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longitudinal section - _____ is a section showing a transverse or

lengthwise cut through the building

Rod Velasquez


- should be read from the right or from the

bottom of the drawing


- sectional dimensions shows only _____


1.2 to 1.5

- the open space between the sides of a

Pullman type kitchen should never be more
than _____ meters


- range/ oven combinations are often 36 or

_____ meter high


- beds are usually _____ meter high

floor plan

- is a drawing of the outline and partitions of

a building


- the _____ kitchen has continuous

counters, appliances and equipment on two
adjoining walls

service area
dining area

- the kitchen should be located near the

_____ and the _____

cutting plane

- the position of the plane is shown by the

_____ line

work triangle

- as much as possible the traffic lane in the

kitchen should be clear of the _____


- this period in ancient china is characterized

by rectangular houses with pitched or gable
roof supported by stout timber posts

forbidden city

- the complex of imperial palaces in Beijing

where Chinese emperors lived from 1421 to


- are unbroken lines with dimensions placed

above the lines


- room heights are shown by dimensioning

from the _____ line to the ceiling line

0.15 x 0.30

- converted to metric, a 6 x 12 tile is

equivalent to _____ meter

cooking center

- the _____ center is built around the range/



- the kitchen work triangle should never be

more than _____ meters

full section

- _____ is a section cut through the entire

building or component


- overall dimensions should be placed _____

all other dimensions

tomb of huang di

- _____ at the ends of the cutting plane line

indicate the direction from which the section
is to be viewed

- this qin tomb had vaults containing lifesized figures of warriors and horses in terra


- the most familiar Chinese building. It has

an elaborately ornamented series of roofs


great wall of china

- this structure was built to keep Mongol

nomads out of china


- an intricate and elaborately decorated

garden pavilion in japan


- a structure used for tes ceremonies in

aristocratic residence in japan

- the first sign of the curving roof and

uplifted eaves were seen during chinese

shoji screen

- these wood framed walls are considered

safer than brick or stone walls during

- access to these zhou tombs are through

ramps and a ceremonial entrance at the

frank llyod wright

- designer of the imperial hotel in Tokyo


- there were evidence of contact between

the Roman Empire and this Chinese dynasty
which lasted from 206 BC to 221 AD


- the white pagoda in the temple of

miaoying in Beijing belongs to this type of


tomb at guweicun

good anti-seimic


tiantan shrine

- this characteristic of Chinese buildings
enable them to move under earthquake

- these elements of Japanese structures

greatly resemble their Chinese counterparts

geomantic laws

- Chinese laws which governed the

orientation of Japanese structures

- the art of fine handwriting introduced by

the Taoists


- the pond with an island which can be

found at the southern side of mansions
done in the Shinden-zuri style


- the sung Chinese-inspired style used in the

restoration of Toda-ijis great Buddha hall

- this shrine in Beijing had buildings which

were divided into two groups, one for the
worship of heaven and the other for good


- native storied towers from which the

timber pagodas were adopted

momoyama period

- this period was named after the grandiose

castle of the ruler Hideyoshi

summer palace

- this palace near Beijing had two main

areas. The paiyundian and the foxiannge


- in Japanese architecture, the number of

storeys a pagoda must have for it to be
considered holy


- this is formed by two posts supporting a

horizontal rails bearing an inscription and
crowned with a colorful roof


- a school of decorative art and painting

aimed at the renaissance of Heian traditions


- a gateway which Shinto worshippers must

pass through for prayers to be effectual


- approval of samples of finishing materials

is the sole function of the


- this tomb was designed with the express

purpose of deifying Tokugawa leyasu


akasaka palace

- Tokuma Katayamas design for this castle

was based on the Versailles

- for alterations and additions to of existing

structures belonging to group 1 & 5,
compensation fro services should be
increased by what percent of the basic fee?


- a unit of measurement, approximately 6

feet, used for tatami mats

- payment for structural, acoustical,

chemical, mechanical, soil mechanics, or
other tests and reports as maybe required
for the project is the responsibility of the

2% to 5%

- the architect as a project manager is

compensated what percentage of the
project cost?


- a price given by a contractor, subcontractor, material supplier or vendor to

furnish materials, labor or both is known


- written or printed description of works to

be done describing quantities of materials
and mode of construction is known as


- the binding resolution of disputes by one

or more neutral persons as a substitute for
judicial proceeding is known as

time limit

- a specific period of time within which legal

action must be brought for alleged damaged
nor injury is

general conditions

- printed documents stipulating the

procedural and administrative aspect of the
contract is the


- a percentage of his fee as an architect is

entitled to receive when the owner fails to
implement the plans and documents for
construction as prepared by the architect


- the person with the management and use

of land as well as the conservation and
upgrading of the human environment is


- aside from his fee for regular design

services, the fee of the architect for the
design-build services on a guaranteed
maximum cost is


- in addition to the architects fee for the

regular design services, the fee of the
architect for the design-build services by
administration is


- preparation of shop drawings is the sole

function of the

liquidated damages - the amount paid by the contractor to the

owner for every day of delay in construction
time is known as


- an offer to perform the work prescribed in

a contract at a specified cost is known as

schedule of
and finishes

- an outline specification enumerating the

type or trade names of materials to be used
is known as

penalty clause

- a contract provision setting forth the

damages a party must pay in the event of
his breach is a


- the focus of greek political, social, business

and economic life was the

timber trusses
performance bond

- a bond furnished by the contractor and his

surety as a guarantee to execute the work
in accordance with the terms of the contract
is a

- the character of early Christian

architecture is determined by the novel
development of

sober and dignified

- the architectural character of the

Romanesque style is

christian church

- the greatest patron of Romanesque

architecture is the
- the Durham cathedral, the first building in
Europe to have ribbed vaults, is one of the
worlds supreme masterpiece of

closed specification - a stipulation of the use of specific products

or processes without provision for
substitution is a
certificate of

- a statement from the architect confirming

the amount of money due the contractor for
work accomplished is a



- additional information which may be

issued as an addition or amendment to the
provisions of the standard specifications is
known as

sir christopher wren - during the late british renaissance, the

supreme figure of the second phase of the
Stuart period who came under French
influence was

15 days

- any claim for adjustment involving

questions of facts must be asserted within
how many days from the date the change is

walter gropius

- the founder of the Bauhaus was

Le corbusier

- a house is a machine to live in is the

philosophical dictum of

- a notice published by the owner to

prospective bidders giving information as to
the nature of a proposed project is known

one year

- under the national building code, a

building permit shall expire if work
authorized is not commenced within a
period of how long from the date of such

invitation to bid

2 spaces

- under the NBC, buildings / structures

intended for the use or occupancy of the
handicapped shall have a wheel chair
transfer area of one between every


- under the national building code,

mezzanine floors used other than for
storage purposes shall have at least 2
stairways to an adjacent floor if the area is
greater than

- under the NBC, in areas where adequate

public parking lots/ multi-floor parking
garages are available within 200 meters of
the proposed buildings. What percent of
parking requirements may be provided
within the premises?

60 m

- under the national building code, if only 2

exits are required, they shall be placed apart
of not less than what fraction of the
perimeter of the area served?

- under the NBC, parking areas for the

physically handicapped shall be within how
many meters from the facility served?

residential, hotel
and apartments

- under the NBC, convents shall be classified

under what occupancy classification?

- under the NBC, group A dwellings, stairs

shall have clear width of at least

flash point

- under the Fire Code of the Philippines, the

minimum temperature at which any material
gives off vapor in sufficient concentration to
form an ignitable mixture with air is known

fire resistance

- under the FCP, the time duration that a

material or construction can withstand the
effect of standard fire test is known as

occupant load

- under the FCP, the maximum number of

persons that may be allowed to occupy a
particular building, structure or facility or
portions thereof is known as


- under the FCP, classification of occupancy,

academies shall be classified as

750 mm

- under the national building code, eaves

over required windows from side and rear
property lines shall not be less than

14 cu.m

- under the national building code, habitable

rooms with natural ventilation shall have a
minimum air space per person of

185 sq.m


750 mm

3.00 m

6.00 m

- under the NBC, the clearance between the

established grade of the street and/or
sidewalk and the lowest under surface of
any part of the balcony shall not be less
- under the NBC, corridors and exterior exit
balconies with dead ends shall not exceed
how many meters in length?

9.3 sq.m

- under the NBC, the unit area per occupant

of offices is

2.40 x 5.00 m

- under the NBC, the size of an average

automobile parking slot for perpendicular or
diagonal parking shall be computed at.


- under the FCP, classification of occupancy,

town halls shall be classified as


- under the FCP, classification of occupancy,

parking garages shall be classified as


- a process where a piece of metal is heated

prior to changing its shape or dimension is
known as

wrought iron

- a commercially pure iron of fibrous nature,

valued for its corrosion resistance and
ductility is

flemish bond

- a form of brick work in which each course

consists of headers and stretchers laid
alternately is known as


- under the FCP, classification of occupancy,

libraries shall be classified as


- under the FCP, classification of occupancy,

laboratories shall be classified as


- under the FCP, classification of occupancy,

department stores shall be classified as


- the method of stiffening floor construction

by fitting solid blocks between joists is


- under the FCP, classification of occupancy,

pumping stations shall be classified as


- shallow cracks at closely spaced out

irregular intervals on the surface of mortar
or concrete is called

balloon framing

- a system of framing a building in which the

studs are continuous to proof supporting
second floor joists is known as

post tensioning

- the stressing of unbonded tensions after

concrete has cured is

slump test

- a ready means of determining the

consistency of fleshly mixed concrete is

hopper window

- a window sash which opens inward and is

hinged at the bottom is a


- the permanent deformation of a material

under a sustained load is a

tyrolean finish

- rough plaster finish obtained by flinging

plaster on a wall with a hand operated
machine is a


- the pilipino term for purlin is


- the pilipino term for cement brick is

beam blocking

- the boxing in or covering a joist, beam or

girder to give the appearance of a larger
beam is known as

foundation wall

- that part of the building foundation which

forms the permanent retaining wall of the
structure below grade is a

grade beam

control joints

- the part of a foundation system which

supports the exterior wall of the
superstructure and bears directly on the
column footing is a
- joints employed to reduce restraints by
accommodating movement of masonry walls
are known as


- the pilipino term for bottom chord is


- the pilipino term for eave is

double hub

- pipes or fittings that are principally used to

reverse the position of the hub of a soil


- provides the air circulation necessary to

the efficient functioning of a plumbing

tee fittings

- fitting should never be used with pipes

carrying sewage but may be used with vent


- are fittings used to connect pipes of

different sizes in the same line

angle valves

- are used to control water supply to water

closet and lavatory fixtures

master plumber

- should sign and seal plans for plumbing

installation for issuance of permit

teflon tape

- a new product used to ensure water

tightness in joints of GI pipes


- a connection to a water supply main

ball cock

- a float valve with a spherical float


- a short internally threaded section of pipe

used to joint two pipes

ultimate strength

- the maximum value of tension,

compression or shear respectively that the
material can sustain without failure


- a slight convex curvature built into a truss

or beam to compensate for any anticipated
deflection so that it will have no sag when


- a vent rod to resist shear and diagonal

stresses in a concrete beam


- the internal force set up at a point in an

elastic material by the action of external
forces expressed in kilograms per square

modulus of elasticity - in an elastic material which has been

subjected to strain below its elastic limit, the
ratio of the unit stress to the corresponding
unit strain

- equal in magnitude to the product of the

force and the perpendicular distance of the
point from the line of action of the force

bond stress

- the force of adhesion per unit area of

contact between two bonded surfaces such
as between concrete and a steel bar

axial stress

- the longitudinal compressive or tensile

stress in a beam

flexural stress

- a measure of the flexural strength of the



- a change in the form or shape of a body or

material which is subjected to an external


- the semi-polygonal space, usually at the

end of a church, terminating an axis and
intended to house an altar


- from the greek forms of temple, it is the

temple that have porticoes of columns at
the front and rear of the temple


- the great wall of china is actually a

helm roof

- a roof in which 4 faces diagonally between

the gables and converge at the roof


- the very ornate architectural style

developed in the later renaissance period


- a droplike truncated cone from pendant

from mutules and regulae of the Doric


- a compound bracket or capital in japan


- a hall built in roman empire for

administration of justice

palace of persepolis - the hall of hundred columns was

introduced during the Mesopotamian
architecture, which palace was it used?

- a multi-storey shrine like towers, originally

a Buddhist monument of diminishing size
with corbelled cornice and mouldings


- the last phase of European classicism, in

the late 18th and 19th century characterized
by monumentality, strict orders, and sparing
application of ornament

michael angelo

- the sculptor-painter who sculptured the

`pieta and painted the ceiling of the
Sistine chapel


- the second highest slope pyramid in



- the very slight vertical curvature in a shaft

of a column


- erechtheion by mnesicles is from what



- the Corinthian capital center part without