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Rules to Wear Rudraksha

After having studied rudraksh deeply for more than 1yr now i personally FEEL the
re are some very extremely important points which should be followed/remembered
with wearing of rudraksh, these are listed below ... All of the below mentioned
points may NOT be rules (to be followed with rudraksh) since some of below menti
oned points are my personal suggestions or viewpoints so i leave this for the re
ader to decide .......
Energise/Pran Prathistha rudraksh from a brahmin pandit in a Shiv temple & then
wear ur energised rudrash for first time immediately after its Pran Prathistha p
Before you wear your energised rudraksh bead/mala for first time make sure u fol
low the vidhi of saying the mantras as laid down in scriptures.
Hereafter every time you remove or wear ur rudraksh (after its puja) say om-nama
h-shivah minimum 3times or 11times .. mansic jap is ok.
Rudraksha beads can be worn at all times and scriptures do not mention any Taboo
. Since it is an item of energy some people prefer to remove during Sex, visit t
o funeral grounds and during bowel movements. This is however not compulsory and
not mentioned in ancient texts.
After u come back from attending participating in some one's death funeral proce
ssion &/or visiting the cemetery or cremation ground, then 1st thing u should do
is take a complete water bath. Make sure u wet ur head & forehead & neck region
s thoroughly with water and then wear rudraksh.
Make sure there is no rahu kaal & yamghat kaal at time of buying a new mukhi rud
raksh bead/mala & the time of doing its Pran Prathistha puja & also at the time
of wearing energised rudraksh bead/mala for the first time,do pls refer to panch
Never touch rudraksh with dirty hands.
Never touch rudraksh with pointer fingers.
If at all by mistake u have touched ur rudraksh with dirty hands then pour some
good amount of ganga jal on rudraksh & ask forgiveness from lord shiva & then to
uch rudraksh to lord shiva photo or shivling & then wear it,it is good to keep g
anga jal 1 or 2 bottles handy at home.
Navratri,shivaratri,mahashivratri & eclispe are auspiciouse times to dharan rudr
aksh,there may be some more however i am not aware of it.
If for some reason u are not able to dharan/wear ur rudraksh then keep it in a s
mall box at puja place & offer daily namaskar with om-namah-shivah jap.
Sometimes mistakes may happen with rudraksh after all we are all humans however
a person should remember not to repeat those same mistakes again.
Always buy rudraksh from ur own money & not other people's borrowed money, also
same applies when u give dakshna to panditiji after rudraksh Pran Prathistha,in
case if u do borrow money then make sure u return that amount which u used for p
urpose of rudraksh, also i feel that one should not bargain when buying rudraksh
Get ur rudraksh bead/mala re energised thru its Pran Prathistha puja once every

year at maha shivaratri or shivratri.

It is suggested that u have strong thread to place rudraksh in, or use multiple
strands of thread to make it strong so that thread does not break off anytime &
rudraksh does not fall to ground.
Rudraksh beads or malas should not be exchanged or interchanged after u dharan/w
ear it.
Read more about rudraksh to increase ur knowledge on it however also make sure u
dont get confused by reading from too many different sources.
It is suggested that brush that u use for cleaning rudraksh beads should be used
only for 1 time use & then disposed off, everytime use a new clean small brush.
There are various amrit yog & siddhi yog timings displayed in jyotish magazines
& panchang,if one wishes then one could follow these timings for rudraksh puja o
r wear rudrash(for 1st time) during these times.
Someone desire seriously to come out of unwanted habits and live a life of purit
y can wear Rudraksha's and may find themselves free soon after wearing it . This
has happened to many. It may happen to you also, if you will strongly.
Rudraksha power is more than any gems, yantra, tantra, mantra and Jantra.
In general the wearer and the worshipper of Rudraksha is blessed with prosperity
, peace and health. Yet there are certain precautions to be taken to avoid the g
ain of sins. These precautions are such as:Rudraksha must be worn after Sidhhi (method of purification & charging with Mant
ra), performing the prayers and ritual rites for its sanctification and Hawanet
etc. It should be worn on auspecious day, Monday or thursday.
Rudraksha Mantra and Rudraksha Origin Mantra is to be chated daily 9 times while
wearing in the morning and after removing before going to bed. Rudraksha must b
e removed before going to sleep and must be kept at the puja place.)
Rudraksha can be worn in the morning after having Bath. It can be worn after rec
iting the mantra as above and inscence/ ghee lamp etc must be used. It must not
be touched before bathing. One should clean his hands properly after using toile
The wearer of the Rudraksha should not eat non vegiterian food and should not ta
ke alcohol. He should speak truth always and must go to Lord Shiva temple for hi
s blessings.
Rudraksha must not be taken to the cremation grounds and funerals. Also it must
not be taken to the place while visiting a new born baby.
NEVER wear the Rudraksha while having sex.
WOMEN must not wear the Rudraksha during their menstrual cycle.
ALWAYS keep your Rudraksha clean. Dust and dirt can settle in the pores of the b
ead. Clean these as frequently as possible with something with soft, fine bristl
es. If the thread becomes dirty or worn out, change it. After cleaning, wash you
r Rudraksha with some blessed holy water. This helps maintain its sanctity.
ALWAYS keep the Rudraksha oiled... After regular cleaning, oil the bead and trea
t it with incense. This is of UTMOST importance. especially when not using the b
ead for sometime, or storing it for a while.
Many get confused with the shape and size. One should not seriously worry about
it. Just see that the Mukhi is well defined, corns and contours are natural, and
there are no cracks near the central hole. Normally the buyer gets a feel when

Rudraksha is kept in the palm. He/She feels that this is the one which was wante
Rudraksha is hot in nature. Some people just can't wear it. Their skin shows sig
ns of allergy. They can never wear any gold, silver or thread chain. So better n
ot to use. Keeps the beads in Puja room and offer daily Namaskars.