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Motivational, Time Management

In the words of Swami Vivekananda We are what our thoughts have made us; so
take care about what you think. Words are secondary. Thoughts live; they travel far.

The choices we make for our thinking either motivate us or they dont. Clear
visualization of goals is the first step to success but actions are required for being
motivated. It would be not wrong to mention that a goal without an action plan is like
day dreaming. There are certain basic rules to get motivated which have been
mentioned below:

Creating a vision of you is the first step of success.

We might all know about Arnold Schwarzenegger, the bodybuilding champion,

Hollywood star and the Governor of California. When Arnold was 13 years old, he
saw himself a champion before he ever was one. He developed a single mindedness
that gave him the will to go to the gym for 2 to 4 hrs. a day and put himself through
the most punishing workouts possible. It made the difference between just going
through the motions while exercising and really pushing himself to the limits.and
I wanted to be a bodybuilding champion this is what excited Arnold
Schwarzenegger when he was young. Being strong and muscular excited his
imagination that he set up his power goal that he would be someone unique. Arnold
became the 5 times Mr. Universe and 7 times Mr. Olympia, winning the highest form
bodybuilding competition.
We need to visualize how we want something to be, then set a goal to achieve it and
then devise a plan to achieve the goal and then work like hell to get there, no matter
what obstacles stand in the way.

Do not Count

Muhammed Ali, the boxing legend, who became the greatest of all time, firmly
believed that the fight is not won in the ring, but is won in the gym. What he meant to
say was that there is absolutely no way around hard work in order to be successful.
This led him to make the toughest and most painful workouts.
Ali was once asked about the hours he puts up for his practice and the number does
he practices upto. To which he replied I dont know, I dont count my sit ups. I
only start counting when it starts hurting, when I feel pain, thats when I start
counting, cause thats when it really counts, thats what makes you a champion.

Be Disciplined

In the words of Muhammad Alis trainer, he never had to ask Ali to come to the gym,
he was there even before the gym opened. He was the first to arrive and the last to
leave. He did the longest and hardest workouts. His training, unlike the rest, had no
specific length or certain number of sets. He trained until exhaustion. His coach never
told him what to do, for how long or how many repetitions, but Ali designed his
trainings looking at his previous fights.

Ali was doubted because he was rarely seen marrying or enjoying himself. For him it
was simple, he always thought that his next opponent was still training, so he did
always double what was needed. Muhammed Ali said I hated every minute of
training but I said, Dont quit, suffer now and live the rest of your life as a

Prepare a Plan for Attracting Perfection

Benjamin Franklin was the President of America. Though he worked hard but still
people had representations for many unfinished work. He thought, even though he
works hard but still there are representations from people about unfinished works. So
he decided to prepare a plan to attain perfection.

Franklin prepared a diary in which he wrote how many works which had to be
performed without fail were to be performed, how many works which had not to be
performed were performed, how many works though even not performed would make
no difference etc. After a week he analyzed the diary and found that the works which
had to be compulsorily performed were least performed and the works which even
not performed would have made no difference were performed the most. So he
worked upon his weakness to improve his work.

So we must prioritize our works, our studies or anything else. The works which are to
be performed compulsorily should be performed without any fail.

It also gives a very important lesson for time management. Though it a fact that it is
important to have fun in life and enjoying. But it should always be kept in mind that
when we are having fun, someone out there at the same time is working hard (in
whatever field it may be whether academics, sports or anything else), someone is
getting smarter and someone is winning (in the same way as Muhammed Ali

So, you can just think that there are 24 hours in a day, if you sleep 6 hrs. then there
are 18 hrs. left. And there are many things that can be done during this 18 hrs. if the
time for sleeping waking is managed properly.

Dont be afraid to fail.

On the other side of our fear there is something safe and beneficial waiting for everyone.
Fear kills more people than death. Death kills us but once, which is even not know but
Fear kills us over and over again. The fear of failure limits our mind what it is capable of

If we think that along the way we are not going to fail then we are have created a false
image or blinded ourselves because even the most successful people (who so ever it may
be) have met failures along the way. The only way to really know that we can win or be
successful is if we are willing to fail. So if we are afraid of failure then we would never
grow. The people that grow the furthest are the people who really dont care either they
fail or they make it they are going to take that risk because thats what they have to do.

If you are working hard and you are thinking that you are not willing fail then it might be
possible that you can be paralyzed by fear of failure. And once you fear of failure you
will never push yourself to your goals. You keep pushing because you believe in yourself
and in your vision and you know that it is the right thing to do, and success will come.

Act like a Hero

We need heroes in our life. They are not a sign of weakness they are source of
strength. It is said that we need to have heroes in our life, as they show us the way to
move beyond human capacity. Without heroes we are all plain people and we dont
know how far we can go. Heroes are very useful for anyone willing to develop self
motivation. We can have more than one hero, and not only have one hero. Put up
their photographs, become a expert in their lives.

Heroes are the people who have listened to themselves, rather than listen to what
others say. These people remind us that once you set up in a path, even though critic
may doubt you, Its okay to believe that there is No Cant, Wont or Impossible. They
remind us that its okay to believe that Impossible is nothing. They are only people
like we are but what distinguishes them is the great level they have reached in self

Instead of adoring them passively, we must look deep into them as just passively
adoring them would be like undermining our unlimited potentialities which are within
ourselves. We must look into them as to what they ate, how much they ran, which
kind of training they did, their favorite exercises. Muhammad Ali studied other
fighters and champions of the time: what they ate, how much they ran, which kind of

training they did, their favorite exercises. Arnold Schwarzenegger wanted to be like
Reg Parks. Usain Bolt, Worlds fastest sprinter, said in one of his interviews that to
match the Greats of Ali and Pele, he would have to continuously work until he retires.

The impact Sachin Tendulkar has on the life of sportsperson, cricketers, amateur
cricketers and the entire nation is well known to all of us.

Never Listen That It Cant Be Done

Many a times we keep on hearing that you cant do this and you cant do that and its
never been done before? Listen to your heart not the outside world.

I will just mention about certain people, (the list may go on..) who if would have
listened to the outside world, the world would never have known the extraordinary
potential in human beings:

What the critics/ people/ outside world said

Everything that can be invented has been

invented. (Commissioner of US patent office,
The guitar music is on the way out
(Record Executive who rejected the Beatles,
Telephone has too many shortcomings to be a
means of communication (Executive from
Worlds leading of Telegraph Company, 1876
You would require leg braces to walk for the
rest of your life (A girl diagnosed with polio at
age of 6)
You cant play basketball

What the world would have missed

if the critics of outside world was
No new inventions after 1899

Beatles could not have become the

greatest and most influential act of the
rock era and neither the best selling
brands in United States.
No telephones/ mobiles

That girl named Wilma Rudolph

winning 3 Gold Medals in sprinting at
1960 Olympics
No Michael Jordan

You cannot get successful in cinemas with this

name (After series of unsuccessful movies)
100 m in under 10 sec? Not in our lifetime

No Amitabh Bachchan

Underestimated, Doubted by the countrymen
for winning at World Cup

France, FIFA World Cup, 1998,

No Usain Bolt

So in case if someone says that It has never been done before or no one has ever
done what you are planning to do or doing, just stay calm, relaxed and reply to
yourself That I am going to be the first one to do this.

The example of sports has been taken to make the concepts of self motivation
clear. This can be applied to any field wherever you are. If you are preparing for
Civil Services or anything else just replace the workouts with studies and just see
what does this article tries to bring out.

Arise! Awake! And stop Not Till the Goal Is Reached

Name: Ramanjeet Gupta