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Introducing Math Workshops

Make poster of Math Workshop Expectations cover all sections until you discuss them
then reveal expectations (10 Minutes)

How this will look: (30 minutes) Write outline on the board so when practicing students can
follow along
**Remind students that this will be occurring a majority of the time, but may not happen
on some days.
Mental Math
Math Message
Math Message Follow-up
Math Workshop (Stations) - bring all materials with you to every station, know your groups letter
Lesson: Meet with the teacher to learn new material
Daily Work: Math Journals, Math Boxes, and any extensions that are assigned
Games/ Technology: FASTT Math, Ipad Math games, Everyday Math
Now you maybe wondering well how do I do my job, and know where I am going?
Group T
Group R
Group I
** REMIND students that next week you will start and end in different locations

Have students view the sheet taped to their math journal Materials travel with you so not only
can you look at the board for where you go next, but you can look on your journal as well.

Everyday Math Lesson 2.2: Many Names for Numbers

White Boards - S
Dry Erase Markers - S
Eraser - S
Notecards - T
Math Journal page 30 and 31 - S
Math Masters page 44 - T
Post - it notes - T
Math Masters page 397 (7 copies cut)
Students will be able to identify equivalent names for whole numbers, using name-collections
boxes, with 100 percent accuracy.
Learning Target:
I can identify equivalent names for whole numbers using name- collection boxes.
Mental Math (5 mins)
Math Message (5 mins) - Study Link 2.1 Follow-up
Students discuss other numbers they interacted with this weekend.
Exit Slip Math Masters - write as many names as you can for the number 10
Math Message Follow-up (10 minutes)
Write a few student answers on the board.
Explain how these numbers are equivalent and what the word equivalent (equal in value)
Math Workshop - each station 10 minutes

T - First

R - Third

I - Second

Discuss about the
answers from Math
Message Exit Slip.
Draw a name-

Discuss the point of
why name-collection
boxes are helpful in
math. How can these

Discuss about
answers from Math
Message Exit Slip. Go
over answers and

collection box for the

number 24 - Have
students complete the
task. Then share out

numbers be related to
the real world.
Draw a namecollection box for the
number 36 - Have
students complete the
task with a partner.
Then share out

how they work.

Draw a namecollection box for the
number 12 Complete in large

What are some inventive

numbers we can come up
Daily Work - Second
Math journal Page 30
Math Boxes page 31

Daily Work - First

Math journal
Math Boxes

Daily Work - Third

Math Journal
Math Boxes (modify
for Joseph)

Games/ Tech.

Games/ Tech. - Last

Games/ Tech. - First

Homework: Homelink 2.2