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Off season vegetable farm house &Vegetable Juices
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Business Plan
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Off season vegetable farm house & Juices

Address Juice Shop: Shop # 05, Adjacent to National Saving Centre, G-9 Markaz Islamabad

Address Farm House: Moza Bango, Rawalpindi Road, Near New Islamabad Air Port, Fateh
Jang, Islamabad

ZIP Code: 44000

Mobile1: +92-xxxxxxxx
Mobile2: +92-xxxxxxxx
Telephone: +92-51-xxxxxxx
Fax: +92-51-xxxxxxx
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I. Table of Contents

I. Table of Contents.......................................................................................4

II. Executive Summary....................................................................................5

III. General Company Description......................................................................6

IV. Products and Services...............................................................................13

V. Marketing Plan.........................................................................................19

VI. Operational Plan.......................................................................................34

VII. Management and Organization...................................................................51

VIII. Personal Financial Statement.....................................................................52

IX. Startup Expenses and Capitalization............................................................53

X. Financial Plan..........................................................................................56

XI. Appendices..............................................................................................58

XII. Refining the Plan......................................................................................61

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II. Refining the PlanExecutive Summary

The GREEN PLATE is a business which deals with the off-season vegetable farming and juice
of fresh vegetables. The farm house is located near fateh jang and juice shop is in G-9,
Islamabad. The purpose of the business is to provide fresh juice to peoples achieving a suitable
margin and having fame in business. The vegetable juicing is a new venture and farming will be
done to support the juice shop. The land in fateh jang is the owner property and agricultural loan
has been taken to run the juice shop.

Customers of the business are hotels, restaurants, domestic users, patients, young peoples and
everyone who could afford the product. For promotion of the business aggressive marketing will
be done. In support of this doctor’s recommendations have been incorporated. Off-season
vegetable will be sold in the market at comparatively low price than the competitor. By this the
monopoly of the competitor will be no more and people of Islamabad and Rawalpindi will have
fresh vegetables rather than a stored vegetable. Although it is a small new venture in terms of
vegetable juice but in 7th month of the business it will maintain its suitable margin. Vegetable
farming is already existing business so it will carry a suitable profit when the first crop will be
picked up.

The loan will be at 17% from ZTBL for 1 year. The payment schedule will be in terms of 2
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III. General Company Description

The business I have chosen for my small and medium entrepreneur project is vegetable green
house and the producing juice of vegetables. The purpose of the business is to grow off-season
vegetables and producing their juice as well. Farming will be done on cultivable land of Fateh
jang, Islamabad, and juices of different off-season vegetables will be sold in market of G-9
Islamabad as a fresh juice. The purpose of farming is not just to have a produce for vegetable
juice, but to produce off-season vegetables for the consumers as well. It will cater the demand
of restaurants and home usage of vegetables.

Mission Statement

“To provide quality off-season vegetable and its juice to the consumers at affordable price”

Company Goals and Objectives

To achieve maximum revenue by providing quality product to the consumers so that business
could grow. The juice will be titled as from seed of vegetable to your juice mug, it’s all pure. So
off-season vegetable juice by doctor’s prescription will be good for all type of peoples. The
objective is refined in this sense more, building a healthy nation.

Business Philosophy

The cultivation of off-season vegetable and their juice production is very important factor of the
business. It is because of the importance of vegetable for life in the prospect of health. There is
no growth in this sector so being an agrarian economy this sector should be promoted. So, I
found this business to be the best to contribute in country’s economy as well as having suitable
outcome from this entrepreneurial activity.

Importance of Vegetables

Vegetables are rich source of vitamins, carbohydrates, salts and proteins. With increased health
awareness in the general public and changing dietary patterns, vegetables are now becoming
an integral part of average household’s daily meals. In addition, high population growth rate has
also given rise to high demand in basic dietary vegetables. Increased health awareness, high
population growth rate, changing dietary patterns of increasingly affluent middle class and
availability of packaged vegetables, has therefore generated a year round high demand for
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vegetables in the country in general and in major city centers in particular. However, our farmers
have yet not been able to en-cash this opportunity and still follow traditional sowing and picking
patterns. This results in highly volatile vegetable supply market wherein the market is flooded
with seasonal vegetables irrespective of demand presence on one hand and very high priced
vegetables in off-season on the other. Lack of developed vegetable processing and storage
facility robs our farmers from their due share of profit margins. In natural season local
vegetables flood the markets substantially bringing down the prices. In the absence of storage
infrastructure and vegetable processing industry in the country, off-season vegetables farming is
the only viable option that can add value to the farmer produce and juicing is new venture
adding more value to the business.

Reason to Choose

General Agriculture sector is the backbone of Pakistan’s economy. The sector employs 44 % of
the work force and contributes 25% towards National GDP. Nature has blessed our country with
fertile land and suitable climate for growing variety of vegetables. The geographical location of
the country is ideally suited for a large variety of agricultural crops, which are used directly for
food as well as a raw material for processing industry. Vegetables grown in Pakistan are unique
in taste, aroma and are almost organic as very low quantity of chemicals is used in their
cultivation. Moreover, most of the vegetables grown are not genetically modified and original
species are still cultivated in the country. Juices of Vegetables are not so much famous, but they
cater the need of Vitamins which is directly eatable by human in the form of vegetables, being
juices of vegetables Doctor’s prefer to have such kind of nutritional brew rages. On other hand
our own family background is agricultural.

Project brief

The proposed project is designed as a small size off-season vegetable farming unit and juice
producing unit. Off-season vegetables, such as, tomatoes, cucumber, hot pepper and squashes
could be cultivated using High tunnel technology on 6 Acres, and there flavored juices as a
fresh juice will be available. The juice producing outlet will be in G-9 markaz, near Rahat Bakery
Islamabad. The target customer’s for off-season vegetable are hotels and restaurants and
general people. Products will follow proper distribution channels to reach to their actual
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Off- Season Vegetable

The land can be utilized for green farming during the idle period to maintain the fertility of soil.
Apart from green farming, the land can also be utilized for growing seasonal vegetables like
potato, carrot, onion, garlic and cabbage and specially mushrooms etc., in the idle period, but
this may affect the fertility of the land, resulting in reduction of yield of Green farming is done to
maintain the fertility of the land with the cultivation of any legume crop. When the crop is
matured it is then incorporated in soil with the help of a Rotavator. Therefore it is recommended
that only off-season vegetables should be grown on the proposed land, with a well chalked out
sowing pattern and in future plans cultivation of mushrooms will also take place. The estimated
yield potential of the farm varies according to the selected type of vegetable. There is a huge
demand for fresh vegetables in the local as well as international markets, which includes
Europe, Middle East, and Far Eastern markets but due to their perishable nature it is difficult to
export this commodity.

Vegetable Juice

Vegetable juice is a drink made primarily of blended vegetables. Vegetable juice is often mixed
with fruits such as tomatoes or grapes to improve flavor. It is often touted as a low-sugar
alternative to fruit juice, although most commercial brands of vegetable juices contain large
amounts of sodium.
In foreign Countries, Vegetable juices are produced and consumed for their refreshing character
and nutritional qualities being rich in vitamins and minerals and having regulatory functions to
the body systems; such as augmenting of alkaline reserve of the blood and proper functioning of
blood vessels, including capillary, permeability and fragility as a result of contained falconoid.
Juices also increase body retention of calcium, magnesium, nitrogen and are also good sources
of quick energy. These qualities need to be maximized in technologies used to process
Vegetable and fruit juices.
Many popular vegetable juices, particularly ones with high tomato content, are high in sodium,
and therefore consumption of them for health must be carefully considered. Some vegetables
such as beets also contain large amounts of sugar, so care must be taken when adding these to
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Although the actual nutritional benefits of vegetable juice are contested, a recent UC Davis
study found that drinking vegetable juice daily significantly increased drinkers' chances of
meeting the daily recommended number of vegetable servings. Having an easy source of
vegetables encouraged drinkers to incorporate more vegetables into their diets.


The facility of growing off-season vegetables also allows for growing non-conventional varieties
and vegetables, which are in high demand in the international market. The importance of
vegetables cannot be denied due to their nutritional value as these provide proteins,
carbohydrates & salts that are essential ingredients for the growth of human body. Vegetables
are used in raw form as salad or cooked food according to the taste, which provide a balanced
diet and keep human being healthy. A large number of world population now prefer vegetables
in their daily diet due to the awareness that vegetables provide better source of energy and
nourishment to the body, so their juice is best alternative to use it directly.

Mostly the vegetables grown in the world are local to their land and countries however other
varieties and types have also been introduced from across different continents/countries, which
are now grown and consumed in the local diet. Almost all types and varieties of known
vegetables are grown in Pakistan. Vegetables can be cultivated in off-season, with the induction
of an artificial technique like tunnel technology, in which temperature and moisture is controlled
for specific growth of vegetables. The production of vegetables all around the year enables the
growers to fully utilize their resources and supplement income from vegetable growing as
compared to other normal agricultural crops. As the landholding powers of farmers is
decreasing, they need to increase the productivity of their available land, off-season vegetable
farming is a measure through which they can attain higher profit margins from the crop and
vegetable juice is a new venture.


The fact is that this is not my DREAM PROJECT but in terms of earning handsome amount of
money green house is from one of those good options who have low risk for the investors.
Regarding to green house field the Competitors are not in large amount and not even in large
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scale. At present, the tunnel technology is being used at the following places/farms along with
other small farms:

➢ Mian Shadi Agri-Farm, Mamonkangan, district Faisalabad

➢ Haji Sons, Chiniot, Jhang
➢ Ayub Agricultural Research Center, Faisalabad
➢ National Agriculture Research Center (NARC) Chak Shehzad, Islamabad
➢ University of the Punjab, Lahore
➢ Sitara Farm, at Sitara Chemicals, Shah Kot, district Faisalabad

As we talk about the Vegetable juice, there is no competitor of this product. In future planning
which is cultivation of mushrooms is also unique in Pakistan. A big unit for vegetable juice in the
form of tetra pack will be installed for the production at a very large level.

All we know that the population is increasing rapidly which is pushing the trend of expansion of
cities due to which the no of restaurants will increase with the passage of time and the
awareness of taste and selection of food and advices of doctor to use vegetables rather than
meat will increase the demand for such vegetables.

In this business my aim is to produce vegetables on large scale so that I will be able to compete
with the competitors by keeping the price low. The vegetables will be highly hygienic and will be
provided to the customers in a safe good packing. The location of my green house will be near
to the city for the convenience of the transport and to provide fresh supplies to the customers
and local markets.

Key success factors

The commercial viability of the project depends upon the regular and consistent supply of good
quality hybrid seeds and fertilizers.

The other important aspect is the need for strong linkages with the local market and progressive
vegetable exporter. The vegetable juice which we are providing in G-9 opposite to Rahat Bakers
is a best place for juice selling in the market. On other hand we are providing a quality juice with
recommendation of doctors so that all the recipes will have certain nutritional benefits according
to age and health of the peoples. The specialty of menu of juice is that all the juice recipes will
be designed according to the advice of doctor.
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Strengths and Opportunities

 High quality vegetable due to high quality seeds

 Low cost

 Expanding nationwide

 Our own agricultural background

 Demand of vegetable juice will have a potential

 Doctor’s recommendations for vegetable juice

 No competitor for vegetable juice

Weakness and Threats

 Low market share in the beginning

 Extremely bad weather conditions

 Pesticides attack

 Floods / Rainstorms

 Change in government regulations

 Indirect Competitors may start vegetable juicing

Legal form of ownership

Ownership is going to be in the form of partnership. Both the partners have agricultural
background so our skills and abilities will combine to carry a long-term business and have a
suitable profit. All the profits and losses will be beard equally. The business is not at a very large
level so the risk will be minimum.
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I. Products and Services

Vegetables Which Can Be Sown

Growing under plastic is more competitive in today’s vegetable market, it gives superior yields
and early spring production. Following crops are high value
Vegetables and has shown significant increase in earliness.
• Melons
• Tomato
• Pepper
• Cucumber
• Bitter Gourds
• Squashes
• Eggplant
• Water melon
• Brinjal
Main types of Vegetable drinks:
• Tomato Juice

• Sugar cane juice

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• Cucumber Juice

• Carrot Juice

• Vegetable Punch
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Total Production Capacity on the basis of low tunnel technology

Vegetables Area (Acres) Production Total Production

Quantity in (Kg.s)/ Quantity
Tomatoes 2 55,000 165,000

Cucumber 2 60,000 180,000

Capsicum/ Sweet 2 26,000 78,000

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Vegetable Calories Proteins Fats Gram Carbohydrate Ascorbic

Name Gram s acid

Potato 71.6 1.7 0.1 16 14.1

Turnip 30.0 0.9 0.2 6.2 24.7

Carrot 39.6 1.1 0.3 8.2 5.3

Cauli Flower 13.9 1.1 0.1 2.2 31.1

Cabbage 19.8 1.0 0.2 3.9 38.1

Peas 45.4 3.0 0.2 8.0 11.9

Tomato 20.0 0.9 0.3 3.5 20.5

Onion 45.8 0.9 0.2 9.7 8.4

Spinach 23.8 1.0 0.0 60.4 5.1

Brinjal 20.3 1.9 0.2 2.6 48.2

Lettuce 12.6 0.8 0.1 2.0 12.6

Nutritional ingredients in a weight of 100 Gram

(Source: )


Benefits from year-round production include year-round income, retention of old customers, gain
in new customers, and higher prices at times of the year when other local growers (who have
only unprotected field crops) do not have produce. Other potential benefits of season extension
technologies are higher yields and better quality. In summers for off season vegetables
cultivation high quality indeterminate seed is easily available in markets. This indeterminate
seed grows upwards with provided support similar to Pumpkin instead of spreading on ground
Therefore Tunnel farming has increased the production of plants in even smaller areas, which is
turned out to be profitable. Small farmers with small cultivating area can get benefits from plastic
tunnel farming and can increase their income. In plastic tunnel farming, problems due to less
supply of water are alleviating by using drip system irrigation. In addition, with year-round
production you can provide extended or year-round employment for skilled employees whom
you might otherwise lose to other jobs at the end of the outdoor growing season. Disadvantages
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include no break in the yearly work schedule, increased management demands, higher
production costs, and plastic disposal problems.

Despite all these factors there is no any competitor of vegetable juice who is producing it under
a brand name. all the juice recipes are medically tested for the health. So this section has an
extra advantage due to its uniqueness.


There is no particular disadvantage in this activity accept natural threat e.g. windstorms or
rainstorm etc, if indirect competitor start to make vegetable juice, or any government regulation

Technical analysis
Plantation & Growth Essentials
There are 15 essential requirements for healthy growth of a plant. The requirement and
their respective sources are provided in the following table:


Air & Water Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potash

Land Calcium, Magnesium, Sulpher Iron, Copper, Zinc, Boran,

Molybidenium, Maganese and Chlorine

Expected Production and Sale price

Expected production and sale price of some vegetable is given in Table below: -

Expected Production and Land Utilization

Vegetable Land Production Production Sale Price

Utilization Quantity Quantity Rs7./ (Kg )
(Acres) (Kgs)/ (Kgs)

Tomatoes 2 33,300 100,000 30

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Cucumber 2 36,600 110,000 16

Capsicum 2 8,000 48,000 25

/Sweet pepper

The prices of vegetables in normal season are around one-third of the prices of
vegetables grown in off-seasons.

Proposed Capacity of Vegetable Juice

Product Production Juice

Name Assumption Criteria
Tomato 18.18% Fresh Juice
Cucumber 9.09% Fresh Juice
Carrot 27.27% Fresh Juice
Vegetable Punch 27.27% Fresh Juice
Sugar cane 18.18% Fresh Juice
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I. Marketing Plan

Market research - Why?

Market research is a very important aspect of any new starting business. Our business is a new
venture in aspect of vegetable juice making. There is no competitor in vegetable juice making so
we need to have a market research that either people will like to have vegetable juice or not.
Although the fruit juicing industry is an indirect competitor yet the need is to locate the potential
in the market for vegetable juicing.

Market research - How?

To carry an ideal research for the off-season vegetable we are reviewing the competitor’s
strategies and the offered services. The research will be secondary research so we will be
consulting yellow pages from Pakistan. The reports of production of the vegetables by the
government authorities and annual statistical data compiled in the production of vegetable
context will be analyzed. As for primary market research concern the survey will be made for
off-season vegetable by questionnaire filling from general public, which includes young
generation, students, business personals, households etc. the need of assessment from ladies
carry a very important role because of vegetable use in cooking. We are conducting a survey
from different hotels and restaurants of Rawalpindi and Islamabad as well.

Vegetable juice needs primary market research to be conducted. It is a new idea so there is no
direct competitor of it. Questionnaire for the survey was developed by keeping in mind the need
of customers and the trend of brewing industry and we will have a feed back on this.

Different ideas of peoples of different classes are taken about the vegetable juices. Doctors
have been consulted to promote the vegetable juice. The peoples of different regions were in
focus to have ideas about the vegetable juice. There is a need to create the changing trend
about the vegetable juices. An aggressive marketing for vegetable juice will be done which will
be telling the product with its features and benefits attached with it for the healthy life.
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Facts about our industry:

• Total size of our market :

In consideration for market size there is no exact figure which you can predict but as the
other businesses have idea of the market, our market size comprises of Islamabad and
Rawalpindi. But after some time it will increase to other major cities of Pakistan.

• Percent share of the market we will have:

The percent of market capture incase of off-season vegetable will be more than 75% of
Islamabad and Rawalpindi. In case of vegetable juice the market capture will be 80% for
those who consume it. This comparison is in competition with competitors. But annual
market capture regarding as whole market trend will be a contribution of more than 2%.

• Current demand in target market :

Although there is a great demand for off-season vegetable, but the available vegetable is
not under any particular label so it would be under the label of Green Plat, yet there will be a
great need to promote the brand. The vegetable juice will also require a great attention for
its availability everywhere so aggressive marketing will cover this assignment

• Growth potential and opportunity for our business

Off-season vegetable and juice are the essential component for the human body. The
changing trends in the taste of people have led them to have a change of taste in different
products and breweries which they use. Medically the natural food always gives healthy
prospects. The trend of vegetable juicing and drinking juice of carrot in June or July will have
a very different taste.

• Barriers to entry which we will face in entering this market with our new company are:

○ High capital costs

○ High production costs
○ High marketing costs
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○ Consumer acceptance and brand recognition

○ Unique technology and patents
○ Unions
○ Tariff barriers and quotas
• How to overcome the barriers?

High capital cost will be the main problem because greater owner equity has very risk.
However partnership is made to overcome this problem. Market capture and consumer
acceptance are also important factors to be covered, so promotional activities and great
effort for the trend change will make it acceptable, however the risk of competitor after the
business success will always be attached. This will be tackled when there will be a great
threat from that competitor by adopting competitive advantage leading to innovation

Following factors could affect our company

○ Change in technology
○ Change in government regulations
○ Change in the economy

Products Features and Benefits

As off-season Vegetable

Product Features Benefits

Tomatoes It would be available for It is used in all the dishes made by the
the whole year, as fresh. restaurants and home dishes. It is health
Naturally growing giving vegetable

Cucumber It would be available for It used in salads, restaurants need it whole

the whole year, as fresh. year and for home use fresh cucumber will
Naturally growing be available
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Capsicum It would be available for Need of every dish. Without it there is no

the whole year, as fresh. taste in all types of dishes
Naturally growing

As vegetable Juice

Tomato Juice Almost pure. A good Best in taste, it is best for bringing a
source of Phosphorus, person from hanging position after
Sulfur, Vitamin C. drinking. It will have a great demand in
hotels. Best for Bladder Problems, Gall
Bladder Problems, Gout, Kidneys, Liver,
Skin Problems, Weight Loss. All age group

Cucumber Juice Combination with fruit Best alternative for Acne, Arthritis,
taste. A good source of Eczema, Fluid Retention, Hair Loss, High
Manganese, Potassium, Blood Pressure, Kidneys, Psoriasis,
Silicon, Sulfur, Vitamin Weight Loss. Cool effect in summers.
A, Chlorophyll

Carrot Juice Source of Calcium , Best for Brain, Cancer, Liver Problems,
Phosphorus, Potassium, Ulcers, Weight Loss, Skin Problems, Hay
Sodium, Vitamin A, Fever, Bladder Problems, eyes. Good in
Vitamin B, Vitamin C, taste. Youngster’s favorite.
Vitamin E, Vitamin K.

Vegetable punch Combination of all Everybody will like its taste; it could be
vegetable juices with a used as a wide range deficiency of
good taste nutrition fulfilling. Best for Children. Old
age people like it.

For off-season vegetable we are directly targeting hotels and restaurants, very small portion of
peoples for domestic purposes will be using it. There are number of hotels and restaurants in
Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The customer of the juice will be everyone who born and have taste
in his buds. There are 4000 blocks in G-9 and more than 15,000 peoples live in this sector. G-9
sector is almost in between of the Islamabad so all classes of peoples could easily access it.
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• Age

Peoples of all age group (5 and above)

• Gender

Male and Female both

• Location

Restaurants of all types, House use

• Income Level

People of all income level could afford any product

• Social class and occupation

• Education

All peoples, who have basic education

. At present, the tunnel technology is being used at the following places/farms along with other
small farms:

➢ Mian Shadi Agri-Farm, Mamonkangan, district Faisalabad

➢ Haji Sons, Chiniot, Jhang
➢ Ayub Agricultural Research Center, Faisalabad
➢ National Agriculture Research Center (NARC) Chak Shehzad, Islamabad
➢ University of the Punjab, Lahore
➢ Sitara Farm, at Sitara Chemicals, Shah Kot, district Faisalabad

As we talk about the Vegetable juice, there is no competitor of this product. In future planning
which is cultivation of mushrooms is also unique in Pakistan.

In off-Season vegetable the competitor in Islamabad has no big scale production unit but the
thing is it is already existing and doing business in monopoly. By the start of this business at a
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low price it will give competitive advantage (porter’s five force model, 1980. Competitive
advantage) the innovation of new product which is vegetable juice, will have greater market
capture hence giving support to off-season vegetable. On other hand if off-season vegetable
becomes more successful in capturing the market then it would support the vegetable juice by
giving a brand name to it.

Analysis of competitors (For Off-season Forming)

Me Haji Ayub NARC University Sindhu Sitara farm Mian Importa

(Green sons agricultur of Punjab farm shadi nce to
Plate) e agri custom
farm ers
price Low High Medium High Medium High High Medium 5
distribution Medium Low Medium Low High Low Medium Medium 3

promotion High Low Low Medium Medium Low Low Low 4

Strengths/ Medium Low/ Medium/ High/ Medium/ Low/ Medium/ Medium/ 3

weakness /Mediu Mediu Medium low Low Low Medium Medium
m m

Quality High Low Medium Medium Good Low Medium Medium 5

Variety of Low Low Low Medium Low Low Low Low 1


Plant Medium Low Medium Medium High Low Medium Medium 2

Advertising High Low Medium Low Low Medium Low Low 3

Competitive advantages

The advantage over the competitors is of low price product which is off-season vegetable and
freshness of the vegetable will be maintained through proper and timely delivery through
distribution channels. All the products will be readily available throughout the year. The
vegetable juice is the big advantage over all market available juice producers. It is also the
reason of no threat from them that they are not direct competitors of our product which is
vegetable juice. Our competitor National Agriculture Research Center (NARC) Chak
Shehzad is not enough competent to sustain his position with his existing conditions. His
business is not at so large level, it can be competed. After our product launching the monopoly
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will be broken. We will capture all city super markets for our product selling. Our competitor is
not advertising its products heavily and not taking any botheration due to its monopoly. We will
provide fresh vegetable juice for all classes of peoples. Our menus will be designed by the
doctor’s advice, which have uniqueness. In our culture nobody knows that when to eat onion. It
is kept in all types of hotels even in night timings. Which is medically proven that onion after
noon digests slowly. In same way radish will not be eaten after noon but people don’t know
about this fact. We will promote our brand according to doctor’s prescription. Another advantage
is that we are producing juice of off-season vegetable which we grow our self. If any competitor
arises for juice he might not be able to provide off-season quality vegetable juice in our
comparison. So in this case we GREEN PLATE are good enough.

Competitive disadvantages

Disadvantage which we will face is that they are already doing business from a period of time in
off-season vegetable. On the behalf of juice the shezan, nestle, etc. are not direct product
competitors but they have a capture of fruit juice industry, which has a trend.

Our company has a very small unit of production, so in the beginning year it will just try to build
the image of its products in the minds of consumers, but after some period of time it will start
expanding. The main target customers are hotels and households for off-season vegetable and
for juice there is no defined category but young generation and patients are the main customers.
We are focusing on patients by the help of doctors. The future plan of growing mushrooms and
export of its product will carry a name in the world. The target peoples are everybody who could
afford our product. The specific classes are middle and upper class.

Our strategy to capture the market is mainly to focus on the promotion of the brand. This needs
heavy budget, and we will have aggressive marketing to get the attention of the customers
towards our product.
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Our main focus in terms of marketing will be to promote the product. For this we have consulted
many doctors and advertising agencies. Following are two voluntarily working doctors who have
promised to provide their services free of cost for life time. They will promote our juice for
patients and we will launch an advertisement by the reference of these doctors so that our
brand will definitely make an image in the mind of our customers.

Doctor Ehsan-ul-Haq

Address: ehsan clinic, sadder bazaar, Rawalpindi

Ph# Clinic: +92-51-5580540

Ph# Cell: +92-333-5122103


Doctor Shafqat Hussain Arshad

Address: PIMS, Islamabad

Ph# Cell: 03335144460

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On other hand we have consulted following advertising agencies to promote our brand by
banners, cable T.V ads, pamphlets.

Land Hill Advertising Agency

G-10 Markaz Islamabad

UAN: 111-111-160

Cell#: +92-333-5888848

Zahoor Fine Arts and Printing Press

Main Girls College Road, Block 16, Sargodha

Cell#: +92-321-6039585

Promotional Budget

Before Startup

100 banners 3’x7’ inches (By Zahoor Fine Arts. Sargodha)

10,000 pamphlets are as a gift from Zahoor Fine Arts, on startup.

At a cost of 50 each

100x50 = 5000 R.S

The cost is so minimum that’s why we are ordering it in Sargodha.

Cable Ad at World Call Cable Network Islamabad

30,000 Advance.

20,000 per month

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Total Cost of Cable add before startup = 50,000

Net Total Cost before Startup = 55,000 rupees

After Startup

200 banners x 50 each =10,000 R.S

Cable add

20,000 x 5 month = 100,000

Net Total Cost after startup = 110,000 R.S

Total Advertising Cost = 165,000

Available Budget will be 300,000 Rupees.

After all this we want that our customers will be attracted in this sense that although they are
new comers with new idea but they are enough strong and really have a good quality with a
very affordable price. They are hygienic and provide juices with the advice of doctors.

Our Logo

Off season vegetable farm house &Vegetable Juices
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Our pricing methodology is 30% profit margin on sale of each off-season vegetable and juices
as well. The prices could be fluctuating according to market trend but there will be no
compromise on quality. Peoples are now more conscious towards the quality of the product so
we shall never compromise on quality. The difference of price from our competitor is 35%. Our
pricing strategy competes them highly. This estimate is for on-season peak days. The
advantage to our strategy is that we are breaking their monopoly by setting a suitable margin.
Customers don’t always prefer a low price but they do prefer quality. For this we have
categorized our products in three qualities of vegetable.

A Category Finest Quality A grade Vegetable

B Category Good Quality B grade Vegetable

C Category Middle Quality C Grade Vegetable

In case of each category the price will decrease by 5% and 7% for B and C category.

Proposed Location
Location for off-season vegetable farming at Fateh jang road is nearest to Rawalpindi and
Islamabad. By the adoption of this place the purpose of delivery is accomplished in better way.
The fertility of land will generate a quality vegetable and in our future plans the export will be
easy. The location is very famous for land forming. Motorway M-2 passes 3 Km south of the
land. The land is exactly situated 4 Km to the south of New Air Port runway. The access of
retailer distributors is also very easy.

The site for vegetable juice is in G-9 Markaz Islamabad is adjacent to National Saving Centre
which is very near to Rahat Bakery Islamabad. The location for juicing is in between of the
Islamabad. It will cater the need of all the customers of juice. The location is ideal for such
business. It has enhanced our strength. There is a huge space for parking and most of the
peoples will be served in their cars. This place is exact for our company.
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Distribution Channels
The effectiveness of distribution coverage and practice is of paramount importance in achieving
the desired off-season vegetable sales. Understanding of the distribution channels is crucial in
order for the manufacturer to plan and implement an effective distribution strategy. Our study
shows that the distribution of our products is to be done through multiple channels involving
producers, importers, wholesalers, retailers and users. While it is the common practice for the
individual customers to buy the products from the retail outlets; institutional/ organizational
buyers such as tourist hotels and agencies would normally place orders directly with the
producers/importers and wholesalers. Juice will be served directly to the consumers.
A typical distribution setup of off-season vegetable business involves the following hierarchy
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Sales Forecast of Juice

We have estimated our sales by increase of 2.5% in juice and vegetable items. The sales of
juice is below


1st month 150000 50,000

2nd month 157500 52500

3rd month 165375 55125

4th month 173643 57881

5th month 182325 60775

6th month 191442 63814

7th month 201014 67005

8th month 211065 70355

9th month 221618 73873

10th month 232699 77567

11th month 244333 81445

12th month 256549 85517

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TOTAL 2387563 795,857

Expected Production and Sale price

Expected production and sale price of some vegetable is given in Table below: -

Expected Production and Land Utilization of off-season vegetable

Vegetable Land Production Production Sale Price

Utilization Quantity (Kgs)/ Quantity Rs. / (Kg )
(Acres) Acre (Kgs)

Tomatoes 2.5 25,000 62,500 30

Cucumber 2.5 35,000 87,500 16

Capsicum 2.5 12,000 30,000 25

Sales analysis of off-season vegetable

In the business of farming the prices remain constant due to a long duration picking period of
the vegetable but they do vitiate due to market changes. We assume 5% increase of sales by
each year.


1 31,98125

2 33,58031

3 3525933

4 3702229

5 3887341

6 4081708

7 4285793
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8 4500083

9 4725087

10 4961342

TOTAL 39916973
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I. Operational Plan

For off-season vegetable farming

Production of off-season vegetable and vegetable juice will be in Fateh jang, near new
Islamabad air port, on a fertile land on 6 acres. Juice producing plant will be placed on half acre.
Total area will be of 7 acre. The land will cost schedule is following;

1 kanal rate is 300,000 R.s

8 kanals/ I Acre rate will be 300,000*8 = 24, 00,000 R.s

7.5 acre rate is 24, 00,000*7.5 = 1, 80, 00,000 Rupees

The benefit to us we own this land. The agricultural loan will be easily available.

Fertilizers on Production
Using fertilizers containing Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potash the yield of the crop can be
Appropriate quality and quantity of fertilizer plays a great role in the production and quality of
Sowing & Picking period of off-season vegetables
Following are sowing and picking periods of selected off-season vegetables in their respective
normal growing seasons:

Sowing and Picking period for the selected off-season vegetables

Vegetables Sowing Period Picking Period
Tomato  October (Nursery)  February-May
 November (transplantation)
Cucumber  End of October to end of  Mid January to May
December (direct seeding)
Capsicum  Mid of September to 1st  End of January to
week of October September
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 End of October to 1st week

November (Transplantation)
Off-season cultivation methods
There are number of ways and methods to cultivate vegetables in off-seasons. Some of the
methods are explained as under: -
Natural method by selection of appropriate area
The off-season vegetables are grown in the areas where the climatic conditions are moderate
for both normal as well as for off-seasons. Winter vegetables are grown in summer on hilly/semi
hilly areas where climatic conditions are favorable for a particular vegetable. Likewise summer
vegetables are grown in winter season in the valleys and across the sea areas.
The production cost of vegetables under above conditions is very high due to transportation of
crop to the markets. Moreover, the transportation of crop over long distance markets causes
post-harvest losses. These drawbacks lead to the adoption of artificial methods of cultivation in
off-season, nearer to markets to tackle heavy transportation cost and to reduce post-harvest
Artificial Methods
Vegetables can be grown in off-season through artificial methods, the details of these methods
are given below:
 Growing Beneath the Sarkanda3
This is an old method and is usually adopted near the big cities. The main vegetables grown
under this method are tomato, chili, cucumber, and bottle gourd. The nursery of these
vegetables is planted in October/November and a wall of Sarkanda is affixed in the direction of
North South, which protect plant from cold winds and mist. This method of cultivation is not
beneficial because the growth of the plant tends to be slow, as the plant does not receive
required sunshine and desired humidity.
 Building of Green Houses
Through building green houses, the sunshine intensity is controlled. The vegetables under this
method are grown mostly in the winter season. Here the temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide,
ventilation of air and irrigation etc. is controlled. Green houses can be built of plain glass or of
fiberglass material. The main drawback in the usage of this method is heavy capital cost.

 Plastic Tunnel
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Cultivation by this method is gaining popularity because of low cost and easy usage.
Plastic tunnels are transparent which provides required sunshine to the plants, and the plastic
also plays a barrier against the cool air in winter.
Various types of structures are available to lengthen the growing season for the crop and
improve overall crop health and quality. The following are just a few of the structures available,
such as high tunnels, low tunnels, walk-in tunnels, and greenhouses. Structures that are used
for winter production must be able to withstand heavy rainfall, snow, and wind. Structures that
are used for summer production must have good ventilation. Many structures may not be
suitable for year-round production.
In the construction of tunnel the major materials involved are mild steel bars and plastic sheets.
Plastic sheets are used for roof covering of the tunnel shaped construction, which is built with
steel bars. Bamboo lengths can also be used in some proportion with the mild steel bars. Plastic
sheet is to be spread in such a manner that it enables the stoppage of cold air from outside.
The tunnel construction offers maximum crop yield, better maintenance of the fertility of land,
controlled temperature and humidity, protection from wild animals and insects and better water
There are three types of tunnels, known as high, low and walk-in tunnels.

Low Tunnel

It is cheaper than high tunnel but creates difficulty for soil preparation, spraying and picking. The
tunnels are suitable for cucumber sown flat bed, melons, watermelons, bitter gourds, squashes,
and snake gourds etc. The crop yield in this type of tunnel is however low compared to high
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Curtsey: Mian Shadi Agriculture Farms Mamoonkangan, Faisalabad

Dimensions of High Tunnel

Material Specification Pipe material Mild steel, painted with red

oxide paint

Diameter 6 mm
Steel Length 10 ft

Tunnel Specification Plastic 0.05 mm thick and 10 ft wide

Height 2.5 ft, half moon shaped

Width 5 ft

Length 190 ft

No. of tunnels 30 per acre

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Support Structure

Each tunnel will be 190 feet long, 2.5 feet high and 5 feet wide. The tunnel is built by 6-mm
diameter steel bar of 10 feet length, in half moon shape. The steel bars are put at regular
intervals of approximately 10 feet. Each tunnel structure will then be covered by 0.05-mm thick
and 10 feet wide plastic sheet. Approximately 30 tunnels can be constructed on an acre of land.

Curtsey: Mian Shadi Agriculture Farms Mamoonkangan, Faisalabad

Seed and its Importance

For tunnel cultivation, F1 hybrid seed bred for tunnel use is used, because they have the ability
to resist multiple diseases. These hybrid seeds cost more than the ordinary seeds. The
productivity and quality of the crop is ensured from quality of these seeds. Hybrid seeds have
above 90% germination capacity as compared to that of ordinary one. The ordinary seed is
produced from the crop itself whereas hybrid seed is produced through a special process. For
every crop, new hybrid seed needs to be purchased is sown.

The crop yield achieved from hybrid seeds is 3 to 4 times more than to the ordinary seeds and
is also less prone to diseases.
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Practical Tips for off-season vegetable farming

 Any person who is planning to adopt this technology should have some practical knowledge
about farming.

 Land that is being utilized for off-season vegetable farming should be tested which will help in
determining the quality of land for agriculture purposes.

 Farmer should ensure that the plant they are planning to grow must have the ability to self-
pollinate under the plastic sheet.

 Selection of the seed is most important factor because this determines the productivity of the

 Vegetables, which are in demand, should be cultivated; this will help in earning higher profit

 Timing of cultivation of vegetables has to be done accurately. The farmer should

have knowledge about the benefit that the early crop will offer and should gather data about the
prices of these early crops.


Total Land utilization per Vegetable

Vegetables (Acres)

Tomato ( Determinate) 2.5

Cucumber (Parth.) 2.5

Capsicum 2.5

A Soil Preparation and Sowing

 Laser leveling or with any precise method soil should be properly leveled

 Deep ploughing and harrowing.

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 Apply well decomposed FYM 10 ton per acre or green manuring is recommended at least 60
days before sowing.

 Apply basal dose chemical fertilizer one month before sowing followed by irrigation.

 Prepare soil, complete beds & mulching one week before sowing.

 Make holes 2 days before seeding.

 Irrigation field after seeding in such a way that moisture should reach the seed place.

 Next day light irrigation should be repeated to assure the proper moistures at seed place.

Material Availability

 Tunnel material i.e. mild steel bar, Plastic Sheet, Iron Wire, Bamboo, is available locally from
different suppliers.

 Mian Shadi Agricultural Material Company, Syngenta Pakistan Ltd and haji sons are the
major suppliers of hybrid seeds.

 Fertilizers of all kinds are available locally.

 Pesticides of different natures are also available locally.

 Water is available from canal or can be used from peter engine.

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Process Flow Chart

Production Flow of off-season vegetables

The production flow varies slightly for different vegetables. The following production flow is
based on the production of tomatoes:

i. Sowing of seeds in a separate plot of land for nursery.

ii. Preparation of seed beds in the field for cultivation of vegetables.

iii. Using fertilizer in the soil to maintain its fertility.

iv. Transplantation of nursery in the soil or sowing of seeds directly in the soil.

v. Maintaining level of moisture in the soil.

vi. Protection from the pests, diseases and other wild growths by using pesticides/sprays of
chemicals, and trimming.

vii. Using fertilizer of different varieties for the smooth growth of plantation.

viii. Picking/harvesting at various times as per nature/requirement of the plantation.

ix. Grading of crop on the basis of quality and other standards.

x. Application of post harvesting technology for picking/plucking, packing and storing the
vegetables in order to fetch the maximum price.

xi. Transportation to the sale points in local or export markets.


Following plant and machinery is required for an off-season vegetable farm of 6


Tools, Equipment and Vehicles

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Description Number Cost per Total Cost

Unit (in Rs) (in Rs)

Rotavator 1 30,000 30,000

Ridger 1 12,000 12,000

Soil Leveler/ Scraper 1 12,000 12,000

Spray Machines 1 50,000 50,000

Peter Engine 1 20,000 20,000

Total cost of tools & 124,000

equipment cost

Tractor & Cultivator 1 350,000 350,000

Total cost of vehicle 350,000

Total cost of tools, 474,000

equipment & vehicle


Number of Staff Required

Description Number Monthly Salary per Annual Salary (Rs)

person (Rs.)

Farm Manager 1 6,000 72,000

Labor 8 46,00 441,600

Guard 1 5500 66,000

Apart from the above mentioned staff requirement part time workers for four month will be
required during the picking season. Following table shows the part time staff requirement:

Description Number Monthly Salary per Annual Salary (Rs)

person (Rs.)
Labor 120 4600 552,000
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Total Land and Building Covered Area

Description Area

Agriculture Land (Acre) 7.5

Construction Cost for low tunnel per Acer

Description No. of Price per Total Cost in

Units Unit Rs.

Mild Steel, Red Oxide 600 40 24,000

painted (Kg/ Acer)

Plastic String (Kg/ 25 100 2,500


Paint, Labor (Acer) 1600

Total Cost in Rs. per 26,500


Plastic Cost Kg/ Acer) 135 140 18,900

Plastic Mulch 40 150 6000

Plastic Cost Kg/ 24,900


Total Cost Per Acer 51,400

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For vegetable juice

Vegetable juice production will be by traditional method. It is because of freshness to be

maintained. The juice will be produced in juicing machine used in home for juicing. The juice will
be flavored and recipes will be different by the combination of different other items.
Following additional items could be used in juicing;
• Potatoes
• Grapes
• Black pepper
• Sugar
• Orange
• Lemon
• And many more used in juice recipes


Number of Staff Required

Description Number Monthly Salary per Annual Salary (Rs)

person (Rs.)

Chef 1 15000 180,000

Helpers 2 14000 168,000

Waiters 5 6000 360,000

Total 708,000

Tools, Equipment and Vehicles

Description Cost per

Unit (in Rs)

Crockery 20,000

Juicing Machine 30,000

Computer 20,000
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Tables and Chairs 30,000

Counter 15,000

Interior decoration 200,000

Advertisement 300,000

Utilities expenses 25,000

Total cost 640,000


Seed Crop Sale
Crop Cost per Requireme Av. Seed Yield per Price of
Assumption Seed in nt in unit/ Price/ Acre in Crop per
s Rs. Acre Acre Kgs Kg
Tomato 1.9 15000 22500 25,000. 30.
Capsicum 1.5 15000 22,500. 12,000. 25.
Cucumber 1.6 15000 24,000. 35,000. 13.
Sale Price Growth
Rate 5.%

Economy related Assumptions

Electricity Growth Rate 10.%
Water price growth rate 10.%
Wage Growth Rate 5.%

Cash Flow Assumptions

Accounts Payable cycle (in days) 15
Equipment & Spare Part Inventory
(in months) 1

Expenses Assumptions
Wastage 1,5.%
Raw Material price
growth rate 5.%
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Administrative Overhead (%of

Total Revenue) 1.%
Water cost per Irrigation per Acre
(Rs.) 200
Irrigation (No. of
Months) 5
No. of times land irrigated (per
month) 2
Fixed Electricity per
Month 3500
Transport Cost per Kg
(in Rs) 2.5
Packing Cost per Kg
(Rs) 1.5
Maintenance Cost of Tunnel
Structure 2500
Machine Maintenance
(machine/month) 2500
Machine Maintenance Growth
Rate 5.%
Pesticide Requirement per Acre
per Year (Rs) 15000
Fertilizer Cost per Acre per Year
(Rs.) 15000

Farmyard Manure Cost

Farmyard Manure Per Acre Cost
Tomatoes 2889
Capsicum 2315
Cucumber 2500

Financial Assumptions
Project Life (years) farm House 10

Interest Rate Loan (on farm Land) 17%

Debt Tenure (Years) 1
Payments in a Year 2 installments
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The location for our both business units is:

Address Juice Shop: Shop # 05, Adjacent to National Saving Centre, G-9 Markaz Islamabad

Address Farm House: Moza Bango, Rawalpindi Road, Near New Islamabad Air Port, Fateh
Jang, Islamabad

Land near New Air Port, Islamabad for farming

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Map View of G-9 Shop

G-9 Shop
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The place which we have caters our all requirements regarding our budget. The customer focus
will be there. Fateh jang is the place where trade has very broader prospects regarding future.
Air port will value our land and distribution of our products will be very easy. We have 7.5 acres
in Fateh Jang near new air port for forming and we have a shop of 13x16 feet shop for juicing.
Initially we are starting our business from this place later on we will expand it further.

In G-9 we have enough space for parking. As there is currently no building in front of our
selected shop. We will run our juice shop from 7 A.M to 11 P.M. The vegetables for juice will be
fresh of our own farm and rest will be bought from market if they will be required. In farm house
we will be selling our vegetables on daily basis in terms of net cash system.

Utilities Required
 Electricity
 Diesel (for tube well operations)
 Water
 Telephone/Fax
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Trademarks, copyrights, or patents

We will register the company as partnership after the starting of business on the name of
GREEN PLATE. It will include both the Farm House and Juicing shop.
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I. Management and Organization

Our juice shop will be operated by MR.RANA MUHAMMAD SHEHZAD and the employee who
will be serving as chef. He will manage the juicing section and MR. RANA SHEHZAD will look
after him.

The Farm House will be managed by MR. MUHAMMAD MUBEEN BAHOO he will care for the
vegetable farming. Both partners will keep checks on both units frequently.

The hierarchy of peoples will be

Professional and Advisory Support

• Insurance agent

• Banker
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I. Personal Financial Statement

Following is the spreadsheet of startup expenses and capital where contingencies are 20
percent of the total investment before adding contingencies.

Startup Expenses

Sources of Capital

Owners' Investment (name & %

Muhammad Mubeen Bahoo 50%
owner 787,500
Rana Muhammad Shehzad 50%
owner 787,500
Total Investment 000

Bank Loans
(Loan is agricultural loan at
17% to be paid in two
ZTBL (loan has been taken on 5,25,00 installments according to
25% of total expenses) 0 crops)

Total Bank Loans 00

Reserve for Contingencies 342740

Debt/equity ratio

Debt 25%

Equity 75%
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II. Startup Expenses and Capitalization

Startup Expenses

Buildings / Real Estate

Construction cost of low tunnel Rs. 51400
Remodeling Rs. 198750
Total Buildings and R / E Rs. 250150

Capital Equipment List

Rotavator 30,000

Ridger 12,000

Soil Leveler/ Scraper 12,000

Spray Machines 50,000

Peter Engine 20,000

Tractor & Cultivator 350,000

Total cost of tools, 474,000

equipment & vehicle

Crockery 20,000

Juicing Machine 30,000

Computer 20,000

Tables and Chairs 30,000

Counter 15,000
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Interior decoration 200,000

Advertisement 300,000

Utilities expenses 25,000

Total cost 640,000

Furniture & fixture 50,000

Pre-operational expenses 97300

Total Capital Equipment 000

Rental (2 months advance
security 50,000
Total Location Expenses 50,000

Other Expenses
interest 7
(we have divided 2 installments
in 12 months)
Salaries of farm house 103500
Reserve for Contingencies 342740

Grand Total of startup 20,5

expenses 8,877
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Security and Collateral for Loan Proposal

Collateral for Loans Value

Agricultural land
Owned by MR. Muhammad Mubeen

Moza Bango, Rawalpindi Road, Near

New Islamabad Air Port, Fateh Jang,

Owners Description
Residence: Muhammad
Mubeen Bahoo, House # 2,
Muhammad Mubeen Bahoo Street # 40, Sector G 10/4

Residence: Rana
Muhammad Shahzad, H#
425, Street #2, G-9/2,
Rana Muhammad Shahzad Islamabad.
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III. Financial Plan

12-Month Profit and Loss Projection

File is attached (Namely Financial Plan GREEN PLATE in excel format)

Four-Year Profit Projection (Optional)

File is attached (Namely Financial Plan GREEN PLATE in excel format)

Projected Cash Flow

File is attached (Namely Financial Plan GREEN PLATE in excel format)

Opening Day Balance Sheet

File is attached (Namely Financial Plan GREEN PLATE in excel format)

Break-Even Analysis
Our Breakeven point comes in between 6th and 7th month. In this month the Total revenue
becomes equal to Total Cost

Month Total Revenue Total Cost

1 150000 196000

2 157500 196000

3 165375 196000

4 173643 196000

5 182325 196000

6 191442 200,000

7 201014 200,000

8 211065 200,000

9 221618 200,000

10 232699 200,000
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11 244333 200,000

12 256549 200,000
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IV. Appendices



Aini Rose International Pvt. Ltd.

First floor block 20 A G-8 Markaz, Islamabad.

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V. Refining the Plan

All the aspects regarding business have been thoroughly. Yet here we shall discuss briefly

It is a manufacturing business vertically integrated. We will be the producers and other channels
will be followed for vegetable distribution but our second unit which is vegetable juice, we will
provide our self.