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The Corporate Image:

Building worldwide growth by building a better world

Business Culture:
Building on local responsibility for international success
Employee Policy:
Building our business on the knowledge of our people
Market Strategy:
Building our growth on a solid base of earnings
Customer Philosophy:
Building customer satisfaction, because their success is our success
Quality Standard:
Building on quality products to build our reputation
Commitment to Environmental Protection:
Building on environmental care also makes economic sense
Commitment to Innovation:
Building on new technologies determines our future success

Our Vision
To be the undisputed leader in building materials in Bangladesh through

Excellence in all areas of operations with world class standards

Harnessing our strengths as the only cement producer in Bangladesh and
Sustainable growth that respects the environment and the community

Our Commitments

Offering highest quality of product and services that exceed our customers
Giving our people an enabling environment that nurtures their talents and opportunity
to give the best for the organization
Contribute to building a better world for our communities
Delivering the value creation that our shareholders expect.


We provide the most professional, informative, loyal and dedicated service in the industry.
The best interests of our clients will always come first and we will place the clients' concerns
ahead of our own in each and every transaction, as we are dedicated to the development of
long-term client relationships! Our team-approach philosophy ensures your needs are
important to each and every member of our organization. Our mission is to provide residents
with exemplary service in a quality home environment, and to provide partners and clients
with maximized real estate asset value. To Our Residents We are dedicated to delivering
exemplary service in a quality home environment. Our goal is to be the apartment home
provider of choice.

To be the market leader in cement industry.
Bashundhara Cements mission is to be the market leader through providing quality cement
at a competitive price while ensuring smooth products delivery and technical service
towards customers & consumers.

Work towards the development of the society through sustainable growth and high quality
Provide satisfaction to customers, an enjoyable working environment for the employees & to
create value for the stakeholders
We have very basic, well specified goals and objectives. These include:
To improve comprehensively on our current success areas.
To improve our brand image
To satisfy our customers.
To be among the top 5 cement manufacturers in
To earn reasonable profits.
To capture the target market share.

Mission & Vision

Go with great, Grow with great
It is the Mission of Diamond Cement to :

We should be one of the largest Cement Companies in the Country. Our growth in
size will be through continuous review of potentials of the existing manufacturing
resources, strategic acquisitions and expansions.
We are committed to being the industry leader in providing outstanding value to our
customers, a safe and stimulating work environment for our employees, and superior
returns for our shareholders.
While maintaining its leading position in quality of cement maximizes profitability
through reduced cost of production and enhanced market share.
Achieve growth through superior innovation, quality, commitment, and customer
We will grow by creating value for all delighted customers, engaged employees,
enlightened partners and sustainable development.
Cement will be our mainstay. However, we shall venture into related fields which
afford purposeful synergy.
Run our business in an ethical and professional manner and meet all the relevant
environmental and government legislated regulations.


Working Together to Build our Communities.

To be a role model cement manufacturing Company, benefiting all customers and
fulfilling Corporate Social Responsibilities while enjoying public respect and

Our goal is to relate the Brand name in cement to best quality, dependability and technical
excellence by:

Improving comprehensively in current success areas

Empowering the work force at every level
Playing a vital role in social responsibility

Our Vision
The vision of Mir Cement Ltd in accordance with its sister organizations, is to improve the
overall construction industry of Bangladesh by introducing new technologies and practices
that have defined the infrastructure of the modern world.

We want to be the leading company of Bangladesh in
salt category with international standard.
Our mission is to intensify quality of life through
produce world class product by using state of the art
technology which will ensure highest level of consumer
satisfaction and give benefit to the society at large.
We want to expand distribution network at every
corner of Bangladesh to make the quality product
available at consumers door steps.
We want to create more employment opportunity for
the common people of the country by inflating our
We want to augment the skill and strength of the
organization that will contribute in economic
development of the country.

*** Heidelberg, Lafarge, Tiger, Boshundhara, Premier, Diamond, Mir, Molla, Meghna

Production Technology (MEGHNA):

There are 4 nos. of grinding mill in MCML having production capacity of 3000 MT/ day and
these mills are equipped with high efficiency separator to segregate fine particle from the
coarse one. The dimension of each of the 02 (two) mills is 3m diameter x 9m length
(production capacity 30 TPH) while the each of the rest 02 is 3m diameter x 11m length
(production capacity 40 TPH).
Quality Assurance (Q.A.):
To ensure the product quality, the Quality Assurance (Q.A.) department collects samples
from different areas of mill house every after 1hrs. to evaluate quality of the crushed product
and thus feed back to the production department. Based on the quality report determined by
Q.A department, Production department acts accordingly.
Production and Packaging:
There are 4 nos. of cement silo for cement storing purpose in MCML, where the capacity of
each of the first 02 silo is 3500 MT while the capacity of each of the rest 02 is 5000 MT.
Cement is extracted from the cement silo through extraction system which consists of roots
blower, inlet box, pneumatic shut off valve, flow control valve etc. which are controlled
from the control room of the pack house. There are 2 nos. of roto packer having packing
capacity of 100 MT / Hr. and 110 MT / Hr. respectively. These packers are the equipments
of modern technology where weighing system of the delivered cement sack is fully
electronic based to ensure proper weight of every sack of cement.
Mainly paper made cement sacks are preferred for filling purpose although small percentage
of poly sack are also used based on the consumers demand. It may be mentioned here that,
the paper sacks are manufactured by the Sack plant of BG.
Environment Protection:
To assist the production process i.e. to enhance the mill output as well as for securing dust
free working environment there are several nos. of dust collectors with modern deducting
system in the mill house area. Moreover there are several nos. of dust collector having larger
capacity of modern deducting system to secure almost dust free working environment.
Delivery Control System:
There exists 02 modes of cement delivery system i.e. road delivery and vessel delivery
available in this plant. To prevent bag bursting while loading in vessel one spiral chute has
been designed with the barge loader.
To ensure smooth delivery of cement sacks 19 nos. ten wheeler and 16 nos. six wheeler
company delivery trucks are being used.
Raw material unloading & Storing:
There exists a modern equipped jetty facility in this organization where the sea going vessel
can berth easily. There exists 02 nos. of hydraulic crane of modern technology of German
origin having unloading capacity of 250 MT/Hr each of which contribute a lot to faster
unloading. Here it needs to mention that there exists a clinker shed having storing capacity
of 35000 MT and for easy and faster conveying there exists a substantial numbers of belt
conveyors which has been designed technically and which lengths about 02 kilometers.
Besides the two nos. of hydraulic crane there also exists 02 nos. of mechanically driven crane
namely Fransiab Crane which are mainly engaged for limestone unloading.