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Youth Exchange, hosted by


10/11 – 17/11/2014.
Kutina, Croatia

Working days: November 10th (PM). 15. It will therefore utilize workshops on why the environment is important. 17 (AM) Departure: Monday 17th of November. Arrival: UNTIL 3 PM (+01.YE “Elements of Earth“ Vrnjačka banja (Serbia) SUMMARY OF THE PROJECT 19/05 – 26/05/2014. what threats it faces. . lightning and effects. 2014. with the aim being to put on an creative exhibition of the participants photographs reachable to many young people locally. such as photographic composition. and across Europe. not giving up the tech devices then utilizing them for the better cause. Young people in Europe today are usually urban dwellers with little contact with the natural environment as the modern lifestyle is focused on indoor activities combined with sedentary use of new technologies. 16. 11. 14. 2014. 12. By taking young people from across Europe and teaching those the skills of landscape photography in the beautiful countryside young people are given a stake in the environment and a solid reason to want to preserve it. whether or not we need to preserve the environment and how to use aspects of photography. Not only this but the photographs they take with inputs of professionals can be used to spread the word and inspire other people to also use and preserve the natural environment. CET). Monday 10th of November. 13.

One of the most important features of Kutina is close distance from capital Zagreb. . with many daily train and bus connections.VENUE OF THE PROJECT . Kutina represents the most important economic. Moslavina is placed in the middle (key and connecting) part of the Republic of Croatia. urban and cultural place of the Moslavina area. Due to the location.

booking. If you want to know more about the hotel. We advise that all toiletries and cosmetics that a participant needs. Hotel Kutina is very well know for organizing meetings. to be brought. Host organizes full board and coffee breaks in the hotel. Pax will only be provided with . Whatever is not offered counts as personal cost of participants.html?sid=0dbfc3105778034393b2f030c54edd88. slippers. check on http://www.HOTEL KUTINA 19/05 – 26/05/2014. weddings and various projects.

or in consultation with partner organizations or hosting organization. You can arrive from different directions.aspx?lang=en . Flights to Ljubljana. Graz – Austria. Graz or even Zagreb can be very expensive. Vienna – Train schedule Zagreb Kutina can be checked on: http://www. Zagreb – TO ARRIVE TO KUTINA     Nearest airports are following: Ljubljana – Slovenia. We recommend traveling to Zagreb from which you can take either bus or train to Kutina.hzpp.buscroatia. Trieste – Italy. whereby bus or train schedules should be checked Bus schedule Zagreb Kutina can be checked on: http://voznired.akz. Transport options from the airport in Zagreb to the city you can check on: http://www. Venice – Italy.

No. It is at a walking distance from Train station through Kolodvorska street.YE “Elements of Earth“ Vrnjačka banja (Serbia) FROM TRAIN/BUS STATION IN KUTINA TO THE HOTEL Hotel Kutina is located in Dubrovačka street. and even closer from the Bus station. 4. .

and only if it was earlier agreed with the hosting organization via e-mail. - Due to the Erasmus+ travel cost reimbursement scheme. the overall amount indicated on the next slide per person (or per group) will be done by bank transfer to your sending organization. so you can claim your reimbursement as soon as the transaction is completed. - Note that if you bought your ticket in your local currency which might be different than EUR. etc). Please make sure that: - Your travel cost can only be reimbursed up the amount presented in the next slide. - Travel costs that occur more than 48 hours before OR after the activity will not be taken into consideration. after the Youth exhange is over. please contact us. Should you have any questions regarding reimbursement rules and limits. and send all of them to hosting organization by post.TRAVEL COSTS REIMBURSEMENT Reimbursement of your travel costs will be done right after the Youth exchange in EUR regardless of the currency indicated on your ticket or receipt/invoice. - TAXI bills will not be accepted in general. So please keep them all. we will calculate your travel costs according to the exchange rates from official European Commission web site for the month of ticket’s purchase. - All the costs that occured before the start of the Youth exchange or after the departure will not be taken into consideration (for example: accommodation costs. travel to other destinations. except in situations where no other means of transport was possible. costs of activities not included in the programme. . - You should present the original tickets with boarding passes and receipt/invoices.

Croatia. Kosovo*. 5 participants. 5 participants. 5 participants. 400 euros (80 per person) D. 5 participants. 5 participants. Serbia.. 850 euros (170 per person) INFINIT. 850 euros (170 per person) Juventas. 5 participants. . 850 euros (170 per person) ECE. 850 euros (170 per person) The ammount concenrns all the participants per organization. Romania. 100 euros (20 per person) CSSD.G. 5 participants. Montenegro.T. Albania. FYROM. 5 participants. 400 euros (80 per person) AROPMO. 400 euros (80 per person) GO. 850 euros (170 per person) UNI-J-E. and is expressed in 100% of the cost. Turkey. 5 participants. showing the very maximum of the ammount to be spent. Bulgaria.REIMBURSEMENT LIMITS INSPIRE.

If you need it. Official invitation letter from hosting organization can be provided. date of birth. but we strongly recommend using the passports especially for non-EU members and those that need visa. travel document number. please send us email with following information: Name. From 2014 beholders of Albanian passport DO NOT need visa to enter Croatia. Surname. . full address from passport. Citizens of Kosovo* and Turkey NEED visa to enter Croatia. if not indicated in your application form. According to the planned budget of the project. visa costs WILL NOT be reimbursed by the organizer. Please consult your sending organization or hosting organization (INSPIRE) concerning visa issues.YE “Elements of Earth“ Vrnjačka banja (Serbia) VISA AND TRAVEL DOCUMENTS    Citizens of EU member states can enter Croatia with valid ID card.

1 EUR = approx 7. shops of various goods. VENUE Weather forecast for November predicts temperatures for the night: 9ºC and day temperatures up to 16ºC according to vember/croatia/ You can find most precise forecast here: http://www. but please do not change large amounts of money (more then 20 EUR) in exchange offices at the airport and train/bus station. because exchange rate can be low. bars and restaurants.WEATHER. Pharmacies. can be found at 5 minutes walk from the Hotel.aspx . as well as when exchanged in Kutina/tabid/202/l anguage/enUS/Default.weather2travel. ATM’s are available in the center of Kutina.kutin a. Exchange offices can be found everywhere.63 HRK Payment in EUR is Local currency is KUNA (HRK). INFO. If you want to know more about Kutina here is the web page: http://www.

We kindly advise you to obtain travel insurance yourself. Intercultural evening will be organized during the first days of the programme and national food.PREPARATION OF PARTICIPANTS       Participants should prepare themselves for active participation during the YE.g. Very short presentations of countries will be done in creative way. of at least be ready to use your mobile phones as a tool for workshops  . sweets and national symbols (e. please bring your cameras. drinks. flag) should be brought in order to present partner countries. Participants should be present throughout the whole duration of the YE in order to be eligible to recieve the Youthpass certificate and reimbursement. and to take the responsibility for certain parts of the programme togheter with their group leaders. Regarding the photography as one of the main topics. Official language of the YE is English. snacks.