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Volvo teaching commercial – Creativity when learning. Pronunciation.

Berlitz Laundromat - Dating. Relationships. Small talk.

Berlitz “expecting” mixup - Homophones. Job Interviews.

Micky likes it! Like / don’t like / preferences

Where’s the Beef? - Comparatives

Big Mac Chant - Food vocab. / Chant

Gold’s Gym – for teaching comparatives

Cingular – Text Messaging. Relationships.

Pepsi – Chinese Monks Action verbs.

McDonalds Shark attack Describe / retell the story. Jokes.

Ikea. furniture vocabulary / dance

Axe. Learn English – Creativity / Thinking Skills

Kobe Bryant / Lebron James Triple double dialogue

Tantrum Boy – Giving advice.
Spontex Scrubber - Preferences.

Pepsi – Soccer Preferences. Which is better?

Modern Bathroom – Household vocabulary

You got the right one baby! Diet Pepsi Singing.

Jennifer Anniston – Dating. Priorities.

Low Fat Tuna – Dieting / Body Image.

Berlitz German coastguard - Pronunciation. Study harder.

Berlitz Wheelchair – Pre Conceptions.

Cat / Fish – How can English help you in life?

Adidas Muhammad Ali – Write a biography.

Pepsi Becham Sumo – Future. Who will win?

Cyon Commercial

Fed ex kinkos meeting

Castaway Fed ex – Retell the story. Movie review.

Toy Soldiers – Peace. Non violence.
Speaking English can be lethal! Comparing cultures.

Medieval Monks Help Desk – Technology, Concept of Print.

Gold’s Gym. Temptation. Food

Golden Lion Winners:

Where is the chocolate man? Describe.

What values does “soccer” teach us?

Life is short. Draw a timeline… -

7 days – What does each one get?

Teaching car parts

Levis – describe where they are going.

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