
to see whats left after paying other expenses.



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Natures Pathways | December 2014

Lisa Smarzinski 920.450.5680

Saving isnt only about what

you put in an account each
month. Its also about finding
little, everyday ways to save
that can add up over time.
Types of accounts

If you are going to save monthly, youll want to make sure you set
up the right kind of accounts. There are many options to consider
and each offers different benefits:
SAVINGS ACCOUNT: A basic savings account can be opened at

any financial institution and the amount you deposit is up to you.

These types of accounts usually earn interest known as the annual
percentage yield (APY).
A MONEY MARKET ACCOUNT is a high yield savings account

that typically has a higher minimum balance requirement.

Account holders are able to write checks from the account, but
are limited in how many each month.

CERTIFICATES OF DEPOSIT (CDS) are accounts to consider

when you dont need to access your savings right away. CDs have

fixed terms that can range anywhere from a few months to a few
years and features a fixed interest rate. Penalty fees may apply if
money is withdrawn before the CD term ends.

Save every day

Saving isnt only about what you put in an account each month.
Its also about finding little, everyday ways to save that can add up
over time. Here are a few ideas:
Look for ATMs that dont charge a fee.
Use coupons and research deals online before you buy.
Put spare change in a jar. (This can really add up!)
Take a step back before you make a purchase and decide if
you really need it. Self-control can be the best way to save.
Include holiday cash gifts you receive in your saving plan. Put
10 percent into your savings and have fun with the rest.
Saving should be an important part of your financial plan. No
matter if you are saving for something in particular or for retirement, the sooner you start and the more frequently you save, the
better off youll be.
Alan M. Zierler is the chief executive officer of Capital Credit
Union, headquartered in Green Bay. He also serves on the board
of directors for Corporate Central Credit Union and the Community Foundation of the Fox River Valley, among others. Zierler
and his wife, Judy, have been married for 36 years, and they have
three children and nine grandchildren. Capital has more than $1.1 billion in
assets and serves more than 90,000 members from Oshkosh to Sturgeon Bay and
Appleton to Shawano and beyond.

With Your

24 locations to serve you!

Fox Cities (920) 731-3195
Green Bay (920) 494-2828
Toll-Free (800) 728-4294

December 2014 | Natures Pathways


A celebration
in honor of
her royal

By Kathi Bloy

hat would you think if your

6-year-old daughter walked
into Wal-Mart with you, all
the way to the toy section, and then
wanted to sit in the cart? Most kids want
to be walking the aisle, touching, seeing.
So what made Zoey Johnson different?
Thats what her parents wanted to
know. Why was it suddenly difficult for
her to climb the stairs to their secondfloor apartment? Most 6-year-olds
could race Mom or Dad and win every
When we had parent-teacher
conferences in March 2013, Keith Johnson said, Zoey was doing
great in many areas. Then her teacher, Pam Kuester, said, Theres
something wrong with her legs, her core and her ability to hold a
We took her to a doctor, who spent almost an hour-and-a-half
with her and agreed, Theres something wrong. He sent her for a
brain MRI and then to a pediatric neurologist.
Doctors say Zoey suffers from a progressive neurological disorder that hasnt been specifically diagnosed yet. The Johnsons know
she has muscular atrophy and nystagmus, an involuntary movement of the eyes, as well as a secondary diagnosis of dystonia.

Natures Pathways | December 2014

Miss Kuesters compassion was

amazing, Johnson said. Shed help
Zoey by rubbing her feet and she was
just an awesome teacher. She was a
Godsend. Theres no other word for her.
Last summer, with Zoeys mother,
Shana, cutting back to minimal parttime hours as a patient care tech and
large deductibles on their health insurance, the bills began to mount. Keith
Johnson was talking with Steve, a
co-worker, about doing a benefit. Steve
mentioned that his brother-in-law had
passed away from cancer, but before
that, someone had done a benefit for him through Community
Benefit Tree (CBT). Steve recommended Johnson contact them.
Steve is now a part of the team putting together the Dec. 13
Celebration of Support to help Zoey and her family get through
the financial struggles. He has been joined by Kuester and Taylor
Reeck, who is Johnsons boss at RGL Logistics, as well as his sister,
Melissa Rupiper.
Putting together a benefit, according to Rupiper, is a complicated undertaking. I wouldnt even have known where to start,
she said, without Community Benefit Tree. Theyve done a great
job getting an agenda together, setting up meetings, talking with

us and just having everything outlined that needed to be done.

Rupiper has recommended CBT to a co-worker thinking
of starting a benefit for a family member. Rupiper told her, If
it werent for CBT, I dont know where we would be right now,
because theyre the ones who got this all together for us. They
really are all wonderful people too.
The Celebration of Support, In Honor of Her Royal Highness,
Princess Zoey, will revolve around a Frozen theme, Rupiper
said, because Zoey loves that movie. Held at the Humboldt
Haus in Green Bay, where Zoey and her family live, Rupiper and
Johnson let on that they have a special treat planned for children
who attend: Santa Claus will come for a visit, Rupiper said.
Children will be able to take their photos with him for the cost of
a small donation.
The Celebration of Support for Zoey will run from 3 p.m. to 8
p.m., Saturday, Dec. 13. Readers who are unable to attend can donate
online or send Zoey a card by going to www.communitybenefittree.
org. Click on Zoeys button to be directed to her page.
The Community Benefit Tree Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization governed
by Christian values. Our mission is to help individuals and families struggling
with a medical crisis financially, emotionally, spiritually and with practical
resources. We celebrate peoples lives and support by helping family, friends or
co-workers plan a Celebration of Support event for their loved one. In the last 10
years, these one-day events have helped more than 500 families with funds for
living and medical expenses. Community Benefit Tree also provides education,
support, resources and financial assistance for families. For more information,
visit or contact CBT staff at 920-422-1919.
Kathi Bloy is a freelance writer from Appleton.

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Celebrating your life...

celebrating your support during your

medical crisis


Zoey Johnson: December 13, 3-8pm at Humbolt Haus, Green Bay.
Zoey is six years old and has a progressive neurological disorder.
Please join us in celebrating Zoey!
SUPPORT FUNDS: (Individual funds with no support event.)
Ride Hard for Greg: Greg was involved in a terrible motorcycle
accident riding home after volunteering.
Hooked on Helping Gary: Gary is a husband and father of 4 who has
stage 4 Renal Cell Carcinoma and is in need of your financial support.
Helping Rob Forge a New Trail: Rob is a 30-year-old husband and
father of 2 who was in a terrible automobile accident and is injured with
a severe spinal fracture.
Please donate to TODAY by going to our website.
SOCD Fund: To provide financial assistance to qualified Northeastern
Wisconsin families battling pediatric cancer. Funds are available to help
with medical, travel or everyday living expenses.
Paws Parade of Hope Fund: To help qualified applicants battling cancer
with monetary aid during their time of need.
To support or apply, go to

CBTs CURRENT NEEDS: Volunteers at the office, storage and

at support events. If you can help, call or visit us online at

To plan a fundraiser for a

loved one going through
a medical crisis or to
donate, contact
us today!

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December 2014 | Natures Pathways


to life
My next transition

By Liv Arafat, LPC

have gone through many transitions

in my life, some exciting and joyful,
others difficult and challenging, but all
bringing growth and new perspectives. At
the age of 65 I am now looking at my next
major transition and I wonder what it will
bring. My second career as a mental health
counselor in the Fox Valley area has been
immensely rewarding. My head and heart
are filled with the stories I have heard and
the courage I have witnessed. But for a
while now I have had the bittersweet awareness that it is time to move on, and I have
pondered the dilemma of what to do next.
Like many baby boomers, I am not ready
to accept retirement as a time of recreation but rather see it as an opportunity
for re-creation. So I looked for ways to use
my training and experience in meaningful
ways while allowing for the flexibility and
freedom I also require. My exploration led
me to the field of life coaching, a relatively
new profession with less restriction than
the counseling field. In 2006, coaching
was named as one of the top 10 growing
professions in the United States (according
to U.S. News and World Report) and it is
continuing to expand into new areas.
Embarking on a new career is never easy;
so in spite of past experience with professional change, it was with some trepidation
I started my training at the Institute for

Natures Pathways | December 2014

Life Coach Training this summer. My plan

is to become certified through the Center
for Credentialing & Education, which
also accredits counselors. This training is
specifically geared to counselors, psychologists and others in the helping profession who already have a masters degree or
doctorate and many of the skills necessary
for providing coaching support.
I was encouraged by reading the book
Therapist as Life Coach, by Patrick
Williams and Deborah C. Davis, where they
state that the first criteria for making the
transition from counselor to coach is having
the ability to change. When I look back at
my life, I see perpetual waves of adjustment
from my beginnings on the west coast
of Norway to English-speaking Canada,
French-speaking Quebec and later the U.S.
Midwest as I was repeatedly challenged
to adapt to unfamiliar cultures, languages
and landscapes. Add to that the necessary
adjustments to marriage, motherhood and
the everyday challenges of living, growing
and aging and I guess change has been my
constant companion.
A transition from counseling to life
coaching can feel natural for many therapists for good reasons. The life coaching
profession was founded on the principles
of positive psychology and the human
potential movement. Since the initial

coach training programs were created by

therapists for therapists, it is not surprising
that many view this as a good option for
a new career or add-on to their practice.
Training and experience in the counseling field have already provided many of
the essential skills of a good coach: skillful
listening, the ability to suspend judgment,
knowledge of ethics and confidentiality,
and the ability to reframe and generate
solutions among others. The counselorclient relationship and the life coach-client
relationship are both based on trust built
through confidential dialogue; both are
professional helpers who charge for their
services and they work with people who
want to improve their lives.
But there are also distinct differences
between the mental health focus of the
counseling field and the future focus of the
life coaching field, and training has been
very valuable for me in order to make that
shift. Life coaching perceives the client as
healthy and capable. The coach is present
to listen and validate the clients story, pay
attention to what is not said and encourage the client to envision new possibilities. It can be a challenge for counselors as
new coaches to avoid the therapy trap of
diagnosing the client rather than steering
them toward solutions. Although a solution focus can also be part of counseling,

Life coaching perceives the client

as healthy and capable. The coach
is present to listen and validate the
clients story, pay attention to what
is not said and encourage the client
to envision new possibilities.
in coaching the client is considered the
expert on their own life, and is seen to have
the resources that can make their dream
reality. That is why the transition from
counselor to life coach involves training
as well as the experience of being coached.
There are various reasons why a counselor may want to transfer their skills
from a mental health focus to life coaching. Sometimes the stress of this work can
cause burnout or discouragement, and
counselors make the choice to preserve
their own health. Others want to escape

The process has opened up new possibilities

as I reconnect with my own deeper passion
and purpose. At this point I envision myself
working with women individually and in
groups, across cultures and across generations, bringing forth much-needed female
wisdom and generative energy.

from the restrictions of managed care

to the relative freedom and flexibility
of coaching. And for some, like me, life
coaching can fulfill the desire to be of
value and remain creative in the stage of
life previously called retirement.
As I make this next shift from one meaningful occupation to another, I am once
again experiencing the excitement of new
learning. Dreams and ideas are emerging
through training, receiving and practicing
life coaching, and through the connection
with my peers nationally and internationally.

Liv Arafat, LPC, will retire from her

position as counselor at Get Connected
Counseling, LLC in December 2014.
She is training to become a life coach
and part-time retired person and will
share the experiences of her adjustment process on
her blog starting in January 2015 at She is also available for
clinical supervision for counselors in training and
can be reached at For
more information, call 920-750-6120 or visit www.
References: Credentialing Path: 30-Hour Board
Certified Coach Training. The Institute for Life
Coach Training.
Board Certified Coach. Center for Credentialing
& Education.
Therapist as Life Coach. (Revised and expanded
edition.) Deborah C. Davis and Patrick Williams.
Norton. 2007.
Becoming a Professional Coach: Lessons from the
Institute of Life Coach Training. Patrick Williams
and Diane S. Menendez. Norton. 2006.

Specializing in stress reduction, performance

enhancement, personal and professional
growth, PTSD, anxiety and depression.

Get Connected
Counseling LLC.

Using cutting-edge innovations

to heal mind, body & spirit

Cutting-edge approaches used:

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR)

Brainspotting Craniosacral Ego State Therapy
HeartMath Innovative Substance Abuse Services
At Get Connected Counseling, LLC, we help people who are dissatisfied with their lives find
their way to where they want to be. We offer a different experience in therapy than clients
have had before, with a focus on transformational healing of mind, body and spirit. We
use cutting-edge approaches to re-engage, rewire, reconnect and inspire our clients to live
within their authentic selves.
We take most insurance plans.

5497 W. Waterford Lane, Ste. A

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December 2014 | Natures Pathways


What on
earth is

By Victoria L. Huss

t is always interesting to see the puzzled

look on peoples faces when I tell them
that I am a Rolfer and that I practice
Rolfing Structural Integration (SI). They
then ask me to repeat what I said just in
case they did not hear my correctly. No, its
not the kind of ralphing one might do
after drinking or eating too much. It is not
ROTFL (rolling on the floor laughing for
those not familiar with text speak). And


Natures Pathways | December 2014

it also has nothing to do with Rowlf, the

piano-playing dog from the Muppets.
Rolfing SI actually gets its unique name
from Dr. Ida P. Rolf, the woman who
developed the work in the 1930s. Dr. Rolf
was a biochemist who used her scientific
training to better understand the effects of
homeopathy, chiropractic, osteopathy and
yoga on the body. She began to see and
understand the body as a whole system

that needed to be fully balanced upright

in gravity for optimal alignment and efficient joint functioning. Dr. Rolf devised a
process of sessions called the Ten Series
to address postural imbalances and relieve
restrictions within the bodys web of
connective tissue that pull an individual
off his or her healthiest center of gravity.
Furthering this concept, Dr. Rolf spoke of
the line, which is activated and strengthened when care is taken to balance the
front side of the body with the back side,
the right side of the body with the left side,
and inside of the body with the outside.
An individual with a vibrant and activated
line was found to be well-grounded,
well-adjusted to life, healthy and pain-free.
Dr. Rolf became known as a healer
through her pioneering work. People
who saw her for correction of all kinds
of postural/structural imbalances would
comment that they got Rolfed over. Dr.
Rolf preferred that her work be called
Structural Integration but the catchy
nickname just would not go away. Over
time, the people who studied Structural
Integration with Dr. Rolf became known
as Rolfers. Eventually, the work itself
became known as Rolfing.
Sometimes I spend more time talking
about what Rolfing SI is not, rather than
what it actually is. As funny of a name that
it is, Rolfing SI is truly a potent method to

Rolfing SI is a truly potent

method to restore and recover
healthier posture, appropriate
muscle activation and
proper joint tensioning.
restore and recover healthier posture, appropriate muscle activation and proper joint tensioning. Old habits and patterns are
manually worked out of the body to create new possibilities for
moving, standing and being. Since the work focuses on balance
within the fascial/myofascial matrix, results tend to be long-lasting and complementary to conventional and alternative health
care modalities.
Victoria L. Huss, Certified Rolfer and owner of New Possibilities
Integration, LLC (located in the historic Zuelke Building in downtown Appleton) practices Rolfing Structural Integration. She finds
joy in helping people to unfold and find freedom from rigidity and
chronic pain. Always striving to help her clients avoid pharmaceutical and surgical intervention, she is also currently a teacher-in-training for
Alignment Yoga. For a free consultation or more information, call 920-427-7653
or check out her website at Rolfing and Rolfer are
registered service marks of the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration.

You wont know what youve been missing

until you get it back!

Rolfing Structural Integration


Ease chronic pain

Rebound from injuries more quickly
Restore flexibility and mobility
Improve posture and alignment
Heighten bodily awareness and perception
Process stress more efficiently
Experience deeper sleep
Deepen a meditation, martial arts
or yoga practice

Victoria L. Huss,
Certified Rolfer

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A drug-free
alternative for
treating depression

By Courtney Cowie, MA, LMBT

herapeutic bodywork in any form

will, in most cases, have a perceptive impact on how someone feels.
Any form of touch triggers the body to
begin to release feel good hormones that
elevate the mood and relax the body.
When it comes to moderate depression and anxiety, it is possible to alter
these states using targeted therapeutic

bodywork techniques in combination with

key acupressure points. While depression
and anxiety can be linked to a number of
different factors, environmental to genetic,
Chinese medicine approaches these conditions in terms of energy in motion
(e-motion). From a traditional Chinese
medicine perspective, there is usually one of
two emotions predominant in depression:

anger or sadness. At a basic level, traditional Chinese medicine associates feelings of anger and frustration with energy
(qi) that has become stuck in the body, and
sadness with a deficiency of energy running
through specific energetic pathways in the
body. Powerful acupressure point combinations can be held for one to three minutes
to get energy moving, tonify energy and

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Natures Pathways | December 2014

Depression and anxiety are best

treated at an early onset stage, when
energy imbalances contributing to
this state can be quickly corrected.
produce an overall calming effect.
Depression and anxiety are best treated
at an early onset stage, when energy imbalances contributing to this state can be
quickly corrected. Individuals who begin
with regular therapeutic bodywork sessions
focused on addressing depression and
anxiety through acupressure point work
usually notice a significant and lasting
change in their feelings of depression,
including their ability to fall asleep and stay
asleep at night. As the bodys normal energy
flow pattern begins to reorganize through
regular therapeutic bodywork and acupressure point redirection, most individuals will
begin to maintain this new pattern for longer
and longer periods of time, reducing the
frequency of therapeutic bodywork needed.
When it comes to chronic pain, there is
often a significant relationship between an
individuals disposition and the pain he or
she experiences in the body. Underlying
anger and frustration, along with significant stress, can hinder the bodys ability
to respond at its fullest potential to the

changes enacted by therapeutic bodywork,

prolonging and reaffirming the presence of
pain. Living with daily pain, in turn, creates
physical, mental and emotional turmoil
that feeds feelings of frustration and anger,
leading to a vicious cycle.
Whether depression and anxiety are the
primary concerns for seeking therapeutic bodywork, or secondary to a pain or
addiction issue, recognizing all presenting concerns and treating them holistically through acupressure point work can
yield dramatic results toward achieving a

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hip pain and tension
Moderate anxiety and depression
Insomnia and more!

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50 1st session. New clients only.

Courtney Cowie, MA, LMBT, is the

owner of Ki to Health Therapeutic Bodywork, located in downtown
Neenah. Her practice is rooted in
traditional Chinese medical massage
(tui na) techniques integrated with acupressure. To
learn more about the conditions Courtney treats as
well as her techniques and background, visit http:// To schedule an appointment, call 920-460-0229 or email

Crystal Pathway


to pain
and holistic

clients primary objective. I have had many

clients comment with surprise on how
their pain level has gone down and, with
even more surprise, how their outlook on
life has improved since receiving regular
therapeutic bodywork, even though they
did not specifically mention experiencing
depression or anxiety. I usually respond
by telling them that this is the hallmark of
an approach rooted in traditional Chinese
medicine: it treats the whole person and not
just the symptoms.

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Mon-Thu 3p-6p
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December 2014 | Natures Pathways


A holiday
gift to your
trash can
Now you can
recycle more!

By Jennifer Semrau

f there is one question asked of recycling officials more than any other, it
is: Why cant I recycle more plastics?
The good news is, now you can recycle
many more plastics and cartons too!
And you can do so just in time for the
holiday season!
The Tri-County (Brown, Outagamie and
Winnebago counties) Single Stream Recycling Facility in Appleton has expanded its
processing capabilities to add new materials. This expansion was made possible by
the regional growth of the facility, from
accepting approximately 52,000 tons of
recyclables in 2011 to over 82,000 tons in
2013. The facility now serves haulers and
municipalities from all over the greater
northeast Wisconsin region and beyond.
With that growth has come more efficient
use of the original capital investment and
greater economies of scale necessary to
invest in additional sorting and baling
equipment for added materials.
Another important factor considered
by the Tri-County Recycling Facility was
available commodity markets and longterm viability to recycle additional items.
Reliable, domestic markets were required
in order for the Tri-County Recycling
Facility to increase recyclable recovery.
Thankfully, strong markets for additional
plastics and cartons are expanding.

Natures Pathways | December 2014

So what new items can you recycle?

Cartons (milk, juice, soup, wine, etc.)
Dairy containers (yogurt, sour cream,
margarine, cottage cheese, etc.)
Produce, bakery and deli containers
(berry, donut, potato salad, etc.)
Lids from the above containers
The above list joins the materials you
should already be recycling. As a refresher,
you should also recycle:
Newspapers, inserts, magazines, junk
mail and catalogs
Cardboard and paperboard packaging
(food boxes, soda boxes, etc. that are
broken down)
Office, writing, and school paper and
Phonebooks, and other softcover and
hardcover books
Paper bags, towel/toilet paper cores,
paper egg cartons
Shredded paper placed in a paper bag,
stapled shut
Glass food and beverage bottles and
jars (all colors)
Aluminum, steel, tin, bi-metal bottles
and cans (including empty aerosol cans)
Plastic beverage and household bottles
and jugs
Whether its a newly accepted material or

one youve been recycling for years, always

remember to empty and rinse your containers. Also, place recyclables in your curbside
collection cart or bin loosely. Plastic bags
can damage sorting equipment and cause
significant maintenance issues. Recycle
plastic bags at participating retail locations.
Equipment installation and construction was completed this fall, with the official announcement just in time for the
holiday season. The Tri-County Recycling
Facility welcomes tours of the facility and
encourages groups ranging from children
to senior citizens to learn more about the
recycling program. Tours can be scheduled
by calling 920-832-5277.
If you are uncertain whether your recyclables come to the Tri-County Recycling
Facility, please contact your recycling
hauler or municipal office. To learn more,
visit Tis
the season to recycle more and landfill less.
Happy recycling!
Jennifer Semrau is the recycling specialist for
Winnebago County Solid Waste in Oshkosh, overseeing the countys recycling, hazardous material,
container rental and sales/marketing programs. She
is also the former president of the Associated Recyclers of Wisconsin and recipient of the 2013 Christy
Dixon Recycler of the Year award. For more information, visit,
call 920-232-1850 or like them on Facebook at

Brown Outagamie Winnebago


Newly Accepted

Milk Soy Milk

Juice Cream
Egg Substitutes
Broth Soup
Wine Etc.

Produce, Bakery
& Deli Containers:
Berry Donut
Potato Salad
Dips Etc.

Yogurt Margarine
Cottage Cheese
Sour Cream

Body mass
index (BMI)

By Dr. Herbert Coussons

any people are familiar with BMI, but much is misunderstood about what it measures, how it is used to
predict health and if it is even important.
BMI was first written about in 1840. It was first published in
1972 in modern literature purely as a population measurement,
not to be used for individual evaluation. But the insurance industry latched on to the BMI and uses it as a predictor of risk. Not for
your risk of health problems, but rather their risk. The insurance
companies stratify individuals based on the risk that the company
will have to pay a claim. With newer more extensive underwriting, the BMI is just one data point in the insurance company
toolbox to evaluate wellness.
The normal BMI ranges are not static and have changed over
the years. My explanation based on the current range:


19 and lower

Medical definition of anorexia


Low risk of health problems


Low risk of health problems if no current

diagnosis (no diabetes, hypertension, etc.)


Moderate risk of health problems even if no

current diagnosis

40 and greater

High risk of health problems

BMI is a predictive tool. It is not meant to be a target for individuals to fit into a range. To understand its limitations, lets look
at some common BMIs:
Clay Matthews: 32
Eddie Lacy: 32
Jordy Nelson: 27
LeBron James: 28

Natures Pathways | December 2014

It is clear that no standard,

one-size-fits-all approach
can be used, and BMI is a
poor predictor of health risks.
You can see that BMI does not predict health, fitness or obesity!
BMI is not a predictor of body fat percentage. Body fat can be
measured several ways, but the gold standard is a DEXA scan
X-ray. Other methods include bio-impedance scales, skin fold
caliper measurements and water submersion tests.
BMI turns out to be a poor predictor of disease also. Waist-tohip ratio is a better predictor of having a heart attack than a BMI
measurement. Waist measurement is more important in men than
BMI, whereas body fat percentage is a better predictor in women.
Diabetes, sleep apnea and heart disease all have better ways to
estimate risk than BMI. In fact, the National Institutes of Health
considered normal to be 27.8 for men and 27.3 for women until
1988, when those were lowered to 25. Many countries apply BMI
differently than the United States and have different ranges for
normal. It is clear that no standard, one-size-fits-all approach can
be used, and BMI is a poor predictor of health risks.
BMI can be graphed against life expectancy. At the low BMI
range (BMI 14-18), people die young, not reaching a full life
expectancy, just like the high range (BMI 40 and greater). It turns
out that for a middle-aged woman the best BMI for the longest

life expectancy is about 27 and for men it is closer to 26. Why is

this? Consider the fact that we start to develop heart disease when
we are 30-40 years old, and that becomes a problem when we are
60-70 years old. It takes years to develop the vessel occlusion that
leads to a heart attack or stroke. If a woman makes it into menopause without significant vascular disease then it is unlikely she
will develop it prior to 80-90 years old. She is much more likely to
fall and break a hip at 70 than have a heart attack. This is because
fat tissue makes estrogen. If a woman carries a slight increase in
BMI and fat percentage into menopause she is more protected
from osteoporosis and less at risk for a devastating fracture.
It is clear that BMI is not a perfect tool and should not be
considered a target or goal to meet. It is much more important to
eat healthy, and to stay active and flexible. These alone will help to
keep your BMI in a healthy range, although not in the reported
normal range.
Dr. Herb Coussons, M.D., is a board-certified OB/GYN and a member of the
American Society of Bariatric Physicians. He is the medical director of MediWeightloss in De Pere. I enjoy the successful practice of weight loss, because I am
concerned about the health of my patients, and there is no better way to improve
health and change lives than through weight loss with nutrition and activity.
References: Beyond BMI: Why Doctors Wont Stop Using an Outdated
Measure for Obesity. Jeremy Singer-Vine. Slate.
Association of All-Cause Mortality With Overweight and Obesity Using Standard Body Mass Index Categories. JAMA. Katherine M. Flegal, Ph.D.
Accuracy of Body Mass Index in Diagnosing Obesity in the adult General
Population. International Journal of Obesity. A. Romero-Corral.



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December 2014 | Natures Pathways


light ray

By Rev. Jen Rietveld

o you have a favorite color? Take a moment to envision

what that color is and how it makes you feel. What is it?
Blue? Purple? Green? Or another color from the rainbow?
As Isaac Newton discovered in his experiments with prisms,
colors vibrate at their own frequencies. So it only goes to show
that there may actually be a scientific reason why youre more
attracted to one color than another.
Lets talk about green. For instance, if you prefer beautiful deep
green you may have issues with communicating your ideas to
other people in a way that they understand. Lets say you need
to speak in front of one or more people who you may feel dont
quite get where youre coming from. Or perhaps you may need
to convince them of something very important and you would
like to express yourself clearly and eloquently. You can choose to
wear a medium- to dark-green shirt, or even a stone of that color,
near your throat and you may find that your communication skills
have been sharpened.
Another example is beautiful ruby red. When youre feeling

Divine Energy Light-Workers

Spiritual Counseling Energy/Light Work
Cellular Release Chakra Cleansing and Balancing
Guided Meditations Property Blessings
Weddings Pink Himalayan Salt Lamps and more!
Forevergreen Distributor

Rev. Jen Rietveld

611 N. Lynndale Dr., Ste. C
Appleton 920-268-6345

Natures Pathways | December 2014

So it only goes to show that

there may actually be a scientific
reason why youre more attracted
to one color than another.
overwhelmed and your emotions are getting the best of you,
this particular color will assist you in feeling more focused and
relaxed. It provides you with a deeper understanding of where
these uncontrolled emotions are coming from. If this situation is
taking place in your life, I highly suggest you adorn your body in
this color. You can wrap yourself in a blanket for the same effect.
And if you dont happen to own clothing or bedding of this shade,
you can choose to wear a pendant of raw ruby over your heart to
get an even more profound effect.
In my practice as a spiritual counselor, I choose to wear a lot of
purple. The reason being is violet purple allows people to bring
to the surface past traumas and emotions that they had thought
they had put behind them. This color light ray frequency gives my
clients the opportunity to let these past discrepancies go and to
have the ability to trust their journey with blind faith.
I know this all may sound far-fetched, however I challenge you
to give it a try. Other colors vibrate at different frequencies and
have different effects on our subconscious energy fields. I would
be very interested to learn how you have applied this is in your
own life!
Happy healing my friends!
Rev. Jen Rietveld is an advocate for holistic health. She is the owner
of Divine Energy Light Workers and a student of A Course In
Light. For more information and a list of her services, please visit

FREE -Hour
with a $100 gift card purchase


3201 E. Calumet St.

Next to Buffalo Wild Wings
(920) 731-5300


1241 Lombardi Access Rd.

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Convenient Hours Franchises Available

Open 7 Days: M-F 8am-10pm,
Sat 8am-6pm, Sun 10am-6pm

you to your
best self
Achieve your health goals with

Foxxie Fitness & Wellness


Leading a healthier lifestyle is both feast and famine. On your

journey youll discover a wealth of vague weight-loss tips, fad diets,
overly intense exercise regimes, nutritious processed shakes and
more yet good advice is nearly impossible to find. Dont give up
hope just yet, though. The help youre looking for might be right in
the palm of your hand.

All nurses want to

Guiding you toward your goal
Good health is no game, but having a wellness coach
help people,
certainly doesnt hurt. Thats where Foxxie Fitness & Wellness
owner Dulcie Bosi-Schmidt comes in. She helps her clients
until I adde
develop the skills and knowledge necessary to realize their
dreams of better health.
aspect th at I really
A lot of people will tell me, I know what to do, I just dont
know how to do it or where to get started, Bosi-Schmidt

my passi on li
says. We all know that a better diet, more exercise: thatll
us where we want to go But theres really more to it than
that, and thats what the coaching process helps us discover.
just brinin g out the
The guidance Bosi-Schmidt provides takes the uncertainty out
in people.
of the quest for better health. By helping clients clarify their goals

and then break them up into smaller, accomplishable tasks, she

paves a road to wellness that is achievable and even enjoyable,
rather than overwhelming.
Bosi-Schmidt is quick to point out that she doesnt summon
new skills out of thin air. Much like an athletic coach, she helps
people develop and practice their own innate talents, and become
self-sufficient and confident.
Within all of us is the ability to do great things. A coach doesnt
create those abilities but helps people bring those aspects to the
forefront, Bosi-Schmidt explains.

Calling up the coach:

the Foxxie experience
Bosi-Schmidt is one of only a few wellness coaches in Wisconsin. But
thats not all that sets her apart. She also provides her coaching services
almost entirely over the phone and web.
Wellness coaching is great face to face, but it also works really well
telephonically, Bosi-Schmidt explains. She estimates that 95 percent
of her wellness coaching with a client is done over the phone, which
gives clients an added benefit: Theyre in their own home or wherever
they choose to be.
A safe, comfortable environment can help individuals dig deeper
into their wellness goals and identify what might be causing or exacerbating any health issues they currently have. For example, a client
might first contact Bosi-Schmidt for help losing weight. As she and the
client talk, though, it becomes clear that he is actually struggling with
a great deal of stress, which led to weight gain. Additional conversation
helps the client and Bosi-Schmidt identify that its a living situation at
the root of all that stress.
Self-discovery is key to Bosi-Schmidts wellness coaching.
Theres a lot of me getting to know the person and that person getting
to know themselves too, she explains. Were working on their desires
and their dreams, and who they see themselves as their best self. Sometimes people need to do a little bit of searching to figure out what that is.
With that in mind, Bosi-Schmidt generally recommends an hourlong session to kick off her work with a client. That hour can seem like
a long time, especially in many individuals busy lives, but its crucial to
success. Plus, most individuals are surprised at how fast that hour goes,
and how enjoyable it is.
After the initial discussion, Bosi-Schmidt switches to half-hour
sessions every week or every other week, depending on her clients
needs. At this stage, individuals uncover and develop their skills and
knowledge bases. They celebrate the positive, while also recognizing
their challenges and developing plans to avoid or overcome them.
An important part of the wellness journey for clients is understanding that they dont always move forward. Sometimes they regress or
have what they might see as a weak moment.
Those are learning experiences, Bosi-Schmidt explains, and as individuals grow more self-confident and knowledgeable, theyll notice
that theyre able to get back on track more quickly after those events.
You can kind of sense when it has clicked, if you will, for a person.
Theyll start taking on more, taking bigger steps and having greater
confidence even though those steps are bigger, Bosi-Schmidt says.
Those [weak moments] come fewer and further in between as people
grow in the process.
As clients build their self-confidence, sessions lessen in frequency.
That piece of it is very individual. Its whatever the person is comfortable with and it really goes for as long as the person needs.

Making wellness a family affair

Its much easier to believe in yourself when youve got someone else
or a number of people believing in you too. Thats the theory
supporting Bosi-Schmidts innovative Family FUNdamentals program,
which offers wellness coaching for the entire family.
We all need support, she acknowledges. What better support than
the people in our house?
Its a unique concept one that, as far as Bosi-Schmidt knows, she
In Family FUNdamentals, all family members work to achieve a

Passion and experience

Bosi-Schmidt helps you succeed
in any area of wellness
Perhaps youre hoping to lose weight or eat better. Maybe you want to
quit smoking, reduce your stress level or feel more energized. Whatever your wellness goals may be, Foxxie Fitness & Wellness can help.
Bosi-Schmidt created Foxxie as a wellness service thats completely
accessible online and via telephone.
I should be able to reach all corners of the world through that
avenue, she explains. Helping as many people as possible has long
been important to Bosi-Schmidt, who started her career in wellness
as a registered nurse. To that she added a personal trainer certification, the title of smoking cessation counselor through the American
Lung Association and finally, wellness coaching certification.
All nurses want to help people, but it wasnt until I added the
coaching aspect that I really knew where my passion lies: Its really
just bringing out the best in people, Bosi-Schmidt says. Its so
rewarding to see when they come to the realization that, Hey I can
do this, or Wow, look what I just did. When they have that aha!
moment and start moving forward, its really an exciting thing to see.
common goal. Whether each person is interested in change or not isnt
necessarily the focus of the program. Whats important is bringing a
team together.
Maybe they dont all have the same goals or desires, but if theyre
not going to work toward goals, at least they have the knowledge that,
Hey, this person is, and this is how I could help them or support them,
Bosi-Schmidt says.
What family members gain from the experience can vary greatly, but
everyone takes away something positive. Some family members learn
how to support others by doing something as simple as avoiding negativity. Others, often children, feel empowered to share that theyve wanted
to make certain wellness-related changes, but they didnt know what to
say or how to go about doing so. The whole family works together.

Achieve your dreams of better health

with Foxxie Fitness & Wellness
Dulcie Bosi-Schmidt is passionate about helping her clients uncover
their talents and abilities, and achieve their goals. Youll work together
to develop a plan that works for your personality, family, lifestyle and
other individual needs. Contact her today and get started on being your
best self.

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We are one of the ONLY physical therapy centers

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or simply mask the symptoms of a learning problem ... we correct
it. Using a scientifically proven approach, we strengthen your childs
underlying cognitive skills (those basic skills that need to be in
place in order for learning to come easily, such as memory, attention,
auditory and visual processing, logic and reasoning, and processing
speed). We actually train your childs brain to learn more easily, and
then we practice that new skill until its second nature.

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Skills Assessment & Consultation

Who benefits from Cognitive Skills Training?
Kids who struggle with learning, reading and/or homework.
Kids with learning disabilities, dyslexia, ADD or ADHD.
Kids who work slowly.
Kids who work harder than their peers to achieve good grades.
Bright students who dont seem to be working to their potential.
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Natures Pathways | December 2014

sugar scrub
A freshly made gift
from the heart

By Caitlin Brotz

very year we wonder, what do we get

everyone for Christmas? It is usually
a scramble to find that perfect gift.
This year will be different. This year,
its about gifting those little moments of
happiness. What better way to say I love
you than a gift from the heart thats made
by you?
Here is a recipe for sugar scrub cubes.
Your loved ones will be tickled to try them!
1. Melt 16 ounces of cocoa butter on
low heat.
2. Stir in 8 ounces of olive oil and 3
tablespoons of beeswax; melt.
3. After your solution cools to room
temperature, add 5 cups of white
4. Add your fragrance or essential oil of
5. Pour your solution into ice cube trays
and place them into the refrigerator
to cool.


cubes are firmly cooled, pop them out of

the mold and package them in cellophane.
Your family and friends will be delighted
to try your homemade beauty product and
the stress of finding the perfect present will
be behind you.
TO USE CUBES: Scrub your arms and
legs with cubes. The sugar will exfoliate the
skin while the oils moisturize. Its a caloriefree treat for the skin!
Caitlin Brotz is owner of Oliv 426,
located at 511 N. 8th St. in downtown
Sheboygan or online at
Devoted to improving the well-being
of customers and the world around
us every day, Oliv believes in creating all-natural
personal care products that are truly healing, nonharmful and affordable for everyday use. Visit our Sheboygan
boutique to create your own skin care with the help of an
Oliv representative or customize your products online.
For more information about Oliv 426 or to learn more
about the benefits of all natural personal care, visit our
website at or call 920-783-0809.
December 2014 | Natures Pathways


How to
prevent and
heal disease
as we enter
cold and flu

By Judy Rogers

remember reading Louise Hays book, Heal Your Body in the

1980s with the list of mental patterns that she believed led to
specific diseases. I remember thinking, Wow this lady is out
there diseases caused by emotional patterns? Today I believe
she was ahead of her time and was on to something. Many experts
are presenting research to demonstrate how many diseases,
including cancer, are related to certain emotional patterns. They
believe that our subconscious mind is the key to understanding
what creates and heals disease in our bodies. There are books
written on this topic; however, my goal today is to present a few
techniques that are easy, gentle and work to prevent/heal disease.
Did you ever notice how babies and toddlers love every inch

of their bodies? They feel no need to compare, shame or dislike

any part of their body. We were all like that and somewhere along
the way, we listened to others who criticized and pointed out
flaws and told us things discrediting the bodys wisdom, causing
a disconnect between our mind and body. Disconnecting from
our bodys wisdom feeds the power of false beliefs buried in our
subconscious mind. Our mind and body are not able to distinguish between false statements and what is true. Often conditions and beliefs feel very real because their messages have been
ingrained in our subconscious mind for many years. Our body
accepts whatever we tell it as truth. So if we tell it, It runs in our
family; I get every bug that goes around; every time I fly I get sick;

ealthier Life
A Happier &beH
gins today!
We offer a Mindful approach to integrative counseling

Individual, couples and group counseling for:

Depression Anxiety/panic attack Bereavement/grief issues
Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) Stress management

Mindfulness Center for Wellbeing

Judy rogers, M.s., l.c.s.W.
18 Jewelers Park, Suite 210, Neenah 920-722-7245
the center is enrolled with most health insurance companies and therapy is covered by most policies.


Natures Pathways | December 2014

this is just my body type, I cant help it, our body hears it and
works very hard to fulfill our beliefs. So what would happen if you
told your body that it is a healing machine? What if you learned
to love and appreciate your body and began listening to its needs?

Technique one

What is your mind telling your body? Buddhist scholar from

Morning Sun Mindfulness Center, Tim Desmond, LMFT, developed the Self-inquiry practice for thinking. It is a mindfulness
practice that helps create space and clarity. While sitting in silence
with the intention of listening to your thinking, you ask, What
could be the belief creating this disease? When you become
aware of a belief, focus on that belief. Do not argue with it or
try to change it. By allowing your mind to be still without judgment, you are able to begin to hear unconscious belief patterns
contributing to disease. Awareness replaces resisting, burying and
denying subconscious patterns. Remember what we resist persists.
Remind your body that it is a healing machine, replacing any false
belief you were able to uncover. With that new belief begin to
notice your body working hard at being a healing machine.

Techniques two and three

What are your body sensations trying to tell you? Desmonds Selfinquiry practice for body sensations and the Body Scan are both
very helpful mindfulness practices. There are several Body Scans
by various authors that you can find free at mindfulness websites.
With the Self-inquiry practice for body sensations, you begin by

Give the gift of

sitting in silence with the intention of making a deeper connection to your body sensations. You allow yourself to feel a body
sensation without judgment. It is just okay to be there. Remember
what we focus on changes. Even if it gets stronger, let it be. If we
want to heal, we need to be willing to feel whatever comes up
from the subconscious mind. Next, ask the body sensation questions: What do you need? How are you trying to help me?
What do you need me to hear? Give the sensation compassion
and empathy and thank it for the wisdom it has shared. Gather
that wisdom and act on it for greater well-being. The body knows
what it needs and when we learn to listen to it and love it as we did
as babies, we can heal and experience more ease and less disease.
As we are entering the cold and flu season, learning to practice
mindfulness is very helpful in increasing the immune systems
ability to prevent/heal disease. Listen carefully to what your mind
is thinking and saying your body is always listening. And
remember your body works best when you take care of its needs
and show it love and appreciation. Every morning I thank my
body for being a healing machine.
Judy Rogers, M.S. L.C.S.W. is the founder of the Mindfulness
Center for Wellbeing in Neenah. She has over 20 years of experience as a therapist and a Hospice Social Worker.
At the Mindfulness Center for Wellbeing we teach Mindfulness
practice that will help you live a happier and healthier life. We will
also come to your place of employment, church or wellness center with our classes
and workshops. Visit for more details.
You can also reach us at 920-948-5101.

Wrap up one of these classes:

Start here.


Organic Livestock Practices

Class #23401
Organic Poultry Management
Class #23404
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Small Farm Machinery
Class #23421
Organic Gardening
Class #23402

Wed., 1/28-5/13
10:30 am - 12:20 pm
Online, 1/28-3/17
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4:30 pm - 6:20 pm
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Online, 3/19-5/15
Thurs., 1/29-5/14
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1:30 pm - 3:20 pm


For more information contact Bonnie Willems: or 920-498-5457

December 2014 | Natures Pathways


Rediscovering the
natural beauty of
wood with sustainable,
nontoxic, zero-VOC
natural stained finishes

By Jonas A. Zahn
Photo by Julie Zahn.

This is one of a four-part series on natural, nontoxic, eco-friendly

wood finishes. Look for the next installment in next months issue, at, or

n the process of building a sustainable and eco-friendly casket

company, weve had to learn a lot about eco-friendly wood
finishes. Weve learned how to achieve a wide variety of beautiful wood finishes without using harmful chemicals. Most of
our learning has been a matter of rediscovering the historic techniques mastered by 16th century English craftsmen. In this article
well briefly cover products and useful techniques for achieving
natural stained wood finishes.
Staining wood includes techniques that expose, enhance or otherwise highlight the natural characteristics of wood. Stains highlight the
natural grain pattern of wood enhancing, masking or changing the
color with chemistry or color pigment mixed in the stain. Typically,
stain techniques must be followed by some form of sealant or protective finish. Commercially available stains are available in hundreds of
colors and fall into either oil-based or water-based categories all of
which contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or other harmful
chemicals and vapors. Many are unpleasant to work with and require
ventilation and care while handling them.
There are three categories of staining recipes and techniques
well cover in this short article that I like to refer to as (1) adding
pigment to natural oils, (2) glazing with milk paint and (3)
dissolving chemical concoctions. Each of these techniques will
introduce you to a whole book of recipes for endless experimentation and amazing results. All of these techniques employ natural,

Natures Pathways | December 2014

Glazing with milk paint is an

easy way to add color to wood
without covering up the natural
beauty of the wood grain.
biodegradable, nontoxic, eco-safe, VOC-free ingredients with
the exception of some of those in the chemical category that
produce toxic solutions that must be handled with care.
Adding pigment to natural oils is perhaps the easiest way to
stain and protect wood in one step. Adding iron oxide (powdered
rust) to tung oil or linseed oil will yield a beautiful red stain much
like what youd expect from a redwood deck stain color. Another
natural pigment, Gilsonite, is as black as obsidian and creates a
beautiful aged, dark look on pine and oak. Any natural pigment
used by painters can be added to natural oils to your liking and
brushed into wood. Covering the stain coat with a second coat of
oil will help encapsulate the pigment. Other topcoat techniques
including waxes and burnishing pastes are effective as well.
Glazing with milk paint is an easy way to add color to wood
without covering up the natural beauty of the wood grain. Start
with any color of milk paint and dilute at least 1-to-1 with water.
Dilute further for lighter staining. I prefer to use a foam brush to
push the stain onto the wood instead of pulling like you would
with a paint brush. For large projects, consider using a large
sponge. Apply the paint and let dry for 24-48 hours before applying a protective finish of natural oil, wax or burnishing paste.

Creating your own homemade stain with chemistry can open up

a whole category of concocting your own solutions. White vinegar
is an inexpensive, eco-safe chemical to start with. Try leaving some
rusty nails in vinegar or steel wool for a few days and the metal will
release iron oxides into the vinegar. The result is an effective stain
that will add beautiful browns to your wood. Some old copper wire
salvaged from an electric motor will take several weeks in vinegar,
but the green-blue and teal color is worth the wait.
Vegetables are an ancient source of color for staining wood. Try
beet juice for bright pink, blueberries for purplish gray, blackberries
for bright purple and vegetable greens for yellows. Blend the whole
fruit or vegetable into a paste and mix in 1-2 tablespoons of alum
per blender full for a fixer. Use the paste thick and leave it sit on the
wood overnight or thin it with water for various saturations.
For more information on eco-friendly finishes including real milk paint, natural
waxes, and nontoxic burnishing glazes, check out our blog at or ask us on Facebook at
Jonas A. Zahn is the owner of the Northwoods Casket Company and
Carriage House Works. Jonas is uncompromising in his commitment to sustainability using locally sourced woods, local craftsmen
(and women), and environmentally safe paints and finishes to build
caskets and classic Arts & Crafts furniture. The company plants 100
trees for every casket made. The Northwoods Casket Co. offers a
wide range of sustainable burial caskets and cremation products and delivers to
every funeral home in Wisconsin. Carriage House Works builds fine handcrafted
furniture, sells reclaimed wood flooring and distributes milk paint with environmentally safe natural oil finishes. The casket gallery and furniture store are located
in Beaver Dam. Learn more by visiting or www. See ads on page 12 and 52.

Andi Raine, LM, CPM, IBCLC

Our Care is

Primary care for the mother
Primary care for the newborn
IBCLC lactation consultant
All your needs harmoniously
met with one provider.

Only at Alba Birth Center.


Birth Center ~ Home Birth

Wisconsin Licensed & Certified Professional Midwives
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OUR CENTER! 920.882.6200

December 2014 | Natures Pathways


You can heal

your life
Finding the tools and
techniques that work for you

By Jennifer Schmitz Johnson

ork-related stressors. Life changes. Difficult family

relationships. Body pains, aches, ailments and
diseases. Who among us has not suffered one of these?
If youre reading this magazine, chances are good that you desire a
life of optimal health and wellness and find value in doing things
the natural way. Ive been a reader of Natures Pathway for many
years, and Ive always found inspiration within its pages.
Not unlike the next person, Ive experienced degrees of suffering that have manifested in a variety of ways over the years. I was
diagnosed with anxiety/depression nine years ago at the age of 26.
Symptoms were quelled by medication prescribed by my doctor,
and a few loving individuals were able to help me help myself.
I triumphed over the debilitating nature of the initial onset and
managed to enjoy a good seven or so years of a productive and
generally happy life.
Things were going extremely well, and Id all but weaned myself
from Lexapro. Then I got rear-ended. That was in August of
2012. The car accident threw me into an anxiety/panic relapse.


Natures Pathways | December 2014

Next came a first pregnancy (we were so excited!) followed by the

trauma of miscarriage. Add job stress and job change, and voila:
the perfect recipe for severe depression. The summer of 2013 was
the darkest to date.
So how did I heal?
For me, it wasnt one quick prescription, but a series of things
that were presented to me over a span of many months. Journaling,
meditation, nutrition and exercise each played a part. A number
of people and places were instrumental in guiding me back to full
health. Many local churches and natural scenic spaces provided
spiritual respite for me in time of great need. Mardi Halvorsen
at Bay Area Yoga was also a beacon of light; yin yoga helped me
learn how to truly breathe, and how to let go and be supported.
Celia LaTour over at Catholic Charities provided a listening ear
as I worked through the mental and emotional aspects of anxiety
and depression. Dr. Paula Benbow of Natural Health Chiropractic
aided my body in relaxing and readjusting itself. Most recently,
Dr. Shawn Jackson, a physical therapist at Renew Physical Therapy

has been helpful in digging down deep to uncoil the trauma still
wrapped in my neck and shoulders from the car accident.
Throughout it all there have been the caring massage therapists and skilled healers at The Day Spa. To Robin, Brenda, Tara,
Sandy, Michael, Laura, Julie and Wendy: Thank you. Regular spa
treatments continue to help soothe my mind, body and soul. And
I could not have done it without the steady support of friends
and family. (Kalan and Tanya: I am forever grateful. Dad, Mom,
Aaron and Sara: You shine the light of God in my life). And Steve:
Thanks for sticking with me. You are the most important person
in my life. I love you.
Healing is serious business. But its also light and miraculous!
We all have the power to heal ourselves. To this end, I recommend
reading Radical Honesty by psychotherapist Brad Blanton.
Also vital in my continued healing is You Can Heal Your Life
by Louise Hay, and The Practice of Healing Prayer by Francis
This is not new information, friends. Our bodies were created
with the ability to heal themselves! We were designed to live a life
of joy and to reach our fullest potential! So surround yourself with
people who radiate loving positivity. Go out there and find the
tools that fit just right in your hands. Take the first step. Decide
you want to heal. Right now, in this moment, on this day, choose
to create a new life for yourself.

Join th

e clu

Jennifer Schmitz Johnson works as a wellness events coordinator at The Day Spa
in De Pere. She lives in Green Bay with her husband, Steve and in her free time
enjoys music-making, gardening, cooking and other creative arts.


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December 2014 | Natures Pathways


Whats on your
table for family

By Tammy Thyssen


oo often we fret about going to

family gatherings as well as holiday
celebrations because our eating
habits fall off the wagon and we then have
to diet after November and December. So
we start out our year to make it better only
to ruin it again the next November and
December. What a vicious cycle. Why do
we put ourselves through this?
Our first thoughts of holiday gatherings are to plan our sweet treats and we
plan many of them. Its easy to make bars,
pies, cupcakes and cookies; in other words,



J . TW

anything sugary. Then we choose chips:

Doritos, Fritos, Lays potato chips, and we
add dips made with sour cream. We try to
help that one by using fat-free or low-fat
sour cream. Sorry, those arent any better
because of all the extra additives and preservatives to make up for the taste. Just because
kids are going to be there, doesnt mean this
stuff has to be served.
We give our kids the choices by what we
prepare. We introduced them to the sweets
and got them hooked. They dont know they
are bad, but we do and we give it to them

O H I G , D . D . S.

anyway. Once they consume it and have

their two or three sodas, they get rambunctious, loud, rude and irritable and then we
tell them to sit down, stop running, stop
screaming, stop fighting, keep your cool,
go play. These foods send their minds in a
rush and sugar high and lows reflect their
Keep your kids happy, friendly, energetic
and social by offering other foods. (It is not
more expensive, because youll drink less to
drown out the kids noise at the gatherings.)
Here are a few options to prepare:
MIXTURES. These are great treats.
Greek vanilla yogurt smothered in your
traditional fruit parfait is absolutely
awesome. No whip cream needed!
FRUIT KABOBS. Try forming a
rainbow or just enjoy fruit on a stick
its a lot of fun to eat.




N atu

r a l a n d Ho l i


ic D


Whole Body Dentistry Oxidative Therapy

Alternatives to Fluoride
Experience a NATURAL&HOLISTIC approach to dentistry
417 East Ann St., Weyauwega (920) 867-3101

Natures Pathways | December 2014

Sausage variations could include elk,
bison, road kill, hickory smoked and
garlic. Cheese choices might include
pepper jack, Colby, cheddar, Swiss,
Gouda, Munster, onion and chive.
VEGGIE TRAYS. Cut and serve broccoli, cauliflower, carrots (not the baby
carrots because they are washed in
chlorine) grape tomatoes, peppers and
cabbage leaves.
VEGGIE PIZZA. Mix cream cheese

and guacamole together and spread as

your base.



Dont get the ones with the M&Ms

in them; its cheaper to buy a bag and
divide them up in your choices of mixes
and blends. Get more nuts and dried
fruits instead. Add some sweets of your
CHIPS AND SALSA. Try multi-grain,
black bean, and hint-of-lime flavors).
For the salsa, try a variety: mango,
bean, guacamole or fresh.
MINI MUFFINS. Try these little
muffins rather than the large traditional
sizes. Use brownie mix, cake mixes,
blueberries, raspberries, or chocolate
chips for an added sweet treat.
fun, creative and tasty mouth poppers.
treat has fun colors and is quite tasty.
Or, you could try fun Jell-o figures.

with the apples; have kids bob for them!

DIPPED PRETZELS. Try both regular
pretzels and the sticks in variety of
flavors: chocolate, white chocolate, or
GRANOLA CHIPS. Mix oats, nuts,
cranberries and honey. Break the
granola up into pieces and serve.
DRINKS. Mix 100 percent fruit juices
with cherry 7UP or regular 7UP (no
diet needed) for a great-tasting and
refreshing drink for the kids and you.
Iced tea lemonade mix seems to be a
great treat too.
Watch your kids enjoy the food and each
other, be active the whole time and not
crash. Rather than be rude and mean
at the end of the night, they will just be
tired. Feeding their bodies appropriately
throughout the day will keep them happy
and healthy and you sane while enjoying
time with your family.
Eating right isnt expensive if you do it
all the time. When you buy the good and
the bad, the good food disappears faster but
youre healthy, not sluggish or irritable. You

are only irritable because you want more

of the good stuff. When you buy processed
chips and foods you are more sluggish,
irritable, tired and unexcited, and you lack
emotion and self-confidence.
Lets enjoy our holiday gatherings and
family this year and look forward to the
start of the new without having to jump the
wagon again. Instead, enjoy the ride and
enjoy being healthy all year long.
Healthy change is not quick; it takes
time, work and baby steps to succeed. It will
become a norm and you wont miss your
bad processed, fake foods anymore. Practice theses habits and preparations for all
your gatherings throughout the year, youll
look forward to every gathering and vacation you experience.
Tammy Thyssen is a graduate of the
University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh
with a Bachelor of Science degree. She
majored in physical education, health,
nutrition, coaching and athletic training with an emphasis in biomechanics, anatomy and
physiology. In 2011, she became a high school speed
and agility specialist and strength and conditioning coach. Tammy is a personal trainer and owner
of TNT Basic Training. For more information, visit


Fitness Training w
a PERSONAL appro
Personal Training Group or One-on-One
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Strength/Toning TRX Classes

Sports Conditioning Obstacle Course Training
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Basic Training for LIFE!
W8734 School Rd., Hortonville
December 2014 | Natures Pathways


Peace in

By Peggy Sue Mason


Dont we all wish we were prepared for anything?

Really? Who in their right mind wants that? If we live our lives
in a state of constant preparedness, all the joy would be sucked
right out. Wouldnt we miss spontaneity, the spur-of-the-moment
opportunities and adventures? What about surprise; what
about the unknown or unexpected; and what about the thrill of
December is a time of preparing. Many people begin preparing for the holidays, preparing for vacation, preparing for gift
exchanges, preparing for the year-end reconciliations, preparing
for the New Year we even prepare for flu season. Since the very
state of preparing means we are looking toward the future, the
doing and busyness of preparing can really take away from the
importance of today.
Now, please dont think that this means all preparation is bad
or that the things we prepare for are not important. The point is
all too often our attempts to prepare get out of balance and lead
people down a path of unhealthy results. We begin feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Many articles have been written on the
theme of how to remove stress from your holiday planning. To put
things back in balance, we need to move away from the external

preparedness and move toward a sense of internal preparedness.

Spiritual preparedness is an internal experience different than
just a state of readiness. It does not mean a specific religion, it
doesnt even need to be a religious state. It just means getting your
core values and belief system in check. Spiritual preparedness is of
even greater value and importance as it provides a much deeper
and more meaningful perspective.
Now, doesnt that sound like something we all need, and not
just in December?
There are many ways for us to begin this spiritual preparedness in
our lives. Starting slowly will build success into your efforts. Understandably, many of us have overlapping obligations in our schedules;
we certainly dont want to add another 20 minutes into our already
overloaded 24-hour day. But even a couple of minutes can help to
identify areas where you can simplify and refresh your spirit.
Think about the time you spend getting ready for work or
school in the morning or driving to your first appointment of
the day, the break in the morning schedule, or your lunch hour.

Embrace a life of wholeness ...

mind, spirit and body.
A tradition of hope and healing

with us.
- Exodus 3:14


2150 Memorial Dr., Ste 213

Green Bay 920-498-3383

Natures Pathways | December 2014

Our counselors specialize in Christian and

Spiritual counseling addressing:



Eating Disorders
Marriage & Family
Divorce Recovery
Financial Problems

Choose one of these routine times and rather than catching up on

the phone with someone, or checking your emails, Facebook, etc.,
engage in a grounding mindfulness practice in order to connect
to your spiritual self. For just a few moments, take note of how
you are feeling physically. Is there tension anywhere in your body?
Are you tired? Notice your breathing. How do your clothes feel
against your skin? Focus on what feels positive in the moment
and bring those good feelings to the stressed areas of your body.
Taking time, even just a few moments a day, to rejuvenate our
inner self will make a difference. Then as the days go by, perhaps
you will start to find it important to take a few more minutes for
yourself; you will leave the radio off in the car, not turn on the
TV or computer as soon as you walk in the door, and perhaps
even turn off the phone OK, so that may be a bit of a stretch
for most of us. Allowing yourself to connect with the part of you
that desires this newfound spiritual preparedness will be a release
from the bondage of all the other preparing we do.
When we begin to change our daily schedule a little at a time,
we loosen up the strain of overload that so many of us have. This
is when we will find the peace in preparedness that our souls are
searching for.
Peggy Sue Mason is a treasured volunteer at CCM Counseling & Wellness, 2150
Memorial Drive, #213, Green Bay, 920-498-3383. Her business expertise and
spiritual outlook are a gift to our counselors and staff. Peggy Sue runs her own
business, PS ITs Taxtime, 2907 Big Timber Circle, Green Bay, 920-434-5211.
Peggy shares her time with CCM because she believes in their mission to providing people the opportunity to embrace a life of wholeness.

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December 2014 | Natures Pathways


Trying to
lose weight?
Dont be
fooled by

By Kim Neher, MS, Clinical Nutritionist

owadays, it seems like every food label is designed to

make you think its contents are healthy (or at least not all
that terrible). Trying to make the healthiest choices at the
grocery store in hopes of turning ones health and weight around
is tough. But youre not alone in your confusion and how much
detective work it takes to read a nutrition label. While the Food
and Drug Administration is in charge of defining food labels,
manufacturers are constantly coming up with new ones that arent
regulated, dont have any real definition and are all about catching
your eye with new buzz words. Meanwhile, the ones that the FDA
has defined are rarely ever explained on food packaging so its
very rare that we as consumers know if a product is healthy or not.
Here is a list of the most common (and confusing) food labels
that we encounter:

Mudd Creek, LLC

Gourmet Fine Foods

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transforming them into a secret, glutenfree indulgence that allows you to enliven

Youll like the simplicity,

Specializing in:
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Natures Pathways | December 2014

Youll love the diversity!

Contact us at:

Made with

We assume: Its a good source of whatever ingredient the label is

touting. As an example, think of those childrens cereals that say
they are a good source of whole grains.
The truth: It contains a little bit of said ingredient. But since this label
isnt defined by the FDA, how much it contains is anybodys guess.
Solution: Get an idea of how much of the ingredient the food
contains by seeing where it sits on the ingredient list. The closer
it is to the beginning of the list, the more of it the food contains.


We assume: It is not processed.

The truth: It (probably) doesnt contain added colors, artificial
flavors or synthetic substances. While the FDA hasnt been able
to agree on a definition for natural labels, it generally keeps an
eye out for foods that contain those less-than-natural ingredients.
This is why its hard to define a food product that is natural,
because the food has probably been processed and therefore is
not natural at all.
Solution: See how long the ingredients list is. The fewer the
ingredients, the less processed the food will be.

Low, light, and reduced

We assume: It has few calories, grams of fat, grams of sodium or

whatever else the label lists.

When companies remove fat and salt High in fiber

We assume: It has a lot of natural fiber.
from foods, they often replace them
The truth: For a food to be labeled high in fiber, it must provide
with sugar and additives to keep its
5 grams of fiber or more per serving. However, the fiber doesnt
taste favorable to the consumer.
have to be natural, and can simply be an additive.
The truth: The product has less of that stuff than the original
version. For instance, the FDA states that foods can be labeled
light if they contain half the fat or a third the calories of the original version. Meanwhile, manufacturers are allowed to say products
are reduced sodium if they have 25 percent less than the original
or other similar foods. When companies remove fat and salt from
foods, they often replace them with sugar and additives to keep its
taste favorable to the consumer.
Solution: Always compare labels and opt for the version that has
a small list of recognizable ingredients.

Lightly sweetened

We assume: It has very little sugar.

The truth: It could still have (what you might consider to be) tons
of sugar or artificial sweeteners. The FDA does not regulate this label.
Solution: Look for any ingredients with an -ose ending theyre
a clear giveaway that the product contains sugars and sweeteners.

Solution: Look for whole grains on the ingredient list. If these

are one of the first three sources, chances are the fiber is natural.


We assume: It doesnt contain any of said ingredients.

The truth: Apparently in the food-labeling world, free means
very little. Specifically, 5 calories, 0.5 grams of fat, 5 milligrams of
sodium, or 0.5 grams of sugar per serving, according to the FDA.
Solution: Again, a side-by-side comparison of products is best.
Kimberly Neher, MS, is the clinical nutritionist and owner of
Nutritional Healing, LLC. Her passion lies in supporting peoples
health through evidence-based medicine (risks versus benefits of
medications) and healing therapies through nutrition. Kimberly
has her Masters of Science in human nutrition degree, and experience working with clients regarding weight and fatigue issues, sports nutrition,
food sensitivities and allergies, and general health concerns such as high blood
pressure, high glucose levels, high cholesterol/triglycerides, migraines, thyroid
conditions and gut dysfunction. To learn more, call 920-358-5764 or email

December 2014 | Natures Pathways



Cajun Pasta

By Danielle Lythjohan


1 package Mudd Creek Gluten Free Pasta Mix

(prepare and roll out according to package directions)

2 tablespoons Mudd Creek Bourbon Street Butter
Spice and Rub
2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
3 cups 1 percent milk
3 Roma tomatoes, diced
2-3 teaspoons minced garlic
3 cups fresh spinach
cup Parmesan


1. In a large pot, bring water to boil.

2. In a large skillet, saut tomatoes and garlic in olive oil for

7 minutes over medium heat. Stir in spinach and continue

cooking for about 5 minutes. Reduce heat, and add spice/
rub and milk. Stir and simmer for 10 minutes.
3. Place pasta in boiling water and cook for 3 minutes. Drain pasta
and add to the tomato/spinach mixture. Simmer for 5 minutes.
4. Add Parmesan cheese and stir well, making sure all pasta is
covered in sauce. Simmer for 5 minutes.
5. Remove the skillet from heat and let sit for 5 minutes before


Add cooked and diced chicken, andouille sausage, or shrimp.


Danielle Lythjohan is a blogger and product developer volunteer for Mudd Creek.
Mudd Creek, LLC is located in Appleton and is a dedicated gluten-free company
specializing in baking mixes, fruit spreads, tropical granolas, butter spices/rubs and
coffee blends and is owned and operated by Donna and Ken Klausen. Look for our
upcoming holiday classes at Givens Farm in Hortonville. For more information or to
locate a retailer near you, please visit our website at or like
us on Facebook at See ad on page 62.

Natures Pathways | December 2014

The science
behind fear and
how to keep it

By Elba Mueller

reathlessness, profound pressure in

my chest, upset stomach, agoraphobia and a distorted sense of reality
all while scratching my face constantly
in desperation: These were the symptoms I
had when I entered the emergency care unit
of the hospital while living in Germany.
There was a kind smile from a doctor as he
announced my diagnosis. You have experienced a panic attack. You will be fine, and a
psychiatrist is on his way.
Panic attack, like in extreme fear? I
asked the doctor.
Yes. Can you please tell me what problems you have been having lately?
I was clueless. I have no problems,

Panic attacks

The words panic attack are completely

accurate when it comes to describing the
reality of this conditions symptoms, and it
can be quite impossible for anyone who has
not experienced a panic attack to understand
how it feels. More often than not, an event
like a panic attack will change a persons life
drastically and sometimes forever.
During a panic attack, your entire body
enters panic mode for no logical or
apparent reason. Your body behaves as if
you are being chased by Jason Voorhees,
the hockey-masked murderer from the

movie Friday the 13th.

There is no one chasing you, You
can stop it, It is only in your mind, and
Just try to control it, are phrases that you
are likely to hear from friends and family
members because they cannot understand the horrible symptoms of this fear:
a fear that attacks over and over and over
again, weakening you and devastating

Elba Mueller
Life Coach and
Meditation Instructor

Trained by the Enneagram

Institute in personality typology.

your self-confidence as you stop living and

begin merely surviving.
But it does not have to stay that way. It is
possible to say goodbye to fear.

What is fear?

Fear is an element that is present in your

psyche as well as in your nervous system.
continued on page 67

For the months of

December and January
obtain a 30% discount
in your sessions
or selected workshop.

PHONE: 920.319.8152
December 2014 | Natures Pathways


Alpaca apparel
From raw fiber to
finished garments

By Sally Schmidt

isconsinites appreciate clothing that has great style, a

luxurious feel and superior warmth. Clothing made
from alpaca fiber has all of these qualities.
The art of spinning fiber into yarn and making yarn into
finished fabric has existed for thousands of years. While modern
technology has made the process more efficient, the steps remain
largely the same, according to Heather McCloys A History and
Evolution of Spinning.

fabric. Commercial manufacturers use machines, hobbyists knit

or weave by hand.

1. HARVESTING: The natural material is gathered together. In

8. DYING AND COLORS: Alpacas come in 16 beautiful natural

this case, alpaca fiber is sheared from the animal annually. Shearing is done by professionals using electric shears. Shearing takes
less than 10 minutes and does not harm the animal. In fact, yearly
shearing is important to keeping alpacas healthy, according to
BioSecure Alpaca Shearing, Ltd. For an added bonus, alpaca fiber
is a renewable resource.
2. SORTING AND GRADING: Fiber is sorted by hand for color,

length and fineness. Premium alpaca fiber ranges from 13-18

microns. Compare that to the average strand of human hair,
which is 100 microns wide, according to Wikipedia. The fineness
of alpaca fiber is the primary reason for the soft handle and sumptuous feel of alpaca clothing.
3. CLEANING: Plant matter and debris are removed from the

fiber, either by hand or mechanically. The fiber is then washed in

water with gentle soap. Alpaca fiber does not contain lanolin, so
no harsh chemicals are needed in the cleaning process and alpaca
fiber is considered hypoallergenic. In almost all cases, people who
are unable to wear wool can wear alpaca clothing. (AOA)
4. CARDING: Giant drums with metal teeth pull the fibers

apart and blend them together.

5. SPINNING: The fibers are pulled (drafted) into thin strands

7. CUTTING AND SEWING: The woven fabric is made into

finished garments. Unique fabrics can be created by boiling

or felting the alpaca material. High-end designers, such as Jose
Miguel Valdivia, love working with alpaca fiber to create stunning
runway fashions, as Cashmere World shares.
colors, according to Alpaca Registry, Inc. If additional colors are
desired, alpaca fiber can be dyed during various stages of production. White alpaca fiber is best for dying.

The largest source of alpaca fiber is currently South America.

North America is working hard to build their own alpaca apparel
infrastructure. Their success relies primarily on the farms raising
The higher the quality of the alpaca fiber, the more comfortable, warm and luxurious the finished garment will be. Each
alpaca produces 5-8 pounds of commercial-grade fleece per year.
Because of this small yield, it is unlikely you will find alpaca clothing in a department store. If youre looking for alpaca apparel that
is stylish and provides superior warmth your best source is a local
farm that raises alpacas.
Sally and her husband, Tom Schmidt, began Sabamba Alpaca
Ranch and Bed & Breakfast in 2006 in De Pere. They have 35 awardwinning alpacas and an alpaca clothing boutique at their ranch. For
alpaca sales, products or bed and breakfast stays, visit or contact Sally Schmidt at 920-371-0003.
References: A History and Evolution of Spinning. Heather McCloy. http://
BioSecure Alpaca Shearing, Ltd.
Hairs Breadth. Wikipedia.

and twisted (spun) to create yarn.

Alpaca Owners Association.

6. KNITTING OR WEAVING: The yarn is knit or woven into

Alpaca Registry, Inc.


Natures Pathways | December 2014

Cashmere World.

THE SCIENCE BEHIND FEAR continued from page 65

Fear is an alarm meant to warn you about an impending danger

and prepare you to run from the threat. Unfortunately, in some
individuals, fear becomes much more than simply an alarm
warning of a real threat; in some cases, the perceived threat is
really nothing more than an individuals everyday life.
Much has been written about the fight or flight response to
fear, but is this type of reaction really necessary? Is fear necessary?
Obviously, in some cases, fear is an important and even crucial
element of human survival; however, in some individuals, fear
becomes a debilitating force of self-destruction and something
that needs to be conquered.

The anatomy of fear

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To truly understand fear we must first ask where fear is born. The
short answer to this question is that fear seems to be born in a
small, almond-shaped part of the brain called the amygdala.
Many experiments have been done to find out how the brain
interprets stimuli and how it develops fear responses. Fear is part
of our emotional wiring and is present in every individual. It is
the amygdala the region of the brain associated with emotions
and the fear center of the mind which from time to time gets
overloaded and becomes hyper-vigilant. It is like being unaware
that you are jamming the accelerator of your car all the way to the
floor until it loses its resistance and it lies flat. It is as a result of
being in this constant and unnecessary state of vigilance that, at
some point, everything seems to be a threat and fear takes over.

Say goodbye to fear

Recent research has shown that a deep state of meditation actually helps to deactivate the amygdala, along with providing many
other benefits to the mind and spirit. Certain types of meditation
help the brain reboot and refresh your system. Leading neuroscientists such as Andrew Newberg are fascinated by the findings
of how meditation affects brain function, and the Harvard School
of Medicine has reported that meditation can provide amazing
benefits to the brain. Meditation is not just a hobby anymore;
meditation is a must do and a serious antidote to fear.
What is stopping us from becoming a fearless generation?
Probably only one thing and that is fear itself. There are many
resources available which help individuals learn how to meditate,
including the Seduction of Spirit meditation retreat at The Chopra
Center for Wellbeing, mobile phone apps, websites and private
studios that try to empower clients to understand themselves.
As for myself, I am absolutely panic- and anxiety-free and I
have taken no medication since I established my regular meditation regime over four years ago. I am living proof that it is not only
possible to fight fear, but also to win!
Elba Mueller is a life coach, meditation instructor and is certified
in primordial sound meditation. She has been teaching mindfulness on a one-on-one basis and to employees at local corporations.
Recently, she has aligned with Prevea Health and Wellness to bring
meditation to the workplace. She achieved the opening of her
meditation studio by her own name, and is active in public speaking. For more
information, visit

Shop online or at our farm store

Sabamba Alpaca Ranch
2338 Hickory Rd.
De Pere, WI 54115
Directions: From HWY 41 take exit #157
(County S/Freedom Rd.) Go east on
Freedom Rd./Lawrence Dr. Right on Hickory
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Throw snow
throwing out

By Dr. Nilesh Patel

inter in Wisconsin is a joyous time for children and

adults who love to play in the snow. There are plenty of
activities to keep us busy, from skiing and ice skating to
sledding and snowman-building. However, there is one activity we
do every winter that wed rather not: shovel snow.
Shoveling snow can often lead to lingering soreness and even a trip
to the doctors office due to back pain. The U.S. Consumer Product
Safety Commission estimates that more than 34,000 people were
treated in hospital emergency rooms and doctors offices related to
snow shoveling in 2012. The American Journal of Emergency Medicine notes that nearly 60 percent of those injuries were to the persons
trunk (hips to shoulders) thats about 20,000 people.
If its a wet, heavy snow, shoveling can pose quite the risk. But
there are usually other factors involved in hurting your back while
performing this winter chore many that are avoidable. Here are
some suggestions I offer to patients who have experienced back
pain after shoveling snow and other winter activities:
1. WARM UP. Shoveling uses many of the bodys muscles

including arms, shoulders, legs, and upper and lower back.

Warming up with a few gentle stretching exercises and a short
walk around the block before you even pick up the shovel could
save you pain tomorrow.
2. USE PROPER TOOLS. A shovel that is the appropriate height

and weight will help reduce the need to hunch over when shoveling.
Before buying snow equipment, test it out in the store to see how
it feels, and make sure it is the proper size for you and the type of
work that will be done.

Natures Pathways | December 2014

Ease into winter cleanup

and your back will thank
you. Take regular breaks
every 15-20 minutes or so to
stop, walk around, stretch or
enjoy some hot chocolate.

shoveling injuries are due to improper technique. When shoveling, try to avoid lifting a full shovel of snow using only your back
muscles. Instead, bend your knees and lift with your legs. Keep
your back aligned and try to stand as straight as is comfortable with
your knees bent and your feet hip-width apart. In addition, you
should avoid twisting your upper torso because it can aggravate the
muscles in your back. Instead, turn your whole body.


basketball, people tend to favor one hand or side of their body when
theyre shoveling. To avoid using the same muscles to do the same
movement repetitively, try switching sides every few minutes to
avoid muscle fatigue.

winter cleanup and your back will thank you. Take regular breaks
every 15-20 minutes or so to stop, walk around, stretch or enjoy
some hot chocolate. These frequent rest periods will give you time
to relax, rejuvenate your muscles and enjoy the winter weather.
6. EXERCISE YEAR-ROUND. People who exercise year-round

are less likely to injure themselves while doing outdoor chores, as

their muscles are more accustomed to physical activity.

By following these tips, you should be able to avoid most pain

associated with shoveling snow and a visit to the doctors office.
Should you experience persistent back or muscle pain, a consultation with a family physician or a pain management specialist is

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150, Green Bay and 1616 N. Casaloma Drive, Suite 200, Appleton.
Call 888-901-PAIN (7246) for an appointment or visit APMhealth.
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Left to right:
Cindy Opichka,
Medical Assistant;
Dr. Herb Coussons,
Medical Director;
Anna Coussons,
Counselor; Amber
Carriveau, Nurse

f you are starting to think about your resolutions for 2015

and that list includes losing weight and getting healthy, MediWeightloss may be the program for you. Medi-Weightloss is a
physician-supervised program designed to help you lose weight
and keep it off for life. Here is some more information on the
program from Medi-Weightloss De Pere medical director and
Womens Specialty Care physician Dr. Herb Coussons, M.D.
Natures Pathways (NP): What is Medi-Weightloss?
Dr. Coussons (Dr. C): Medi-Weightloss is a three-phase
physician-supervised weight loss program that helps patients
lose weight and transition into a healthy lifestyle. The program
is designed by experts in medicine, nutrition, fitness, motivation and education. At our De Pere location, we have an excellent
medical team who will create a personalized program tailored to
your specific weight loss goals and medical history.
NP: What makes Medi-Weightloss different than other weight
loss programs?
Dr. C: The individualized, weekly focus given to every patient
by myself and my team creates accountability and motivation
to help our patients see results. And, because this is a medically
supervised program, individuals who suffer from medical conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes can participate in
our program. With your permission, we can even communicate
with your primary care physician to keep them informed of your
progress and any changes you might need on your medication.
NP: As a new patient, what should I expect on my first visit?
Dr. C: We begin with a review of your medical history. An
individualized plan will be developed for you based on your
weight loss goals, history, comprehensive blood panel, electrocardiogram, body fat analysis and program expectations.
NP: How much weight should I expect to lose?

Natures Pathways | December 2014

Dr. C: The amount of weight patients can expect to lose on

the program can vary from person to person. This depends on
how much you need to lose and your dedication to the program.
On average, our patients lose 6.4 pounds the first week and 14.2
pounds the first month. The weekly visits help our patients stay on
track and motivated.
NP: Do I have to eat pre-packaged food?
Dr. C: No! At Medi-Weightloss we teach you how to eat real
food in the real world. We give you recipes, shopping lists and
provide guidance to help you be successful.
NP: Will I keep the weight off?
Dr. C: The last phase in our program is the maintenance phase,
and it truly demonstrates our commitment to our patients success
and wellness for a lifetime. Research has shown that 90 percent
of dieters will regain the weight if they are not participating in
a long-term wellness program. At Medi-Weightloss we provide
continued accountability to help our patients stay on track and
maintain their healthy lifestyle.
NP: How can I find time to do this?
Dr. C: As a father of five children, I understand the demands everyone faces in their daily lives. Its a matter of taking the time for you
each day. The best part of my job is hearing from patients every day
how their lives have been so positively impacted by Medi-Weightloss.
Patients feel better about themselves; they have more energy and are
more focused. When you consider the long-term benefits that losing
weight has on your life, you will take the time to do it.
Medi-Weightloss is located at 801 Main Street in De Pere. To
learn more about why Medi-Weightloss is The One That Works,
I invite the readers of Natures Pathways to call 920-917-6314
and schedule a free assessment. Or, visit us online at

The psychologists
role in nursing
and hospice

By Phyllis Kasper, Ph.D.

f therapy can help people adapt to difficult circumstances, it

only makes sense to have a psychologist available to nursing
home residents. Residents certainly struggle with the same
issues of anxiety, depression and grief that the rest of us do. Some
have more serious problems, such as post-traumatic stress disorder and dementia. Therapy can directly help residents. Evaluation
can help indirectly by giving staff a better understanding of the
individual and family dynamics. An objective observer can often
see the patterns involved in staff/resident/family interactions.
For my mother, the nursing home staff became her second
family. They treated her with kindness and respect, and always
found ways to engage her interest in ideas and activities. This gave
me a lot of confidence in the staff and confidence in making decisions about her care. She was very social and loved to chat with
staff. She gave them advice, such as designing a squeezable orange
call button to replace the small, white, hard-to-see and hard-tomanipulate standard call button. She started referring to staff as
her girls, which was how she always referred to me and my sister.
It was important to us that she felt safe and supported.
My father was shy and quiet. This was partly personality and
partly a consequence of becoming both vision and hearing
impaired. He was able to open up when I brought my dog, a
beautiful white, fluffy Great Pyrenees to visit. Sherbert was such a
loving dog. Shed sit by his wheelchair and people of all ages would
come over to pet her and start a conversation.
Not everyone in a nursing home is a permanent resident. This
year I experienced emergency surgery for a shattered appendix
and spent a week in an intensive care unit (ICU) and a month in a
nursing home to recover. I really needed that level of care and was
determined to cooperate with physical therapy and everything
else so that I could get out soon. Many of my regular psychotherapy outpatients need surgery at some point in their lives and are
terrified of ending up in a nursing home, but these places really
can provide an environment that speeds recovery. I question
whether I would have ever been able to get back to work without
that level of care plus a month of home health care.

Evaluation can help indirectly

by giving staff a better
understanding of the individual
and family dynamics. An
objective observer can often see
the patterns involved in staff/
resident/family interactions.
My first hospice patient started as an outpatient shortly after her
diagnosis of cancer. Soon she was in ICU and very weak and ill. At
our session in ICU, she told me about her experiences as an aide
in a nursing home. Coming to work in the morning and seeing an
empty bed bothered her, so she asked a nurse if there was a way
to tell when someone was going to die. The nurse told her that it
was easy: If their thumbs were tucked in, they were dying soon.
continued on page 73

Break your barriers to success!

Phyllis Kasper, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist, Wisconsin

Peak Performance, Psychotherapy,
EMDR, Biofeedback, Hypnosis

(920) 693-2250

December 2014 | Natures Pathways


Living life

By Amy Skiver

yurveda: the Sanskrit phrase for the knowledge of life

and longevity. Ayurveda is a guide to live your life in full
awareness and in harmony with the world. Aside from
that, it is over 5,000 years old! How cool is that?
Ayurveda is one of the oldest and most comprehensive systems
of natural healing. Practiced in India, it is considered the mother
of all healing. The wisdom of ayurveda looks at each person as
a unique individual who possesses his or her own blueprint for
life. This blueprint is represented in you as your prakruti, which
is your own constitution. It is here that ayurveda looks at what
is going on inside your body, mind, and spirit, and how you are
relating them to the outside world. The more harmonized these
three aspects are, the greater health and balance you will achieve.
Ayurveda uses nature and the five elements (earth, water, fire,
air and space) as guides, as well as the qualities that each of them
possess to help individuals. Some of the qualities in the elements

Amy Skiver, LPC

Holistic Licensed Psychotherapist
Clinical Ayurvedic Intern

Ayurveda uses nature and the

five elements (earth, water, fire,
air and space) as guides, as well
as the qualities that each of them
possess to help individuals.
are hot/cold, flowing/dense, rough/smooth, dry/moist and sharp/
dull for a few examples. These qualities then take place in the body
in the form of subtle energies called doshas. The doshas are Vata,
Pitta and Kapha.
Vata primarily consists of air and space. It has qualities that
are cold, light, dry, sharp and mobile. Vata is the regulator of all
movement in the body and mind. Its main location is in the colon


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Riverside Psychiatric Group, S.C. 1325 Angels Path, De Pere


Natures Pathways | December 2014

where, in a downward motion, waste moves out of the body. (So

being regular is a good thing.) In the mind, Vata is in charge of the
movement of our thoughts and ideas. When balanced, Vata people
have quick, flexible and creative minds. When Vata people are out
of balance they tend to be nervous, anxious and worry. However,
you dont have to live life ungrounded and out of balance.
Pitta is made up of fire and water. It is in charge of digestion
located in the small intestines where food is digested. The qualities of Pitta are hot, oily, light, fluid and intense. Pitta affects body
temperature, intelligence and vision. Pitta people are strongwilled, disciplined, focused, determined, intense and have a fiery
personality. Out-of-balance Pitta people tend to be angry, controlling, critical and judgmental. You can bring water to the fire.
Kapha is a combination of water and earth. Kapha helps with
lubrication, structure, growth and immunity. Kapha is present as
the watery digestive juices in the stomach that assist the breakdown of food. Kapha can bring stability to the body and mind; it is
compassionate and patient. Kapha people are very faithful, patient,
devoted and grounded. When out of balance, Kapha people tend
to get depressed, lethargic and have difficulty with change. Life
may always be changing, but it doesnt have to be painful.
Maintaining balance among the doshas is key to attain harmony
between mind, body and spirit with yourself and the world.
When the doshas are out of balance, they can create disharmony
and chaos in every aspect of you, which then results in vikruti.
Through guidance of an ayurvedic practitioner your vikruti is
identified, allowing the practitioner to offer knowledge to move
you forward on the path of self-awareness and healing. Healing
takes place on many levels involving the body, mind and spirit.
Ayurveda is based on prevention, health maintenance, self-realization and co-creation of life by cultivating balance through awareness allowing you to live a fulfilling and celebratory life.
Amy Skiver is a holistic licensed psychotherapist at Riverside
Psychiatric Group, S.C. in De Pere. She integrates traditional and
holistic therapies in her practice to help people live life to their
fullest potential. Amy has been trained in brainspotting, cognitivebehavioral, mindfulness and alternative healing modalities. Her
areas of focus however, are not limited to anxiety, depression, stress, relationships, obsessive-compulsive disorder and trauma. She is a clinical ayurvedic
intern currently accepting clients. Amy encourages people to actively participate in their own health care and mental-spiritual well-being. To schedule an
appointment or for further information, please call 920-227-8881.


THE PSYCHOLOGISTS ROLE continued from page 71

So when she heard someone in ICU say that she wouldnt make it
through the night, she stayed awake all night holding her thumbs
out. Thumbs out became our secret code when she decided not to
speak anymore.
The next time I saw her in ICU, she was on a gurney and in
the process of being moved to the hospice unit, which was on the
same floor as the maternity unit and newborn nursery. When we
reached her floor, she said, Well Im not having a baby, so I guess
I must be dying. We laughed together. She used humor to cope.
The insurance company thought I should not be seeing her
because she was dying, so what was the point of therapy? There
was a point. I could laugh with her, and keep intrusive, judgmental
family out of her room. I could help her have more time with her
daughter. I could help staff understand her need for humor, not pity.
I see many positive roles for psychologists in nursing homes
and hospice settings. There are two characteristics I think a
psychologist should have. These are to be a good team player, and
to come to terms with their own issues regarding disability, loss of
independence and death.
Dr. Phyllis Kasper has expertise in anxiety disorders, depression, post-traumatic
stress disorder, peak achievement, biofeedback, hypnosis, EMDR, cultural
diversity, pain management and pre-surgical evaluations. She can help you use
personal empowerment to unleash your best you! Call her at 920-693-2250.
Visit for a free download of a hypnosis sample. She is
available at Healthy Connections, 510 E. Wisconsin Ave. in Appleton and can be
reached there at 920-257-4601.

Heated Yoga & Fitness

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Classes offered:
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How do you
know when
it is time to
consider a

By Stephanie Long, Doctor of Audiology

any people think their mild changes in hearing are not

noticed by others around them. This is not the case. Family,
friends and coworkers often notice hearing loss first!
These people care and want to communicate with the person
whose hearing has changed. I personally had this experience. A
family member was missing more and more and participating less
and less in family events. I suggested a hearing test and it was
discovered that he had hearing loss. It took a little convincing that
hearing aids were important to his health but when he got them
it made a world of difference. The misunderstandings diminished
substantially and his communication with his grandchildren
improved dramatically.
The first rule about needing a hearing aid is you probably

need one if others around you whom you trust think you need
a hearing aid. This situation makes sense because if the person
with the hearing loss heard the conversation they would have
answered correctly (usually). Only one time in 20 years of being
an audiologist have I had a patient come in whose wife said he
needed help with his hearing and then didnt!
Often families have a hard time talking about these changes
because they do not want the person to feel old or to pester them. I
had a patient once come in for a hearing test because she was having
trouble hearing in meetings at work. The consequence to this was
significant as she would miss work direction and was embarrassed
to have to ask colleagues what was said. She shared that work was
the only place she had problems hearing. I challenged her to share

First Consultation ALWAYS Complimentary

Personalized Listening Demonstrations
Flexible Hours to Fit Your Schedule
30 Day Risk-Free Trial on all Hearing Aids
Call today for a FREE Hearing Screening!


of the


Stephanie Long, Au.D.

I want to hear

Natures Pathways | December 2014


Hearing Solutions
W3124 Van Roy Rd Appleton, WI |


There are true costs to not

dealing with hearing loss.
Research shows a clear
connection to loss of hearing
and loss of cognitive function.
this with her family and see if they accommodate her hearing loss
in any way. She called me the next day and explained that she told
her family her hearing wasnt that bad and she was sure it was not
affecting them. Apparently, the table went quiet. Her spouse said
repetition was the rule when communicating with her. The children also shared how the T.V. was too loud and it had become a
joke that she had not heard them. In her case, her family members
were all supportive and encouraged her to try hearing aids. They
are all happier with the result!
So how do you know if it is time for you? When you notice
that you blame the situation for not being able to hear properly.
For example, I often hear comments like She talks to me from
the other room, or kids these days mumble. If this sounds like
you, then it is probably time to have your hearing tested. Another
common complaint is you hear fine one on one but not in groups,
on the phone, at restaurants or at parties.
Of course we all hear better if we can see the person who is

talking and know the topic of conversation. Kids often talk fast
and are less likely to take the time to make sure their message was
heard clearly. If this happens to you on a regular basis a hearing
test should be welcomed! At the very least, a baseline hearing test
can help you to know where you stand in regard to your hearing.
An audiologist can help you understand your options. Hearing
aids arent always the only solution. If you only have problems
with the TV, then headphones for the TV are an easy and less
expensive solution.
There are true costs to not dealing with hearing loss. Research
shows a clear connection to loss of hearing and loss of cognitive
function. Hearing loss, balance and increased chance of falling
is also linked. On a day-to-day basis, not participating as fully
and actively at meetings or with groups of friends is a real cost to
careers and social connections.
People are often worried that the hearing aids will make a
person look old. There are usually very cosmetically appealing
options but you should remember that nothing makes a person
look older than not understanding what was said. It is so much
better to keep up with the conversation than to fake it, thinking
no one knows.
Stephanie Long, Au.D., doctor of audiology, is the owner of
About Better Care Audiology at W3124 Van Roy Road in Appleton. She has helped people with hearing and hearing loss issues
for more than 20 years. About Better Care Audiology specializes in providing personalized hearing solutions and building
long-lasting relationships. For more information or to ask more questions, visit or call 920-915-9077.

Rehab it. Prevent it. Get Fit. We have you covered.

101 West Edison Ave., Suite 110, Appleton, WI 54915

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obility takes many forms. For

increasing numbers of Fox
Cities residents who cannot,
should not or choose not to drive, the
services provided by Valley Transit are
their link to jobs, family and friends, shopping and culture.
With a fleet of 27 buses serving the
Fox Cities, and routes stretching from
Kaukauna to Grand Chute and from
Appleton down to Neenah and Menasha,
Valley Transit plays a vital role in the
economic health and well-being of the
communities and people we serve. Valley
Transit is owned and operated by the City
of Appleton with 12 other municipalities
contracting with us for transit services.
We also receive funding from three family
care organizations, and local businesses
and nonprofits, making a total of 19 local
funding partners in addition to state and
federal funding.
In addition to our regular bus service,
we also operate a number of additional
services in the Fox Cities, including Valley
Transit II, a paratransit service available
for those unable to use the fixed-route bus

Natures Pathways | December 2014

service. In the summer, we partner with

Appleton Downtown, Inc. to provide a free
trolley service within the downtown area,
and since October 2007, weve been partners with United Way Fox Cities to provide
The Connector. The Connector is designed
to work in conjunction with our regular
bus system to provide safe, reliable and
affordable access to public transportation
for Fox Cities residents who work secondor third-shift schedules, or who need to
travel throughout the community beyond
our regular bus routes. The service has
been very successful. Employment trips
account for 93 percent of Connector trips.
Last year, Valley Transit provided

nearly 1.3 million trips with their services.

Many of those trips were for employment
purposes, proving that public transportation plays a key role in the economic
health of the Fox Cities.
Why not be one of those 1.3 million
trips? For more information or to plan
your trip, visit
or call 920-832-5800.

Valley Transit

diabetics and

By Rosalie Misco (Grandma Rose)

t is taught by those who teach diabetics what they should eat

that diabetics should cut fat out of their diet. The reason they
give is heart disease is very common in diabetics. It is true that
heart disease is very common in diabetics, but does saturated fat
cause it?
Fat and protein raise blood sugar very little. Compare labels;
when fat is removed, the carbohydrate count of the product goes up.
Diabetics often have high triglyceride levels. Triglyceride is a fat that
clogs arteries, leading to heart disease and excessive carbohydrates
cause a rise in triglyceride levels. Triglyceride should be 100 or less.
Does dietary fat cause weight gain? This is a common misconception. Fat has 9 calories per gram and protein and carbohydrates only 4 calories per gram. Fat requires half of the 9 calories to digest. As far as real effect on weight gain, fat, protein and
carbohydrates are equal. Fat and protein raise blood sugar very
little, carbohydrates raise blood sugar high and fast.
Fat makes you feel full. Carbohydrates make you hungry,
leading to excess consumption, weight gain and carbohydrate
addiction. Trans fats (fake fats) are hydrogenated and partially
hydrogenated fats. Trans fats should be avoided as they are manufactured and the body does not know how to deal with them. They
clog arteries and contribute to heart disease.
Do not fear saturated fat. Full-fat dairy will raise blood sugar
less than fat-free. Butter, lard and meat fat are good. Do not avoid
egg yolks, as they contain most of the nutrients of the egg.
Natural Expressions chocolate truffle mix uses full-fat cream

cheese and is sugar-free, high in fiber and low-carb. Mixes like this
help make you feel full because they digest very slowly, helping
you break the carb addiction.
Natural Expressions 100% Whole Grain Bakery has Hi-maize
260, truffle mix and the information for their use in breaking
your sugar addiction. The store is open Monday through Saturday
from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Located at 825 E. Broadway Drive, Appleton. Rosalie Misco (Grandma Rose) hosts a free blood sugar and
weight loss support group every first and third Saturday of each month at 2 p.m.
To register for the free class or to purchase Hi-maize 260 and truffle mix, visit or call 920-954-9727.

Natural Expressions
100% Whole Grain Bakery

We sell HI-MAIZE 260 Resistant Starch Fiber!

For Weight Loss and Blood Sugar Control
Find our products:
At our Appleton store, 825 E. Broadway Drive
Online at
For more information call 920-954-9727
December 2014 | Natures Pathways



furniture and home dcor

aving opened its doors just one year ago, My Retreat

Design has already won the patronage and loyalty of
hundreds of clients throughout the Fox Valley and
beyond. With a comfortable, no-pressure atmosphere and the
knowledge and expertise of its president, Brenda Krause, accumulated over more than 25 years in the home furnishings and interior design profession, it is a refreshing change from the guesswork of shopping online and the high-pressure sales techniques
and sometimes-questionable quality encountered in the volume
furniture stores. Krause was the founder of the original Cottage
Chic home furnishings, etc. store in Appleton, which she operated from 2002-2007. Her many past customers and clients were
thrilled to find that she had opened another retail store, and have
again become store regulars.
In-home and in-store design consultations are a priceless bonus
to clients of My Retreat Design; yet the store offers quality, welldesigned and affordable custom finished and upholstered furniture at extremely competitive prices. Krauses past experience as
a buyer for a major area furniture retailer has given her valuable
skill at selecting, pricing and promoting MRDs many furniture
and home dcor products and lines. They feature many seating
collections that can be ordered with or without slipcovers, and
Krause is considered by her clients to be the valleys expert in slipcovered and other family-friendly yet fashionable seating styles.


Natures Pathways | December 2014

My goal with clients is to design and furnish their spaces to be

retreats from their busy lives, with comfortable seating that will
last; fabric, finish and color combinations that fit their personalities; room layout and pieces that fit their lifestyles; and details in
the accessories that cause them to fall in love with their rooms
every time they enter. I incorporate their treasured pieces with
new elements and am very conscientious to respect their budgets
without sacrificing aesthetics, function or quality, emphasizes
Krause. She enjoys designing childrens bedrooms, and is a source
for everything from the furniture, quality mattresses and bedcoverings to art for the walls. Her store even has a selection of Melissa
and Doug toys in stock. Krause has plans in the works to form
a charitable foundation to provide furnishings for children and
adults in need of someone to design a blessing in their lives.
Whether you are planning a complete room makeover, furnishing your entire home, or just looking for those finishing touches,
My Retreat Design is your go-to source. The store offers not only
great classic to contemporary furniture selected to meet your
style, space and budget; they offer a diverse selection of area rugs,
custom window treatments and textiles, lamps and lighting, art
and wall dcor, tabletop, home fragrance and a unique array of
gift ideas. Shopping at MRD is a fun adventure where you will find
plenty of decorating ideas and whimsy that will lighten your heart
and put a smile on your face.

My Retreat Design furniture

and home dcor is located at 690
N. Westhill Boulevard, Appleton,
across from Woodmans entrance
and next to the Breadsmith and
Wild Bird and Backyard stores.
Store hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.,
Monday through Friday, and 10
a.m. to 4 p.m., Saturday. Open other
hours by appointment. For more
information, visit their website at or call
920-955-3726. Shop at My Retreat
Design, where they offer designer
pieces without designer prices!

furniture and home decor

Save up to 50% storewide

Interior Design Service Custom & In-Stock Furniture

Window Treatments & Textiles Area Rugs, Lamps & Lighting
Home Decor & Gifts Designer Pieces Without Designer Prices!
690 n. westhill blvd. appleton


Non-perishable food item = 25 RIDE

Black Friday & Saturdays thru 12/20


Sponsored by:

For more information and to plan your trip: or 920-832-5800

Valley Transit

Photograph: Image
Think outside
the car.
December 2014 | Natures Pathways



Jane finds a
caring and
advocate for
her natural
birth plan
A doula makes all
the difference

fter getting pregnant, I knew I

wanted to do things as naturally as
possible. Unfortunately, due to our
insurance at the time, we were unable to go
with the midwife and home-delivery route
that had always been part of my birth plan.
We ended up choosing a medical doctor
that a couple friends used when they found
out they were expecting.
After my first appointment with the
doctor, although he was very pleasant, I was
feeling discouraged about him supporting my plan for doing a natural delivery.
Although he seemed supportive, he made
a few comments that promoted the typical
Western medicine approach done in most
practices and labors across the country. I
knew I needed extra support. Thankfully,
that is when I found Mary Smits, owner of
Mothers Advocate Doula Services.
I became interested in setting up an
appointment with Mary after learning
about her from Natures Pathways magazine and decided to give her a call. We set
up an appointment and I met her at her
home in Kaukauna. She was very warm

Natures Pathways | December 2014

and knowledgeable, and with her extensive experience as a doula I felt at ease. She
explained that a doula is a great support
system that would help me throughout my
entire pregnancy. She would be a guardian of our birth goals and wishes to be sure
we were getting the birthing experience
we desired. After learning her rates were
extremely reasonable and recognizing that I
felt absolutely comfortable in her presence,
my husband and I decided to ask her to help
us along our birth journey.
We met with Mary about four times
throughout the pregnancy. She made it
very easy on us by coming to our home.
She wanted to learn more about our environment as she knew our plan was to stay
home as long as possible before going to
the hospital. At each appointment she
covered different topic with my husband
and I, including going over our fears,
different natural pain relief methods and
labor-induction techniques (for pregnancies lasting longer than 40 weeks). Perhaps
the best part of our experience was that
Mary became a friend who we knew we

could rely on addressing any concerns or

questions along the way.
On the morning my water broke, I
contacted Mary right away. She was
instantly there for me. She told me to let her
know when I wanted her to come over and
we did that as I started feeling contractions.
She sat comfortably with us in our home
as we watched old episodes of Friends
and showed me techniques to try to speed
things along as my contractions seemed
to be a bit stalled. Mary suggested we start
doing lunges after a couple hours of her
being over. Sure enough, after one lunge my
forewaters broke, my contractions intensified, and Mary helped me process my
thoughts as we made the decision to head
into the hospital.
When we arrived at the hospital, Mary
continued to be a huge support, providing
techniques to speed things along and help
with pain relief. She applied counter pressure to my back during contractions and
taught my husband how to do the same;
this really helped with pain relief. When the
nurses came in to give me an IV and follow

Thanks to Mary,
our delivery
went naturally
as planned.
typical medical procedures, she was there
supporting me in my choice to be free and
not hooked up to machines. She was there,
along with my husband, to be sure my voice
was heard while communicating with the
doctors and nurses.
After a long labor and many hours of
pushing, I didnt think our baby would ever
want to come into the world, as he didnt
want to turn and come meet us. Mary
suggested we do an exaggerated movement that helped the baby turn and helped
to finally bring our beautiful baby boy into
the world. She was there for us as he arrived
and stayed after to be sure he was nursing
well. Mary waited until after we were settled
in and comfortable before leaving. Thanks
to Mary, our delivery went naturally as
planned. We couldnt have accomplished
our birthing goals without her.
After about two weeks, Mary contacted
us to see how we were doing and set up a
follow-up appointment. She arrived at our
home with a very special gift. Throughout
our experience, Mary was taking pictures
and captured some very special moments.
She took those memories and photos and
made them into a beautiful collage that will
be included in our sons baby book. It really
touched me to have these memories in print
(and on a photo CD) as my memory of the
entire experience was quite a bit blurred.
Thanks to Mary, I can now look back and
relive the moment they put my son on my
chest and I felt him breathe: something I
certainly never want to forget and the greatest experience of my life.

Mothers Advocate
Doula Services
Mary E. Smits, CD, CBE
218 E. Division St., Kaukauna

and share


the difference
quality makes!
100% Extra Virgin Olive Oils, from around
the world ... cold pressed from fresh olives.
Aged Balsamic Vinegars &
Italian Artisan Pastas.
We invite you to taste before you buy.

Visit our

127 W. Wisconsin Ave., Neenah 920-486-1781

277 W. Northland Ave., Appleton 920-574-2361
Mon., Tues., Wed., Fri. 10-6; Thurs. 10-7; Sat. 10-4
December 2014 | Natures Pathways



love pizza. However, since I know its something I cant have

every day, I tend to be quite picky about it. I want my pizza to
be worth it.
While you can grab a slice just about anywhere, truly good pizza
is hard to find. Ive searched a long time to find a pie that tastes
fresh and homemade, and not as if a
frozen puck of dough and vegetables
was soaked in oil and thrown into an
oven. I have also been on a quest to
find a place with a good gluten-free
crust and vegetarian options.
Little did I know that everything I
was searching for was waiting for me
right in downtown Appleton.

Say Muncheez!

It had been a long week and I and my

friends were craving pizza and a relaxed atmosphere. Unfortunately, we can be one tough-to-please group; weve got two vegetarians, a self-described spice addict, one friend who has gone
gluten-free, a picky eater and another individual whos always
looking for most bang make that pizza for his buck. As you
can imagine, this makes picking restaurants pretty difficult.
I was pondering where we should go when I spotted Muncheez
Pizzeria on my drive in to work. Despite working in Appleton,
Id never been to Muncheez before. I gave them a call and was
pleased to talk with the owner, Paul, who told me that not only
does his pizzeria use fresh ingredients, they also offer gluten-free
crust options for all the pizzas they carry! I couldnt wait to try

Natures Pathways | December 2014

Muncheez with my friends and reserved

a lunch date right away.
When we arrived, Paul and his staff
gave us a warm, friendly greeting and
led us to a colorful booth with a great
view of bustling College Avenue. A
quick perusal of the menu told me
Muncheez would be a hit with the
whole gang. Not only do they serve a
variety of salads, wings and subs, their vast array of pizzas include
chicken, steak, vegetarian, build-your-own and more options
all at great prices!
We started off our order with the Super-Muncheez, cheesy
breadsticks that are extremely delicious! The Super-Muncheez
came fresh from the oven, tasted great and werent greasy like a
lot of other breadsticks. Plus, they were served with four different
dipping sauces (garlic butter, ranch, nacho cheez and marinara),
which was perfect for someone like me, who cant make up her
mind. I could have filled up on these breadsticks alone!
Since it was our first visit to Muncheez, we decided to try an
array of pizza choices, including a veggie pizza on a regular thick

crust, a cheese pizza on glutenfree thick crust, pepperoni on

a thin gluten-free crust and a
Mexican chicken pizza on a
regular thin crust.
Being vegetarian, I first
dove into the Veggiefest,
Muncheezs veggie pizza, and
was so impressed! The crust
was just thick enough to
be able to have a few pieces
without feeling like you just
ate a loaf of bread. The veggies
included the perfect mixture of
fresh onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, green peppers and
black olives all topped on
the perfect amount of cheese
and a wonderfully seasoned
marinara sauce. Its safe to say
that this is my new favorite
veggie pizza in town!
The gluten-free Cheezfest
pizza, loaded with all the
cheeses Muncheez carries, was next and I was happily surprised. I
can confidently say that I would never know this was gluten-free!
The crust was crispy and it tasted just like I was eating regular
pizza crust.
My gluten-intolerant friend was in heaven: Do you know how
long its been since Ive eaten pizza that actually tastes like pizza?
she asked. I definitely understood her; I would order this again
even though I do not need to eat gluten-free!
My nonvegetarian friends adored the Chicken Mexican and
pepperoni pizzas. One of them found the pepperonis thin glutenfree crust to be absolutely great: And I dont mean great for a
gluten-free pizza crust, he said. I mean great for a pizza crust of
any kind. Although Im not gluten intolerant, Id still consider it as
an option based exclusively on its flavor and texture alone.
Our spice addict fell in love with the Chicken Mexican, which
uses refried beans as its sauce or base, instead of marinara. Its
topped with grilled chicken, jalapenos, red onion, black olives,
tomatoes and, of course, cheese. Calling it outrageously good,
she explained that Muncheez has mastered the perfect balance of
spice and flavor in the Chicken Mexican.
Even our picky eater was pleasantly surprised. Wow, she said
after her first bite. This is actually really fun to eat!

Eat, Drink
& Buy Local

Coming back for seconds (and more)

We couldnt thank Paul and his team enough when we were

finished. We headed out, bellies full and taste buds singing,
already planning our return trip.
Considering Muncheezs nearness to Lawrence University, you
might have thought that it was simply a late-night pizza joint.
Im here to tell you that it is so much more (though they are open
until 3 a.m., in case you get late-night cravings). This is a great
place to enjoy fun times with friends and family: the old-school

arcade games, free WiFi and Internet access, and wealth of beverages, including beers, certainly help with that. But the main star
of Muncheez is of course the food.
I cant wait to visit and enjoy Muncheez again, and I encourage you to do the same. When you want the good stuff, try
Muncheez Pizzeria!

Muncheez Pizzeria
Hours: 11 a.m. to 3 a.m., daily
600 W. College Ave., Appleton
Muncheez also provides free delivery
within its huge delivery area.

Grow your

Eat, Drink & Buy Local

December 2014 | Natures Pathways



St. Johns
Hypericum perforatum

t. Johns wort also called hypericum, Klamath weed or

goatweed is a plant with yellow flowers whose medicinal uses were first recorded in ancient Greece. The name
St. Johns wort apparently refers to John the Baptist, as the plant
blooms around the time of the feast of St. John the Baptist in late
June. Historically, St. Johns wort has been used for centuries to
treat mental disorders and nerve pain. St. Johns wort has also
been used for malaria, as a sedative, and as a balm for wounds,
burns, and insect bites. Today, St. Johns wort is used as a folk or
traditional remedy for depression, anxiety and/or sleep disorders.
The flowering tops of St. Johns wort are used to prepare teas,
tablets and capsules containing concentrated extracts. Liquid
extracts and topical preparations are also used.

What the science says

Although some studies of St. Johns wort have reported benefits for
depression, others have not. For example, a large study sponsored by
the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine
(NCCAM) found that the herb was no more effective than placebo
in treating major depression of moderate severity, and a study
co-funded by NCCAM and the National Institute of Mental Health
found that neither St. Johns wort nor a standard antidepressant medication relieved symptoms of minor depression better than a placebo.

Side effects and cautions

Its important to note that research has shown that St. Johns wort
interacts with many medications in ways that can interfere with their
intended effects. Examples of medications that can be affected include:
Birth control pills
Cyclosporine, which prevents the body from rejecting transplanted organs
Digoxin, a heart medication
Indinavir and possibly other drugs used to control HIV
Irinotecan and possibly other drugs used to treat cancer
Seizure-control drugs, such as phenytoin and phenobarbital
Warfarin and related anticoagulants

St. Johns wort may cause increased sensitivity to sunlight. Other

side effects can include anxiety, dry mouth, dizziness, gastrointestinal symptoms, fatigue, headache or sexual dysfunction.
Taking St. Johns wort with certain antidepressants may lead to
increased serotonin-related side effects, which may be potentially
According to NCCAM, St. Johns wort is not a proven therapy
for depression. If depression is not adequately treated, it can
become severe. Anyone who may have depression should see a
health care provider. There are effective proven therapies available.
Tell all your health care providers about any complementary
health practices you use. Give them a full picture of what you do
to manage your health. This will help ensure coordinated and safe
care. For tips about talking with your health care providers about
complementary and alternative medicine, see NCCAMs Time to
Talk campaign.
Source: Herbs at a Glance: St. Johns Wort. National Center for Complementary
and Alternative Medicine.
References: Herbal Remedies. New England Journal of Medicine. P.A. De
Smet. 2002.
Effect of Hypericum perforatum (St. Johns Wort) in Major Depressive Disorder: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Journal of the American Medical Association. Hypericum Depression Trial Study Group. 2002.
St. Johns Wort and Depression. National Center for Complementary and
Alternative Medicine.
The Treatment of Minor Depression with St. Johns Wort or Citalopram:
Failure to Show Benefit over Placebo. Journal of Psychiatric Research. M.H.
Rapaport MH et al. 2011.
St. Johns Wort. Herbal Medicine: Expanded Commission E Monographs. M.
Blumenthal et al. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. 2000.
St. Johns Wort. Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database.
St. Johns Wort (Hypericum perforatum L.). Natural Standard Database.

are your loved ones


Statistics show that 55-60% of U.S. citizens do not have an estate plan which means that
someone other than you will determine your loved ones future.
An estate plan is about more than your financial worth, its about peace of mind and taking
care of the people you love. If you already have an estate plan prepared, revisit it. Or let us help
create a plan designed with the needs of you and your family in mind.

Call one of our experienced Estate Planning attorneys today!


4211 N. Lightning Dr., Appleton, WI

Monday, Dec. 1 6 p.m.

Tuesday, Dec. 2 7-9 p.m.

During this meditation you will be lead into a

deep relaxation. Then we will work on each
chakra center individually, clearing the karma that
has accumulated there. You will visit your karmic
library and then at the end visit the divine garden,
where you will be blessed by those waiting to
greet you. This is a beautiful experience that helps
to transform the energy you are stuck in and shifts
you to a higher frequency.
This meditation is held at 611 N. Lynndale Drive,
Appleton, Suite C, lower level. The fee for this
event is $10 per participant. Please RSVP to Rev.
Jen Rietveld at as
soon as possible; space is limited to 10 people.
You can contact Rev. Jen with questions at the
email listed above.

Join us for Reiki Share at Balance on Buffalo, 924

Buffalo St., Manitowoc. Held the first Tuesday of
each month. All attunement levels welcome. Free.
For more information, call 920-684-8880 or visit

Karma Cleansing Guided Meditation

Tuesday, Dec. 2 4-8 p.m.

Holiday Open House at The Day Spa

Join us for a night of special savings and socializing with friends! Experience complimentary services and enjoy delectable provisions by ABravo
Bistro and wines from The Bottle Room. Support one of our favorite local charities Golden
House by participating in our raffle, where 100
percent of the proceeds go to their organization.
Come on out with a friend and get your holiday
on! The Day Spa is located at 600 N. 10th St.,
De Pere.
Tuesday, Dec. 2 6 p.m.
Tuesday, Dec. 16 6 p.m.

The Wellness Way Approach to

Inflammation: You hear the term a lot, but really,
what is inflammation? What is going on in the
body when something gets inflamed? Is inflammation the root of your illness? How harmful is
chronic inflammation? How do you correct the
problem naturally? We would love the opportunity to show you a different way a unique
way of approaching your health conditions and
symptoms that has helped countless people feel
better, think better, and be better helping them
rewrite their life story.
Join us for a free, healthy dinner for you and
your guest! Thats right, well pick up the tab! You
just come, relax and enjoy an evening of learning
and a nice meal.
This event will be presented by the team at The
Wellness Way. To learn more about the doctors
and staff, go to You
must preregister online for this event as it is limited to 50 people:
Location: Hagemeister Park, 325 N. Washington St., Green Bay. In addition to the Green Bay
event, a simultaneous Dec. 16 event will be held
at Stone Cellar Brewpub, 1004 South Olde Oneida St., Appleton.




Natures Pathways | December 2014

Reiki Share

Wednesday, Dec. 3 6 p.m.

Ladies Shopping Night

This wellness event is focused all on the ladies

and shopping for their health and happiness!
The event will cover the topics of: hormones, thyroid, adrenal support and toxins. Come and enjoy
some healthy snacks and organic wine, plus delicious, healthy desserts! Dont miss a night of fun
shopping and education at the beautiful Heritage
Hill State Historical Park. Why not bring a girlfriend and make a fun night of it?
Healthy shopping specials include Arbonne,
Organo Gold coffee, Wildtree, doTERRA, 31,
Seacret, Younique and many more! You are guaranteed to learn some life-changing information
while getting fabulous deals on products that are
good for you!
Register at http://gbshoppingnight.eventbrite.
Thursday, Dec. 4 5-8 p.m.

Rejuvenessence mediSpa Winter Open

Find giveaways, refreshments and great specials
at R-mediSpas Winter Open House. Bring a friend
for even more fun!
R-mediSpa is located at 2201 E. Enterprise Ave.,
Suite 104 in Appleton. For more information, go
online to, call 920-574-3577
or email
Friday, Dec. 5 8:30-11 a.m.
Tuesday, Dec. 9 5:30-8 p.m.
Tuesday, Dec. 30 5:30-8 p.m.

End Hormone Havoc Stay Sane,

Slim and Sexy
Join hormone expert Randi Mann, NP, at this educational and entertaining seminar held at Wise
Woman Wellness, 1480 Swan Road, De Pere.
Women only! Join us for an informative look at
how hormone changes affect us at every age.
This seminar is designed to help women make
informed choices about bioidentical hormone
therapy, PMS, perimenopause, menopause, hypothyroidism, adrenal dysfunction and sexual health
treatments to feel happy, energetic and sensual
no matter how old you are! Cost: $25 each
or $20 each with a friend. To register, call 920339-5252. Visit
for details.
Tuesday, Dec. 9 6-8 p.m.

The Brain Game

Behavioral and memory disorders plague millions

of people throughout the world. Come learn
about the bodys neurotransmitters, their effect
on these diseases, as well as what causes this lack

of function in the body. Take your health back into

your own hands and stop these diseases in their
Join us at Harmony Cafe, 1660 W. Mason St.,
Green Bay, for a fun night of learning, entertainment and free food as we discuss everything from
Alzheimers to Zoloft. Seating is limited so you
must register:
Wednesday, Dec. 10 6-8 p.m.

Massage Open House

Are you interested in learning how to become a

massage therapist? Do you know someone who
might be interested in a new career? If so, please
consider attending Globe Universitys Massage
Open House to learn more about the practice and
To learn more about Globe Universitys Massage
Open House, contact the Appleton Campus Front
Desk at 920-364-1100 or
Thursday, Dec. 11 6 p.m.

Healthy Desserts Without the Guilt!

Healthy foods dont taste good: Ever thought that
before? Dr. Patrick Flynn of The Wellness Way will
eliminate this distasteful myth once and for all!
Discover how to make desserts that are healthy
and nutritious! These are whole foods so you
dont have to feel guilty about indulging your
sweet tooth. In fact, you can feel good about
these healthy choices.
Adore chocolate? Yes, we said chocolate we
knew that would get your attention! Bring your
sweet tooth and learn how to make organic cookies, pies, wine and all kinds of gourmet chocolate
desserts. Well treat you right! For all those that
attend this unique event, there will be desserts for
you to sample, so prepare your taste buds for a
pleasant surprise!
Cost: $10. Location: VanderVest Harley-Davidson, Green Bay. Visit
events to learn more or to register.
Saturday, Dec. 13 3-8 p.m.

A Celebration of Support in Honor of

Her Royal Highness Princess Zoey!
Beautiful and full of life, 6-year-old Zoey Johnson
has been afflicted with a progressive neurological disorder which has yet to be specifically diagnosed. The extreme fatigue she experiences at
times requires the use of a wheelchair, and travel
as far away as Shriners Hospitals for Children in
Chicago has become overwhelming on her familys limited resources. The Johnson family needs
our help at this difficult time with past and future
medical expenses.
Proceeds from a Celebration of Support will
help take care of mounting medical and living
expenses. Consider attending Zoeys celebration
on Dec. 13 at Humboldt Haus, 4931 Humboldt
Road, Green Bay.
Any contributions you send to the Community
Benefit Tree on behalf of the Zoey Celebration of
Support event will be tax deductible. Please make
checks payable and mail to Community Benefit

Tree, Attn: Zoeys fund, 2204 Crooks Ave., Suite

C, Kaukauna, WI 54130.
To make an online donation, visit http://bit.
Monday, Dec. 15 6 p.m.

Past Life Guided Meditation

During this meditation, I will lead you into a deep
relaxation. You will then be guided by a divine being, who will lead you through a past life that is
hindering your evolution in this life. We will remove nonbeneficial energy connections and then
be guided back home. This is a deep transformation meditation. This meditation is held at 611
North Lynndale Drive, Appleton, Suite C, lower
The fee for this event is $10 per participant.
Space is limited to 10 people, so please RSVP with
Rev. Jen Rietveld at
as soon as possible to hold your space. You can
contact Rev. Jen with questions at the email listed

Wednesday, Dec. 24 7 p.m.

Christmas Eve Candle Lighting Service

All are welcome to attend this service filled with
candlelight and carols at Unity (church) of Appleton, 1800 S. Lawe St., Suite 400, Appleton. For
more information, call 920-739-4823 or email

Advertise your event in the


$20 per entry (advertisers)

$50 per entry (non-advertisers)

Friday, Dec. 19 7-9 p.m.

Kirtan Chanting

Come chant with us at Balance on Buffalo, 924

Buffalo St., Manitowoc. Kirtan is a simple and joyful practice to calm the mind, open the heart, and
experience the stillness and connection, and its
great fun! No experience needed. Kirtan is held
the third Friday of each month. Donations appreciated. For more information, call 920-684-8880
or visit
Friday, Dec. 19 to Sunday, Dec. 21

Womens Winter Solstice Chakra

Celebrate the holidays in a unique way with our
all-inclusive womens healing weekend! The retreat will include chakra activities, acupuncture,
intuitive readings, massage, past life regression,
yoga nidra, chakra tai chi, Chakradance, a fire
ceremony and much more! Located in Waldo
(southeastern Wisconsin). For more info, contact
Dr. Christina Wilke-Burbach:, mindsoulandself@yahoo.
com or 608-393-7353
Sunday, Dec. 21 Noon

Winter Solstice Guided Meditation:

Healing with Color Light Ray
During this transformational meditation, you will
experience individual planetary energies that will
move through you one at a time in order to shift
your physical and emotional perceptions that you
hold in your subconscious. Although a deep shifting will take place, the meditation itself feels very
gentle. This meditation is held at 611 N. Lynndale
Drive, Appleton, Suite C, lower level.
The fee for this event is $10 per participant.
Space is limited to 10 people, so please RSVP with
Rev. Jen Rietveld at
You can contact Rev. Jen with questions at the
email provided above.

A Natural Moms Touch, Inc........................................... 12
About Better Care Audiology......................................... 74
Advanced Movement Studio.......................................... 75
Advanced Pain Management......................................... 69
Aerial Dance Pole Exercise.............................................. 23
Alba Birth Center........................................................... 55
Alkaline Water Today..................................................... 32
Amy Skiver, LPC............................................................. 72
Anytime Fitness.............................................................. 19
Appleton Downtown, Inc............................................... 25
Appleton Nutrition Center............................................... 9
Apriond, LLC.................................................................. 40
Balance on Buffalo/Therapeutic Massage Works............. 29
Better Body Fitness......................................................... 21
Big Impact Fitness.......................................................... 81
Capital Credit Union...................................................... 33
CCM Counseling........................................................... 60
Community Benefit Tree................................................. 35
Crystal Pathway............................................................. 41
Curative Therapies/Elba Mueller..................................... 65
Custom Health Pharmacy............................................... 15
Divine Energy Light Workers.......................................... 46
Epiphany Law................................................................ 85
EvolveAbility.................................................................. 71
Fit Nutrition................................................................... 72
Foxxie Fitness and Wellness............................................ 61
Gather Americana Restaurant........................................ 25
Get Connected Counseling, LLC.................................... 37
Globe University............................................................. 15
Happy Bellies Bake Shop................................................ 55
Hydroponic Gardening Professionals.............................. 35
Isagenix......................................................................... 23
Kaldas Center................................................................ 19
Ki to Health Therapeutic Bodywork................................ 41
Lake Park Swim & Fitness................................................. 2
LearningRx..................................................................... 50
Manila Resto.................................................................. 38
Marks East Side............................................................... 9
Massage Envy Spa.......................................................... 47
Medi-Weightloss.............................................................. 5
Mindfulness Center for Wellbeing.................................. 52
Mudd Creek, LLC........................................................... 62
Muncheez Pizzeria......................................................... 45

My Retreat Design......................................................... 79
Natural Expressions Bakery............................................. 77
Natural Healing Solutions............................................... 39
Natural Healthy Concepts.............................................. 27
New Possibilities Integration........................................... 39
Niemuths Southside Market.......................................... 57
Northeast Wisconsin Technical College........................... 53
Northwoods Casket Company................................. 12, 52
Nutritional Healing......................................................... 63
Oliv 426....................................................................... 51
Oneida Nation Farms/OCIFS........................................... 17
Orthopedic & Spine Therapy.......................................... 10
Outagamie County Dept. of Solid Waste & Winnebago
County Dept. of Solid Waste.......................................... 43
Prana Groove and Defiant Fitness................................... 26
Recycled Denim with a Twist.......................................... 23
Rejuvenessence mediSpa................................................ 95
Sabamba Alpaca Ranch.................................................. 67
Sai Ram Indian Cuisine................................................... 61
TC Dance Club............................................................... 57
The Cooperative School................................................. 21
The Day Spa................................................................... 56
The Glass Slipper Styling Studio...................................... 69
The NEW Dermatology Group........................................ 11
The Olive Cellar.............................................................. 81
The Source Public House................................................ 41
The Veggie Shed............................................................ 13
The Wellness Way.......................................................... 31
TNT Basic Training.......................................................... 59
Trusted Earth Farms....................................................... 32
Twohig Dental......................................................... 58, 96
Unity of Appleton.......................................................... 24
Valley Clean................................................................... 19
Valley Thermography, LLC.............................................. 27
Valley Transit.................................................................. 79
Valley Wellness and Referral........................................... 17
Vans Refrigeration & Services......................................... 40
Waseda Farms Market................................................... 94
Wise Woman Wellness, LLC............................................. 3
Womens Care of Wisconsin........................................... 50
YMCA........................................................................... 45
Yoga Hut....................................................................... 73

December 2014 | Natures Pathways




Ki to Health Therapeutic Bodywork, LLC
Courtney Cowie, MA, LMBT
200 W. Wisconsin Ave., Neenah
Courtney offers therapeutic
massage and bodywork
that integrates traditional
Chinese medical massage
techniques (tui na), acupressure and deep tissue
therapy. Courtney is also trained in the traditional
Chinese medicine modalities of gua sha, cupping
and moxibustion. She treats the following conditions: neck, back and hip pain; sciatica; leg
cramps; jaw tension; carpal tunnel syndrome; elbow and knee pain; headaches; fibromyalgia; arthritis; depression; anxiety; insomnia; sinusitis; diarrhea and constipation; PMS and menstrual
cramping; breached fetus.

N474 Eisenhower Drive, Suite C, Appleton
At LearningRx, we treat
learning challenges such
as ADD/ADHD, reading struggles and learning disabilities. Brain training goes far beyond traditional
tutoring by effectively addressing the cause behind
learning and reading struggles. We focus on changing a students underlying ability to learn and read.
We train and strengthen cognitive skills with scientifically based and clinically proven one-on-one personalized training. You and your child are no longer
limited to treating symptoms. Contact us to transform learning and reading struggles into success.

Valley Clean, LLC
Carpet, tile and upholstery cleaning
Were more than just a carpet
cleaning company. Yes, we clean
carpets. Our job is to give your
carpets a clean, bright, like-new
appearance and provide outstanding service and
value. But were also moms and dads, pet owners
and homeowners. We live in a community and care
about the environment we share. You care about
the safety of your family, your children and your

Natures Pathways | December 2014

pets. So do we. You care about the environment. So

do we. Thats why we urge you to consider our
Green Clean Package for your next carpet cleaning
service. To find out more about our green cleaning
and what it means for your family, give us a call.

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
2740 West Mason St., Green Bay
NWTC serves over 40,000
students annually. With advanced technology and state-of-the art facilities,
its no wonder students are choosing an affordable education close to home. NWTC offers more
than 100 degrees, diplomas and apprenticeships,
with many transferring into the four-year system.
NWTC is finding passions and pushing potential.

Natural Healing Solutions
Certified Colon Hydrotherapists
345 E. Wisconsin Ave., Suite #6, Appleton
Feel healthier, remove toxic
waste from your body and
relieve symptoms like chronic
fatigue, constipation and
skin problems. Carl and Carol Ann offer colon hydrotherapy through the Wood Gravitational Method. A colonic is a gentle internal bath to cleanse
the colon and rejuvenate the body. Colon hydrotherapy also restores the bodys pH balance, stimulates the immune system and allows free passage
of nutrients into the blood.

TC Dance Club
1004 S. Olde Oneida St., Appleton
(2nd floor in the Between the Locks building)
Discover all the benefits
of dance at TC Dance
Club! Lose weight, be
social, relieve stress and have fun! We are board
certified and equipped with two spacious ballroom
dance floors. Our goal is to establish and maintain
the highest level of hospitality, service and dance
education within a socially pleasurable environment

Support our local

businesses in the
healthy living industry!

in order to help our members fulfill their needs and

dreams. Start today with with a free lesson!

Twohig Dental
William J. Twohig, DDS
417 E. Ann St., Weyauwega
Twohig Dental wants you to experience a natural
and holistic approach to dentistry. Our practice is
a mercury-free, health-centered office. We believe
in treating patients as individuals. We are dedicated to advanced education in traditional and nontraditional dentistry. We invite you to schedule a
consultation with us.

The NEW Dermatology Group
Dr. Kevan Lewis, MD, FAAD
Offices in Green Bay and Appleton
The NEW Dermatology
Group specializes in providing dermatology care
tailored to each individual. We utilize technology to advance the practice
of dermatology and integrate the most advanced
research and innovation in the field. Dr. Lewis is
the only dermatologist in Wisconsin with triple
ACGME training in dermatology, dermatopathology and Mohs micrographic surgery. As a result,
we provide an exceptional level of care for patients with a broad spectrum of skin conditions.

The Cooperative School
900 N. Mason St., Appleton
The Cooperative School is
a community of children,
teachers and parents who
prize learning as a lifelong process, helping children reach their full potential as unique, confident
and resourceful learners. Core competencies in
math, science, reading, writing and social studies
are complemented with instruction in both Mandarin Chinese and Spanish languages.

Massage Envy Spa
3201 E. Calumet St., Appleton 920-731-5300
1241 Lombardi Access Road, Green Bay
Massage therapist positions
available at Massage Envy
Spa in Green Bay and Appleton. Massage Envy:
more of a culture than a company. Like you, were
out to make a positive difference in peoples lives.
Maybe thats why Massage Envy has its own
unique culture. Youll find a friendly, giving and
supportive environment. We offer:
Orientation and follow-up in-house training
Schedules that fit your life
A great living doing what you love
Various therapeutic massage services
Advancement in a fast-growing company
Well-stocked treatment rooms with state-ofthe-art equipment
Minimum 500 hours of massage therapy
Must adhere to local and state massage
therapy licensing laws and regulations
Must pass a background check
We encourage all massage therapists to be members of a national professional association. For
more information about a career at Massage
Envy, visit, and submit
a resume and cover letter to a location near you.

Capital Credit Union
920-731-3195 toll-free: 866-731-3195
For a location near you, visit
Capital Credit Union is a fullservice financial institution
doing the right thing
offering a wide range of products and services,
such as savings accounts, CDs, IRAs, free and dividend-earning checking accounts, free online and
mobile banking, free text alerts, and loans for
cars, homes, home equity and more. Anyone living or working in Brown, Calumet, Door, Kewaunee, Manitowoc, Oconto, Outagamie, Marinette, Shawano and Winnebago counties in
Wisconsin is eligible for Capital membership.

Northwoods Casket Company
109 N. Lincoln Ave., Beaver Dam
The Northwoods Casket
Company plants 100
trees for every casket
they build. Founders Jonas and Julie Zahn are committed to plant 10 million trees in their lifetimes.
All Northwoods caskets are handcrafted in Wisconsin from locally grown and sustainably harvested woods. Caskets are finished with

tally safe milk paints and natural oil finishes. The

company delivers caskets to every funeral home in
Wisconsin. Their casket and furniture gallery is located at 109 N. Lincoln Ave. in Beaver Dam and
displays a wide range of burial and cremation caskets and urns as well as art, furniture, eco-friendly
milk paints, and natural oil finishes for sale. Wisconsin families can rest assured that, when the
time comes, a handcrafted casket provided by
Northwoods Casket Co. will help in their mission
to create skilled jobs in Wisconsin, bring craft back
to casket-building, enhance personalization in funeral service, and of course, leave a natural legacy
by planting lots and lots of trees.


Anytime Fitness
For a location near you, visit our website,
Anytime Fitness is
open 24/7/365 to
provide you with the
essential elements of a great workout, such as
treadmills, ellipticals and bikes all with flatscreen TVs and both free weights and circuit
weight machines. We also offer 24-hour tanning,
personal training, private restrooms and showers.
Anywhere Club Access allows you to visit more
than 1,000 clubs worldwide.
Better Body Fitness
3001 Ramada Way, Suite C, Green Bay
Better Body Fitness inspires people
to make changes in their lives to
become the absolute healthiest
version of themselves. We want to
show you that anything is possible. If you want to
increase your health to a level youve only
dreamed of let us help you achieve that dream.
Our bootcamp instructors will motivate, educate
and coach you along your journey to health and
fitness. Get started today with a one-week free
trial by visiting our website.
Big Impact Fitness
W2721 Brookhaven Drive, Kimberly
We want nothing
more than to see every client achieve their
goals. We find it extremely gratifying to watch
young athletes, as well as our personal training
clients, achieve success. Through dedication,
hard work and perseverance, our staff is committed to every individual who trains in any of our
programs. Through our thorough understanding
of performance training, health and fitness, we
design programs that will decrease the risk of injury, provide a wide variety of exercises and suit
the needs of each individual client.

Lake Park Swim & Fitness, LLC

730 Lake Park Road, Menasha
See our ad on page 2.
Lake Park Swim & Fitness is the Fox Valleys
newest and most refreshing health club. Locally owned and operated, we have combined the latest in equipment,
classes, club amenities and more to give our
members an unparalleled experience. Customer
service and building a sense of community is our
main focus be a part of the LPSF family and
experience the difference!
Prana Groove & Defiant Fitness
Heather LaFond, ACSM-Certified Personal Trainer
1402 Clark St., Suite 201, Manitowoc
Heather has a B.S. in human biology
with an emphasis in exercise science.
She has been working as an ACSMcertified personal trainer for five years.
Prior to becoming certified, Heather
lost 100 pounds. She turned her passion for health
and fitness into a career. In 2012, Defiant Fitness
LLC was formed and in September 2013 it merged
with Prana Groove to better provide clients with a
well-rounded fitness experience. The personalized
fitness programs offered between the two sister
studios incorporate all the necessary elements of
wellness: cardio, flexibility, lifestyle coaching, nutrition support and strength training.
TNT Basic Training
Tammy Thyssen, Owner and Personal Trainer
W8734 School Road, Hortonville
TNT Basic Training studio is a nonintimidating, personal, friendly
and enjoyable environment that encourages all ages to work out and live
a healthy lifestyle. Workouts are rewarding, challenging, unique and guided, and progress with
your growing needs. TNT Basic Training is a place to
meet new and exciting people, find support,
achieve results and enrich your lifestyle. Together,
we will reach your fitness goals and make everyday
activities easier and enjoyable. I will listen to your
requests and work to get you the results you desire.

Find out more information on

advertising your business in the
Natures Pathways
Community Partners Directory.
Contact: 920-209-2524
December 2014 | Natures Pathways


YMCA of the Fox Cities

For a location near you, see our ad on pg. 41 or
Being healthy means more than simply being physically active. Its about
maintaining a balanced spirit, mind
and body. The Y is a place where
you can work toward that balance by challenging
yourself to learn a new skill or hobby, fostering
connections with friends through our lifelong
learning programs, or bringing your loved ones
closer together through our many family-centered
activities. At the Y, its not about the activity you
choose as much as it is about the benefits of living
healthier on the inside as well as the outside.


Lisa Jermain, Crystal Executive
Isagenix is one of the fastest
growing companies in
North America because our
products, solutions and culture redefine the
health and wellness industry. Science backs our
products and statistics back our success, but its
our people who make us the best. Our no-compromise approach to health and wealth generating opportunities help thousands achieve their
dreams physically and financially.


Natural Healthy Concepts
310 N. Westhill Blvd., Appleton
Natural Healthy Concepts brings you the
best dietary health supplements on the market at the lowest prices possible. We also have a great selection of all-natural
beauty products to make you look as good on the
outside as you feel on the inside. And what makes
it even better, we provide free shipping on all domestic U.S. orders, no matter the size!
Waseda Farms Market
330 Reid St., De Pere
Waseda Farms Market is your
local and organic grocery store
in Northeast Wisconsin. We
will always support local farms
and producers whenever possible because we are
both of those. Our market offers fresh and frozen
meat raised on our farm, fresh and local produce,
dairy and specialty cheese, natural and organic
groceries, ready-to-eat products including a deli,
and so much more.


Natures Pathways | December 2014

About Better Care Audiology
Stephanie Long, Doctor of Audiology
2013 Audiologist of the Year
W3124 Van Roy Road, Appleton
Making regular
visits to a hearing
specialist is one of the most important things you
can do to ensure your overall health and happiness. Dr. Stephanie Long has helped people with
hearing and hearing loss issues for more than 19
years. She enjoys getting to know her patients and
building long-lasting relationships with them. She
will get to know you and your listening needs to
determine a customized solution that works best
for you and your lifestyle. Call today to set up a
time to meet with her for a complimentary hearing
screening and 30-day risk-free trial of the latest
digital hearing solutions.


Vans Refrigeration & Services
W1081 Pearl St., Oneida
Vans Refrigeration & Services offers
your family or business the best
products and services combined
with a level of customer service that
will exceed your expectations. With more than 30
years of geothermal experience, quality WaterFurnace brand geothermal heating and cooling
products are just where we begin. The technicians
at Vans Refrigeration & Services are trained and
equipped to handle geothermal heating services,
refrigeration repair and installation and many
other residential and commercial services.

Balance on Buffalo/Therapeutic Massage Works
924 Buffalo St., Manitowoc
Balance on Buffalo in Manitowoc
was birthed into being to create a
safe, nurturing space to uncover
and discover ones own innate
ability to heal. We offer massage
therapy, reiki, yoga, sound therapy, classes and
workshops, all meant to spark the gifts that we
each carry. We will help guide and nurture an
awareness of mind, body, heart and spirit, and
the space in between.
CCM Counseling and Wellness
2150 Memorial Drive, Suite 213, Green Bay
CCM Counseling and Wellness
goes beyond traditional talk
therapy to include the whole
person mind, spirit and

body. This approach has contributed to successfully supporting our clients for over three decades. We offer you the opportunity to discover
your own path of healing and wholeness to
transform yourself, your life and your relationships. We invite you to partner with us on your
journey of exploration and healing. We are
thrilled to have as a part of our staff, reiki, reflexology and massage practitioners who can provide
you the opportunity to nurture all of who you
are. Call or make an appointment on our website. We accept most insurance plans.
Divine Energy Light Workers
Rev. Jen Rietveld
611 N. Lynndale Drive, Suite C., Appleton
Rev. Jen Rietveld offers divinely guided
services in the form of: spiritual counseling, energy/light work, cellular release, chakra cleansing and balancing,
guided meditations, property blessings, weddings, funerals and offers Pink Himalayan Salt Lamps. She is also Access Bars Consciousness certified, AromaTouch Technique
certified (IPC# 491733) and a Forevergreen distributor. For a full description of her services,
please visit her website at DivineLightWorkers.
com. To schedule an appointment, please email
Rev. Jen at or call/text
Foxxie Fitness & Wellness, LLC
Foxxie Fitness & Wellness, LLC
provides a complete tool box for
anyone wanting to achieve greater fitness (fit, adj: in good condition). Our choose-your-own-adventure approach
allows you to be in charge of your destiny. Whether it is physical, emotional, financial, spiritual or
other fitness you desire, get the job done right
with all the tools youll need.
Get Connected Counseling, LLC
5497 W. Waterford Lane, Suite A, Appleton
At Get Connected Counseling, LLC,
we help people who are dissatisfied
with their lives find their way to
where they want to be. We offer a
Get Connected
different experience in therapy than
clients have had before, with a focus on transformational healing of mind, body and spirit. We use
cutting-edge approaches to re-engage, rewire, reconnect and inspire our clients to live within their
authentic selves. We take most insurance plans.
Counseling LLC.




The Wellness Way
2638 Tulip Lane, Green Bay
We dont guess, we
test. The Wellness
Way offers a unique
approach in healthcare based on the principle that
everyones needs are different. Through functional
medicine, chiropractic care, nutrition and detox programs, providers successfully exam, test, and develop a personalized plan to put each person back
on the road to wellness. Find The Wellness Way
clinic near you:
Wise Woman Wellness, LLC
Randi Mann, NP Owner, Board Certified
Womans Health Nurse Practitioner and NAMS
Certified Menopause Practitioner
1480 Swan Road, De Pere
Randi Mann, NP, helps
ages live healthy, vital, joy-filled lives
through medical and non-medical solutions, education and lifestyle guidance. Seek care from an expert
knowledgeable in the latest scientific
research, and who offers integration of complementary and conventional approaches. Mann has
achieved the prestigious NAMS Menopause Practitioner Certification and has spoken nationally on
behalf of the Bioidentical Hormone Initiative. She is
skilled at prescribing customized, bioidentical hormones when needed. Attend the introductory
seminar End Hormone Havoc Stay Sane, Slim
and Sexy to learn the fundamentals of hormone
changes, treatment options and great self-care. Call
for an appointment or register for a seminar today!
Natural Options - Healthy Lives


My Retreat Design
Brenda Krause, owner
690 Westhill Blvd., Appleton
My Retreat Design works closely with
clients to create an environment that is
a reflection of their requirements and
desires whether it is a single piece, a
room, or an entire home or small business. We believe
open communication is the key to achieving your desired results and pride ourselves on meeting budget
and scheduling requirements. We offer interior design service, custom furniture and textiles, window
treatments, area rugs, and home decor and gifts. Our
diverse team of interior designers and design consultants are ready to assist you call for a consultation
and make us part of your design solution.




N474 Eisenhower Drive, Suite C, Appleton
At LearningRx we treat
learning challenges such
as ADD/ADHD, reading struggles and learning disabilities. Brain training goes far beyond traditional
tutoring by effectively addressing the cause behind
learning and reading struggles. We focus on changing a students underlying ability to learn and read.
We train and strengthen cognitive skills with scientifically based and clinically proven one-on-one personalized training. You and your child are no longer
limited to treating symptoms. Contact us to transform learning and reading struggles into success.

Essential Bodywork & Massage
2508 N. Richmond St., Suite B, Appleton
Massage therapy has many benefits, including
circulation, stress relief and pain management.
Essential Bodywork & Massage offers Swedish,
deep tissue and therapeutic massages, as well as
ear candling. Owner Janet Creapo, WCMT 4433046, has over 20 years experience and specializes
in neck and back pain management. Offering affordable package deals and $10 off your first visit!

Rejuvenessence mediSpa
Kenneth Pechman, M.D., Ph.D.
Board Certified Dermatologist
2201 East Enterprise Ave., Suite 104, Appleton
The mission of Rejuvenessence mediSpa is to restore,
revitalize and rejuvenate the
skins appearance, health
and function. We strive to improve our clients
skin through our professional services and highquality products and thus, enhance our patients
self-esteem and self-image. We are proud to offer
free consultations on all of our services!

Valley Wellness and Referral
Meridith Starling, CISW, MSSW
124 W. Wisconsin Ave., Suite 90B
At Valley Wellness and Referral, hope
and healing are closer than you think.
Meridiths goal is to provide her clients with the tools to move forward
with their lives and empower them to
make changes for the good. Asking for help is the
first step to a better life. She provides her counseling and support services to children and adults.
There is no cookie cutter method to feeling and
living better, but it begins with you!

Alba Birth Center
308 E. Northland Ave., Appleton
Our compassionate care-giving
team offers comprehensive traditional midwifery care, including
VBAC, water, home and birth center birth. We provide complete maternity care
prenatal visits, birth and postpartum. Our birth
center is cozy and welcoming, equipped with specially designed water birth tubs. We do insurance
verification and billing, and offer flexible payment
plans for cash-paying clients.

Advanced Movement Studio
101 W Edison Ave., Suite 110, Appleton
Located along the Fox River
in the historic Edison Center,
Rehab it. Prevent it. Get Fit. We have you covered.
our studio offers smallgroup fitness classes, exclusive training and sportspecific training. But fitness is just one part of who
we are. We also provide nutrition counseling,
movement therapy, massage therapy and yoga. If
you are recovering from an injury or managing a
chronic injury, we strive to be the bridge between
sports medicine, physical therapy and fitness. Our
mission is to help our clients achieve their health
and fitness goals. Rehab it. Prevent it. Get fit. We
have you covered.

Twohig Dental
William J. Twohig, DDS
417 E. Ann St., Weyauwega
Twohig Dental wants you to experience a natural
and holistic approach to dentistry. Our practice is
a mercury-free, health-centered office. We believe
in treating patients as individuals. We are dedicated to advanced education in traditional and nontraditional dentistry. We invite you to schedule a
consultation with us.

Find out more information on

advertising your business in the
Natures Pathways
Community Partners Directory.
Contact: 920-209-2524
December 2014 | Natures Pathways


Nutritional Healing, LLC
Kimberly Neher, MS, Clinical Nutritionist
400 N. Richmond St., Appleton
Kimberly Neher, MS, is the clinical nutritionist located inside The Chiropractic
Advantage. Her passion lies in supporting peoples health through evidencebased medicine (risks versus benefits of
medications) and healing therapies through nutrition.Kimberly has experience working with clients
regarding weight and fatigue issues, sports nutrition,
food sensitivities and allergies, and general health
concerns such as high blood pressure, high glucose
levels, high cholesterol/triglycerides, thyroid conditions and irritable bowel disorders. With her masters
degree in human nutrition and Metagenics certification in First Line Therapy, Kimberly has undergone an
in-depth study of nutrition as a complementary
medicine.Transform your life through natural, clinically proven methods of healing via nutrition, and
remedy the cause of your illness or weight concerns!

Advanced Pain Management (APM)
2595 Development Drive, Suite 150, Green Bay
Locations also in Appleton and Oconto Falls
888-901-PAIN (7246)
Advanced Pain Management (APM) is committed to
providing patients with innovative pain management services. APM strives to
deliver the most advanced, minimally invasive, diagnostic and therapeutic services to enable patients to
restore function, relieve pain and renew hope.
Whether its back or neck pain, work injury, sciatica or
a painful condition; APM has a pain management
doctor who can help pinpoint the source of pain.
Phyllis Kasper, Ph.D.
Phyllis Kasper, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist with expertise in anxiety
disorders, depression, post-traumatic
stress disorder, peak achievement,
biofeedback, hypnosis, EMDR and pain management. She is available at Healthy Connections in
Appleton, 920-257-4601. She offers classes to
businesses and organizations.
PT Center for Women
3913 W. Prospect Ave., Suite LL2, Appleton
PT Center for Women offers
women of all ages comprehensive evaluation and treatment for their physical therapy
and massage needs. Our gentle, heartfelt approach to healing allows women to

Natures Pathways | December 2014

feel calm and comfortable, and pursue a program

of care that can change their lives. Our goal is to
provide women with a successful outcome for a
happier, healthier life.

Custom Health Pharmacy
1011 S. 10th St., Manitowoc
Custom Health Pharmacy is your source for
quality compounded medications. Our state-ofthe-art compounding lab provides the highest
quality compounding possible. You have a choice
where you get your compounded prescriptions
you dont need your prescription sent to you from
Madison. We also offer: hormone saliva testing,
hormone consultations, adrenal fatigue consultations and testing, Take Charge weight loss program and a full line of Now vitamins. We accept
Caremark and Express Scripts.


Gather Americana Restaurant
231 S. Nicolet Road, Appleton
John Chastain, Owner
Gather features small, medium and large plates of
fresh goodness, craft beers,
extensive wine program, hand-crafted cocktails,
retail wines and beers, and a deli. We are a true
farm-to-table restaurant and deli, sourcing directly
from local farmers and producers who use natural,
sustainable methods. Enjoy the creativity of our
chefs at breakfast (by reservation), lunch and dinner. Our deli offers grab-and-go or dining service
options. Swing by for a quick coffee and scone to
go, or select some artisan sandwiches and salads,
cheeses and charcuterie for here or to go. We have
two rooms available for events for up to 50 people, with audio/visual capabilities. We are Wi-Fifriendly and welcome you to come in, plug in, and
relax, meet, or work. Wed love to serve you!

Fit Nutrition
Personal Chef, Certified Nutrition Coach
914 4th St., De Pere

Manila Resto
107 Algoma Blvd., Oshkosh

Fit Nutrition is driven to provide healthy, great-tasting

meals to our customers for
whatever their nutritional
goals may be. We also offer cooking classes, tasting events, and wine and food pairings, which can
be held in the comfort of your own home or at Fit
Nutrition. Our goal is to get people to understand
that eating healthy is not boring and tasteless,
and to enjoy healthy eating every day.

Manila Resto is a melting pot of

food and culture in a contemporary yet casual atmosphere located in historic downtown Oshkosh. Our menu
offers a fusion of Filipino with authentic marinades,
rich sauces and savory meats as well as fresh sushi,
and open flame grilled selections from our innovative robata grill. Enjoy food that is fresher, healthier
and inspirational. Escape to Manila Resto.


Psychic Healing Group
Diane M. Pivonka
OFFICE: 1499 6th St., Green Bay
HOME: 220 Roselawn Blvd., Green Bay
Clinical nurse specialist, Reiki master,
spiritual guide and a leader in health
care, Diane has many years of personal and professional experience in
guiding others through difficult times toward a
more peaceful and complete sense of beauty and
love. Her Psychic Healing Group uses The Secret
as a touchstone to expand discussions into areas
of well-being and joyful living, and offers you the
opportunity to move toward a deeper understanding of your true self. The group will meet
from 7-8:30 p.m. at Dianes home on Jan. 8, 15,
22 and 29. Cost: $35 each session. For more information, contact Diane at 920-609-9714.

Sai Ram Indian Cuisine

253 W. Northland Ave., Appleton
The areas finest authentic Indian
restaurant. Join us today to find out
why we won the Best Indian Food
Golden Fork Award from 2005-2011 and a 2013
TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence! We offer a
large selection of vegan and vegetarian options.
Catering is available and we have a banquet room
for parties of up to 40 people.


Massage Envy Spa
3201 E. Calumet St., Appleton 920-731-5300
1241 Lombardi Access Road, Green Bay 920-405-9200
At Massage Envy Spas, our
mission is to provide a pathway to wellness, well-being and worth through
professional, convenient and affordable massage
therapy and spa services. Whether it is your first
massage or massage therapy is part of your

ness plan, we have a therapist to match your needs.

We offer many massage modalities including Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, sports, reflexology and more. Signature services and enhancements include hot stone massage, aromatherapy,
deep muscle therapy and sugar foot scrub. We have
four different spa facial treatments specially formulated for Massage Envy Spa. Our professional estheticians have the scientifically proven products to
give you noticeably healthy skin.


The Day Spa

600 N. 10th St., De Pere
The Day Spa is a full-service spa
and salon celebrating 22 years in
business. We offer the best in
massage and bodywork: Swedish, therapeutic, prenatal, Mlis Contour Body Wraps, acupuncture and
more. Peaceful relaxation sanctuaries, caring and
dedicated staff, couples suites, and group accommodations set us apart. Special wellness events are
hosted monthly. Visit us on Twitter and Facebook.
The Day Spa is open Monday through Thursday, 9
a.m. to 9 p.m.; Friday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Saturday 9
a.m. to 6 p.m.; and Sunday, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Valley Thermography
1111 N. Lynndale Drive, Suite 202, Appleton
Chris Haase, certified clinical
thermographer, uses digital
infrared thermal imaging
(DITI), a noninvasive clinical imaging procedure for
detecting and monitoring a number of diseases
and physical injuries by showing the thermal abnormalities present in the body. Conditions and
injuries that can be diagnosed and monitored include hormonal dysfunction, inflammation, lymphatic activity, disc disease, dental, vascular disease, sports injuries, allergies, cancer and more.
DITI uses no radiation, is painless and FDA registered. Call to schedule your appointment.

Glass Slipper Styling Studio
230 Main St., Menasha

Discover the difference quality

makes with small batch world-class
extra virgin olive oils and an exquisite variety of aged balsamic vinegars. Taste before you buy with all products available for you to sample prior to bottling. Also
offering pastas and spices, sea salts, truffle oils,
chocolate sauces and the worlds best peanut
brittle. A unique culinary experience awaits you.

At GSSS, we believe
outer image is directly
connected to success
and when we look
good, we feel good. We help women increase selfconfidence and self-respect to achieve a better career, peace of mind and happiness. Offering costeffective wardrobe styling services personal style
consultations, color analysis, closet audit, outfit coordination, personal shopping, seasonal wardrobe
planning as well as skincare, hair, and make-up
consulting, fashion advice, complete transformation makeovers and free lifetime client aftercare
service. We carry Motives cosmetics, Lumiere De Vie
skincare, Vault Denim jeans, select womens fashion
apparel and accessories. Our venue can be rented
for private events such as personal styling, make up
sessions or trunk shows. Call to schedule a 20-minute free consultation. Find us on Facebook.



N.E. Wisconsin Spiritual Experiences Group

For activities near you, visit:

Wise Woman Wellness, LLC

Randi Mann, NP Owner, Board Certified
Womens Health Nurse Practitioner and NAMS
Certified Menopause Practitioner
1480 Swan Road, De Pere


The Olive Cellar

277 W. Northland Ave., Appleton 920-574-2361
127 W. Wisconsin Ave., Neenah 920-486-1781

through the Light and Sound of
God! Check out Eckankar (www. and N.E. Wisconsin
Spiritual Experiences Group (see
above) for tools, resources and spiritual conversations near you.


Thyroid disease is a
nosed cause of many symptoms, including weight gain, depression, fatigue, constipation and hair loss. Hypothyroidism
management is offered by the hormone experts at Wise Woman Wellness and can help
you sometimes even if you were told your TSH
blood test result was normal. Our nurse practitioners are specially trained in the detection of hypothyroidism and use of natural and prescription medication treatments. Call 920-339-5252 for details.
Natural Options - Healthy Lives

Valley Transit
801 S. Whitman Ave., Appleton
Valley Transit provides

Valley Transit safe and reliable public

Think outside the car.

transportation to the
many communities that comprise the Fox Cities.
Whether youre in Appleton, Buchanan, Grand
Chute, Kaukauna, Kimberly, Little Chute, city of
Menasha, town of Menasha or Neenah, you can
use Valley Transit to get where you need to go. Service hours: 5:45 a.m.-10:30 p.m., Monday through
Friday, 7:45 a.m.-10:30 p.m. on Saturday.

Alkaline Water Today
Lisa Smarzinski
Take the 30-day chal-

KANGAN WATER lenge! Kangen Water

Change your water Change your life!

is healthy drinking water rich in minerals, purged of impurities, and ionized through electrolysis. Alkaline ionized Kangen
Water is an excellent choice for healthy hydration.
Not only does it taste great and refreshing, but it
also helps you avoid impurities and save money!
Take the 30-day challenge! Try Kangan Water free
for 30 days with no obligation. Contact Lisa today
to get started. Financing available.

801 Main Ave., De Pere
Medi-Weightloss is a medically supervised weight loss program that
works. Located in De Pere, MediWeightloss offers patients a personalized solution to lose weight and
keep it off by eating real food and using state-ofthe-art diagnostic tools. Each patient is overseen
by medical director Dr. Herb Coussons. Call 920917-6314 for your free assessment


Kaldas Center
200 Theda Clark Medical Plaza, Suite 133, Neenah
Kaldas Center for Fertility, Surgery, & Pregnancy, S.C is changing how
patient service is delivered. Hearing the patient and
adapting to their needs is important as we look to
support patients in their quick return to living life to
the fullest. To complement our patient services, we
offer nationally recognized skill and training to
achieve the desired outcomes of our patients.
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Waseda Farms Market

Farmers market fresh

330 Reid Street, De Pere, WI 54115 / Next to Gallagher's Pizza / 920-632-7271


S ays!

for the

Our microdermabrasion facials,

micro-needling and chemical peels
are a great way to add a youthful
sparkle to your appearance. Youll
be the life of the party!

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Restore ... Revitalize ... Rejuvenate ... Your skin!


Kenneth Pechman, MD, PhD, Medical Director

Board-Certified Dermatologist
2201 East Enterprise Ave., Suite 104 Appleton


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approach to dentistry!
Safe Mercury Removal,

417 E. Ann Street, Weyauwega, WI