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Henley Forum in partnership with

Henley Centre for Engaging Leadership

Lead a smarter organisation

Getting more from collective intelligence

Henley Forum 15th Annual Conference
Wednesday 25 and Thursday 26 February 2015

Lead a smarter organisation: getting more from

collective intelligence
The more technology allows
enterprises to become connected,
the more opportunities arise
to develop and apply collective
intelligence. At the same time,
the task of orchestrating the
effects in ways that create value
becomes more complex.
Helping knowledgeable individuals
build the necessary connections
and relationships with other
expertise enables an enterprise
to achieve agility and resilience.
Creating and sustaining this sort
of dynamism in organisations
requires new kinds of leaders.
Challenge yourself and your
organisation to create greater
enterprise capability
Develop a 2020 vision of leadership capacity through listening
to expert presentations and
discussing ways forward with
leaders from a wide range
of sectors.
Explore the latest thinking
about learning across boundaries,
working out loud through social
tools, using indirect influence, and
how to use evaluation to monitor
progress of collective activity.
Figure out how the combination
will give you a resilient and agile
Brief outlines of all sessions,
together with biographical
information about speakers
can be found on our website

Make knowledge work for you

Within any organisation, individuals contain a wealth of knowledge that
we may not know about, or if we do, dont know where it is or how to get
to it. Groups develop even more in the form of collective intelligence. This
conference is designed to help leaders at all levels of the organisation tap
into this collective knowledge and use it to its full potential.
A collective is a group of people that works together voluntarily, towards
a common goal. Together they know more than the sum of their individual
knowledge. People working collectively achieve results that would be
impossible alone. Contributions from a range of people provide diversity,
flexibility and strength of purpose to their thinking. This conference will help
you think through effective strategies and techniques for co-ordinating their
excitement and purpose, without controlling it. Leading intelligent collectives
is a vital skill for people at all levels of modern enterprises.
By tapping into the intelligence and resources across all levels of your
organisation, it is possible to build business capabilities faster and with
fewer resources. Smarter organisations are built on co-operation between
knowledgeable individuals. Of course, collectives can get out of control. Actions
can be driven more by emotions than careful reasoning. Goals can become too
radical. Certainly collectives develop a sense of identity that attracts others and
creates energy and momentum for change. Harnessing this productively is an
essential aspect of this leadership challenge.

Focus leadership, at all levels, on increasing enterprise

It helps to remember two important factors when working with
collectives to access intelligence:
Firstly, individuals are volunteers. They are choosing to be involved!
Secondly, each individual has their own reasons for joining a collective.
Its important to consider their relationships with others, and how this
impacts on their thinking.
Leadership then becomes an activity rather than a role, a process of influencing others through behaviours and communications from within rather than
outside the collective. This can achieve spectacular results.

Henley Forum 15th annual conference programme

Day 1: Wednesday 25 February 2015

Day 2: Thursday 26 February 2015


Registration and coffee


Registration and coffee


Welcome and opening remarks



Welcome and opening remarks plus a provocation

for the day

Start with a buzz


Working out loud: leading the collective

Euan Semple, Public Speaker, Consultant and Author
of Organisations Dont Tweet, People Do


The resiliently agile organisation: reframing mindsets, skillsets, relationships and routines
Dr Linda Holbeche, Honorary Visiting Professor HRM
and OD, Cass Business School.



Networking and refreshment break


When push comes to shove with a nudge: where

are the limits of organisational influence?
Dr Guy Champniss, Henley Centre for Customer

Navigating complexity: the knowledge connections that defined the hunt for the Higgs Boson
Professor Bertrand Nicquevert, Project Co-ordinator,


Networking and refreshment break




New economics, new enterprise: where are the

new leaders?
Dr Dominic Swords, Visiting Professor of Business
Economics, Henley Business School



The Reputation Economy: rethinking leadership

and conceptions of value in the digital society
Dr Alessandro Gandini, Lecturer, Middlesex University
and Research Fellow on the EU-project P2Pvalue
Networking and refreshment break



Improving the uptake of lessons learned

Professor Jane McKenzie and Dr Vaughan Michell,
Henley Business School

Knowing it all? Can there be wisdom in hubris and

the addiction to power
Dr Dimitrios Spyridonidis, Henley Centre for Engaging





Go where the energy is; building collective

momentum for change from the middle out
Dr Bonnie Cheuk, Global Head of Knowledge and
Collaboration, Euroclear




Drinks reception


Conference dinner

Report on 2014 Forum project

Embedding evaluation: using learning cycles to
improve communities of practice
Dr Christine van Winkelen, Henley Forum

Report on 2014 Forum project

Engaging with social business
Professor Jane McKenzie; Dr Christine van Winkelen,
Henley Forum

Report on 2014 Forum project


Harnessing collective intelligence inside and

outside the business: a practical approach to
creating shared value
Masamichi Takahashi, Researcher, Communications
Technology Laboratory, Fuji Xerox


Networking and refreshment break


What does it take to lead in todays complex

Professor Malcolm Higgs, Southampton University


Relating the story and imagining the impact

Your closing conversations facilitated by
Dr Christine van Winkelen and Professor Jane McKenzie
Henley Forum


End of conference

The Henley Forum Conference

The Henley Forum for Organisational Learning
and Knowledge Strategies

Conference rate
750 + VAT for one day
1,250 + VAT for two days

(Formerly known as the Henley KM Forum)

Conference dinner 25 February 60 + VAT

Two delegate places at the conference

and dinner are included as part of the
Henley Forum membership fee; there
is a 25% discount for additional
member delegates.
Members of the Henley Partnership,
the Henley Centre for HR Excellence
and other Henley research centres may
have a particular interest in the content
and will benefit from a 25% discount
on the conference rate paying:
550 + VAT for one day
950 + VAT for two days

The Henley Forum is an internationally recognised centre of excellence for

practical thinking about how to improve the business value of organisational
knowledge and learning activities. As a membership-based community it
offers a space where leading business practitioners, world-class academics and
thought leaders combine experience and ideas, develop insights and provide
practical guidance to help knowledge-based organisations thrive in a
changing world.
The challenge for organisations and individuals is to create the conditions
that allow knowledge to be accessed, developed and shared effectively. Topics
we explore include those of strategic interest such as leadership development,
partnering, innovation, new organisational forms and the future of work.

15% discount is available on conference

bookings made before 1 February 2015
(not applicable alongside other discounts).

We also focus on improving operational activities through effective leadership,

collaborative knowledge sharing, the impact of social technologies, crosscultural knowledge working, how knowledge practices support project
management, decision-making, better conversations, expertise retention
and human capital development.


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