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EDU 5170

Lesson Plan Integrating Technology & Pedagogy Directions and Outline
Name: Megan Wyand

Date December 2, 2014

1. Tec Standards:
Research and information fluency
Students apply digital tools to gather, evaluate, and use information.
b. Locate, organize, analyze, evaluate, synthesize, and ethically use information from a
variety of sources and media
c. Evaluate and select information sources and digital tools based on the appropriateness
to specific tasks
d. Process data and report results
2. Social Studies Framework Standards:
7.2b Different European groups had varied interactions and relationships with the
Native American societies they encountered. Native American societies suffered from
losses of life and land due to the Encounter with Europeans justified by the “Doctrine of
Lesson Objective(s): Specifically describe what the student will be able to do.

Students will be able discuss prominent themes and cultural aspects of Native American
societies specifically the Wampanoag as well as discuss prominent themes and cultural
aspects of the pilgrims. Students will be able to discuss the two groups interactions and
how cultural diffusion between the two groups occurred.

Students will be able to discuss the historical context of thanksgiving and identify the
prominent differences the first thanksgiving had compared to that of today.

Introduce the Learning Activity:
1. Bell ringer Activity
a. Teacher will pass out a sticky note to each student in the class room. Students
will be asked to write down one thing they know about thanksgiving
specifically the history behind thanksgiving. Students will then be asked to
share their idea out loud and then will place their sticky note on the board in
front of the class. This activity will also be mimicked at the end of the lesson to

show what the students have learned from the lesson and to allow us to
compare and contrast the different answers.
2. Content Lesson
a. Teacher will pass out guided notes and set up power point presentation to go
along with the guided notes. Students will follow along and fill in guided notes.
3. Transition
a. Teacher will ask students to put away their guided notes and will then present
students with a power point showing the instructions for today’s activity. Two
students will be asked to repeat the directions out loud.
4. Online Activity
a. Students will get to choose whether they want to be a pilgrim or Native
American. They will then be instructed to explore the resources available on
the teacher’s website and find the answers to the questions presented on the
worksheet based on their chosen identity.
b. Students will first go to the Thanksgiving interactive website and complete the
visual activity as either a Native American or Pilgrim. Students will fill in the
answers for the first section of the work sheet.

After students will go to websites to search for further information
to complete the worksheets.

5. Closure
a. Students will be asked to close their online activity and will pass in their
worksheets for teacher assessment and a particpation grade in the form of a
check or check plus.
b. Students will get another sticky note and then write down a new idea they have
about thanksgiving and the history behind it. They will than put their new ideas
on the board next to their old ideas.
c. The class will compare and contrast these differences and the teacher will lead
a class discussion on their findings until the class period is finished.
Provide Information:
1. Students will be able to refer back to their guided notes for content information or for
preparation when it comes time for the summative assessment. Students will be provided
with the links for the websites needed to complete the online activity work sheet.
Students will be reassured that this activity will be graded as a participation grade and the
main reason behind this activity is to better their understanding of researching and

uncovering information from online sources and constructing responses based off of that
Provide Practice:
1. Students through the power point and guided notes will be able to learn the
content that is described in the lesson objectives.
2. Students through the online activity and worksheet will be able to sharpen their
researching skills by utilizing technology and uncovering information from
various website resources. Students will be able to learn through the provided
websites the information valid to these objectives. The students will also will be
able to collaborate and communicate at the closure of the lesson by the teacher
facilitating a class discussion based off of the comparing and contrasting of the
bell ringer and closing activity.
Provide Knowledge of Results:
1. I will provide verbal feedback to the students by conducting the content lesson through
the use of power point but also allowing students to be engaged and interact by allowing
them to read and provide answers within the guided notes. I will also lead a class
discussion facilitating verbal feedback from and to the students based off of what they
originally thought and what they have learned and how their opinions have changed.
2. Through the online work sheet activity I will be able to correct student’s papers and
assess their understanding of the material and provide feedback and correct information.
Review the Activity:
1. Students will be summarizing the important points in this lesson by completing the
closure activity of recording one thing they learned through the online activities. This
activity will also further discussion and allow for students to compare and contrast what
they did know verse what they now know.
Method of Assessment:
1. The online activity worksheet would be my method of assessment for this particular
lesson. It would be collected at the end of the class period and graded as a participation
grade with a check or check plus and be recorded on a class roster, corrected and be
handed back to the students with feedback.