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9 15 Hours/Week


The schedule below is designed to give you a jump start reviewing substantive law for
the subjects that will most likely be tested on the bar exam thereby freeing up more time
in the last few weeks to work on developing writing skills and practice. All subjects
reviewed in the Early Start will be tested on the multiple-choice section of the exam, the
The Early Start Paced Program is meant to be a weekly schedule. You should try to
accomplish the tasks anytime during the week as time permits. Keep in mind that
subjects do not need to be done in order. It is recommended that you start with your
weakest subject in law school and keep in mind that it should take you approximately two
weeks to review each subject. For most effective use, please limit yourself to 2 or 3
BARBRI AMP modules in one day.
NOTE: Once classes begin, you should utilize your Personal Study Plan to guide you.
Since you began your studies early, you may have completed assignments, therefore
you should simply check those assignments as mastered and move on!
BARBRI AMP (Online Legal Learning Application) is a powerful, interactive bar
prep application that helps you learn the law faster and retain it longer. Using a proven
method of test-learn-retest, BARBRI AMP rapidly builds your understanding of black
letter rules of law, which is critical to your success on the bar. We recommend that you
work BARBRI AMP questions, before you listen to the lecture in a given subject.
However, some students prefer to work BARBRI AMP questions after a lecture. To
access BARBRI AMP, please log in to your account at and in the
Enrolled Student Center, click on the BARBRI AMP menu option.
LECTURES are available when you log in to the Enrolled Student Center at and click on the Early Start Bar Review menu option. The lectures
below cover multistate subjects as they will be tested on the MBE, with state-specific
distinctions as will be tested on your essay exam, if applicable. Additional multistate
subject lectures with corresponding handouts will be posted as they become available.

BARBRI AMP (Online Legal Learning Application)

Online Substantive Law Lectures
Substantive Law Lecture Handouts (fillable)
MBE Preview Diagnostic Exam and Analysis Lectures
Essay Success Lecture and Handout
Study Success Series

QUESTIONS Please contact your local BARBRI office with any questions.
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Evidence-Estimated Time for Mastery 4.5 hours

AMP Relevance & Policy Exclusions - 19 questions (approx. 30 min)

AMP Character Evidence - 18 questions (approx. 36 min)
AMP Judicial Notice, Procedural Considerations - 15 questions (approx. 22 min)
AMP Real & Documentary Evidence - 16 questions (approx. 28 min)
AMP Examination of Witnesses, Competency & Opinions - 15 questions (app. 28 min)
AMP Impeachment of Witnesses - 20 questions (approx. 40 min)
AMP Testimonial Privileges - 15 questions (approx. 19 min)
AMP Hearsay - 29 questions (approx. 62 min)

Contracts-Estimated Time for Mastery 6 hours

AMP Offer and Acceptance - 20 questions (approx. 39 min)

AMP Consideration - 20 questions (approx. 40 min)
AMP Defenses 15 questions (approx. 22 min)
AMP Terms & Warranties 15 questions (approx. 37 min)
AMP Parol Evidence Rule 15 questions (approx. 28 min)
AMP Conditions - 15 questions (approx. 29 min)
AMP Discharge of Duties 15 questions (approx. 31 min)
AMP Performance & Breach 15 questions (approx. 35 min)
AMP Remedies - 19 questions (approx. 41 min)
AMP Third-Party Beneficiaries; Assignments - 20 questions (approx. 64 min)

Torts-Estimated Time for Mastery 6 hours

AMP Intentional - Torts - 20 questions (approx. 57 min)

AMP Defamation, Privacy & Economic Torts - 17 questions (approx. 56 min)
AMP Negligence: Duty of Care Torts - 18 questions (approx. 49 min)
AMP Negligence: Breach & Causation Torts - 15 questions (approx. 33 min)
AMP Negligence: Damages and Defenses - Torts - 15 questions (approx. 41 min)
AMP Products Liability - Torts - 15 questions (approx. 48 min)
AMP Strict Liability & Nuisance - Torts - 15 questions (approx. 29 min)
AMP Vicarious & Joint Liability - Torts - 15 questions (approx. 26 min)
AMP Wrongful Death, Immunities Torts - Torts - 15 questions (approx. 28 min)

Real Property- Estimated Time for Mastery 5.5 hours

AMP Estates & Future Interests - 20 questions (approx. 62 min)

AMP Landlord and Tenant; Fixtures - 22 questions (approx. 59 min)
AMP Easements, Profits & Licenses - 15 questions (approx. 22 min)
AMP Real Covenants & Equitable Servitudes - 15 questions (approx. 29 min)
AMP Adverse Possession - 15 questions (approx. 26 min)
AMP Land Sale Contracts - 15 questions (approx. 34 min)

2015 BARBRI, Inc. v.1

AMP Transfer of Title by Deed; Recording - 19 questions (approx. 52 min)
AMP Mortgages - 20 questions (approx. 47 min)

Constitutional Law-Estimated Time for Mastery 4.75 hours

AMP Judicial Review - 20 questions (approx. 37 min)

AMP Legislative Power - 16 questions (approx. 38 min)
AMP Executive Power - 15 questions (approx. 27 min)
AMP Intergovernmental Immunities - 15 questions (approx. 24 min)
AMP State Regulation & Taxation of Commerce - 17 questions (approx. 40 min)
AMP Restrictions on Power Over Individuals - 17 questions (approx. 30 min)
AMP Substantive Due Process & Equal Protection - 15 questions (approx. 24 min)
AMP Freedom of Speech & Assembly - 26 questions (approx. 52 min)
AMP Freedom of Religion & Association - 15 questions (approx. 19 min)

Criminal Law & Procedure-Estimated Time for Mastery 5.25 hours

AMP Elements of a Crime, Parties - Criminal Law - 15 questions (approx. 26 min)

AMP Inchoate Offenses - Criminal Law - 15 questions (approx. 25 min)
AMP Defenses - Criminal Law 17 questions (approx. 29 min)
AMP Homicide Crimes - Criminal Law - 15 questions (approx. 22 min)
AMP Crimes Against the Person - Criminal Law 15 questions (approx. 20 min)
AMP Offenses Against Personal Property - Criminal Law 16 questions (app. 28 min)
AMP Arson & Burglary - Criminal Law 15 questions (approx. 14 min)
AMP Arrest, Search and Seizure - Criminal Procedure - 33 questions (app. 54 min)
AMP Miranda Rule - Criminal Procedure - 15 questions (approx. 20 min)
AMP Right to Counsel & Pre-Trial ID - Criminal Procedure - 15 questions (app. 19 min)
AMP Trial Right & Sentencing - Criminal Procedure - 15 questions (approx. 18 min)
AMP Privilege Against Self-Incrimination - Criminal Pro. - 15 questions (app. 30 min)
AMP Double Jeopardy - Criminal Procedure - 15 questions (approx. 20 min)

Federal Civil Procedure- Estimated Time for Mastery 4 hours

AMPDiversity Jurisdiction--49 questions (approx. 22 min)

AMPFederal Questions Jurisdiction--35 questions (approx.15 min)
AMP---Removal Jurisdiction--37 questions (approx. 26 min)
AMP---Personal Jurisdiction-- 41 questions (approx. 17 min)
AMP---Venue--38 questions (approx. 20 min)
AMPPretrial Matters--99 questions (approx. 56 min)
AMPDiscovery48 questions (approx.. 32 min)
AMP---Trial Matters--56 questions (approx. 27 min)
AMPJudgments and Appeals--37 questions (approx. 25 min)

2015 BARBRI, Inc. v.1

Lecture - Evidence I (4 hours)
Lecture - Evidence II (4 hours)
Review Evidence Lecture Notes


Lecture Contracts I (3.5 hours)

Lecture - Contracts II (3.5 hours)
Lecture - Contracts III (3.5 hours)
Review Contracts Lecture Notes

Lecture - Torts I (4 hours)
Lecture - Torts II (4 hours)
Review Torts Lecture Notes

Real Property

Lecture - Real Property I (3.5 hours)

Lecture - Real Property II (3.5 hours)
Lecture Real Property III (3.5 hours)
Review Real Property Lecture Notes

Constitutional Law
Lecture - Constitutional Law I (3.5 hours)
Lecture - Constitutional Law II (3.5 hours)
Review Constitutional Law Lecture Notes.

Criminal Law & Procedure

Lecture - Criminal Law (3 hours)
Lecture - Criminal Procedure (3 hours)
Review Criminal Law and Procedure Lecture notes

2015 BARBRI, Inc. v.1

Federal Civil Procedure
Lecture - Federal Civil Procedure I (3.5 hours)
Lecture - Federal Civil Procedure II (3.5 hours)
Review Federal Civil Procedure Lecture notes

MBE Preview Diagnostic Exam

100 Question Diagnostic Exam

BARBRI Essay Success

Workshop Lecture (3.5 hours)
Review Essay Success Lecture Notes

Study Success Series

Bar Review Success

Lecture - Bar Exam Score Review & Study Tips
Lecture - Essay Questions
Lecture - MBE Questions
Lecture - Understanding - Not Memorizing - the Law

2015 BARBRI, Inc. v.1