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What can you do with a degree in foreign languages?

There are many types of job opportunities for majors in Languages and Literature. Some
careers are directly related to speaking, reading and writing proficiency in particular
language. These include teaching a foreign language and working in the mass media as a
radio, TV or newspaper journalist. Many government agencies require language specialist
such as translators and interpreters. International agencies such as NGOs
(nongovernmental organizations) also hire many graduates for their language skills. The
United Nations and its branches are the world’s largest employers of language specialists.
Proficiency in foreign languages also qualifies you for many jobs in business. For
instance, you could work in tourism or the hotel industry, in financial or export
companies, or in an advertising or public relations firm. Finally, a degree from the
Department of Languages and Literature gives excellent background training for
advanced professional in law, international banking and international business. And some
graduates continue for advanced degrees in literature and become university professors.
Laura Castro will graduate from the university next month with a degree in Spanish and
Portuguese. She also speaks English.
1.Laura’s classmate Jackie is helping her write her resume. Listen to their conversation
and complete her resumé.
Bachelor of Arts, Southland University, 2005
Major: ______________________
Exchange student, University of Sao Paolo, Brazil, _____________
Work Experience
Secretary, Latin American Cultural Society, summer 2003 and 2004
 ____________________ in Spanish and Portuguese
 translated information on _____________________
Office Assistant, Pacific Bank, summer 2002
 used word processing and spreadsheet software
 helped Spanish-speaking _________________
Volunteer, California Symphony international ___________ __________________
 lived for ______________ years in Mexico
 travelled for one month in Brazil
2.Which of these ads would be the best for Laura? Why?
Language teachers for children - ABC Language Institute seeks enthusiastic, motivated
part-time teachers of Spanish, French and English. Work with children ages 4-10. Hours:
4-6 p.m. daily. Experience preferred. Apply online at …
International Sales - Major producer of office computer systems requires sales
representative for Pacific region (East Asia and the Americas). Requires college
degree, knowledge of other languages. Send resumé to…
Translator - Join our team! Credit Card Company is looking for a Spanish-English
translator for our new Latin America department. The ideal candidate has business
experience and excellent communication skills. Please call…

3. I hope to be/being a translator. I spent a year Brazil as an exchange student. first of all. Remember that you should also ask questions. _____________________________________ ? Laura: Credit Plus is one of the fastest-growing finance companies in North America. and I grew up speaking both languages at home. Explain all of your answers. I: Your background is very impressive. Ms. I like using/ to use my Spanish and Portuguese.” 5. I do. I’m good at meeting/to meet deadlines. Listen to Laura’s interview and fill in the interview’s questions: Interviewer: Good afternoon. . 4. shake hands again and thank your interviewer. I’m bilingual in English and Spanish. Choose the correct form of the verb: “I enjoy working/to work with words and ideas. Greet the interviewer with a handshake and a smile.Grammar . If the interviewer has problems understanding you. ____________________________________ ? Laura: Well. Laura: Thank you very much for meeting me. I translated two brochures and advertising at the Latin American Cultural Society. 5. Castro. You’ll be hearing from us. so I went to high school there. I think I want working/to work in an international company. I: _____________________________________________________________________? Laura: Yes. 6. and the new Latin American branch is already very successful. My father’s company transferred him to Mexico City when I was 14. Laura is getting ready for a job interview at Credit Plus. 1. My father is Mexican and my mother is Canadian. Now I’m graduating with a degree in Spanish and Portuguese and I really hope to use my knowledge of languages in my career. I’m Rachel Carver. One is my language skills. 3. I think your company has a very international perspective and that’s the kind of place I would really like to work. Here is an article on job interview tips: “Many people feel stressed and nervous before a job interview because they aren’t sure what to do or say. but I really dislike to do/doing the same thing every day. Be prepared to talk about your work experience and other experience. I hate to work/working in a noisy place and I hate talking/to talk on the phone a lot. and I plan to stay/staying at my job for a long time… 4. and lived for four years in Mexico with my family.Infinitive or Gerund? Laura is talking about the kind of job she wants. At the end of the interview. 7. I: I’m glad to hear that. 2. Now. Arrive early. I like to have/having a lot of variety. I: Now. These tips will help you to prepare. ________________________________________________ Laura: Well. It shows that you are interested. I: That’s a very interesting background. I also translated e-mail messages for the director. the Assistant Personnel Manager. Laura: I’m pleased to meet you. So I’ve decided to apply for a job at Credit Plus. a big credit company.I speak two languages that will be very important in the future. speak clearly and slowly. I can give you 2 reasons. So I’m familiar with the cultures and customs of those countries. Don’t answer questions with just “yes” or “no”. The second reason is my international experience. Be enthusiastic and positive about the job and speak with confidence.