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Jake Anthony

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Jake Anthony

The driving force behind this series

of publications was born in England,
just one year into World War Two.
People dying not in combat
but from health problems relating to
lifestyle, including his own parents,
was the life-amending catalyst which
launched Jake Anthony’s lifelong
interest in health, fitness and life
extension - and a search for answers.
A wish to become a professional actor and writer was ful-
filled through hard work and dedication against the odds, and Jake
Anthony obtained a degree of ‘celebrity’ over the years. His work
as a character actor can still be seen on TV from time to time.
Jake also became one of the most published writers who
nobody knows about! This was due to his work going mainly
uncredited as an internationally published journalist in advertising
and PR; under pseudonyms as author, with many ‘to-kill-for’ re-
views; and as editor and/or ghost writer for others. Jake had a
couple of small ‘best sellers’ in the East and the West, and is the
man behind a handful of ‘cult’ novels which change hands for
large sums via on-line booksellers.
Another life-amending incident occurred when his extremely
fit and healthy actor and stunt man son, died from an interaction
between prescribed drugs. Like ‘Lord Jim’ - Joseph Conrad’s char-
acter in the book and movie - Jake left his homeland and wan-
dered the Orient for 20 plus years trying to make sense of it all.
This was interrupted by a series of health disasters at the
hands of the allopathic medical system in the West which would
have killed most people. Ironically, they were initiated by prescribed
drugs that were supposed to cure, not kill. This was added to by
the Western system of treating the symptom rather than fully iden-
tifying the cause.
Jake’s series of the potential lifestyle based killers included
cancer, crisis level hypertension, borderline type-2 diabetes, acute
and chronic pancreatitis, and gallstones. As prescribed drugs had
initiated his series of interlinked health disasters - and time after
time exacerbated them - Jake turned his back on the Western
medical system and from then on utilised nutritional, holistic and
alternative therapies known about for thousands of years in the
Orient and the East. His host of ailments regressed or were con-
trolled, and extra decades of life were obtained. Some joint prob-
lems came later, but you would not believe it when you see the
author pumping iron and skipping (jump rope) like an in-shape boxer.
The author’s ‘beating the odds’ experience and use of ho-
listic and alternative therapies, almost certainly played a part in his
survival. The ‘How To’ and ‘Why’ are detailed in this series of
books. Jake’s fit and youthful appearance belies the fact that he is
technically a senior citizen, well over the age of retirement.
Knowledge is power. Your choice.

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First Pressing: E-book: 2009.




The Vaccination Time Bomb

Turning Our Children Into Cannibals
Destroying Our Children’s Health With Industrial Chemicals
& Animal Offal
Ingredients In Vaccines - The Shocking Truth
Autism Rates Amongst Children Explode: One Chance In 38
Inject Pus Into Your Children’s Veins & Improve Their Health
Big Pharma - Morally Bankrupt
End Of Day: Pandemics, PR and Lies from Big Pharma



Childhood Diseases - The Big Lie

Would You Knowingly Inject the Ingredients in These Vaccines
Into Your Children?
Childhood Diseases: The Official Line & The Alternatives
Further Alternatives To Vaccination
When Not to Immunise
Travel Immunisation


Vaccination Does Not Work: Epidemics Amongst Highly Vac-

cinated Populations
The Proof: Vaccination Merely Time-Shifts Childhood Infec-
tions Into Diseases of Adolescence and Adulthood
Mass Vaccination = Lowered Immunity
Big Government and Big Pharma’s Big Lie: The MMR and
DTP Vaccines Have No Harmful Effects



The MMR Vaccine: An Expose

Major Mumps Outbreak Proves That The MMR Vaccine Does
Not Work
More Proof That Vaccination Causes Autism
Nazi Style Experimentation On Children With The Glaxo
‘Rotarix’ Vaccine
Is A Pneumonia Vaccine Even Necessary?
The Gardasil Scandal
The Scandal Of The Routine Injection Of Synthetic ‘Vitamin
K’ Into Newborns
How Many Deaths Due To Vaccines Are Acceptable To Big
Pharma? Their Statistics
Deadly Immunity: Criminal Conduct By Big Pharma
Mutations of Ancient Viruses and New Wild Viruses Question
the Safety and Effectiveness of Vaccination as a Therapy
The Disaster Of Man-Made Antibiotics and The Holistic Al-
The Harmful Effects of Drugs and Vaccines On the Elderly
Vaccines, Depression and Neurodegeneration After Age 50 -
A Scientific Study
Are Adults Set For Epidemics’ of Childhood Diseases?
Evidence Hidden From Us By Big Government and Big Pharma
The Holy Grail of Vaccination: Does it Work?
More Proof That The Process Of Vaccination Does Not Work
What is the Principle Behind Vaccination and What Are the
Proof That Herbal Alternatives Work
Just a Thought



(Chinese Medicine/Immunology/Herbal Medicine)

Chanchai Chutsirimongkol. M.D., Thailand.

Ainsworths Homeopathic Pharmacy, London. UK

Dr. Robert J. Woodward B.Pharm., Ph.D., M.Royal Pharm.
Soc., C.Chem., F.R.S.C. London.

(Cognitive Development)
Professor Robert Plomin. Institute of Psychiatry, London,

Jane Jones. National Pure Water Association, UK.

Sally Bunday and Irene Colquhoun.
Hyperactive Children’s Support Group, England.

• The knowledge, experience and assistance provided

by all of the above, was invaluable in
the compilation of this publication.

Cover Design: Bird and Jake Anthony.

Holistic and naturopathic treatments do not just consider the
symptom but treat the whole person.
This kinder method of maintaining good health, treating
illness and preventing disease has considerable relevance to
children, whose less developed bodies can find it difficult to
cope with the potency of some drugs and inoculations. There
are far too many stories of children being given a serum to
prevent disease, who end up dying, brain damaged, handicapped
or physically sick for the rest of their lives.
In the Western world, a non-holistic approach tends to
dominate in the fields of medicine and general health. How-
ever, as animals and people build resistance to antibiotics and
drugs - in addition to the fact that many drugs have adverse
side-effects - more and more people are investigating holistic
and naturopathic treatments. This kinder, people-friendly ap-
proach to good health is fast gaining ground.
The author of this series of books followed much of the
information and recommendations contained within, with his
own children. They all turned out healthy and very bright.
However, in recent times young people’s immune sys-
tems are considerably lower than previous generations, since
Big Food’s over-processed products took over wholefood diets
and Big Pharma’s mass vaccination protocols became almost
compulsory, and antibiotic-created superbugs rule. There are
alternatives, but Big Pharma will not want you to know that.
Knowledge is power. Your choice.
Time Bomb
What Governments
and the
Drug Companies
Don’t Tell You


Mortality Rates for Measles and Diptheria

As the chart on the previous page confirms - and the statistics are
official figures from the British Government, in an era when truth
came before spin - measles mortality had been virtually eliminated
‘before’ the vaccine against it was introduced. In children under
15, it reduced from 1,000 per million in 1900 to just three (3) per
million in 1968 [1] [2]. This massive reduction in deaths from mea-
sles took place through improved nutrition, a reduction in over-
crowded living conditions, clean drinking water, better sanitation,
hygiene and health care.
These statistics give the lie to the claim by drug companies
that mass vaccination reduced the death toll from measles. Fur-
ther, the chart shows that after the commencement of mass vac-
cination, deaths from measles in the UK actually increased from
its pre-vaccination level.
Something similar occurred with whooping cough. In Swe-
den and Germany, there was a continuous decline in the incidence
of deaths from whooping cough ‘before’ mass vaccination com-
menced [3]. The single vaccine did not cause any further decrease
than was already occurring due to improved living standards, clean
water, better hygiene, health care and nutrition. The vaccine was
later withdrawn after it was implicated in complaints ranging from
brain damage to paralysis and death. The decline in the deaths
from whooping cough continued even though the vaccine was no
longer widely used. Not only did whooping cough become a mild
disease with no deaths, but the age incidence of whooping cough
returned to normal - indicating that the vaccine was actually spread-
ing the disease within the most vulnerable age group.
In Glasgow, 30% of whooping cough cases occurred in vac-
cinated patients, and the decline in whooping cough deaths was
80% before the vaccine was ever used [4].
Mortality Rates - Pertussis/Whooping Cough

Mortality Rates for Pneumonia & Influenza

With the exception of 1918, when the influenza epidemic struck,

the rate of deaths from infectious diseases shows a fairly smooth
rate of decrease from 1900 through 1980, at which point a slight
rate of ‘increase’ developed after vaccination was introduced.

Infectious Disease Mortality Rate in the United States

Some of the graphs in this chapter were obtained from refer-

ence material published in the Journal of the American Medi-
cal Association, ‘Trends in Infectious Disease Mortality in the
United States During the 20th Century’, 1999;281:61-66.]


This is an aborted human foetus.

Big Pharma are using the cells of long dead
aborted human foetuses to culture vaccines.

Big Pharma includes diploid cells (human tissue) and albumin (from
human aborted foetuses) in some vaccines, including the MMR!
Injecting a child with cells from long dead aborted human
foetuses (from the sixties, kept in a preserving culture) is equiva-
lent to cannibalism. In every civilisation since time began, canni-
balism has been taboo.
In Papua New Guinea, tribes who practised cannibalism
suffered from a disease called Kuru - a type of transmissible
spongiform encephalopathy which causes large lesions in the brain,
loss of control of the body’s motor control systems, and insanity.
‘Mad cow disease’ - bovine spongiform encephalopathy -
crossed the species barrier when in order to make bigger profits,
Big Food started feeding cows with the ground up flesh of other
cows. A number of humans died appalling deaths from a very
similar disease called CJD or Creuzfeld-Jacob Disease, after eat-
ing the flesh of cows who had contracted Mad Cow Disease.