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ELPD Standards:

5. Build upon the ideas of others and articulate their own working collaboratively.
Common Core State Standards:
- Informational 5: Know and use various text features (e.g., captions, bold print, subheadings, glossaries, indexes, electronic
menus, icons) to locate key facts or information in a text efficiently (RI. 2.5)
- Informational 7: Explain how specific images (e.g., a diagram showing how a machine works) contribute to and clarify a text
(RI. 2.7)
Learning Objectives:
- I can identify text features in a nonfiction text and tell the purpose.
- I can locate key information efficiently using text features
- I can describe how I use text features using academic language.
o What I mean by academic language is using our What is a text feature? chart and our sentence frame.
- I can read and define vocabulary words.
Formal Assessment:
Informal Assessment:
Temperature checks at the end of the lesson (thumbs up, thumbs in the middle, thumbs down)
Good afternoon students! Yesterday, we talked about different types of animals and how they build homes and we learned come
vocabulary words.
Today we are going to learn some more vocabulary words!
But before we do that, I want us to read our I can statements.
- Lets all read them together in a level one voice
- Can I have all eyes looking up here please?

Before we begin learning our new vocabulary words we are going o review the ones we used yesterday.
When I hole up the vocabulary card I just want you to say the word in a level one voice.
Now, we are going to learn some new vocabulary words.
Use the yellow/red sticker cards to pair students up with a partner.
Now, we are going to begin learning some of our new vocabulary words! We are going to read the word, read the sentence, then I am
going to give you time to talk to your partner about what you think the word means.
Have you ever seen a home shaped like this? It is a curved ball.
Definition: If you have shaped something, you have formed it in a particular way.
This home wont break! It is made of strong rock.
Definition: If you break something, it comes apart into two or more pieces.
Some animal homes have long, winding tunnel that twist and turn.
Definition: If something is winding, it moves one way and then another.
Lets review all of the vocabulary words that we have learned.
When I hold the word up I want you to say the word in a level one voice.
- That means we are not being loud. I also really want you to look at the word and think about it dont just guess what the
word is.
Informal Assessment: Give me a thumbs up, thumbs in the middle, or thumbs down if you think you understand our vocabulary
Now, that we have learned all of our vocabulary words we are going to learn about something new!
The rest of the week, we are going to talk about text features.
- When I say the word text feature do you know what that is?
o Think about it in your head.
If you dont know what it means that is okay because that is why we are here to learn what it is!

Now, does anyone know what a text feature is?

- If any students have their hands raised call on them to see if they know what it is.
Define: Text features are things in the book that help you better understand what the book is about.
Use text feature cards
- Using the picture provided to show what it is
For example:
Glossary- A list of words in ABC order relating to specific vocabulary within the book
Index- A list of important topics in a book with the page number next to them
Timeline- Displays events in the sequence of when they occurred (Things that happen in order)
Heading- Divides the text into sections and identifies the main topic of a page or chapter
Cold Print- Dark words, calls attention to words that are important
Caption- Words underneath a picture or photograph that explain what it is or is about
Title- Gives the reader an idea of what the book will be about
Table of Content- Identifies the key topics in a book
So on Monday, we practiced our vocabulary words in a chant.
What text features do you see in our chant?
You all did a very good job today. Group is over so you can push in your chairs quietly and go back to what you should be doing.
All vocabulary words are on grade level however, the way they are presented I differentiated. For example when learning the
vocabulary words students say the word, read the sentence, and have a visual. The vocabulary word provides differentiation for
diverse learners due to the multiple ways the word is presented and taught.
The text feature cards have the definition of what it is as well as a visual in order for all learners to understand.

- I can statements
- Yellow/Red sticker cards
- Vocabulary cards from Journeys
- Text Feature cards
- Reading Oral Language Chant: Animals Need a Safe Place from Journeys Language Tab