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About the Company

Fabindia is India's largest private platform for products that are made from traditional
techniques, skills and hand-based processes. Fabindia links over 80,000 craft based rural
producers to modern urban markets, thereby creating a base for skilled, sustainable rural
employment, and preserving India's traditional handicrafts in the process. Fabindia products are
natural, craft based, contemporary, and affordable. Fabindia has emerged as one of the leading
players in the ready to wear segment, with the image of a quintessential „Indian‟ brand. Fabindia
has also become a fashion statement in the “elite” and “intellectual” customer segments. It had
also come to represent organic products.

Fabindia was founded with the strong belief that there was a need for a vehicle for
marketing the vast and diverse craft traditions of India and thereby help fulfill the need to
provide and sustain employment. We blend indigenous craft techniques with contemporary
designs to bring aesthetic and affordable products to today‟s consumers.
Fabindia‟s endeavor is to provide customers with hand crafted products which help
support and encourage good craftsmanship.
Fabindia‟s products are sourced from all over India. Fabindia works closely with artisans
by providing various inputs including design, quality control, access to raw materials and
production coordination. The vision continues to be to maximize the handmade element in their
products, whether it is hand-woven textiles, hand block printing, hand embroidery or
handcrafting home products.

It also includes some processed foods. which are based on standards set by the International Federation of Organic Agriculture (IFOAM). look for a certified agency's logo. and NPOP's India Organic logo. resorts and hotels are serviced through a dedicated Institutional Sales and Marketing team. who will in turn verify whether NPOP standards have been met. In India. and has registered and is complying with set standards. All processes. from growing to preparing to packing have been done according to National and International standards. verified by accredited agencies. for example SGS. flavors or additives. Farmland must be managed organically for about 3 years before it can be fully certified. which do not contain any synthetic preservatives.Organic Certification  Food Products Category of Fabindia  Organic Products displaying their Green logo are 'Fully Certified' Organic. Business Information Fabindia started as a wholesale export company and has since successfully established itself as a major retail player in the Indian market.  Natural Products displaying their Yellow logo are 'Natural'. Farmers and producers must register with one of these agencies. .  National and International Standards India's organic certification standards are set by the National Programme for Organic Production (NPOP). For certified Organic products. This means that the farmer is using purely organic techniques. but who have decided to not yet register for certification.  In Conversion Products displaying their Blue logo are 'In Conversion'. Corporates. there are a handful of certifying agencies accredited by NPOP. colors. This category contains products produced by small farmers who use purely organic techniques.

 In 2009 the company was featured as an example of Game-changers by BusinessWeek the international business magazine.  In 2008 Fabindia was named one of India's Top Marketers by Business Today. . 3 stores in Mauritius. The product range consists of garments for men. curtains. upholstery fabric.  In 2010 the company has been recognized as one of the most innovative models by a Monitor-Business Today survey conducted across industry. garment accessories. to wholesalers as well as retailers. India's leading business magazine. A special collection is developed for exports twice a year. Retail Fabindia‟s first retail store opened in New Delhi in 1976. floor coverings and a range of non-textile products like furniture. lights. Today. lamps and stationery. Fabindia‟s product line includes organic foods and Personal care products. Nepal and Singapore. which is showcased at the Indian Handicrafts and Gifts Fair.  Wholesale Exports Fabindia exports to over 33 countries worldwide. bath. This collection draws on different techniques to present a range of home furnishings comprising of bed and table linen. In addition to handcrafted clothing and home furnishings. children and infants. Fabindia has 170 retail stores across India.  In 2011 Fabindia was awarded „Outstanding Achievement in Promotion of Cotton by a Brand‟ by Cotton Council of India at Cottonscape. home furnishings – bed. table and kitchen linen. Exports are done on the basis of standard Terms and Conditions. 2 stores in Dubai and 1 store each in Italy.  In 2010 Fabindia was awarded TIE Retail Innovation Award for „Excellence in Supply Chain Management‟. women. New Delhi in Spring and Autumn. 2011 – A study by Economic Times and Great Places to Work.  In 2011 Fabindia rated amongst India‟s Best Companies to Work for. Products include home linens as well as garments.

A large proportion of these are sourced from villages across India where the company works closely with the artisans. Today. By the early eighties. providing various inputs including design. Fabindia started out as a company exporting home furnishings. 50 Years of Fabindia Founded in 1960 by John Bissell to market the diverse craft traditions of India. quality control. Address of the Fabindia Store which was visited for this Project D-104.700064 Salt Lake.with a focus on textures – both visual and tactile.  Institutional Sales Fabindia has a dedicated team of professionals to handle product customization and interior consulting for heritage hotels. The first Fabindia retail store was opened in Greater Kailash. Fabindia‟s endeavor is to bring customers a choice of products – and lifestyle – that offers an alternative to the mass-produced. New Delhi fifteen years later. Sector-I . which formed a natural extension of Fabindia‟s commitment to traditional techniques and skills was added in 2004. Fabindia was already known for garments made from hand woven and hand printed fabrics. Handcrafted jewellery was introduced in 2008. The non-textile range was added in 2000. access to finance and raw materials. City Centre Mall Kolkata . while creating sustainable livelihoods in the rural sector. resorts and corporate houses. with a pan-India presence. Fabindia is the largest private platform for products that derive from traditional crafts and knowledge. while organic foods. with personal care products following in 2006.

spices. table and kitchen linen o Floor coverings. teenagers and children. fruit preserves and herbs. tableware. tea. body scrubs. sugar. silk. coffee. wool. The Home Products range carries furniture. Cotton. moisturisers. cane baskets and a selection of handcrafted utility items. Teenagers and Children) o Accessories o Bed. linen and jute are the basic fibres used. Non. Fabindia's range of authentic Personal care products includes soaps. grass.Fabindia Product Range The major portion of Fabindia‟s product range is textile based. face packs. bath. lighting. floor coverings. stationery. Organic Food Products (introduced in July 2004) & Fabindia‟s range of authentic Personal care products (introduced in March 2006). upholstery fabric and curtains. table and kitchen linen. bath. pure oils.textile introductions to this range are Home Products (introduced in October 2000). hair conditioners & special skin care products. pulses. Women. bed.  Textile Based o Ready-to-wear garments (For Men. grains. upholstery fabric and curtains Accessories Menswear Women’s Wear . honey. hair oils. Fabindia Organics carries several types of cereals. shampoos. women. The textile-based product range includes ready-to-wear garments and accessories for men.

 Non Textile Based o Home Products (October 2000)  Furniture  Lighting  Stationery  Tableware  Cane baskets  Selection of handcrafted utility items o Organic Food Products (July 2004)  Cereals  Coffee  Grains  Honey  Pulses  Fruit preserves  Spices  Herbs  Sugar  Tea o Authentic Personal care products (March 2006)  Soaps  Shampoos  Hair oils  Pure oils  Moisturizers  Body scrubs  Face packs  Hair conditioners  Special skin care products .

Cushion Covers. Pyjamas & Churidars. type of lowers (pants. Pants. Curtains. ten and nine respectively. refers to the total number of product lines that a company offers to its customers. pajamas. Hair Care. Salwars & Churidars. Quilts.Product Mix of Fabindia Product mix. which make the depth of the product mix of Fabindia very large. The sub categories of non-textile based products are home products. Length Product mix length pertains to the number of total products or items in a company's product mix. Implementation and Control. Tops & Shirts. according to Philip Kotler's textbook "Marketing Management: Analysis. length of personal care products are around four (Silk Protein Range. Extra Short). The width of Fabindia‟s textile based products is over ten. size. Variations can include size. Stoles & Shawls." Ready-to-wear section of women‟s wear has a length of around sixteen (Kurtis and Kurtas. flavor and any other distinguishing characteristic. In case of ready-to-wear merchandises there are different characteristics like length of the kurta (Long. organic food products and authentic personal care products. Saris. also known as product assortment. Shirts. Planning. color. Tablecloths. Depth Depth of a product mix pertains to the total number of variations for each product. Skin Care). Dupattas. Organic Personal Care. Widths of each sub category of non-textile products are six. Short. Textile based home products has the length of around seven (Bedsheets. Placemats & Napkins). Dresses. The spectrum of Fabindia product mix is broad and versatile. Jackets) only. Width The width of a company's product mix pertains to the number of product lines that a company sells. Skirts) and in the case of menswear it is six (Kurtas. . churidars) etc. Kaftans & Jumpsuits. Pants & Capris.

) . M. Linen. Long Length)  Size of the apparels (XS. Cotton. Wild rose. Dobby.)  Type of skin care product (sprays. Black sesame etc. Tea Tree. scrub. L. Pintuck. XXL)  Type of lowers (Capris/Pants/Pajamas/Churidars)  Color & Texture (Mangalkari. honey oatmeal. Extra Short)/Kurti (Knee Length. S. Aloe Vera etc. 44"X84". 90 Round) and curtains (44"X60". Avocado. face pack. Blended etc. Short.Product Attributes Textile Based  Length of the Kurta (Long. Silk Protein. 44" x 84") Fabindia Colors and Textures Variations Non Textile Based  Type of hair care product (Shampoo/conditioner)  Key ingredient in the hair care product (lemon mint. lotion etc. 60"X90". Printed etc)  Fabric (Silk.)  Key ingredient in the skin care product (Charcoal. 60"X60". XL.)  Size of the bed sheets (60"X108".

Price Range Category Lower Price Level (INR) Upper Price Level (INR) Women Kurtis and Kurtas 490 5290 Tops & Shirts 430 2390 Dresses. Stoles & Shawls 990 2090 Salwars & Churidars 390 1190 Saris 2660 6590 Pants & Capris 660 1590 Skirts 790 1890 Bags & Jewellery 260 8990 Men Kurtas 490 1990 Shirts 490 1590 Pants. Pyjamas & Churidars 530 660 Jackets 1690 2790 Home Products Bedsheets 790 2290 Cushion Covers 230 930 Curtains 490 1790 Quilts 1760 2290 Tablecloths 299 1860 Placemats & Napkins 290 990 Personal Products Silk Protein Range 150 425 Hair Care 250 290 Organic Personal Care 150 750 Skin Care 125 700 . Kaftans & Jumpsuits 690 1890 Dupattas.

S.XL XS Fabric Tussar Cotton 100% Cotton Print/Texture Gudri Work Floral Print (Quilted Coverlet) Neckline Chinese Collar Round Neck with Slit Sleeve Full Short Wash care Dry Clean Only Wash Separately Price (INR) 5290 490 .Product Specification Women’s Apparel Product Name Womens Tussar Cotton Women's Cotton Printed Double Layered Gudri Long Lattice Short Kurta Kurta Product Picture Colors Available Rust Natural/Red Sizes Available XS. L. M.

44 36 Fabric Linen Cotton Fabric Print/Texture Hand Block Printed Motif One Chest Pocket with Stripe Pattern all over Neckline Regular Collar Regular Collar Sleeve Full Half Wash care Hand Wash Separately in Cold Wash Separately in Cold Water Water 1590 490 Price (INR) . 40. 42. 38.Men’s Apparel Product Name Linen Printed Fitted Shirt Mens Mangalgiri Stripe Bush Shirt Product Picture Colors Available Orange/Brown Maroon Sizes Available 36.

Jewellery Earrings Silver Anusuya 960 Earrings Silver Anusuya 940 Material Silver Silver Color Silver Multi-Color Hook/Fastening Push Fish Price (INR) 8990 460 Product Name Product Picture .

Bed Sheet Bedspread Printed Kathakali Bedspread Woven Rizwan Colors Available Blue Green Sizes Available 94”*104” Fabric Cotton Fabric Cotton Fabric Print/Texture Hand Block Printed Designer Weave Wash care Hand Wash Separately in Cold Recommended Hand / Gentle Water Wash Product Name Product Picture Do not bleach Dry in shade Price (INR) 2290 790 .

Guar Gum. Coconut Diethanolamide. Polyquaternium 10. Glycerine. CAPB. Menthol. SLES. Sodium Purified Water.250ml Product Picture Ingredients Purified Water. EDTA. Protein. Tea Tree Oil. Cocoamidopropylbetaine. Salicylic Acid.Hair Care: Shampoo Product Name Silk Protein Shampoo 250 ml Tea Tree Shampoo Dandruff Control . Usage Luster and texture Anti-Dandruff Price (INR) 290 250 . Methylchloroisothiazolinone. Lactic Acid. Sodium Fragrance. Disodium. Glycerine. Neem Oil. Sodium Ethylene Glycol Distearate. Dimethicone. Hydroxide (50%). Phenoxyethanol. Laureth Sulphate. Citric Acid. Chloride. Silk Polyquaternium 7. Panthenol. Glycol Distearate.

Store Display .

Salt Lake. http://smallbusiness. www. 2013. 2:18 AM) 3. 11:45 PM) .com (11th September.html (12th September. Store Manager of Fabindia Store. City Center.chron.References: 2013.fabindia. Kolkata 2.