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If I can choose, I would like to be: Haydn, Mozart or

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Student: Denis Badurina

Class: II-2 MYP
Sarajevo, October 2012

If I could choose I would be Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Ive chosen

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart because he was a great composer and he wrote a
lot of famous compositions making changes in musical history. He wrote his
first complete symphony when he was only 8. This symphony which is
composed by a child genius was called Symphony No. 1 in E Flat, and it
contained three parts: allegro molto, andante, and presto.1 This symphony was
composed when he was on a tour on Western Europe with his father and
sister, precisely London. Later on Mozart composed his first choral mass for 4
part choir, 2 violins, viola, bass and organ when he was 12 (in 1768). His father
Leopold Mozart spend his entire year with him and his sister so Mozart had a
quite big inspiration. Another interesting fact is, besides his greatness, he died
in December of 1791 at his age of 35 and he is buried in an unmarked grave in
Vienna (Austria). The reason of his unknown location is that he was almost
bankrupt when he died and so he was placed in unmarked grave and his
location is still unknown.
I am going to compare two of his most interesting work (Symphony No.
1 in E Flat and his fathers work Symphony in F). Why did I choose these two,
well his first symphony is so great and beautiful and it is written when he was
only 8, and the second symphony (Symphony in F) which was actual written by
his father and it is thought that the Symphony in F is Mozarts third
composition, why did they mistake these two crucial authors writings? His
father was a great musician and he had also a lot of good works of himself but
this composition was specific and it presents how much did Mozart learn from
his father, the mistake that they have made about these two composers was
interesting proving Mozarts capabilities in 1764 (when he was only 8). And
since these two compositions are written at his same age I have chosen them
to prove one thing, his work at his early age was so great that the difference
between a complete musician (Leopold Mozart) and Wolfgang Amadeus
Mozart was almost unnoticeable.
I am going to compare Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart with Ludwig van
Beethoven. The main difference was that Beethoven was very wealthy through
his whole life and Mozart was not. Beethoven like Mozart was a genius kid and
they both got interested in writing compositions as when they were young.
Beethoven wrote 9 symphonies and all of them are popular, but the most
famous ones were the odd ones (3rd, 5th, 7th and 9th), and Mozart wrote 50
symphonies making every one of the ingenious and special, although
Beethoven wrote more for instrument, Mozart was way more hard working
and greater than Beethoven. Besides all this, Mozart had an interesting life and

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because of that Ive chosen Mozart as my idol.

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