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Manual –1

Particulars of Organisation, Functions & Duties
[Section 4(1)(b) (i)]

Aims and Objectives of the Public Authority
Public Works Department, Government of Goa plays a major role in the socioeconomic, commercial, touristic development of the State of Goa. Being a
service department, it is entrusted with various activities like Planning, Design,
Construction and Operation & Maintenance of all the developmental works in the
State of Goa including the construction programmes for most of the other
Government Departments as “Deposit works”
The following sectors come under the purview of this department.
1. Buildings
2. Roads and Bridges
3. Water Supply & Sanitation
4. Electrical & Mechanical
1. To provide Govt. office accommodation at Taluka Head Quarters for effective
implementation of Government programmes
2. To develop land for various Government construction programmes
3. To provide residential housing to the Government staff at the place of working
being integral part of employment amenities
4. Widening and Improvement of National Highways, State Highways, Major
District roads
5. Construction of by pass for towns for the reduction of congestion and
6. Construction of Bridges and missing links for the economic upliftment of
rural areas and reduction in travelling distances
7. Construction, Widening and improvement of rural roads
8. To provide adequate potable water supply to the public for domestic,
commercial and institutional purposes for the entire state of Goa
9. To provide well knit sewerage network and rural sanitation in the state of Goa
10. Internal electrical installation of the Government buildings and its operation &
11. To provide fuel outlets and garage facilities for the Government vehicles

having its headquarters at Altinho . The Works Divisions are located in various talukas depending upon the jurisdiction of their activities. he is the Budget Controlling and appointing authority. The department has got 9 Circles (Circle Office I to IX). to enable them to maintain proper and efficient control over the execution of works. Besides. 3. The Public Health Engineering Wing (Water Supply & Sanitation) is headed by the Chief Engineer I. Ensuring that every household in the State disposes of its sewerage in environmentally secured manner whether through sewerage network system or stand alone disposal system and ensuring that every household has access to toilets. The Department is branched into two technical wings for the smooth and efficient functioning. . besides improvement of riding quality f) Better office accommodation and Housing facilities for the employees. The other Wing which deals with Roads & Bridges. Mission/ Vision Statement of The Public Authority a) b) c) d) Optimum utilization of water. Each Sub-Division is provided with Technical Assistants/Junior Engineers who supervise the day to day execution of works. They are in turn assisted by Sub Divisional Offices headed by Assistant Engineers. which are headed by Superintending Engineers.2. The jurisdiction of the department covers the entire State of Goa. Brief History and background of establishment of the public Authority The PWD is headed by a full fledged Principal Chief Engineer who is also the Ex-Officio Additional Secretary to the Government of Goa. The Circle Offices are located at Panaji Head Quarters except for two circle offices via Cirle Office IV and VIII which are located at Margao. Providing 24 x 7 Sustainable water supplies to all.Panaji. The Chief Engineer I is in charge of the Public Health Engineering Wing which includes all the developmental works and the operation & maintenance of the existing infrastructure related to Water Supply & Sanitation in the State of Goa. 25 Divisions (Works Divisions I to XXV) and 101 Sub-Divisions stationed throughout the State of Goa.100 LPCD to rural areas and 150 LPCD to urban areas. Each of these wings is further divided into Administrative Units called Circles. Supply levels . e) Ensure road connectivity for the entire state. Each Circle consists of filed units known as Works Divisions headed by Executive Engineers who are entrusted with execution of works. Buildings and Electrical & Mechanical sectors is headed by the Chief Engineer II.

the Circle Office IV (Roads-S) is located at Margao. X. As per the existing setup the Circle Office I (Bldg). Circle Office III (Roads-N). .He is also the Ex-officio Joint Secretary to the Government. The Chief Engineer II is in charge of Roads & Bridges. XXI Works Division XII Works Division IV. He is directly responsible for the execution of works and further for the proper upkeep of work accounts and smooth implementation of the various schemes entrusted to his Works Division. He also maintains liaison with the Principal Chief Engineer and the concerned Chief Engineer I/II with regard to all technical matters in respect of works under his purview. Circle Office II(Bldg). XV Works Division III. As per the existing setup. XX. As per the existing setup. Circle Office IX (NH) and Circle Office VII (E/M). He is the Administrative head who exercises the control over the activities of Divisions engaged in investigation. the Circle Office V (PHE-N) & Circle office VI (PHE-Project). Circle Office IV (Roads-S). construction and maintenance of various works. Buildings and Electrical & Mechanical Wing which deals with all the developmental works falling under the purview of this Wing. along with the respective Works Divisions are directly under the control of Chief Engineer II. XXV Works Division VII. both at PWD Headquarters Panaji and Circle Office VIII (PHE-S) at Margao. along with its respective Works Divisions are directly under the control of Chief Engineer I and are responsible to him. XXIV Works Division IX. the various Circle Offices in PWD have the following Works Divisions under their respective control: Circle Office Works Divisions under Control Circle Office I (Bldgs) Circle Office II (Bldgs) Circle Office III (Roads – N) Circle Office IV (Roads – S) Circle Office IX (NH) Circle Office V (PHE-N) Circle Office VI (PHE-Project) Circle Office VIII (PHE-S) Circle Office VII (E/M) Works Division V. XVIII.XXIII Works Division VI. XXII The Executive Engineer has under its control four to five Sub-Divisions depending upon the work load and the area of jurisdiction. XIV. Each Superintending Engineer has under his charge two or more Works Divisions. He is also Ex-Officio Joint Secretary to the Government. XVII. in addition to the deposit works of various other Departments of the State. XIII. VIII & XVI Works Divisions I & XIX Works Division II. He is also authorized to execute the works under MPLAD scheme. Planning. Out of these Circle Offices.

4.. Superintending Surveyor of Works (for technical matters) 5. Superintending Engineer (Monitoring & Evaluation) . Superintending/Executive & Assistant Engineers are authorized to exercise their Technical Powers as per the procedures laid down in CPWD Works Manual and as per delegation of powers approved by the Government from time to time. Executive Engineer (Legal) .(for monitoring and evaluation of centrally sponsored schemes and also state schemes) 6. 4. Chief Engineer I . 2. is responsible to the concerned Executive Engineer for getting the works executed according to the approved designs. Auditing) 8. Superintending Engineers I to IX (for technical matters in respect of the sectors controlled by them) 7. The Principal Chief Engineer is assisted at the head quarters by: 1. The Principal Chief Engineer and Chief Engineer I & II. Audit & Public Accounts Committee matters.(for liaison and coordination) 10. He is also required to periodically inspect the works under his control.(for all administrative matters) 9.(for legal matters) 11. 3. . Chief Engineer II . Budget. Any Technical & Financial powers delegated by Government beyond the powers of Chief Engineer for implementing Public Works. Land Acquistion Officer (for Estate matters) The following matters fall under the purview of the Principal Chief Engineer. Chief Architect – ( for architectural designing and planning) 4. Joint Director of Accounts. Engineering Officer. Organisation Chart A) Principal Chief Engineer . 7.Roads & Bridges.Water Supply & Sanitation 2. The work accounts is the primary responsibility of the Assistant engineer who is require to keep a proper watch over the works including inventory of materials. 6. Parliament & State Assembly Matters. Dy. Quality Control. Buildings & Electrical/Mechanical 3.The Assistant Engineer. 1. Accounting. Administration and Coordination. Director of Administration. 5. Vigilance matters.(for Planning & Budgeting. Enlistment of Contractors. who is In-Charge of the sub-divisional office. specifications and estimates.

Officer Superintending Engineer. Director of Adm. .E. Head of Department Accounts Wing Technical Wing Chief Engineer I (Water Supply & Sanitation) Chief Architect Chief Engineer II (Roads & Bridges.(Legal) 2) Land Acqui. Buildings and Elect/Mech) Engineering Officer Superintending Surveyor of Works 1) E.Principal Chief Engineer. Monitoring & Evaluation Joint Director of Accounts Administrative Wing Dy.

SD V. Engr IX Marago AE SD I Quepem AE SD II Margao AE SD III Sanguem AE SD IV Xelpem AE SD I Vasco AE SD II Margao AE SD III Margao AE SD IV Margao AE SDV Verna . III Ex. Inez AE. V (PHE-N) Supdt Engr. SDII. Panaji AE SD IV. Engr III. SD III. VIII (PHE-S) Supdt. Panaji WD XXIV Ex. XII Sanguem WD IX. Panaji W.D. Bicholim AE. St. SD II. St. Mapusa AE SD IV Assonora AE SD V Porvorim AE SD VI valpoi AE SD I Panaji WD XII Ex. Engr XXI Margao AE SD I Curchorem AE SD II Sanguem AE SDIII Quepem AE SD IV Xelpem AE SD I Margao AE SD II Margao AE SD III Margao . VI (PHE-Project) Supdt Engr VI. Engr Margao WD XXI Ex.O. SD I. Engr. St.O.Water Supply & Sanitation C. Inez AE.O.B) Chief Engineer I Chief Engineer I -. Opa WD XVII Ex. Engr VIII Margao WD XX Ex. SD III. Engr XXIV Panaji AE. Ex.Ponda AE. C. Mapusa AE. Engr XVII Porvorim C. SDI. V. Inez AE.

E. VII Panaji C. I (Bldgs) S. II(Bldgs) S.O.E.E. IX (NH) S.O. IV (R-S) S. VII (E/M) S. Buildings.E.O. III Panaji 1) WD II EE II Panaji 2) WD XIII EE XIII..E. III (R-N) S.O.C) Chief Engineer II Chief Engineer II – Roads & Bridges. I Panaji C. II Panaji 1) WD VII EE VII Panaji 2) WD XIV EE XIV Margao 3) WD XV EE XV Ponda 1) WD V EE V Panaji 2) WD VIII EE VIII Margao 3) WD XVI EE XVI Ponda 1) WD I EE I Panaji 2) WD XIX EE XIX Bambolim 1) WD IV EE IV Tonca 2) WD X EE X Margao 3) WD XXII EE XXII Margao . Mapusa 3) WD XVIII EE XVIII Ponda 4) WD XXIII EE XXIII Bicholim C. IX Panaji C.O. IV Marago 1) WD VI EE VI Margao 2) WD XXV EE XXV Margao C.O. & Elect/Mech Buildings Roads & Bridges i/c National Highways Elect/Mech C.E.

Legislative Assembly Complex. 6. Provide well knit sewerage network and rural sanitation in the state of Goa Construction.P. Assonora. Rural. To provide centralised fuel outlets for the Government vehicles of North & South Goa. Canacona & Chandel and also through the piped rural water supply schemes. Rest Houses. Opa. housing accommodations. etc.5. buildings like Cabo Raj Niwas. Dabose. Sanquelim. By-passes thereon for better road connectivity and linkage. Supply of adequate drinking water to the entire state of Goa through its wide spread water distribution network comprising of seven Regional Water Supply Schemes at Salaulim. PHE Wing has formulated a Citizens Charter for “Water Supply & Sewerage”. Touristic. etc. List of services being provided by the Public Authority with a brief writeup on them (a) Release of Water Supply Connections (b) Release of free water tap connections for backward sections of society (c) Construction of pour flush water seal latrines for BPL families (d) Release of sewerage connections Public Works Department. Major District. improvement & black-topping of State Highways.V. wherein the information on the services being provided by the department like release of water and sewerage connections has been detailed out. V.I. Main activities/functions of the Public Authority (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) Construction & maintenance of Government Buildings including Government office complexes. Mining roads. Secretariat Complex. . and the construction of Bridges.

8. upliftment of women dignity and to achieve total sanitation for the State of Goa. Altinho – Panaji – GOA . PWD Head Office. Circle Office I(Bldgs). However. Altinho – Panaji – GOA. etc. Altinho – Panaji – GOA The Superintending Engineer III(Roads-N). PWD Head Office. The Chief Engineer II. water thefts. PWD Head Office. Altinho – Panaji – GOA The Superintending Engineer IV(Roads –S). PWD Head Office. Altinho – Panaji – GOA. Circle Office III. The Chief Engineer I. This scheme aims to make each village free from open defecation. PWD Head Office. the consumer has to pay the regular monthly water charges towards the water consumption. an ON-line Complaint system has been introduced. etc. Circle Office V (PHE-N). Altinho – Panaji – GOA The Superintending Surveyor of Works. Through this system. PWD Head Office. Altinho – Panaji – GOA The Superintending Engineer I. PWD Head Office. the public can send their suggestions. Fatorda . Circle Office II(Bldgs). Circle Office IV. requirement of water by tankers. attached /subordinate office/field units. Postal address of the main office. PWD Head Office. one free water tap connection per household is released for the needy applicant from the backward sections of society.The Government has implemented a scheme of “Release of free water tap connections for backward sections of society”. PWD Head Office. The Government has also implemented a Scheme to provide Pour Flush Water Seal Latrines to individual houses on contribution basis in Rural and Urban areas. Sr No 1 2 3 4 5 Office Principal Chief Engineer 6 Chief Engineer I Chief Engineer I Chief Architect Superintending Surveyor of Works Circle Office I (Bldgs) 7 Circle Office II (Bldgs) 8 Circle Office III (Roads–N) 9 Circle Office IV(Roads–S) 10 Circle Office V (PHE–N) Postal Address The Principal Chief Engineer. as per the laid down procedure. The Chief Architect. Citizens interaction – Expectation of the Public Authority from the public for enhancing its effectiveness and efficiency For enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of the various services provided by the department. lodge their complaints as regards leakages in the water distribution network.Margao The Superintending Engineer V. Under this scheme. Altinho – Panaji – GOA The Superintending Engineer II. PWD Head Office. meter. Altinho – Panaji – GOA. meter box. 7. The water connection is released free of cost including service line. inadequate supply of water.

Works Division V(Bldgs). Fatorda Margao Executive Engineer. Works Division VIII (Bldgs). Patto – Panaji Executive Engineer. Works Division X (Stores). PWD. PWD. Gogol Margao Executive Engineer.PWD. PWD Head Office. Works Division IV (E-M). Altinho – Panaji – GOA. PWD Head Office. Works Division XI (Q-C). Works Division XII (PHE-P). Works Division II (Roads). Director of Administration. Works Division IX (PHE). Works Division I (Bldgs). Altinho – Panaji – GOA.11 Circle Office VI (PHE-P) 12 Circle Office VII (E/M) 13 Circle Office VIII (PHE-S) 14 Circle Office IX (NH) 15 17 Superintending Engineer. PWD. Fatorda . Works Division XX (PHE). PWD. Fatorda – Margao Executive Engineer. PWD. PWD.Margao Executive Engineer. PWD. Mapusa Executive Engineer. PWD Head Office.Margao – GOA The Superintending Engineer IX. Ponda Executive Engineer. Works Division XXI (PHE). PWD Head Office. PWD. Monitoring & Evaluation Unit. The Engineering Officer. Ponda Executive Engineer. Altinho – Panaji – GOA The Superintending Engineer VIII. The Executive Engineer (Legal). Patto – Panaji Executive Engineer. Porvorim Executive Engineer. Works Division XIV (NH). PWD Head Office. Works Division XV (NH). The Land Acquisition Officer. PWD. Tiswadi Executive Engineer. Patto – Panaji Executive Engineer. Altinho – Panaji – GOA The Dy. PWD Head Office. PWD. Works Division XVII (PHE). Gogol Margao Executive Engineer. Gogol . Fatorda Margao Executive Engineer. PWD. PWD. Bicholim . PWD Head Office. Works Division XVIII (R). Circle Office VI (PHE-P). Circle Office VIII(PHE-S). Patto . PWD Head Office. Works Division XXIII (R). PWD. PWD.Panaji Executive Engineer. PWD. Altinho – Panaji – GOA. Monitoring & Evaluation Dy Director of Administration Joint Director of Accounts 18 19 Engineering Officer Executive Engineer (legal) 20 Land Acquisition Officer 21 22 23 24 Executive Engineer I Executive Engineer II Executive Engineer III Executive Engineer IV 25 26 Executive Engineer V Executive Engineer VI 27 28 Executive Engineer VII Executive Engineer VIII 29 Executive Engineer IX 30 31 32 33 34 Executive Engineer X. Works Division XXII (E-M). PWD. Bambolim Executive Engineer. Sanguem Executive Engineer. Works Division VI (Roads). Ponda Postal Address Executive Engineer. PWD. Executive Engineer. Altinho – Panaji – GOA. Works Division XIII (Roads). Circle Office IX(NH). Works Division III (PHE). Altinho – Panaji – GOA The Superintending Engineer. PWD Head Office. Fatorda Margao Executive Engineer. Works Division XIX (Bldgs). PWD Executive Engineer XI Executive Engineer XII Executive Engineer XIII Executive Engineer XIV 35 36 Executive Engineer XV Executive Engineer XVI 16 Sr No 37 38 39 40 Office Executive Engineer XVII Executive Engineer XVIII Executive Engineer XIX Executive Engineer XX 41 Executive Engineer XXI 42 Executive Engineer XXII 43 Executive Engineer XXIII The Superintending Engineer VI. Tonca – Caranzalen. St-Inez – Panaji Executive Engineer. Fatorda Margao Executive Engineer. Patto – Panaji Executive Engineer. Works Division XVI (Bldgs). PWD. Circle Office VII(E/M). PWD. PWD. Works Division VII (NH). PWD. PWD Head Office. Altinho – Panaji – GOA The Superintending Engineer VII. Altinho – Panaji – GOA. The Joint Director of Accounts. PWD.

Executive Engineer XXIV Executive Engineer XXV Executive Engineer. The public grievances if any. received by the concerned Grievance Redressal Officers are promptly addressed to.15 p. Circle office VIII (PHE–S).00 p. the Chief Engineer I. Fatorda Margao Working Hours for office and public The Working Hours of the department are from 9. (Monday to Friday) 10. . PWD. Works Division XXIV (PHE).30 a.m. with lunch break from 1. PWD has been designed as the Grievance Redressal Officer for North Goa and the Superintending Engineer VIII.m. PWD. to 5.45 p. Works Division XXV(R). PWD. Margao has been designed as the Grievance Redressal Officer for South Goa.m. Panaji Executive Engineer.44 45 9. Grievance redressal mechanism Under the public Redressal Mechanism.m. to 2.