A brief Activities of HNSS Related to Drug Abuse prevention HNSS is the first Organization who has started the

concept of Drug abuse Prevention Activities in Kashmir Valley A. DEMAND REDECTION 1. Drug Detoxification and Rehabilitation Programme:-HNSS is presently 15 bedded Detox & Rehab center which is presently running an indoor 45 days drug detoxification and rehabilitation programme which includes Medication, individual counseling, family counseling, Group Counseling, Behavior Therapy etc . HNSS has so far treated about 1850 drug users since last 9 years. We have provided OPD services to more than 800 drug abusers and their family. 2. Outreach Programme:- we carry out outreach programme by sending our social worker and social volunteers to door to door outreach field work to reach out the most hidden drug users and approach to their families and provide them on site counseling and motivate them to take up the drug Rehab Facilities. 3. Harm Minimization:- We also help the addicts who are not presently ready to join the Detox & Rehab programme enroll themselves for harm Minimization Programme. 4. Awareness and educational activities:-The seminars, rallies are been conducted regularly in schools and colleges from time to time on different topics of drug and substance abuse, and on world drug de-addiction day. Networking with almost all the renound educational institutes of the valley. HNSS also conducts Pamphlet Drives once a month in the far flung areas for the awareness and the pamphlets are been designed in by-lingual (English and Urdu ). 5. Community Mobilization/ Sensitisation :- The community leaders, senior citizens, responsible personalities, religious leaders, have been Sensitised by conduction of formal and informal meetings, in order to have an effective and sustained drug and substance reduction programme. 6. Identification of drug abusers at primary level:- drug abusers not being easy task to identify as it is a hidden practice HNSS has started providing the necessary information to the parents to identify their children by different tips if involved in the menace of drug addiction through electronic and print media. 7. Education and Guidance to Kashmir University:- HNSS has also provided educational guidance and in house training for 10 days and 30 days to the students of Kashmir University Departments of MSW, Sociology, Law etc Activities carried out till date in partnership With:- HNSS being the only Technically trained Organization by NISD(National Institute of Social Defense Government of India Shastir Bhawan, New-Delhi) has the privilege of carrying out activities with the following agencies. • Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment: Drug Detoxification and Rehab Programme • NACO:- Drug abuse prevention integrated with HIV/Aids • UNODC(United Nations of Drug and Crime) a) Project H-71:- Injection Drug Users in Kashmir Valley. b) Project I-49:- Female Drug Users and the Female Partner of male drug users in Kashmir • SPYM(Regional Research Training Center, North India):- Peer Led Intervention in Kashmir.



Supply reduction not being our prime objective but still HNSS is keeping continuous pressure on belt forces through different agencies to curb the drug trafficking on cross boarder levels, inter district level, and also at multiple sale centers in the city and other hideouts of the sale points through police , and by involving the electronic and print media. Our organization has made a networking with almost 300 chemists in the valley for their coordination and referral for drug detoxification and rehabilitation . We have also kept continuous pressure on drug paddlers for sale of drugs like chars, phuki (poppy Husk), Opium, Brown sugar, alcohol, synthetic drugs like injections, cough syrups and other tranquiller. Involvement of CRPF and J & K Police of Kashmir Valley:- It is pertinent to mention that our organisation has made lot of positive efforts in previous years by continuous drive of awareness and education in CRPF Battalions working in Kashmir at different District levels at District Srinagar, District Baramulla, District Pulwama etc. CRPF CRPF CRPF CRPF CRPF 82 Battalion on 19 Battalion on 58 Battalion on 152 Battalion on 69 Battalion on 09-05-2004 31-10-2004 01-12-2004 06-03-2005 24-04-2005

We had also received many telephonic messages by responsible officers of other different Battalion of Kashmir for conducting similar programmes