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Delete Personnel Numbers Completely

You can use this report to delete personnel numbers.
All infotypes of a personnel number are deleted.
All personnel number-dependent clusters that were created for the personnel number are deleted. Personnel numberdependent clusters are read from table T52B5 Assignment of Values to Objects; cluster TX is taken from table HR Cluster
The Time Events (TEVEN) table is deleted.
The personnel numbers for entries with a completion confirmation (TEVEN-ORDEX = 'X') are deleted from the Order
Confirmation(TEVEN_MORE) and Time Events tables. However, the table entries are not deleted.
Data on activities with accounting results/Postings (data transfer to FI) is deleted, see tables:
Activites per Payroll Result (PCALAC)
Index of Payroll Result Lines -> Posting Lines (PPOIX)
Index of Old <-> New Document Lines for 'P' Results (PPOPX)
Existing entries for the personnel numbers that are to be deleted are deleted from the following tables:
Transfer Payroll Account Old (T558A)
Transfer Payroll Account: Payroll Periods (T558B)
Transfer Payroll Account: Wage Type Old (T558C)
Transfer Wage Types with Splitter Indicator (T558D)
Integration data (Organizational Management) and bookings in Training and Event Management are deleted.
The following are not deleted:
Entries in the Temp. Storage for Subsystem Confirmations table (RUECK).
Time events/order confirmations, if confirmation fields exist.
You can use this program to reset test entries in a particular client. Do not use it directly in the production system. You can
use the report RPUDELPP for the production system.
Deleted data cannot be recovered
You can set test parameters to determine whether or not the program should create a database update, or whether you
want the personnel numbers that are to be deleted to be displayed once as a test run.
Personnel numbers which are locked cannot be deleted. This is not checked during the test run.
Note the following:
Large quantities of data should only be processed in the background (to do so, choose Program -> Execute -> Background
in the initial screen of transaction se38) because the program has a very long runtime in this case.
You need to have a write authorization for all HR info(sub)types to be able to start the program. In the authorization objects
that are relevant for the HR infotypes, the Infotype and Subtype fields must be defined as '*', and the Authorization Level
field as 'W'.
Authorization checks are not carried out when you run this program. Only the authorization group is checked.
Use this program only to reset test data.
Only personnel numbers with a Payroll Status (0003) record are selected and deleted. This infotype must be created again

the program outputs a list of deleted personnel numbers and then prints all processed personnel numbers.for a partially deleted personnel number that no longer contains this infotype. . The program displays a list of incorrect personnel numbers which could not be deleted. If this table contains no entry. Note The relevant infotypes are read from table T582A Customer-Specific Settings. A warning is displayed for a test run. no data is deleted. Output If you select the Detailed log option. The sequential number is displayed for PDC messages (PDSNR) if a completion confirmation exists (see above).