Project Speed 1 Format of Requirements ANNEXURE II (To be submitted by the landlord of shortlisted Premises) 1. Information about the offerer 1.

1 Name/Address and telephone no. Office/ Residence /Mobile 1.2 Name of the person to be contacted : 2. Particulars of premises offered 2.1 Name of the building / complex 2.2 Name of the road it abuts Address of the building (Postal) 2.3 Whether the same is in a a) Commercial complex b) Commercial-cum-residential complex, or c) Residential building 2.4 Year of completion of Building 2.5 Located on ground floor or on Upper ground floor 2.6 Carpet area offered (correctness of the same will be established on joint measurement only of the selected offer) 2.7 Electrical power load as available (to be augmented to 15 KW per 1000 sq.ft.) at landlord’s cost before handing over possession / rent commencement date 2.8 Water supply; Municipal / Bore-well 2.9 Sewerage; Municipal/Septic Tank 2.10 Type of structure: RCC/Load bearing 2.11 Height available – below slab and beams 2.12 Parking available/ can be provided for bank 2.13 Finishes provided so far: a) Flooring b) Windows c) Toilets d) Pantry Project Speed 2 3. Standard requirements / finishes preferred for the premises offered (If not existing, to be arranged at landlord’s cost) Remarks 3.1 Flooring Granite slabs/marble slabs/granamite tiles 2’ x 2’ Agreed 3.2 Windows Anodised aluminium sliding windows, heavy duty aluminium sections with 5mm thick modifloat glass. Outer frame is to be fixed over 20mm thick polished granite slab surrounds as per Bank’s standard details. Agreed 3.3 Toilets 7’ high dado and flooring with good quality glazed/ceramic tiles, good fittings and fixtures. Agreed

3.4 Pantry Polished Granite working platform with Stainless Steel sink Agreed 3.5 Strong Room 150 sq.ft. 6” thick RCC walls and floor as per Bank’s detailed specifications. Strong room door will be arranged by bank at its cost. Agreed 4. Commercial Terms 4.1 Offered Rate per Sqft of Carpet Area Offerer to quote the lease rent per sq.ft. of Carpet area – which should be all inclusive of applicable taxes, other outgoings, maintenance Charges, society charges, if any etc. 4.2 Interest-free deposit (not exceeding 6 months rent) 4.3 Lease period (10/15/25 years ) 4.4 Increase in monthly compensation (not to exceed 15% after every 5 years) 4.5 Stamp duty & Registration charges to be shared equally Signature : Name : Date : Project Speed 3 Instructions / Guidelines for filling the Format 1) The offerers are required to complete the format in all respects with specific answers to all the queries. 2) Provision of total connected load of 15 KW/1000 sq.ft area in three phase supply, arrange the same up-to the agreed location. Earmark 12’ x 12’ space to house the D.G. set. Space to locate the antenna at the roof level besides space for parking 5 cars per 2000 sq.ft. are essential requirements for the premises to be offered. All necessary permissions are to be arranged by the offerer by completing all related formalities of the local authorities. 3) Arrange all approvals (if required) from the concerned local statutory authorities for furnishing the premises as per the Bank’s requirements with a strong room, toilets, pantry, etc and using the premises for commercial purpose before handing over possession of the premises. The Bank will furnish the interior layout plan to the offerer for this purpose. 4) It is preferred that the offerer carries out the work of construction of strong room, toilets, pantry, etc. since the same may need the permission of the local authorities. If in case, he is not in a position to carry out the same, it should be specifically mentioned & clarified so that on his specific instructions, bank can get these works done at his (landlord’s) cost. Items like D.G. set, door to strong room, antenna will be arranged by the Bank. Further, space required for housing D.G. set, dish antenna or pole antenna and space earmarked for parking 5 cars per 2000 sq.ft. office premises have to be provided by the offerer at no extra cost to the Bank. 5) It is necessary that the offerer enclose copies of all relevant approved drawings indicating therein the site plan, floor plans, sections, elevations, etc., same should indicate dimensions of the open spaces around the building, locations of underground and overhead tanks, space for housing D.G. set, for locating dish antenna at the roof

level, for parking cars, making earthing pits, etc besides dimensions of the space offered, distance between columns and floor heights i.e. below the deepest beam, bottom of slab, etc. 6) The offer shall state the finishes provided so far and confirm his willingness to carry out the work of provision of standard finishes desired by the Bank at his own cost. The rate quoted should take into account incidence of expenses incurred in arranging all permissions & provision for works as required by the Bank. (The incidence of such expenses by way of investment made by the offerer is likely to be very marginal since it is to be spread over entire lease period). Project Speed 4 7) The rate quoted shall be per sq.ft. of carpet area of the premises offered and shall be all inclusive of applicable taxes, out-goings, maintenance charges, etc. The rate quoted shall be totally competitive since other similar offers will be concurrently examined. 8) Commercial terms indicated in the format such as interest-free deposit, lease period, increase in monthly compensation after every 5 years etc. have been fixed by the Bank and followed for over 80 branch premises of the Bank settled so far in various parts of the country. Thus the same are not likely to be relaxed or modified. 9) Licence fee/rent shall be paid with effect from the date on which possession of the premises is handed over to the Bank along with necessary occupation certificate, power supply and other agreed facilities. 10) Possession of premises to be as early as possible but not later than ___________. Offerer to state, stage of construction if offered premises is under construction. 11) One certified copy each of the following documents to be submitted only by the offerers who are finally short-listed by the Bank : • Title document (preferably with English translation) • Copy of allotment letter from electricity authority regarding approval of additional power supply. • Copy of land and building tax i.e. last receipt paid to the authorities. • Clearance of Development authority/local body obtained if any in connection with the related work. 12) Stamp duty, Registration charges, etc. to be shared equally by both the parties. 13) Completed format with necessary enclosures to be sent to IDBI Bank on the above address . ****************** Bank reserves the right to reject any or all of the offers without assigning any reasons. Offerers and Real Estate consultants / Agents to please note that no brokerage will be paid by the Bank and Bank does not have any Brokers.