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VIA Email:, and U.S.

November 26, 2014
Grace A. Fagan, Esq., General Counsel
Office of the General Counsel
cc: The Honorable Hale R. Stancil, and
Fifth Judicial Circuit, Florida
persons on the Nov-26-2014 service list
RE: Access to public records and meetings, Article I, Section 24, Florida Constitution.
Reverse Mortgage Solutions, Inc. vs. Neil J. Gillespie, et al., Case No. 13-115-CAT
Dear Ms. Fagan:
This is a request for public records. I understand you are General Counsel for the Fifth Judicial
Circuit, Florida. I am writing to you in that capacity. My name is Neil J. Gillespie, reluctantly
appearing pro se in the above cited (wrongful) foreclosure of my home on a reverse mortgage.
Currently there is an open case in this matter with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
(CFPB), Complaint No. 140304-000750. Inadvertently I neglected to include this information in
my letter to Curtis Wilson November 17, 2014, a copy of which is attached as filed in the case.

Provide records of your job description as General Counsel. (See enclosed example)


Provide records of a Foreclosure Bench Book for Reverse Mortgage. Doris BermudezGoodrich, Assistant General Counsel for the Eleventh Judicial Circuit, prepared a
Foreclosure Bench Book 2013 with the Hon. Jennifer D. Bailey, found online at the link
I have not been able to locate a Reverse Mortgage Foreclosure Bench Book.


Records showing how to schedule a motion for hearing. Does this Court/Circuit use an
automated system like JAWS, the Judicial Automated Workflow System?


Records of pro se assistance information published by the Fifth Judicial Circuit, Florida.


Records of disability assistance information published by the Fifth Judicial Circuit, Florida.


Records for the Office of the General Counsel showing:

An email address to contact you as General Counsel, and service under Rule 2.516.
I expect to serve you a copy of my motion for appointment of counsel under the
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and a separate motion for appointment of
counsel as provided in my letter to Curtis Wilson dated November 17, 2014.
A telephone number for contacting the Office of General Counsel.
A mailing address that is not a Post Office Box. My shipping company, United Parcel
Service (UPS), cannot lawfully deliver to a P.O. Box.

Thank you in advance for the courtesy of a response. Sincerely,

Neil J. Gillespie
8092 SW 115th Loop
Ocala, Florida 34481

Neil J Gillespie

Digitally signed by Neil J Gillespie

DN: cn=Neil J Gillespie, o, ou,, c=US
Date: 2014.11.26 17:51:03 -05'00'

Telephone: 352-854-7807

Enclosed: Service list; example of General Counsel job description (Thirteenth Judicial Circuit)

E-mail Service List November 26, 2014

RE: Record request to Grace A. Fagan, Esq., General Counsel, Fifth Judicial Circuit Fla.
Reverse Mortgage Solutions, Inc. v. Neil J. Gillespie, et al., case no. 2013-CA-115.
Marion County Circuit Court, Fifth Judicial Circuit Florida
Mr. Curtis Wilson, Esq.
McCalla Raymer, LLC
225 E. Robinson St. Suite 660
Orlando, FL 32801
Fla. Bar No.: 77669
Ms. Delilah Lugo,
Litigation Hearing Department
McCalla Raymer, LLC

Ms. Jane Bond, Managing Partner

Litigation & Trial Practicebond
McCalla Raymer LLC
Ms. Robyn Katz, Managing Partner
Florida Foreclosure
McCalla Raymer LLC

Ms. Tameka Gordon, ADA Coordinator

Marion County, Fifth Judicial Circuit, Florida

Mr. Robert J. Stovash, Chair

Stovash, Case & Tingley, P.A.

Ms. Patricia Ann Toro Savitz

The Florida Bar
1000 Legion Place, Suite 1625
Orlando, Florida 32801-1050

Mr. Jon M. Oden, Investigating Member

Ball Janik L.L.P.
201 E. Pine St. Ste. 825
Orlando, Florida 32801-2764

Mr. Barry R. Davidson (for Respondent)

Hunton & Williams LLP
Barclays Financial Center
1111 Brickell Ave. Floor 25
Miami, Florida 33131-3101

Mr. Frank H. Killgore Jr., Investigating Member

Killgore, Pearlman, Stamp, Ornstein & Squires
2 South Orange Avenue
P.O. Box 1913
Orlando, Florida 32801

I certify that today November 26, 2014 I provided by email the foregoing parties my PDF letter
to public record request to Grace A. Fagan, Esq., General Counsel, Fifth Judicial Circuit Fla.

Neil J. Gillespie
8092 SW 115th Loop
Ocala, Florida 34481
Telephone: 352-854-7807



Representation of the court including general advice on ethics matters, trial procedure, case
management techniques, administrative advice to the chief judge, and defense of actions against
the court and judges. These duties include that I represent the judges in extraordinary writ
proceedings; advise the court on developing case law concerning jurisdiction and judges'
authority; advise the court on bankruptcy and creditors' rights between state and federal courts;
draft administrative orders for the court mandating judicial assignment, procedures, and court
programs; draft substantive orders on summary judgment, dismissals, final orders, and orders
on attorney fees; supervise all orders on prisoner motions for post conviction relief; supervise
the court's law clerk program, assign clerk work, review and assure quality, monitor progress
for prompt response; advise judges concerning matters before the Judicial Qualification
Commission as well as campaign and financial disclosure compliance, prepare formal judicial
ethics opinions; serve as liaison between the court and members of the bar and the public;
represent the court's interest before various state rules committees on applicable rules of
appellate procedure and rules of judicial administration; serve as liaison between the court and
clerk of court's counsel for procedural matters; assist ~ litigants and members of the
general public regarding court procedures, provide referrals to appropriate public agencies; and
make presentations to law ftrffiS and community organizations regarding court procedures and
programs continuing legal education programs concerning court procedures, and other projects
as directed by the Chief Judge.