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Cultural Component

What do you think about when you think of singing? Do you think about the latest rock or pop
craze? Or do you think about some opera singer on stage? For me, when I think about singing, I
think about Bahamas National Youth Choir. On Friday, March 30 2012 I went to the Bahamas
National Youth Choir Concert. The Bahamas National Youth Choir has a wide range of classical
music, Broadway tunes, American contemporary, spirituals, folk music of the Caribbean and the
world. The Bahamas National Youth Choir is directed by Cleophas Adderley who composes
many of the choir songs. The Bahamas National Youth Choir was mainly traditional, with
presentation that moved with equal degree of grace, ease and excellence which shows that the
choir is very discipline. At the first section of the concert it started off with classical music by
Baritone Tychiko Cox grace the stage with his opera singing that was very lovely. The second
half of the concert was spirituals, folk music and Junkanoo that was the best part of the show.
The most memorable part of the show was the Junkanoo, the choir tribute to Michael Jackson
and the spirituals. In my essay I will analysis of the performance I attend.
The Bahamas National Youth Choir used one of Michael Jackson famous songs Beat
It. The whole song is based on gangs. The musical was similar to the gangs in the musical West
Side Story. The beginning of the musical, the two gangs continually tells the opposing gang to
"Beat it." And at the end, there is a rumble, where the two gang leaders fight to the death and a
former gang member tries to stop them. For this scene there was. The set was very plain there
was a black curtain board at the back of the set and there were visible stage lights hanging down
into the performance. This made the atmosphere more exciting and I began to feel very
apprehensive. At the front of the stage there were also two microphones, one on each side. There
was music playing throughout the play. I noticed this in particularly at the beginning. The music

was very rhythmic but unusual. The music genre was mixed with hip hop, pop and rock. There
was also strong beat by some kind of drum and over the top was a very twinkling piano or maybe
even a flute. This was a very unusual mix of sounds and was unexpected so added to the
atmosphere by bringing a sort of strange element. It also features some choreography which
added interest to me in the storylines. To conclude The Bahamas National Youth Choir was a
lovely experience to me. This amazing Bahamian cultural experience took me about 3 hour and
30 minutes

There was a proscenium arch and There were large lights area. These were decorative shapes.
Household lampshades of striking colours like orange, red and yellow.. As well as the lighting
lifting equipment was on show. This was for a trampoline, which was raised and lowered, as
appropriate during the play.
The house lights were dimmed very slowly over about a five-minute period so you hardly
noticed the difference until it was almost completely dark apart from the stage lights.

. In the music video when mj was dancing throughout the song. (even if it is in reference to West
Side Story). The smoky alleys, rough pool halls and shadowy warehouses would become typical settings
for future Jackson videos.

Nassau, Bahamas - You're Invited to World Renowned Bahamas National Youth Choir 22nd
Annual Concert Season Thursday,March 29th to Saturday, March 31st, 2012 8pm Nightly.
Under the distinguished patronage of Their Excellencies, Sir Arthur Foulkes, Governor-General
of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas, and Lady Foulkes, the world famous Bahamas National
Youth Choir, under the directorship of Cleophas Adderley, presents its 22nd Annual Concert

Season from Thursday, March 29th to Saturday, March 31, 2012, 8pm nightly at the College of
The Bahamas Performing Arts Centre. Featuring Guest Artist: Baritone Tychiko Cox.

When went into the performance space our entry was informal. We weren't given specific seats
and stewards didn't show us to seats. The performance was indoors and the seating was raked.
The stage was raised but this didn't seem to make the atmosphere formal. The performers
themselves were on stage when we entered and the curtains weren't closed. There were wearing
'gym clothes' (cycling shorts and leotard tops). When I walking they were practising some
amazing moves, showing off there amazing strength and sense of balance.