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Self-review and Personal Goals

IB Learner Profile



Risk Taker







with others

in your

CAS Learning Outcomes

awareness of
your own
strengths and
areas for

new challenges

Planned and

Engaged with
issues of

Considered the
implications of
your actions

New Skills

Choose 3 of the IB Learner Profile words and write what you think they mean.

Communicator: A person who can communicate their thoughts in a way that

everybody can understand it. It is a person who can take responsibility to
communicate things others probably cant.
Inquirer: A person that feels the need to get to the bottom of things, a
person who wants to know why things are how they are. A person who tries
hard to get to know more of something.
Balanced: A person who can live a life full of the aspects of the IB leraner
profile but have diversion in their live, because there are other things in it.

Thinking about yourself in general, list some of your strengths and areas for
growth. What are you good at? What are you not so good at?
- My strengths are thinking, caring, reflect and having principles. Im open minded.
But I could grow at being balanced and communicate.

How might you show perseverance and commitment during your CAS programme?
- I should try to really commit and think of what influence I could have and try to
get things done.

What issues of global importance do you think you might encounter during your
CAS programme?
- I think I would encounter issues such as poverty and lack of education which are
of global concern.

What is an ethical implication of an action?

- An ethical implication of an action is doing an action because of your ethical
beliefs or doing an action in a way it follwos the principles of your ethical views.

Discussing with students/ teachers who are aware of the CAS programme at BSQ;
what activities do you think you might be interested in being involved in during
your course?
- Chess, football, swimming

Are there any new activities or projects you would like to start as part of your CAS
programme? If so, what are they?
- Chess, cooking course, swimming

What new challenges do you think you might encounter during your CAS
- A challenge would be moving in circles out of my comfort zone and look into the
reality of live, due to social acquaintances Ill make.

What new skills might you gain during your CAS programme?
- Maybe I gain a better and more sensitive way of communicate with strangers.

What does collaboratively mean?

- It means working together, in a way that all parties that take part of this working
together will try to help each other out.

What are some skills that allow a person to work collaboratively with others?
- Trust
- Positive attitude
- Knowledge

Write two more learning outcomes in the table. Two goals that you would like to
achieve during the course of your diploma.
1. Becoming organised and balanced
2. Taking more risk in and outside of the student field

What life skills do you want to take with you after you complete your diploma