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Seor Becker

Atwater Elementary School

2100 East Capitol Drive
Shorewood, WI 53211

Lake Bluff Elementary School

1600 East Lake Bluff Boulevard
Shorewood, WI 53211

Shorewood Intermediate School

3830 North Morris Boulevard
Shorewood, WI 53211

Nombre ______________________
La tarea: Vivir mi vida / The Homework: To Live my Life
Due date in Spanish _________________________________________________
Due date in English __________________________________________________
Parent Signature ____________________________________________________

Dear Parents,

This school year, we have been working hard on learning several vocabulary words to
an authentic Spanish song called, Vivir mi vida, by Marc Anthony. For homework,
please complete the following tasks with the two sheets of paper that accompany this
letter. If you should happen to misplace any of the sheets of paper distributed in class,
it can be found on my blog:
1. Distributed in class to each student is a sheet that includes 24 vocabulary words
inside boxes. At home please have your child cut the piece of paper into 24 squares,
with each square comprising a single word. Then, please play at least one round of the
matching game with your child. Here are the words and their translations:
a veces = sometimes
Voy a = I am going to
llega=arrive, come
por qu? = why?
bailar = to dance
encontrar = to find
soar = to dream
entender = to understand
rer = to laugh
llorar = to cry
gozar/disfrutar = to enjoy
siempre = always
2. Distributed in class to each student is a lyrics page in both Spanish and English.
Please play the song on the Internet by finding the link on Sr. Beckers blog. Both the
child and parent(s) should follow along with the lyrics in Spanish as its sung on-line.
To complete the assignment, a parent should please sign above next to Parent
Signature, and return this sheet to school on the assigned due date. Please feel
free to contact me with any questions:
Thank you.

Seor Becker