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1. Period 42 Lesson A 1
2. Period 43 Lesson A 2 ,A3
3. Period 44 Lesson A 4
4. Period 45 Lesson B 1
5. Period 46 Lesson B 2,B3 .
Week: 15
Period: 42
Teaching date:../ 11/11



I. Aim: After finishing the lesson, the students will be able to
use Wh- questions to talk about their schedules and routines
at school.
II. Language contents
1. Grammar: Wh- questions: Wh- words + Special Verbs + S +
V+ O ?
_ What time do Hoas classes start?
_ When does your school year start?
_ For how many hours a day does..?
2. Vocabulary: _ take about, hard, during, almost, school
III. Techniques: _ Matching
_ Look at the picture and built sentences.
_ What and where
_ Asking and answering the questions.
IV. Teaching aids: Pictures/ p. 72, movie of the conversation,
English songs, a laptop, and pictures of various activities.
V. Procedures:
Teachers and students
I. Warm up / (Marks)
- Teacher uses the English song
The song what time is it
then students guess the title of
b/ Ket hp A va B sao cho phu
the lesson and match the correct
hp: (4 ms)
pictures with the correct words.
Picture 1: Eat breakfast
- He gives marks to students who Picture 2: Start the class.
perform well.
Picture 3: Do home work
-Now scan the pictures A 1 unit 7 Picture 4: Play computer games.
then guess the meaning of the
* The title of the song is what time is it?
( The song urge students do the right
-After watching the video clip you things in the morning)

Guess the new words appear in
the dialogue.
- Teacher introduces the new
-Students listen and copy the
-Teacher explains the word and
clicks the sounds (three times),
students practice (repeat
individual and groups).
-Teacher explains how to
pronounce and the meaning of
-Teacher uses the situations to
introduce the vocabularies.
-Students listen and practice.
-Teacher corrects students
-Students listen and copy.
-Students practice vocabularies
individual and groups
-Teacher lets students play the
game one checks students
- Students play the game

II. Presentation
New words:
- school year (n)
- last (v)
- during / djri /(prep.)
- almost / adv./
-take (v)

What and where





Take time to do : mat thi gian
-Teacher gives the grammar
e lam g
points that appear in this
Ex: That takes three hours to do my
dialogue and explains how to use homework.
- For how many hours a day?
-Students listen and practice.
( Danh bao nhieu ting mt
-Students use the form then build ngay?)
some sentences.
Ex: For how many hours a day do
- T. lets students crossing-check you do your homework?
then gives them marks.
( Marks) base on the form sentence
- Students give some comments then make some examples:
-Teacher writes the correct
I do my homework two hours a
sentences on the board
-Students copy
Listen and choose A.1/p.72

- Teacher explains the changing

part of the lesson.
- Teacher clicks on the sound
icon three times so students can
listen the dialogue three times
( each time stops one minute)
-Teacher lets Students practice
the dialogue in close pairs and
open pairs)
* ( note: Students listen two
times without looking at the
books or the scene, the third
time students can look at and
repeat every difficult sentence)
-Teacher says the changing part
of the lesson.
-Students practice the dialogue
and answer the questions in
pairs close pairs and open pairs.
-Teacher lets students crossingcheck
-Teacher corrects and gives the
keys and comments
-Students go to the board write
the correct answer keys.
-Teacher says the changing part
of the lesson.
-Now all of you ask and answer
about you
- Teacher supply the
-Students consult and answer
-Teacher lets students play the
game lucky numbers.
-Students play the game.
-Teacher corrects and gives them
marks if they answer the correct

1. Hoa is usually early / late for school.

2. In the afternoon, she watches TV /
does the housework.
3. Her summer vacation starts in June /
4. During her summer vacation, she
visits her father and mother / Ha Long
KEY: 1. early 2. does the housework
3. June 4. her father and
IV. Practice:
Dialogue A.1/p.72. Textbook
Comprehension questions a)d)/p.78
a) What time do Hoas classes start?
=> Her classes start at 7.00.
b) What time do they finish?
=> They finish at 11.15.
c) For how many hours a day does Hoa
do her homework?
=> She does the homework two hours a
d) What will Hoa do during her vacation?
=> She will visit her parents on their
farm during vacation.
IV. Production:
* Answer the questions about you:
1. What time do you have breakfast?
2. What time do your classes start?
3. What time do your classes finish?
4. When does your school year start?
5. When does your school year finish?
1/ I have breakfast at..............
2/ My classes start at 1 P.M.
3/ They finish at four thirty-five.
4/ My school year starts in August.
5/They finish at four thirty-five.
* Pictures drill: ( using should or
should not)
Picture 1 : We should..

-Teacher says the changing next

part of the lesson to educate
-Teacher uses some pictures to
educate students.
-Teacher requires students look
at the pictures and build
sentences in English to use
should or should not
-Students practice
-Students make crossing-check
- Teacher corrects, gives keys
and gives them marks.
- Students copy the correct
-T. says the changing part of the

- Finally, teacher guides them

what to prepare at home for the
coming class.
-T. guides Ss how to do the
-Ss. Listen and copy teachers
- Teacher remarks about the
students learning attitudes and
ends the class.

Key: eat breakfast
Picture 2 : We should good
Key: have
Picture 3: We should save time.
Picture 4: We shouldnt drink.
Picture 5: We shouldnt smoke.
Picture 6: We should not play
games on line.

V. Homework:
- Learning the new words and the
forms by heart.
- Practicing the dialogue fluently and
answering the questions again.
-Asking and answering about your
classes and your studying. ( 10
sentences strong students)
-Answering (What time do you / have
breakfast/ go to bed/ do your
homework ....?)
- Reviewing the present simple and the
future simple tenses.
-Prepare next period A 2 and A3, unit 7

VI. Comments


* Solutions: