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Four Factors

Creating KRAs on the four main factors mentioned below:


Team / Individual KRAs

The weightage of these 4 main areas would vary for different Positions in the organization depending on
their roles and responsibilities

Setting KRA & KPI

Jobs must be designed following some key principles:

A job is usually designed to achieve some results. In other words a job must have a

Not all jobs are the same. Jobs at the top of an organisation are designed for ultimate end
results (business results), whilst jobs at the front end (or the bottom end) are designed for
basic output (or service)
Jobs can be analysed as a hierarchy of accountabilities, tasks, subtasks and routines as
shown below (click image to enlarge):-

Proper job design places emphasis on the accountabilities for results, rather than the tasks or
routines to accomplish those results. Tasks may change form time to time; whereas
accountabilities are directly related to the mission and vision of the organisation.

Jobs are a Set of Related Accountabilities

In organisation that is seeking to be results driven, jobs are defined by role statements that clarify
and determine the results expected.
Roles of a District Engineer of an electrical supply company (example):



Role Statements or
Accountability Statements
Ensure uninterrupted power
supply to consumers in the
Ensure availability of adequate
power supply for future needs of
industries in the district.

Tasks & Activities Statements

by effective control, operations
and maintenance of the District
Distribution system
by planning and designing the
High Voltage System


Ensure satisfaction of the major

customers in the district.


Ensure high performance and

productivity of technical staff.

by managing power supply and

distribution to customers in the
by adopting proper human
resource management methods
on selection, training, coaching,
counselling and motivation of

Each role statement can subsequently be analysed to determine tasks, procedures and behaviours
of the position.

The Content of a Job Accountability Statement

Job accountabilities are best stated as follows:


Conceive company long range


By undertaking studies on trends and issues

By interpreting change direction
By participating in visioning exercise
By conducting necessary analysis and reviews

Ensure effective relations with

significant external agencies

By developing and maintaining effective

By implementing relevant programme
By continuously seeking to participate in .
By demonstrating concern for

Example of Results Description Format

The Key Elements of a Job:-