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Page 2 Express News - Family Matters

December 2014

A Sweet Success:
St. Boniface Sells more than 4,000 Homemade
Apple Pies for Annual Fundraiser
By Nikki Ackerman
Staff Writer
Members of Germantown’s
St. Boniface Catholic School
community came together for
two days in October to make
4,014 Dutch apple pies for their
annual fundraiser.
Run like a well-oiled
machine, the assembly line of
pie-making begins bright and
early–at 5:30 a.m.!–the first
day, running until 9 p.m., and
then takes place for another
long day that Saturday in the
school gym. Approximately
440 volunteers donated their
time to make the magic happen.
Started in 2009 by fundraiser
chair Deanna Meyer, the pie
sale was created as a way to set
apart St. Boniface from other
schools when it comes to
Over 10,000 pounds of apples were used to make the pies.

“Instead of selling wrapping paper and magazines, we wanted to
be known as the homemade apple pie school,” said Meyer. “People
just love it; we already have orders for next year.”
Volunteers consisted of parents, parishioners, high school
students and children, and the mood in the school gym was festive
as a bell rang hourly when the count of completed pies was
“The best thing is the community comes out for fun and
fellowship,” said fundraiser co-chair Lori Loof. “Plus we are able to
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The crusts are filled with apples and covered with a butter, sugar
and cinnamon topping at the “sugar shack” area.

Left to right: Parishioners Diane Schmitt, Mary Ellen Roskopf and
Ruth Zimmer busy themselves inspecting apples.

December 2014

Express News - Family Matters Page 3

Fit for the New Year:
Planning the Key to Keeping Fitness Resolution
By Nikki Ackerman
Staff Writer
“Lose weight” is the number one New Year’s resolution, says and many popular lifestyle sites. A new year is a new
beginning and for many that means attempting to take charge of
one’s health.
According to two local health experts–registered dietitian Chris
Schlagenhauf and exercise physiologist Marilyn Ranney, both from
Workforce Health of Froedtert & the Medical College of
Wisconsin–this is a very attainable goal if one goes about it in the
right way.
This means having a plan, both women emphasized in separate
interviews with Family Matters.
“When my clients tell me their resolution is to get fit, I say,
‘That’s the outcome you’re hoping for, but what is the plan to get
you there?’ The old saying goes, ‘If you fail to plan, you plan to
fail,’” Ranney said. “You need to know what you’re hoping to
accomplish. Is it to lower your blood pressure? Reduce stress? Lose
weight? Once you have that goal, you can go from there and follow
the steps along the way.”
Ranney and Schlagenhauf offered the following tips to do just
• Fuel your body with the right foods: Skipping meals is a surefire
way to hold onto excess weight, said Schlagenhauf. “You need to
fuel your body with several small meals–more like snacks–each day.
If you eat a healthy combination of carbs and protein every four to
five hours, you won’t be starving by the time you sit down for
For these mini-meals, Schlagenhauf suggests a piece of fruit,
yogurt, vegetables with hummus or a piece of string cheese as some
options. Focus on high-fiber food, she said, because “it is low in fat,
but makes you feel satisfied.”
• Put color on your plate: “You want a wide variety of color on
your plate,” the dietitian said. “You want to eat a lot of fruits and
vegetables–more vegetables than fruit–that give you a lot of
micronutrients and antioxidants.”
• Pay attention to portion sizes: Americans who got married in
the 1930s and ‘40s served their meals on 10-inch plates; now
wedding dinner plates are 14 inches around, said Schlagenhauf.
“The plates are bigger so people think they have to fill them,” she
Along those same lines, “restaurant serving sizes are huge. It’s a
Wisconsin thing because you feel like you’re getting more for your
First item of business when eating out: “Immediately put away
half of your meal for lunch the next day,” Schlagenhauf said. “Then
eat all your vegetables and have a side salad.”
• Beware of trends: Schlagenhauf warned that diet trends such as
going gluten-free are not a magic fix. “A lot of those products have
a lot of sugar and fat,” she said. “It’s better to choose more whole
grains like barley, couscous and quinoa.”
• Be mindful of what you drink: Drink enough water, the dietitian
emphasized, “especially if you’re upping your fiber intake.” If
drinking tea or coffee, limit it to two cups per day, she said, and as
a rule, stay away from soda.
“It’s best to just have more water,” said Schlagenhauf. “To spruce
it up, add a slice of lemon, orange or cucumber. If you want to add
a sugar-free flavor packet, just a bit for taste to a bottle of water.”
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Page 4 Express News - Family Matters

December 2014

Dress Up Your Party for the Holidays
(Family Features) Delicious food, fine
wine, friends and family. These are a few of
everyone's favorite things during the holiday
Luckily, there are a few ways to help you
host the ultimate party with family and friends
this season without breaking the bank.
Shoppers who switch to ALDI can save as
much as 50 percent on products such as wine,
cooking and baking necessities.*
A menu consisting of mulled wine and
beautifully presented appetizers can make
your holiday gatherings truly special.
Consider these tips from food stylist and loyal
ALDI shopper Janice Stahl:
• Choose a Theme: Introduce a
conversation-starter and create excitement
amongst guests by choosing a party theme.
Host a "Winter White" party that asks guests
to wear only white and offer white and
sparkling wines and light-colored foods like
shrimp, cheeses and shortbread cookies for dessert.
• Set the Mood: Decorate to create an ambiance that goes with
your theme. Bring a winter wonderland indoors with artificial snow
sprinkled on tabletops and evergreen branches painted gold and
silver placed throughout to create an experience for guests that goes
beyond a typical dinner party.
• Dress Up Your Cheese Tray: Put together a simple but
spectacular cheese platter by providing a selection of 3-5 cheeses
that have different textures and tastes. Soft cheese, like goat, pairs
well with crackers and semi-hard cheese, like manchego, can stand
up to the flavors of tangy jams or jellies. Serve smoked cheeses with
nuts, such as walnuts, and aged cheeses, like Parmesan, with fresh,
crisp vegetables such as celery or cucumber to highlight the flavors
that develop during the aging process.
• Infuse European Charm: Create your own unique version of
European mulled wine, a classic combination of red wine and spices
that warm together to make a festive drink. Add a bit of French flair
by serving savory crepes as an appetizer or sweet crepes for dessert.
• DIY Dessert: Create a candy buffet in lieu of serving dessert.
Use clear glass containers to hold a variety of chocolates, sweets
and hard candies, mixing and matching different shapes and sizes for
an eye-catching display. Provide small bags and twist ties so guests
can customize their dessert and even take some home for later.
These simple tips and affordable, easy-to-make recipes will help
you get ready for the holidays. Visit for more
entertaining ideas.
*Based upon a price comparison of comparable products sold at

leading national retail grocery stores.

Shrimp DeJonghe Bites
$2.92 per serving at ALDI
Recipe Courtesy of Chef Alyssa, ALDI Test Kitchen
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 40 minutes
Servings: 8
• 1 1/2 cups San Zenone Bianco wine
1 cup Countryside Creamery Unsalted Butter,
• 1 head garlic, minced
• 1 teaspoon Stonemill Essentials Iodized Salt
• 1 teaspoon Stonemill Essentials Ground Black
• 12 ounces Sea Queen Jumbo Easy Peel Raw
Shrimp, thawed and peeled
• 2 cups Chef's Cupboard Italian Breadcrumbs
• 750 milliliter Herres Brut Sparkling bottle
• 1 package (5.3 ounces) Specially Selected Rosemary Flatbread
1.) Preheat oven to 350∞F.
2.) In small saucepan, combine wine, 1/2 cup butter, garlic, salt
and pepper; simmer 5 minutes.
3.) In 9-by-13-inch pan, lay shrimp in single layer. Pour wine
sauce over top.
4.) Melt remaining butter and mix together with breadcrumbs.
Press over shrimp and bake for 15 minutes or until shrimp is
pink and breadcrumbs are lightly browned.
5.) Pour glasses of Brut Sparkling.
6.) Carefully place shrimp atop bite-size cracker and balance on
top of champagne flute. Serve.

Lutheran Church
of the Prince of Peace
Christmas Eve
Candlelight & Carols

Christmas Day
Festival Eucharist

6:00 p.m.

9:00 a.m.

Good Hope & Pilgrim Rds.
Menomonee Falls


Apple and Berry Tartlets
$0.12 per serving at ALDI
Recipe Courtesy of Chef Jonathan, ALDI Test Kitchen
Prep Time: 20 minutes (plus 30 minutes to chill)
Cook Time: 25 minutes
Total Time: 45 minutes (plus 30 minutes to chill)
Servings: 24 tartlets
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December 2014

Express News - Family Matters Page 5

Local Residents Making a World of Difference

Two Local Nurses Receive DAISY Award


wo area Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin nurses
recently received the DAISY Award. The DAISY Foundation, an
acronym for Diseases Attacking the Immune System, recognizes
nurses as unsung heroes of our society who deserve more
recognition and honor than they receive. More than 1,000 hospitals
throughout the United States participate in The DAISY Award

Recipients are:
• Kayla Barth, RN, was recognized at Community Memorial
Hospital. She has been a registered nurse on the third floor medical
unit of the hospital since July 2012. A patient nominated Barth for
her “compassionate, kind and heartwarming care.” Barth is a
resident of Menomonee Falls.
• Muriel Lindholm, RN, a resident of West Bend, was
recognized at St. Joseph’s Hospital in West Bend. Lindholm was
nominated by Laura and Kevin Tillman, Lomira, for Lindholm’s
care of their newborn twins, Carter and Westen. Lindholm was St.
Joseph’s recipient for first quarter 2014.
The DAISY Foundation
provides each recipient with a
sculpture, “A Healer’s Touch,”
that is hand-carved for the
foundation by artists of the
Shona Tribe in Zimbabwe. The
sculpture is made of Serpentine
stone that comes from the
mountains “where the most
powerful shaman” live in

Karla Barth was
Hospital’s third
quarter DAISY
Award winner.

Laura (front right) and Kevin Tillman (front left) nominated Muriel Lindholm (front
center) for the St. Joseph’s Hospital Daisy Award for the care of their twins, Carter and
Westen. Presenting the award to Lindholm were (back, L-R): Teri Lux, vice president of
patient care services/chief nursing officer; Shelly Waala, executive director of patient care
services; Kristin Lebiecki, director of birthing services; Rebecca Jagusch, manager of the
Birth Center; and Allen Ericson, president.

Family Matters is produced and published by:
Express News
P.O. Box 335, Germantown WI 53022
P: 262.238.6397 | F: 262.242.9450
President: Ken Ubert
Contact Nikki Ackerman at 262-238-6397 or
for ideas and suggestions for “Local Residents Making a Difference.”

Page 6 Express News - Family Matters

December 2014

Holiday Gift Idea for Grandparents:
Protect your Grandchild's Future with Life Insurance
(Family Features) Tired of
purchasing toys that break or
that her grandchildren will
outgrow, 62-year-old Barbara
Carlson* decided the holidays
were a perfect time to purchase
a gift that will continue to
grandchildren well into their
"I just became a grandmother
for the second time, and I
bought a permanent youth life
insurance policy for my new
granddaughter that could either
one day help protect her
financially if the unexpected
happens or help her pay for
college," said Carlson.
Grandparents are increasingly
giving the gift of life insurance
to their grandchildren for many
reasons. For Carlson, it was a
way of helping her son and
daughter-in-law during a time
when budgets are tight. She
purchased the two youth whole
life insurance policies so the new parents could focus on more
immediate concerns, such as increased childcare expenses and other
"I bought both youth policies when the grandchildren were
newborns and their policies will mature in 20 years," added Carlson.
"That means when my grandchildren reach age 20, they can either
keep their policy as life insurance protection or they may decide to
borrow against the cash value to help pay for college."
Carlson pays approximately $15 a month for each child's policy
and those premium payments never increase. Her son maintains sole
control of the policies until her grandchildren reach the age of 16,
with some restrictions.
Three Tips for Purchasing Youth Life Insurance
1.) Consider youth policies that are whole life policies. Whole
life youth policies are a form of permanent life insurance. That
means the child continues to be insured, regardless of changes in
her or his health condition, as long as the policy remains in force
and the premiums are paid. The premium payments are guaranteed
and never increase.
2.) Purchase youth life insurance at younger ages. While many
organizations offer youth life insurance up to age 18, typically the
earlier you purchase the policy, the less expensive it is over the
coverage period.
3.) Different life insurance organizations offer additional childfriendly benefits. In addition to offering youth life policies, life
insurers such as not-for-profit insurer Royal Neighbors of America,
also offers its members benefits which currently include scholarship
opportunities that can help fund the costs of a college education.
For more information on life insurance products or member
benefits such as scholarships, log on to or
call (866) 845-6665.
* Details have been altered to ensure personal privacy.

December 2014

Express News - Family Matters Page 7

...A Sweet Success Cont. from Page 2
raise money for the school.” (Pies can also be donated to Ellen's
Home, the VFW and the St. Boniface Food Pantry.)
With more than 250 bushels of apples from Richfield orchard
Pine Hills, the process starts with peeling, coring and slicing
sections, then moves on to a “quality control” area where the apples
are inspected. From
there they go to what
helpers call the “sugar
shack” where they are
placed in a shell and
covered with a butter
Finally, the pies are
boxed and delivered
to or picked up by the
individuals who preordered them.
Every year it is a
huge undertaking as
the venture calls for
1,500 pounds of
sugar, 1,000 pounds
of brown sugar, 1,500
pounds of flour and
410 pounds of butter,
but the success makes
Left to right: Stepbrothers Brennan Huff and
all worthwhile.
Dale Dobeck, students at Germantown High
School, donated their day off of school to
every year,” said
core apples Oct. 17.

...Fit for the New Year Cont. from Page 3
• Start small: People tend to leap from logging zero miles to
resolving to be a marathon runner in a week’s time, but this is a
recipe for failure, said Ranney. “Be realistic,” she said. “If you
haven’t been exercising at all, suddenly exercising at the gym five
days per week is probably not going to happen.”
• Mix cardio and strength training: National Physical Activity
Guidelines for Americans recommend 30 minutes of exercise most
days. Ranney advises clients to focus on cardio (“Get the heart rate
up and get moving”) most days, do strength-training two times per
week and throw in 15 to 30 minutes of stretching per week. While
some house and yardwork (i.e. raking leaves, shoveling snow) can
be considered exercise, “it should generally be something above and
beyond the normal, mundane chores you do around the house,” said
Ranney. Whatever it is, do something, she said, as “something is
better than nothing.”
• Pick something you
activity you like to do,”
said Ranney. “Don’t take
up something you hate or
dread. Do something you
find fun.” For cardio,
there are options like
walking; for strength, one
can try yoga or Pilates.
“There are a lot of
options,” the exercise

Volunteers inspect the apples as “runners”
come around to do clean up.

Meyer, noting that the 2009 total of 2,029 pies sold has nearly
doubled in five years. “When we sold 2,000 pies we thought that
was crazy, and now we’re over 4,000!”
Most of the business is thanks to “word-of-mouth,” explained
Loof. “Once someone tastes the pie, they call school and
immediately order several more for the next year. It’s a lot of repeat
The pies are sold for $12 each. To place a pie order for next year,
one can call the school at (262) 628-1955.

expert noted.
• Have fun with trackers: “There are a lot of great fitness trackers
out there,” Ranney said. “There are apps that monitor your activities
and keep track of what you eat. They give you a very objective look
at how many calories you’re eating every day and how many you’re
burning, and from there it becomes very easy to stay on course.”
They also keep you accountable, the exercise physiologist said.
“If you’re a goal-oriented person, these can work very well. There
are also chat groups available for support and feedback.”
Bottom line: Plan, plan and plan some more, both women say.
“It’s all about planning,” said Schlagenhauf. “”Set aside some
time each week, make a meal plan, grocery shop, set times to
exercise. People don’t prioritize themselves, but if you do, you will
be a better parent, you will have more energy and you will be able
to do more things.”

Christmas Service Schedule:

3617 Scenic Rd., Jackson
(off of Hwy. 60 & Scenic Road)


Page 8 Express News - Family Matters

December 2014

Choosing the Right Home Health Care Agency
(NewsUSA)–When illness
or injury strikes, home health
care is oftentimes not only
preferred, but statistically
shown to rapidly improve
healing and give peace of
So, how do you sift
through the many choices?
To begin the process, make
a list of what you think your
loved one will need. Next, ask
for referrals from your loved
one's physician or a family
member or friend. If your
hospitalized, ask a social
worker or nurse at the
hospital. Another good place
to look is the Internet.
Once you've identified the
type of care needed, narrow
the search to a few agencies.
Here are some important
questions to ask:
• Service listing. Do their
services cover your loved
one's needs? Is someone available to provide information about
services, eligibility requirements and funding sources?
• Training and supervision. What formal training programs and
certifications does the agency require of its direct care providers?
What level of professional supervises the care? How often and how
do the supervisors oversee the caregivers on location to ensure
proper care?
• Documentation and coordination. Are visits and treatments
documented? Do family members have easy access? Does the
agency coordinate with the physician?
Direct Care Providers
• Length of visits. How often does the care provider visit, and
how long do they stay? Do they provide care on weekends and
evenings? Do the visits allow time to get to know the patient?
• Rotation of care. Is care provided consistently by the same
caregiver, or is it rotated among different people? If rotated, how
often? Does the family receive advance notice when a change is

being made?
• Accessibility. Do agency office staff and the care provider stay
in regular contact? Do they keep you informed of any changes in
the patient's health or plan of care?
• Funding and billing. Are services covered by Medicare or
Medicaid? Do they supply written statements detailing costs? How
often is the care invoiced if there is payment due?
• Special fees. Are there fees for special or extended services?
Who is responsible for them? Are payment plans available for any
out-of-pocket services? Is there someone at the agency who can
assist in exploring all payment options?
Finally, remember that agencies that embrace current technology
work efficiently and seamlessly and often provide the best patient
care. Axxess, a supporter of home health care, designs and
implements software technology for home health agencies so the
care provider in the home can focus on the patient, not the
paperwork. For more information, visit


Luxury Independent Senior (55+) Living
Overlooking the Milwaukee River & Eisenbahn Trail

13th Month FREE

Heat & water included
Cable & WiFi included
Styling Salon on-site
Underground parking
Gorgeous community room
Plus, no endowment or entrance fees!

For more info, please call (262) 483-9150 |

December 2014

• 2/3 cup Millville Old Fashioned Oats
• 1 cup Baker's Corner All Purpose Flour, plus extra for rolling
• 1/4 teaspoon Baker's Corner Baking Soda
• 1/4 teaspoon Stonemill Essentials Iodized Salt
• 1/2 cup Countryside Creamery Unsalted Butter, chilled and cut
into cubes
• 1 teaspoon Tuscan Garden White Vinegar
• 3 tablespoons ice water
• 1 orange, zested
• 1/2 teaspoon Stonemill Essentials Pumpkin Pie Spice
• 3 tablespoons Baker's Corner Brown Sugar
• 3 tablespoons Baker's Corner Corn Starch
• 2 tablespoons Berryhill Raspberry Preserves
• 3 cups peeled and diced gala apples, (about 3 small apples)
• 1 cup cranberries, frozen
1.) Preheat oven to 375∞F.
2.) In food processor, process oats, flour, baking soda and salt.
Add chilled butter; pulse until butter resembles the size of peas.
Add vinegar and water slowly. Mix to form firm dough. Chill
pastry dough in refrigerator for 30 minutes.
3.) In medium bowl, combine all filling ingredients.
4.) Place oatmeal dough on lightly floured surface and roll to
1/4-inch thickness. Cut out 24 three-inch rounds. If dough
becomes too warm to work with, roll into ball and refrigerate
until chilled. Place dough rounds into muffin cups.
5.) Prick each dough round with fork and bake for 10 minutes;
allow to cool.
6.) Place 2 tablespoons of filling in each tartlet and bake for 15
minutes, or until crust is golden and filling is bubbly.
7.) Serve with vanilla ice cream.

1.) Preheat oven to 400∞F.
2.) In large bowl, combine baguette slices and 1/4 cup oil, toss
until coated. Place in single layer on baking sheet. Bake for 6
minutes. Reserve.
3.) In medium bowl, combine chili powder, pumpkin pie spice,
brown sugar, salt, pepper, pumpkin, orange zest, orange juice,
lime zest and lime juice. Gradually whisk in remaining oil.
4.) Heat non-stick skillet over medium-high heat. Sear fresco
cheese on each side until golden brown. Remove from pan and
cool. Slice each rectangle on diagonal.
5.) Arrange baguette slices on serving platter. Top each with few
pieces of arugula followed by slice of fresco cheese. Drizzle
with pumpkin mojo.

Crepe Creations
For an appetizer, dessert or even a midnight delight, offer your
guests a crepe creations station, allowing them to try their hand
at creating new, interesting and fun flavors on a classic
European dish.
• Offer different types of crepes by adding flavors to the crepe
batter such as chocolate, toffee, lemon or even beer.
• Get creative with unique fillings like almond butter, fruit
preserves or roasted pumpkin.
• Provide toppings like hazelnut spread, whipped ricotta or
applesauce for the adventurous guests, but make sure to have
more common toppings like powdered sugar, chocolate sauce
or whipped cream available as well.
Visit or for more game day
snacking ideas.
Sh e
e her .
W yw .S
n U
A he


...Dress Up Your Party Cont. from Page 4

Express News - Family Matters Page 9

Fresco Cheese Crostini with Pumpkin Mojo
$0.52 per serving at ALDI
Recipe Courtesy of Chef Michelle, ALDI Test Kitchen
Prep Time: 20 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 40 minutes
Servings: 25 crostini
• 1/2 Specially Selected French Baguette, sliced into 1/4-inch
• 1 cup Carlini Extra Virgin Olive Oil, divided
• 1 teaspoon Stonemill Essentials Chili Powder
• 2 teaspoons Stonemill Essentials Pumpkin Pie Spice
• 1 tablespoon Baker's Corner Brown Sugar
• 1/2 teaspoon Stonemill Essentials Iodized Salt
• 1/2 teaspoon Stonemill Essentials Ground Black Pepper
• 3/4 cup Baker's Corner 100% Pure Canned Pumpkin
• 1 orange, zested
• 1/3 cup fresh orange juice (about 2 oranges)
• 1 lime, zested
• 1/4 cup fresh lime juice (about 3 limes)
• 5 ounces Benita Fresco Cheese, sliced into 10 rectangles
• 2 1/2 cups SimplyNature Organic Baby Arugula



Major Credit
Cards Accepted

December Meat Deal
8415 W. BURLEIGH • 414-873-7960
Hours: Mon., Wed., Thurs. & Fri. 9am-5:30pm
Tues. 9am-1:30pm Sat. 8am-5pm
Closed Sundays & Holidays




Expires Dec. 31st, 2014

Page 10 Express News - Family Matters

December 2014

Santa's List Revealed:
Unique Gifts for Him, Her and More
(Family Features) This holiday, take some tips from the big
man with the jolly red hat. Whether shopping for family and
friends young or old, you're sure to find something for everyone
on your list with these gifts, specially selected from Santa
Light Up Her Holiday
Give the gift of stellar style with sparkling crystals and
celestial designs. PANDORA's new Winter Collection offers
charms, pendants, rings and earrings inspired by the starry beauty
of the night sky. Create and combine expertly crafted, hand
finished jewelry in .925 sterling silver and 14-karat gold to
celebrate the wonder of the season. For more gift ideas or to
locate an authorized retailer, visit
Down Home Comforts
Give a special gift to someone who loves where they come
from. Customized with your choice of U.S. state, both items are
sure to warm anyone's heart this season. The Personalized Home
State Embroidered Cotton Throw Pillow is priced at $47.00 and
the Personalized Embroidered Home State Throw in grey or
ivory is priced around $50.00. Perfect for a hostess gift or the
person proud to show off their chic taste in decor. To purchase,

Safety, Fun in a First Phone
Give the gift on every kid's list
with added peace of mind for
parents. The new TracFone LG
Optimus Fuel Android
smartphone with the
SpongeBob bundle comes
with content for kids,
including fun wallpapers
importantly, it includes a
free one year trial of the
Family Guardian parental
control app, allowing parents
to manage and monitor
experience. For more
information on TracFone,
A Personalized Touch
This holiday season, ship your gifts with The UPS Store to
send a little bit of yourself to friends and loved ones. Starting
mid-November, use the Delivering Holiday Happiness App to
create a personal video your gift recipient can watch when they
receive their package. Plus, the Pack and Ship Guarantee delivers
extra confidence, so you can have more peace of mind. Happy
Holidays from The UPS Store. For more details, visit
A Book for Your Cook
In this new full-color edition of Smoke & Spice, the definitive
book on smoke-cooked barbecue, outdoor cooking experts
Cheryl and Bill Jamison serve up many new and updated recipes,
lots of color photos, and loads of BBQ wit, wisdom and lore.
Completely revised throughout, this James Beard Cookbook
Award-winning title, which has sold more than one million
copies, has the latest information on the tools, fuels and
techniques of first-rate "Q." For more information, visit


like us on

1235 Dakota Drive


Wed & Thur 9-6 • Fri 9-8 • Sat 10-8 • Sun 10-6
Closed Mon & Tue
(except during holiday weekends)




Jumping Country • Grafton • 262-377-6700
Limit One Per Family. One Coupon Per Child.

December 2014

Express News - Family Matters Page 11

Help Your Pets Avoid the Threat of Fleas
PetArmor, is the solution.
FastCaps contain nitenpyram, the
active ingredient found in Capstar
(nitenpyram), and begins working
in 30 minutes to kill adult fleas on
your pet. The fast-acting oral
tablet, which can be found at
discount retailers, works for
dogs and cats that are two
pounds or greater and four
weeks of age or older.
To learn more about

(NewsUSA)–Pet owners love their four-legged friends. In fact,
many are considered a part of the family. However, one thing
that dog and cat lovers hate are the fleas that ultimately find
their way onto their beloved pet and into the home.
"Protecting your dog from fleas is an important
part of responsible pet care," says Caryn Stichler,
vice president of marketing for Sergeant's Pet
Care Products. "Fleas cause distress
for pets, and can cause a condition
called Flea Allergy Dermatitis."
Fleas, which can live both
inside and outside of the
tapeworms to animals, and
their bites commonly
cause skin irritation and
itching. In fact, if you
see your pet twisting

into pretzle-like shapes
trying to scratch certain body
parts, chances are they have an
allergy to the saliva of fleas–or flea allergy
The best approach to managing an infestation is prevention.
Giving your pet frequent baths, regularly cleaning your pet's
bedding and vacuuming furniture, rugs and floors will help break
the flea's life cycle.
"It is important to start treatment before there is a flea
problem," says Stichler. "One or two fleas can quickly become
hundreds of fleas on your pet, so treating fleas fast is important."
If your pet has flea problems, you may want to consider
treating your pet with an over-the-counter solution. For those pet
owners seeking an alternative to topical flea medication, oral
tablets such as FastCaps (nitenpyram), from the makers of

Happy HOWLidays


Petit Four



Extreme Closeup
of Animal Tick

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Since 1960


Join us the second Saturday of each month at
1pm for “Let’s Talk about Boarding your Pets”
and get a tour of our facility!
13175 W. Silver Spring Road • P.O. Box 228 • Butler, WI 53007-0228

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Page 12 Express News - Family Matters

December 2014

Tips to Maximize Space in Every Room
(Family Features) Current
trending of lifestyles, whether
it may be empty nesters, first
time home buyers or the
economy, have left people
with smaller spaces. There are
several ways that you can
maximize storage just by
thinking ahead and taking
steps to stay organized.
Designate a spot
A crucial rule to always
follow when trying to
conserve space is to give
every item its own location.
Yes, this may seem like an
effortless task; however, how
many of your measuring cups
or hair products are the exact
Lighting provides visibility in
way you had them when they
all areas of the cabinet.
were first organized? Take the
extra time to conserve
organization by storing them correctly, and you will be surprised how much
time you will actually save when it comes to locating them.
Most frequent in the front
Arrange items by how often you use them by simply placing the items
that are used most in the front. This will save time because you will know
exactly where to find them without the hassle of digging to the back of the
Sliding shelves are super
To get the most out of your cabinets, use sliding shelves. Not only does
this eliminate having to kneel and stretch to the back of the cabinet to reach
that cake pan that fell behind everything else, but it gives you access to use
every inch of space because with a simple pull, everything is brought to you.
Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. provides storage solutions such as sliding shelves for
maximization of space.

excess of objects. This simple clean out will make a huge difference in
maximizing space.
Find more products to help maximize space at
More Organizing Tips
Before leaving a room, take 30-60 seconds to pick up items that are out
of place. This little bit of time will make a huge difference.
• Arrange objects creatively. Maximize space even if it means hanging
hooks on cabinet drawers to hang pot holders or utensils.
• Labels can be your best friend. Be innovative and use them outside of
the office. They are perfect for locating items in the pantry, closet, laundry
room and more.
• Put a weekly pantry and refrigerator cleanout on your to-do list. This
gives you time to throw out the old items and empty containers to make
clutter-free room for new groceries.
• Be socially responsible and recycle. Keep a few bins around to recycle
your cans, plastic and paper. This is such an easy way to teach children
responsibility while keeping the earth clean.
Tools to help:
The advances in technology have allowed products to be made that make
life a little easier on you. Cooking and many other activities, a lot of times,
leave you with your hands messy or full. Features like touch to lift, touch to
light, touch to open and touch to close by Wellborn Cabinet, Inc. provide
the solution to this mainstream problem in any room.
The right amount of lighting complements cabinets to show the true
beauty of the wood while also providing the function to make things easier
to see. This alone can save space because it gives you access to locate items
in all areas of the cabinetry. When paired with organizational solutions, you
are guaranteed to get the most out of your space.
A wonderful way to be a
creative organizer is by
putting accessories to use.
These can range from those
that are built into cabinets or
even a few strategically
placed bins to keep
everything together. This is
especially great for drawers,
making them easier to clean

Remain or remove
Everyone has those items that have not been touched in years and are the
best dust collectors. It is time to decide what remains and what needs to be
removed. This is often associated with closet clean outs, but every room can
use an annual clean out. Clutter and lack of organization results from an

When your hands are full,
features like touch to
open enable a way to
open cabinets without the
mess factor.
The back of the cabinet is
brought to you with
options such as the base
super chef cabinet with
spice rack pullout.

December 2014

Express News - Family Matters Page 13

Spice Up the Holiday Season:
New Twists on Comforting Classics
(Family Features) Whether you're preparing for a big gathering or
hosting a small dinner with loved ones, make any get-together a special
occasion with a twist on delicious, seasonal classics.
Impress your guests with a Hot & Spicy Mulled Cider and a Sweet &
Smoky Roast Chicken that will fill your home with enticing aromas and
joyful memories.
Holiday cooking tips
Here are a few tricks to use when preparing a special holiday meal:
• Prepare some items a day or two in advance, or prep vegetables the day
before to help save time the day of the big party.
• Brine the chicken the night before to help loosen muscle fibers,
allowing the chicken to retain moisture when roasting the next day.
• Ladle hot mulled cider into warm cups or mugs, and place extra
bourbon and Tabasco Sauce on the side for guests who enjoy an added
• Bring the mulled cider to the table by pouring it into a thermos. This
will help keep the cider warm without having to leave the table to top off
your guests' mugs.
For more delicious recipes for your holiday menu, visit

Hot & Spicy Mulled Cider
Created by Chef Jonathon Sawyer
Prep time: 5 minutes
Cook time: 15 minutes
Servings: 18
• 1 gallon fresh apple cider
• 1 stick cinnamon
• 2 star anise
• 4 cloves
• 3 allspice berries
• 1/2 cup sliced almonds, toasted
• 2 tablespoons honey
• 1 1/2 cups bourbon
• 3/4 cup applejack
• 1 cup honey liqueur
• 5 dashes apple bitters
• 2 tablespoons Tabasco Original Red Sauce, or more to taste
• Orange twist, for garnish
• Apple, sliced, for garnish
1.) In stainless steel pot, combine cider with cinnamon, anise, cloves,
allspice berries, almonds and honey. Simmer for 15 minutes.
Remove from heat; add bourbon, applejack, liqueur, bitters and
Tabasco Sauce.
2.) Store in refrigerator until ready to be enjoyed. Once ready, gently

warm cider cocktail.
3.) Garnish with orange twist, sliced raw apple, almonds and dash of
Tabasco Sauce.

Sweet & Smoky Roast Chicken
Created by Chef Matt Gordon
Prep time: 15 minutes
Cook time: 75 minutes
Servings: 4-6
Chicken brine:
• 1/3 cup kosher salt
• 1/4 cup granulated sugar
• 1/4 cup brown sugar
• 4 sprigs fresh thyme
• 8 cloves garlic
• 1 tablespoon peppercorns
• 1 lemon, sliced
• 1 whole chicken (2.5-4 pounds), rinsed
• 3 quarts cold water
• Olive oil
• Freshly cracked pepper
• 1 tablespoon vegetable oil, (canola, grapeseed or corn oil)
• 1 jalapeno, de-seeded and minced
• 1 red bell pepper, de-seeded and diced into small cubes
• 2 sticks celery, diced into small cubes
• 1/2 teaspoon ground star anise or ground fennel
• 1 teaspoon smoked paprika
• 2 inch stick lemongrass, bruised with back of knife or rolling pin
• 1 cup apple cider vinegar
• 2 cups orange juice
Recipe Continued on Page 14
Pizzas, st
a, Ribs
Chicken &Pa
Chicago Style
Hot Dogs


(Excludes Catering)

N81 W15086 Appleton Ave. • Menomonee Falls


Sun-Thurs 11am-9pm • Fri & Sat 11am-10pm



N81 W15086 AppletonAve., MENOMONEE FALLS 262-250-3333
One coupon per visit. May not be combined with any other offer.
Carry out only. Must mention coupon when ordering and present
upon payment. Exp. 12/31/14.

N81 W15086

Offer not valid with any other
coupons/specials or on catering packages/party trays.
Some restrictions may apply.
Must mention coupon when
ordering and present upon
payment. Exp. 12/31/14.

Page 14 Express News - Family Matters

December 2014

Wondering if it's Time to Buy a New Car?
Just Check Your Mailbox
(NewsUSA)–Have you ever wondered how
all of those colorful auto dealership promotion
pamphlets arrive in the mail at the exact moment
you are contemplating a new car purchase?
Oddly enough,
they are perfectly
timed to coincide
with your vehicle-buying needs–and
there's a reason behind it.
Consider this: In 2012, studies
showed that more than 90 percent of
consumers began their car search
online. This insight, according to
InMarketSolution (IMS), a Chicagobased marketing company geared
specifically to the auto industry and
its potential buyers, provides
dealerships with a treasure trove of
demographic information.
"Consumer data is abundant and valuable, yet many dealers fail
to fully exploit its potential," says Schwartz. "In this way, we use
best-of-breed data to identify consumers currently in the market to
buy a car."
The way it works is that IMS uses proprietary data from its
InMarket Buyers List to identify when a consumer is in the market
to buy or lease a car. IMS then compares that list to the Dealer
Database Management System, removing all matches to ensure the
Since 1939



We sell & repair ATV,
Lawn Mower & Snow Tires
Ask for Scott



10525 W. Donges Ct.

IMS driven sales are new customers. Using multiple technologies,
IMS tracks and interacts with the InMarket Buyers multiple times by
using a combination of highly targeted direct mail and digital
advertising that will potentially drive exclusive leads to a targeted
The difference between IMS
and other direct-mail marketing
companies is its business model.
In a nutshell, if a dealership
doesn't get new customers through
IMS's efforts, the dealership
doesn't pay a dime.
"I am so confident that our
program works, that I am willing
to put my money where my mouth
is," says Schwartz. "Simply put, if
a dealership doesn't sell cars to
new customers, we don't get paid."
Schwartz's confidence comes
from his past experience working
with big data. Before founding IMS, Schwartz was the CEO of
CityTwist, an email advertising company focused specifically on
automotive marketing. During his tenure there, CityTwist became
an Inc. 500/5000 fastest growing company in 2010, 2012, 2013 and
2014. In addition, the company has been recognized as a fastestgrowing company in South Florida by the South Florida Business
Journal for the last two years.
For more information, visit

...New Twist Cont. from Page 13
• 1/2 cup brown sugar
• 5 tablespoons Tabasco Chipotle Sauce, divided
• 1 tablespoon cornstarch or arrowroot
• 1 tablespoon water
• 4 tablespoons butter
1.) For brine, bring four cups water to a boil. Remove from heat and add
salt, sugars, thyme, garlic, peppercorns and lemon.
2.) In bowl large enough to fully submerge chicken, combine cold water
with warm, seasoned water mixture. Add chicken and soak, covered and
refrigerated, 12-16 hours.
3.) Preheat oven to 400∞F.
4.) Remove chicken from brine and pat dry. Rub with olive oil and
sprinkle with pepper.
5.) Bake chicken in casserole dish or deep pan, breast side up, for 45
minutes, or until golden brown.
6.) Meanwhile, prepare sauce.
7.) Heat oil in small saucepan over medium heat and add jalapeno, bell
pepper, celery, anise, paprika and lemongrass, stirring every 30 seconds
until spices are aromatic and vegetables are soft, about 3 minutes.
7.) Add vinegar and bring to a boil. Reduce by half, about 3-4 minutes.
8.) Add orange juice, sugar and 4 tablespoons Tabasco Sauce. Reduce
heat and simmer for 5 minutes.
9.) In separate bowl, combine cornstarch and water. Add to sauce and
let simmer for 1 minute. Turn off heat and stir butter into sauce until
melted. Add remaining Tabasco Sauce.
10.) Reduce oven heat to 300∞F and bake for 10 minutes. Glaze with
sauce liberally; return to oven and bake until internal temperature–taken at
deepest part of thigh area–reaches 165∞F, about 20 minutes. Let rest 20
minutes before serving.

December 2014

Express News - Family Matters Page 15

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Welcome to this month’s edition of Family Matters. We print and distribute 10,000 copies to homes in the area and the businesses
below. Please call 262-238-6397 or email with article ideas, to advertise, or to receive a stack of
Family Matters at your business. Past and current issues may also be found online at
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Cartridge World
Clark-County Line
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Frydach Insurance
Germantown Chamber
Germantown Inn & Suites
Germantown Learning Center
Germantown Library
Germantown Police Department
Germantown School District
Germantown Senior Center
Germantown Village Hall
Holiday Inn
Home Source One
Kinder House
Kwik Trip-Commerce
Laufenberg Cleaning
Mobil-County Line
Nardo’s Passport Inn
Preferred Fitness
Radermacher Chiropractic
Rivercrest Chiro
Sinter Klausen
Stoeckl Family Dentistry
Super 8
The Gables
Weissman Auto
Willow Creek Child Care
BP Church Road Station
BP Rapid Mart
China Garden
Clark Petro Q-Mart
Cost Cutters
Dynamic Pet Supplies
Froedtert Healthcare
Hair Formations
Hartford Animal Clinic
Harford Jt #1 School District
Hartford Housing Authority
Hartford Library
Hartford Recreation Department
Hartford Senior Center
Helgesen Hydraulic
Kwik Trip
Parkside Senior Apartments
Rick’s Plumbing, Inc.
Sal’s Pizza
Salon East
Shell-Main Street
Super 8
Sycamore Tree
Taly Ho Pub & Grill
BP - Merton Avenue
BP Stop & Go - Capitol Drive
Citgo - Capitol at Maple
Hartland Community Center
Hartland Library
HB Cafe
Mobil - Hwy 83 at Cardinal

BrightStar Care
Central Bark Doggy Day Care
Comfort Inn
Eastside BP
Froedtert Health
Hair Gallery by Karla Butz
Holtz Chiropractic
Jackson Area Commerce Center
Jackson Crossings Retirement
Jackson Park & Recreation
Jackson Pet Hospital
Jackson Village Hall
Jimmy’s Restaurant
Kiddie Kampus
Mobil Village Mart
Piggy Wiggly
Pizza Station
R&M Laundry
Shear Convenience Hair Salon
Tillie Lake Veterinary Clinic
US Cellular

Taco City
Thomas Orthodontics
Total Health
Tri City Bank
Tri County YMCA
Trysting Place
United Fitness
Village Bowl
Village Dental Group
Wee-B-Kids Child Care
Willow Creek Child Care
Wittlin’s Service
Ebenezer Child Care
Logemann Community Center
Mequon City Hall
Mequon Kinder Care
Nana’s Little One’s Day Care
Ozaukee Day Care
Petit Four Paws

Lannon BP
Lannon Village Hall
M&D Auto
Quarry Coffee in Lannon Centre
Schlafer Auto Body
Menomonee Falls
All About Learning
Ally’s Bistro
BP - Technology at Silver Spring
Cafe Agora
Calvary Baptist Church
Children's Community Center
Ciggy Shack
Citgo-Main St.
Clark-Silver Spring
Community Memorial Hospital
Cornerstone Bank
Dynamite Dance
Falls Dental Association
Family Pet Clinic
First Weber
Friends of Nature
Gloria Dei Lutheran Church
Good Sheperd Catholic Church
Hanson Soft Water
Karls Country Market
Kinder Care
Kindy Optical
Laundromat-Appleton Avenue
LE Court
Lutheran Prince of Peace
Menomonee Falls Chamber of Commerce
Menomonee Falls Kinder Care Premier Ln.
Menomonee Falls Kinder Care Main St
Menomonee Falls Library
Menomonee Falls Village Hall
Menomonee Falls Rec Dept.
Menomonee Falls School Dist.
Menomonee Falls Village Centre
Mill Pond Senior Village
Mobil - Lilly at Silver Spring
Nature’s Healing Day Spa
Otto’s Liquor
Pete's Main St. Headliners
Petro Mart-Appleton
Phillips 66-Appleton
Piggly Wiggly
Queen’s Way Laundry
RB Car Shop

Blessed Savior East Campus
Blessed Savior North Campus
Blessed Savior South Campus
Blessed Savior West Campus
Buffet City - 86th & Brown Deer
Bunzel’s Old-Fashioned Meat Market
Hilton Garden Inn -Milwaukee Park Place
Hometown Gas - 76th & Howard
Marathon Gas - 107th & Brown Deer
Mykono’s Restaurant
Panda Hut II
Parkside Commons
Pomps Tire
Realty Executives
Silver Spring Food Town
Suds Your Duds - 60th & Keefe
Sun Laundry
Villard Citgo
Villard Vista Gas Station
Walgreens - 66th & State
Walgreens - 108th & North
Walgreens - Teutonia & Capitol
BP - Capitol Drive
BP Stop & Go
Brewers Two Cafe
Cartridge World
Cost Cutters
End of the Leash
Lakeview Animal Clinic
Malabar Coast Coffee & Tea
Mobil - Capitol Drive
Pewaukee City Hall
Pewaukee Library
Pewaukee Village Hall
Sport Clips
Aurora Hubertus Clinic
Aurora Pharmacy
BP-Hwy 167
Ericksen Family Chiropractic
German Glass & Gifts
Hubertus Chiropractic
Java Dancer
Little Hands Child Care
Momentum Health Club
Pioneer Plaza
Richfield Dental
Richfield Liquor Store
Richfield School District
Richfield Truck Stop
Richfield Village Hall

Aurora Advanced Healthcare
Bieri’s Cheese & Deli
BP Main Street Mart

Real Kids
Scotty’s Beer & Liquor
Speedway - Shady Lane at Main
St. Anthony Parish

Autumn Oaks

BP Station-Kettle Moraine
BP Station-Commerce
Busy Bee Learning Center
Citgo Express Mart
Friends of Nature
Heros Sandwich Shoppe
Jim’s Place
Kwik Trip
Raceway Pub & Grill
Slinger Library
Slinger School District
Slinger Village Hall
St. Peter School
The Shed
Thomas Orthodontics
Animal Clinic
BP Station-Main Street
Central Bark
Clark Station
Cost Cutters
Deborah A. Archilletti, D.D.S., S.C.
Friends of Nature
Hamilton School District
Heat Athletics
Kim’s Canine Design
Mobil Quick Corners
Paradise Tan
Peterson Family Dentistry
Pick N Save
Sussex BP
Sussex Chamber
Sussex Chiropractic
Sussex Community Center
Sussex Village Hall
Tailgators Sports Bar
Wee Welcome Inn Child Care
BP Stop N Go
Food Pantry of Waukesha County
Vena the Varicose Vein Institute
West Bend
A&W Iron & Metal, Inc.
Benders Restaurant
BJ and Company
Boys & Girls Club
BP-Main St.
Bridges of Wisconsin, Inc.
Care Wisconsin
Cedar Community
Cedar Ridge
Citgo Tri Par-Washington
Citgo-Paradise & Hwy. G
Copper Penny Family Restaurant
Country Inn & Suites
East Side Mobil-Washington
Great Clips
Half Price Auto Repair
Kettle Moraine YMCA
Omicron Restaurant
Quality Inn & Suites
Shell South-Paradise
Shell Station 33-Washington
The Braising Pan
The Wheel Chair Guy
Threshold Inc.
U.S. Cellular
Volunteer Center of Wash County
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