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Separatism and
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An emerging confidence
Peter Kingstone : Wed Dec 11 2013, 01:05 hrs

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Google ad fantasy: If only
Yuvraj, Raina: Journeymen
in Indias success
The screeching heights

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On the economy, the West is no longer the centre of wisdom or

Which country has the best answers for how to grow an economy?
Where are the best opportunities for young people? Which country is
poised to emerge as a global leader? For a long time, the rich Western

India vs South Africa

democracies saw themselves as the source of wisdom about how to

organise the economy and promote welfare. But, the US and Europe
can no longer point to their societies as examples to follow, stuck as
they are with anaemic growth and little improvement for most of

SC rules gay sex illegal,
says Delhi HC order on
Article 377 'unsustainable'

their citizens. Instead, China's influence is sharply rising while the

BRIC countries are more confident about their own future than the
US or the EU.
This became evident in a recent poll conducted by Ipsos MORI,

AAP holds victory rally at

Jantar Mantar, says BJP
scared to form Delhi
India vs South Africa 3rd
double puts hosts in trouble
Asaram Bapu's son
Narayan Sai admits to rape
charges, claims Surat
Tehelka rape charge: Tarun
Tejpal sent to 12-day
judicial custody

Photos: Poonam
Pandey, Rakhi
Sawant bare all for
What the Fish

along with the new International Development Institute (IDI) at

King's College London. Scholars at the IDI wondered how the years

Knives out in Cong

after defeat, others
join Sheila, Pawar to
target Centre

of bad news out of the West, coupled with more impressive growth in
the emerging economies, had affected public views of global
economic leadership. People from 11 emerging economies, including
India, were asked three questions: which countries have the right
ideas about the economy; which country offers the best opportunities

Photos: Aamir,
Katrina and 'Dhoom:
3' with Abhishek and

for young people; which country will be the leading global economic
power in the next 20 years.
On the first question, people were closely divided between the US and
China with 28 per cent identifying the former and 26 per cent

Day in the life of

Laing: From car
chases to snapping
Hansie Cronje

choosing the latter. India was not a popular choice only 2 per cent
of respondents thought India had the best ideas, behind the EU (16
per cent), South Korea (9 per cent), and both Brazil and Russia (5 per

cent). But those numbers cloak a lot of variation. For example, only 16 per cent of Argentines chose

Kareena Kapoor's
comment made in
jest: Katrina Kaif

the US, only a little behind the 18 per cent who chose China. Forty-three per cent of Argentines said
they didn't know or didn't think any country had ideas worth copying. Indians, in contrast,
expressed the greatest confidence in the US, with 43 per cent saying so and only 32 per cent

Seeds of Johnson 2.0

in MI colours

choosing China. Among Indians, women, the young (under 35), the more educated and business
owners tended to be more supportive of the US and by extension less so of China.
On the second question, the US was a more definitive winner. Twenty-nine per cent said it had the
best opportunities for young people, while the EU got 18 per cent and China only 17 per cent.
Again, Indians had the most favourable view of the US, while Argentines and Saudi Arabians had
the least favourable. On this question, India fared better than on the first (tied with Brazil at 6 per

Congress extends
olive branch to AAP
as Kejriwal rules out
support to BJP

cent). But what stands out here is that Indians were much more optimistic about the opportunities
for young people in India. While 44 per cent picked the US as the best place for young people,

Aamir Khan: I have no expectation from



An emerging confidence - Indian Express

'Dhoom 3'

Indians picked India second at 27 per cent ahead of China and the EU. Those expressing the
most confidence in India's opportunities for young people included men, business owners, senior
executives and people of higher income. Interestingly, younger people were actually less confident
about India's opportunities.
Looking to the future, the story changes. In answer to the question of which country will be a

Gay sex illegal, rules

SC as it sets aside
Delhi HC order on

leading economic power over the next 20 years, 52 per cent picked China while 30 per cent the US,
only 12 per cent picked the EU. Again, India did better on this question, coming in just behind
Russia for the fourth choice with 10 per cent. Indians, however, were less confident of China's
leadership. All the BRIC countries' respondents rated their own countries' prospects as a global

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leader better than the US's, but Indians were especially confident. Fully 41 per cent of Indians
chose India as a global economic leader, second (barely) only to China. But the level of confidence
varied. Higher educated, higher income Indians, business owners and senior executives were
particularly confident. And once again, the disparities were sharpest between young and old (only
38 per cent of people younger than 35 versus 53 per cent of those between 50-64). Those under 35
actually differed from the rest of those surveyed in that they also picked the US (39 per cent) over
India and China.
Indians expressed more confidence that the US is still an important source of ideas, opportunities,
and power than most other emerging economy populations. They also expressed a lot of confidence
in their own future. But that confidence wasn't uniform. The results suggested that the benefits and
opportunities of growth are not equally distributed and both the young and the less fortunate are
not as certain of the path that India offers its citizens.
The writer is with the International Development Institute, King's College London
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An emerging confidence - Indian Express


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Aamir Khan: I have no expectation from

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